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I am sympathetic to #medical professionals as well as to #MentalHealth providers, however, IF you have uttered ☝🏼 of following statements or engaged in ☝🏼 of following behaviors you may want to reassess your #profession:

- ‘I am sorry you are to complex, complicated, we 1
can’t help you’
-‘You don’t want help bc you did not do x, y, or z’
-If you are unable to truly #Listen
-If you are unwilling to continually assess if you are negatively impacting situation
-If you use manipulation
-If you feel person & or family should not have #voice in 2
planning - it should be central.
-If you are unable to discuss difficult topics/concern w person & or family.
-If you make assumptions
-If you are unwilling to collaborate with others that support/provide care to person/family
-If you say ☝🏼 thing to person & or family & 3
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A very simple,clear, practical way of learning how to concentrate.

* The difference between "awareness" & "mind".

* That concentration is nothing else but bringing "awareness" to focus on just "one thing" at a time in your Mind.
*To keep practicing this on a daily basis, which is nothing else but focussing our life energies on the one task before us ..whether it is speaking to your wife or deciding on a course of medical treatment.
* Giving the subject "undivided attention". That is the difference between those who achieve a lot and those who don't.

The latter are continuously "distracted". In fact, they can be said to practice distraction throughout the day!
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1/5 Do not save money!

#lla #investing
2/5 Yes! Saving money is overrated. Saving and investing has been a hot topic on social media.

Don't let this FOMO dictate your life. It's time to ditch the piggy bank
3/5 When managing your finances, it's crucial to take into account your individual circumstances and priorities.

The most damaging advice a student can get is to be a cheapskate.

Don't let the idea of saving and investing control your life.
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A big 🧵of 8 events at #COP27 that you won't want to miss.

View all #FossilFuelTreaty events that are happening over the coming weeks at
1. First off, this Tuesday, join our event on how to manage a global just transition in the @ilo pavilion.

Speakers include:
@Tzeporah Berman
Fleur Ramsay of @EDOLawyers
@disharavii of @fridays_india
+ more to be announced soon
2. Then on Thursday hear a #tedx talk from @Fridays4future leaders sharing stories from around the world of young people taking on the fossil fuel industry.

You won't want to miss:
🇺🇬 @NakabuyeHildaF of @Fridays4FutureU
🇵🇭 @mitzijonelle of @YACAPhilippines

4pm @ the @CYPavilion
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Going to #COP27?

You'll want to go see @mitzijonelle & @NakabuyeHildaF give this #TEDx talk on the ways young people around the world are standing up to the fossil fuel industry.

📆 Thurs 10th Nov
📌 @CYPavilion

See 🧵for more details. Image
The event will be hosted by @Fridays4future in the new Children and Youth Pavilion @CYPavilion in the Blue Zone at @COP27P.

Be there on Thursday 10th November, kicking off just after 4pm. Image
You won't want to miss these two:

🔥 @mitzijonelle, with @FFFMAPA & founder of @YACAPhilippines (who we're also honored to have on our International Steering Committee)

🔥 @NakabuyeHildaF founder of @Fridays4FutureU and #StopEACOP activist. Image
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Don't blame #Putin or #Covid for your sky-high grocery bill. Blame the elites who collude with the biggest scam in history, involving #CentralBanks and their friends in finance, under the cover of the pandemic
A thread on #QuantitativeSleazing ...… Image
Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, #CentralBanks in the West began pouring trillions into the coffers of large corporations, making their #stockmarket friends rich while making us poorer through high #inflation
#QuantitativeSleazing… Image
#CentralBanks should not favour one business over another by giving them easy loans. Helping large & dirty corporations outcompete smaller firms is anti-business, anti-markets, anti-democratic & anti-sustainability. Such #QuantitativeSleazing makes mockery of green promises Image
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Whoever is underrepresented in your life will be overrepresented in your imagination.

Instead of people, you'll see monsters. Instead of possibilities, you'll see disasters.

That's the challenge of a polarized world.

Here are 3 q's you can ask to meet it. 🧵 #reclaimcuriosity
1. Ask *how* not *why.* "How did you come to believe what you believe?"

They walk the path they took to their views and you walk right alongside them.

It's a tour, not a trial.
2. Ask them to share their concerns. And before you jump in with yours (!), ask if they have any others.

Our concerns reveal our values. And conversations about values, if they are honest and curious, will almost certainly find common ground.
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Huge COVID outbreak in anaesthetists and theatre staff at my work. I remain resolutely negative

As Kipling once said,

“If you can keep your immunity, whilst those about you are losing theirs

You’ll be ON CALL my son”

#COVID19 #PoemADay
Well that seemed to blow up!

It’s funny…..but it’s the reality what we do in the NHS I guess.

We all make do, we cover gaps, we step up, we carry on and we stop the service collapsing to deliver for patients.

Well done everybody!

Oh and to all the new followers…..THIS comedy gold is rare. Although I liked last weeks Ferry with a porpoise effort….

But stay for anaesthesia for patients with obesity @SOBAuk, anaesthetic twitter, retweeting of funnier stuff and occasional Norwich City updates!
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Ayer tuvo lugar el primer @TEDxUValencia organizado por alumnos d la @UV_EG en el q participé con la charla "Cómo publicar Ciencia y no morir en el intento". Os hago un resumen hasta q tengamos la grabación 1/9 🧵 Image
En la actualidad se publican más d 6 millones d artículos científicos al año. Esto q puede ser indicativo del enorme avance científico plantea la duda d si ¿realmente todos estos artículos tienen suficiente rigor científico? 2/9 Image
Al principio los científicos mantenían relaciones epistolares, d entre las más famosas se encuentra la correspondencia que mantuvieron #DarwinWallace acerca d la variación y la distribución d las especies y q contribuyó significativamente a elaborar la #TeoríaDeLaEvolución 3/9 Image
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I am gonna document the #52weeks as a #PhDStudent in 2021 in this thread.
Week 1: Small, university-level grant submitted. Inducted as Green Fund Committee member at the university.
Week 2: Accepted a guest lecture invite in the department. Its about #schoolnutrition during the COVID-19 pandemic Inducted as Volunteer Mentor for Student Success at the university. #phdlife #52weeks
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As an aside, @Tennessean held its first #CivilityTennessee event at Vandy in January 2018. I moderated a conversation with @jimbrownjwb who wrote "Ending our Uncivil Wars."… \
The Civility Tennessee campaign just started its fourth year. It has not been easy nor without criticism. It can be discouraging to witness events like the Jan. 6 insurrection or to get an email like this. \ Image
I responded with President Lincoln's words from his 1861 Inauguration:
"“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection ... \
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[A découvrir] Les lois de #Mendel via @Unisciel #LaMethSci
[#Cours] Les débuts de la #génétique : les travaux de #Mendel via @Vallee_duCailly #LaMethSci
[#Podcast] 2017 > #Epigénétique : quand le pouvoir des gènes atteint ses limites un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture !
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We are only a few days away from #WIMStrongerTogether #WIMSummit. Let's spotlight some of our incredible speakers. If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! If you can't attend all sessions live, they will be recorded and available for 1 year!
Let's start with ER Physician, regular @CNN and @MSNBC contributor and @researchaffirm and @BrownDigiHealth leader, researcher, advocate, and healthcare leader Dr. @meganranney. Come and hear her speak on How We Can Join Together to Make Change. #womeninleadership
Dr. @DrBonnieMason is the VP if Diversity and Inclusion @acgme, founder of @beyondtheexamroom, orthopedic surgeon and national healthcare leader will be speaking on leadership. She has decades of experience educating mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of clinicians.
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How might we reimagine education and work that values and grows people to their fullest contribution? My #TEDx talk on this @TEDxSantaCruz just came out! (Twitter thread for those who prefer to read, with slight updates)…
Part 1 of 8: The Relentless Machine
Have you ever felt amazed at the profoundly beautiful, endless curiosity of 2-year olds? Contrast that with a 2017 @Gallup poll in which 85% of workers reported being unengaged or actively disengaged at work. That’s 5 out of 6 people. Why is that?!
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My #TEDx talk is available on Youtube!
It's in French but you can use the autogenerated English subtitles
We can see at the beginning that I was stressed 😁
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Giving a #TEDx talk about #water footprints today at @TEDxEmilyCarrU! Wish me luck? Image
Today’s #TEDx talk went really well!

Got some unexpected laughs when I mentioned that the #water footprints of beer vs wine really depend on how much of each you decide to drink. Should’ve seen that coming...

Will share the video once it’s posted!
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Hoy me levanté a correr sin recordar siquiera que era el día de la #LoteriaDeNavidad. Al volver me encontré en el móvil una noticia tristísima: esta noche se nos ha ido mi querido tocayo Pablo Herreros (@somosprimates). Un cáncer se lo ha llevado con solo 42 años
Su hermana Nuria, su ángel, nos contaba anoche a las 2am que Pablo, que ERA UN GIGANTE, acababa de fallecer. Yo tuve el enorme privilegio de conocerlo y disfrutarlo mucho desde hace 6 años. ¿Cómo? Google nos juntó: a fuerza de ver alertas con las noticias del otro, contactamos
Pablo era un grandísimo ser humano, y un bestial primatólogo. De él aprendí lo poco que sé de animales y mucho sobre los primates humanos (que cité en mi libro #SéTransparenteYTeLloveránClientes). Gigante fue su momento con la primatóloga Jane Goodall:
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Unexpected: Taught a Winchester, VA high school *Latin class* yesterday about mass incarceration. Tied Roman concept of “infamia”-loss of legal/social standing—to today’s exclusion of people w/ records. Part of @danibostick’s efforts to make Latin…
Learned from Dani that the KKK recruits in town & that they have a monument to "every confederate soldier" on their walking mall. She told me: “It is important they have a bigger world & hear different messages.” Honored to have been able to offer that. Feedback was awesome:
All Freshmen:

"I don't like this. SO many people wrongly incarcerated! Why??!"

"It is crazy how many people are sitting in jail waiting for trial. His job is really important."

“He gave us a lot to think about”

"I like the way Scott talked to us like adults." (Liked this one)
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