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Aug 6, 2023 11 tweets 2 min read
#UkraineSummit in Jeddah #SaudiArabia in a nutshell: #Zelensky calls for rules-based international order to be restored. A chance for 🇺🇦 to sell its 10-point peace plan to nonaligned countries, while Saudi Arabia was able to accentuate its international role. #thread Image Diplomats broadly accepted the need for the central principles of international law, including respect for #Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, to be at the heart of any peace talks between Ukraine and #Russia. 1/1
Aug 5, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
#SaudiArabia has confirmed representatives will take part in #UkraineSummit in Jeddah, to find a political & diplomatic way to end the war. Yemak 🇺🇦's delegation, in which he says the discussions would be difficult, but 🇺🇦 will seek to persuade to back its peace formula. #Reuters The #UkraineSummit is meant to familiarise the approximately thirty countries present, including #China and the #US, with Zelensky’s plan for peace. Zelensky himself is not expected to attend, and #Russia has not been invited.  1/1
Jun 7, 2023 12 tweets 5 min read
Thank you! I am watching now. Make my comments as I progress in watching this video about #RestoreNature: good intentions, bad design!

* Minute 4: With all due respect, you said that IA does not answer to a ❓about the impact of legislation on the cost of living. #thread If there is need of additional information, #EP has the obligation to ask for additional impact assessment, there is even an obligation. You said the IA does not answer to the question about the impact on the economic cost. Here the answer simplified ec.europa.eu/commission/pre… 1/1
Apr 15, 2023 11 tweets 9 min read
Have a great weekend! Below everything you want to know about #ChatGPT. Thank you Vered! I will add my #thread, with some information about #EU's reaction to ChatGPT. #ChatGPT created by #OpenAI can carry out conversations, write texts on many topics, perform complex tasks: writing code &planning an event. #Italy's privacy watchdog asked to temporarily ban ChatGPT since the information collected & sent to #chatbot is in violation of #GDPR. 1/1
Mar 20, 2023 11 tweets 7 min read
I received a gift from #India, a little stone, symbol of teaching. A very precious symbol to me. Now thinking about the new Team #Europe diplomacy on raw material. #Thread #EU is trying is enhance its diplomacy by diversifying imports and increasing its own capacities through a better coordinated approach. We have now new legislation. The act foresees the creation of a board that would provide a #European perspective on #raw materials. 1/1
Feb 13, 2023 13 tweets 9 min read
OK, I'm ready for this! In 🇯🇵 Prime Minister’s Office with Mr. Noriyuki Shikata, Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs. Standing as a proud #European & got informed on #G7 & Japan Priorities. I am optimistic about #Japan’s new foreign policy for the following reasons. #Thread Image #Japanese Realism Diplomacy means
- support for #Ukraine,
- free and open Indo-Pacific,
- enhancing relationship with like-minded countries,
- #UnitedNations Reform including the Security Council. 1/1
Feb 13, 2023 8 tweets 8 min read
Focus on the #Japanese Realism Diplomacy for a new Era. We need some inspiration in #EU since Putin is striking strategic relationship with #China, #SouthAfrica & #Brazil. No time to waste on Franco-Italian tensions triggered by a diplomatic dinner. #Hiroshima #Thread Image #Chinese FM Wang Yi will visit #Russia as part of a diplomatic tour in Europe. His 9-day trip will also include stops in #France, #Italy, #Hungary and #Germany, where he will speak at the #Munich Security Conference. #CNN 1/1
Feb 2, 2023 10 tweets 6 min read
Will #Sweden ever join #Nato? A 360° circumplex approach in the joint article of Ambassador @TacanILDEM, former ASG NATO and Ambassador @FATHCEYLAN8! Below my #thread. Extradition, fighting terrorism and freezing assets was part of the memorandum of understanding that #Turkey signed with #Sweden and #Finland in return for Ankara’s approval to their #Nato accession. 1/1
Jan 25, 2023 9 tweets 4 min read
Just reading that @Europarl_EN cancels upcoming diplomatic missions to Morocco & Qatar amid ongoing probes of corruption allegations. 30 MEPs call on to ban Moroccan diplomats from entering #EP pending an outcome in the corruption investigation. Not my approach. #Mythread Image The European Parliament needs first to apply the current rules properly. Let’s recall that a decade or so ago, the European Parliament was rocked by a cash-for-influence scandal leading to the resignation of some MEPs. 1/1
Jan 9, 2023 7 tweets 5 min read
#Sweden told #Turkey that it cannot fulfil its extradition requests as a quid pro quo for Turkish agreement to Swedish #Nato membership, but arms exports might create some political room for manoeuvre. #thread #UlfKristersson, Sweden’s prime minister, said that the country will do what it needs to in order to fulfil the tripartite agreement with #Turkey signed last summer. #Sweden is neither able nor willing to fulfil conditions that go beyond the scope of the deal. 1/2
Jan 3, 2023 17 tweets 11 min read
Breakfast time late. Reading an interesting article of @gideonrachman about #China. This might be a long #thread.
ft.com/content/05408b… "Do we want China to fail" Nobody wants to see China fail. The #Ukrainian war & #Covid pandemic have demonstrated the existing limitations & risk of our dependency of #China, it has challenged our abilities to act in line with its interests in an interconnected 🌐. That’s all 1/2
Jan 2, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
Yes, but it's incorrect to assume that there can be a globally competitive “made in #EU" made in #Japan" "made in #US" chip industry anytime soon. Capacity building in this sector is a long-term process, goes beyond industrial policy & large spending! We need ethical connectivity But we cannot say the same of #China! In the last decade, China’s growing independence presents an
extraordinary shift, moving China away from #European countries & from #BRICS members. 1/1
Oct 6, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
My today message to #EU Leaders in @EUCouncil: in a Union of equals, there can be no second class citizens! Just follow the #EuropeanParliament which is united in supporting #Romania & #Bulgaria’s full accession to Schengen! #Mythread 1/1 #Romania and #Bulgaria have committed to implementing the #Schengen acquis and already proved themselves in the way they addressed the challenges and managed their borders in the face of refugees fleeing the war in #Ukraine. 1/2
Oct 6, 2022 11 tweets 8 min read
#EP plenary held a debate on countering the anti-European and anti-Ukrainian #propaganda of #Putin’s European cronies. At the initiative of #Renew, it was focused on the relations between #Russia and extremist #European political parties. #Mythread 1/1 #MEPs of the various political groups used the opportunity for attacking each other for their alleged ties to the #Putin regime. #EuropeanParliament 1/2
Jul 6, 2022 13 tweets 13 min read
Celebrating now the end of wild west on #Internet with a glass of tea! #Europe is designing its digital future & need sharp teeth to its new powers! #Platforms will operate in a legal framework that until now was nonexistent #DSA #DMA 🎊 @EU_Commission @Europarl_EN #Mythread 1/1 No more domination of technological giants in 🇪🇺 VP @vestager said #DSA #DMA are basic pillars of the efforts to impose stricter rules on #usedandabused technology groups& establish regulations suitable for #Internet era. 1/2
Jul 5, 2022 5 tweets 7 min read
#Mythread on #Ukraine & #Africa from a #GlobalGateway perspective! Good news from @EU_Commission, #Ukraine’s recovery will cost $750 billion. Probably a lot will come from from seized #Russian assets! @vonderleyen said #EU already raised €6.2 billion for #Ukraine #MyPhoto 1/1 More to be done via a new special platform to be co-chaired by #Kyiv and #EuropeanCommission! Good initiative, but it will probably not automatically scale up private finance & create conditions for companies to think long-term! 1/2
Feb 8, 2022 10 tweets 9 min read
#EU backs into the diplomatic efforts btw #Russia #US #Nato to de-escalate the military conflict #Ukraine. Long dinner at Kremlin but not my kind of dinner. #Macron discussed his 3 de-escalation plan. #Mythread #MyPhoto 1/1 First proposal of Macron for de-escalation it was of course...#Russia to show a gesture of de-escalation. #Putin reassured to withdraw his troops from #Belarus after their joint military exercises, but said nothing about his troops at the border with #Ukraine. #Macron #NATO 1/2
Jan 19, 2022 20 tweets 17 min read
If there is the possibility of aliens existing in our Galaxy, they would be laughing at us in this moment, because they would observe how incapable we are of stopping all ridiculous things that are happening including wars we are waging #mythread
on #Russia #Ukraine #USA
#EU 1/1 #Baerbock calls for stable relations with #Russia but sees fundamental differences in frosty meeting with #Lavrov, stating Russian troop presence near #Ukraine had “no understandable reason” #Psaki says Russia could launch an attack in Ukraine “at any time”. 1/2
Jan 17, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
Tuesday is #Russia! A leap in the dark: #Baerbock will meet Zelensky on Monday & Lavrov on Tuesday. Baerbock will attempt to revive the #Normandy during her visit. Baerbock would represent not only #German but also the #European position.
#Mythread 1/1

spiegel.de/politik/deutsc… #USCongress - no mandatory sanctions against #NordStream2. #FriedrichMerz, not that he has too much power, #CDU chairman, said that the exclusion of #Russia from the Swift payment system would constitute a nuclear bomb for capital markets. Let's see if #Scholz will agree 1/2
Jan 9, 2022 16 tweets 15 min read
No joke! Back home from holiday, my 8 y old daughter's 1st ❓: “Do you know what's going on in #Kazakhstan? The president allowed to shoot the population.” I think my son "briefed" her. My oldest daughter received videos from her colleagues in Kazakhstan. My thread bellow 1/1 ImageImage #EUforeignpolicy: @EmmanuelMacron & @vonderleyen demanding the violence in #Kazakhstan cease adding #EU is ready to help calm the situation & assist where it can. @JosepBorrellF reiterating that it's important that rights and civilian safety is ensured #HumanRightsViolations 1/2
Jan 4, 2022 6 tweets 6 min read
"Be prepared" not to remind you the song from #TheLionKing but rather be prepared for 1st calls for the Connecting #Europe Facility #Digital to be launched this month January 2022! Below #mythread on CEF Digital Connecting Europe Facility #CEFDigital #MyPhoto 2021 #connectivity Image CEF #Digital supports the following actions: 1. the deployment of #5G infrastructures in #Europe along cross-border corridors and 5G for smart communities. 1/1