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1 I had a thought-provoking, emotionally 'full', inspiring #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive We explored 'living in as a non-parent in a family-centric world' #childlessnotbychoice #childfree #childlessbycircumstance #ttc #childlessbychoice Here are my highlights
2 @gatewaywomen: the shame of #childlessness is a powerful tool for keeping us apart: it prevents conversation, community, it creates separation, isolation, stigma and vilification #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive
3 @gatewaywomen: #abortion is the 'taboo within the taboo' of #childlessness #Storyhouse
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1/ Today (JULY 31, 2019) is the Public-Feedback DEADLINE for the first-round of @_CreateTO Consultations on the Four (4) #HousingNow "PRIORITY" #AffordableHousing sites at WARDEN, WILSON, MERTON & VICTORIA PARK in #TOPoli...

@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO 2/ In 2018, Mayor @JohnTory announced his #HousingNow plan to build "40,000 new affordable housing units over the next 12 years" - and our @HousingNowTO volunteers started "Running the Numbers" on each of those #AffordableHousing sites from @_CreateTO...…
@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO @JohnTory 3/ In January 2019, we launched our Free, Public, Interactive MAP to allow anyone to "visit" the Eleven (11) proposed #HousingNow sites for new #AffordableHousing development-proposals by @_CreateTO. In Seven (7) months - we have had over 19,000+ Views...
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I like my #Presto card and (knock on wood) haven’t had any of the malfunctions that other #ttc users have vented about on here, but... new attempt at using this system shows some real flaws in HOW to get a #Presto card 1/
My oldest has turned 13, so no longer eligible for free fare. Being semi-honest, we want to get him a #Presto do he can access #ttc as easily as me and my wife.
1st attempt: #YorkU station, go to info desk & ask for one - they only sell them at @ShopprsDrugMart ! WTF!? 2/
So the only place to buy a student #Presto is a chain pharmacy? Seriously?
2nd attempt: go to Shoppers, talk to cashier (BTW @ShopprsDrugMart screw your self-checkouts!). Cashier needs a #ttc student ID(!?) Nope, don’t have one of those. 3/
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Would someone at @TTChelps (or @TTCStuart!) explain the “traffic” (on a #TTC track) NB from St Clair to Finch *every single rush hour* AND more importantly, what is being done to address it. DON’T say “ATC”. It hasn’t always been this bad - why is it so much worse lately?
Taking 9 minutes to go Sheppard to Finch is bad. 27 minutes Eglinton to Finch is BAD. No announcements, no info. Somehow on a good morning my commute is 35 minutes. It’s consistently 45+ coming home.
Hi @threadreaderapp can you try to unroll this thread please?
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Fact-Checking @OnatrioNewsNow: A Thread. The province says that taking over parts of the #TTC will get transit projects built on time and on budget. But relying on the private sector to build transit stations could mean even more delays, as Metrolinx has admitted.
As @BenSpurr reported in Nov, Metrolinx admits that private sector transit funding “comes with risks related to project timing and real estate market conditions.” Leslie Woo stated that market-driven stations "could be delivered sooner or possibly later."…
Vid says ON will “own the network and make sure it is maintained to be safe and reliable.” But the $$$ proposed for maintenance is (in @swanboatsteve’s words) "woefully inadequate" because #TTC "capital budget for ongoing maintenance is much, much larger.”…
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1/ Some more details on yesterday's #HousingNow Proposal by Mayor @JohnTory in #TOPoli.

Here's a Public-Map of the 11 Sites / 13 Addresses with Links to @_CreateTO - where available... #OpenData #OpenGov…
2/ ...most of these sites should be "As of Right" to build new HIGH-DENSITY Housing on what are now cheap/subsidixed Surface Parking-Lots near #TTC Stations - including new @CrosstownTO Stations in #TOPoli...and stations serviced by the new Vaughan extension...
3/ ...but in #TOPoli - the Deafult setting is "NO" - and Councillors have fought efforts to reduce CHEAP parking-spots at #TTC stations in the Past...…
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@JasonParis @frankscarpitti I agree w/ Markham's Mayor (both as former 26yr resident of York Region: Markham & Vaughan & #TTC CMO): The Yonge North extension should have been the first subway extension, not the #TYSSE, currently up & running w/ 1.2m rides/YEAR forecast—way, way less than subway capacity 1/
@JasonParis @frankscarpitti 2/ #TYSSE to FinMin Greg Sorbara's riding was approved by Premier Dalton McGuinty, as a thank you to Mr. Sorbara for his support winning Liberal leadership, election/re-election majorities & his family's deep involvement w/ @YorkUniversity (his brother was Chair). #TOpoli #ONpoli
@JasonParis @frankscarpitti @yorkuniversity 3/ I know from being #TTC ex-CMO and an engaged citizen, the TTC actively thwarted any YUS 🚇 extension to Toronto/YorkRegion Steeles boundary; or extending B/D 🚇 to Sherway Gardens even tho it's in Etobicoke. Its 2001 RTEP study #1 Priority—Sheppard 🚇 subway extension to STC.
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@bradTTC @CityNews @TorontosMayor @JohnTory Great, thanks, Brad! I was unaware CEO Report was still being published, and, will publicize it to #TOpoli! CORRECTION: Mayor has withheld #SMARTtrack sky-high OpExp/ride from Council & delayed release of #SSE 30% CAPEX until after election.
@bradTTC @CityNews @TorontosMayor @JohnTory #TTC Sep.2018 CEO Report:…: continued unprecedented -3.1% YTD ride decline—despite a growing economy & jobs in GTA. It is alarming that Metropass decline accelerated to 40% total rides, down 5pp from 45% in Jul.2018 CEO report & peak 52% (2014) #TOpoli 1/
@bradTTC @CityNews @TorontosMayor @JohnTory 2/ As a career consumer marketer & #TTC's ex-CMO, I'm alarmed by the lack of urgency in implementing its "Ridership Growth STRATEGY" and translating it into a detailed, multi-pronged, sophisticated 2018 "Ridership Growth 'Marketing' PLAN"—Metropass Mkt Res is 'underway'! #TOpoli
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@keerthanarang @mbeckrubin @jen_keesmaat "Insufferable" is 20~ish hyper-partisan, political staffers weighing in on public transit issues…with little expert knowledge...on behalf of a Mayor whose #TTC track record is a new record: no-ride/rev growth in a growing economy! #BADtransitMayor…
@keerthanarang @mbeckrubin @jen_keesmaat "Only @JohnTory could" says a Staffer…
❌Brings people long as they're sycophants—not radicals
❌Hires an an angry, alcoholic, alt-right, divisive, white supremacist hate-speech-spewing, unhappy hater NicK as his campaign strategist… shaming his once proud name!
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To ensure the best service possible in the morning, we are storing subway trains in tunnels to ensure doors are not frozen at start of service tomorrow. Throughout the evening, storm trains will operate in the open cut areas to keep the third rail clear of ice. #TTC
The streetcar network remains chief concern with weather still unknown at this time. The plan for the morning is to continue to run buses on St Clair in place of streetcars, unless temperatures rise as forecast, as well as shoulders of Queen as we did this weekend.
This allows us to run streetcars with greater frequency in the core, which helps keep switches and the overhead clear of ice. TTC staff are at the City’s Emergency Operations Centre. Priority plowing and salting is being given to hills where bus service is most vulnerable.
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