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18 Nov
We all ♥️ #Paris where were it took place 1st presentation of incoming French Presidency to @EESC_PRESS! #PFUE2022 @CBeaune underlined this rare & precious opportunity, highlighting France's ambition to mark progress on #EU legislation, #climate #digitalisation #socialpolicy 1/1
The red thread of #PFUE2022 would be "Recovery, Power, Belonging" (“Relance, puissance, appartenance”). France would not impose an agenda, but would serve as an accelerator for the way forward on ideas and dossiers. #EU #Europe 1/2
#Recovery”- in economic terms, after the Covid pandemic; "#Power" - in terms of #security, external relations, #defence, #migratory policy, climate; and "#Belonging" - feeling of being part of the common #European political project. 1/3
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16 Nov
#BreakingNews : #Italy Several media report that Italy's budget bill has been presented to the Senate today, with contentious points being €8 billion set aside for tax reductions, the citizenship wage and pension reforms #LaStampa, #Repubblica - #photography #lucianomortula 1/1 Image
PM #Draghi is also to meet trade unions as they mobilize for possible strikes amid claims the budget proposal doesn't go far enough to combat inequalities 1/2
The Democratic Party has proposed formal talks between party leaders to ensure cross-party agreement over the main points of the budget and avoid interference with the upcoming presidential election 1/3
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12 Nov
Excellent question @AlemannouEU! EU/#EEAS has a limited body of intelligence to support a political decision. @eu_eeas Remember @vonderleyen clarified the issue after her visit to @POTUS stating: it is not a migration issue, it is a hybrid attack. 1/1 Image
That leads to me the conclusion: @eu_eeas has limited capacity of assessing the situation, incorporating different types of information/assessment. That could change the information/options presented to decision makers. Quid implication of @Europarl_EN? @SanninoEU @JosepBorrellF
Only by asking the right questions we can make progress! @eu_eeas needs to get stronger, to get stronger, it needs to get #intelligence from #EU Member States; @Europarl_EN should be carefully involved; trust is a matter of experience, respect, and coordination! @SanninoEU End
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10 Nov
Fantastic news! Starting from the presumption I do not know nothing as tweeted by @RickRubin!
1. Good if @EU_Commission will provide enlightening and interactive information session. It will alleviate the asymmetry of information & knowhow knowledge btw EU States/people 1/1
2. According to #EU Structural Funds Programs, it will be good if national administrations will explain these policies rather than to sit in their office, providing local guidance. These practices were promoted by France and Nordics with the aim of absorbing funds. Same here. 1/2
3. It will be good if national administrations will be able to set up basis for bilateral #twinning between #EU Member States. These can be supervised from Brussels under a shared responsibility and according to Financial Regulations. It worked before. 1/3
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28 Oct
An interesting article indeed. I was once political director at a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (I resigned since my 3 y old child was in Brussels, and could not commute btw 2 capitals). Here is my view, maybe a different approach: 1. #Diplomacy is about relations among states!1/1
2. I do not think that government is the diplomat’s principal occupation. A diplomat shall go beyond states and governments and for this, he/she needs extensive expertise. 1/2
3. It takes decades to acquire, and after is a battlefield… because of inertia or democratic variations. Crafting diplomatic relationship is a very difficult task challenging task, it is about civilizational and strategic convergence. 1/3 End
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27 Oct
Preoccupied by about all the political crises from East to West...that I have been cutting my onions all wrong. Not a chef tonight. Here my thread on #Portugal crise while cooking late. 1/1
Early elections said to be most likely outcome in #Portugal amid political crisis over today’s #Budget vote, which is widely expected to fail. PM #Costa says he will run again as the PS candidate, as left-wing parties call for the government to re-submit Budget proposals. 1/2
Hmm.. All political parties brought down the government, 😏 even the Communist Party. There were some deputies "not registered" 🤔.... they left 2 political parties, but remained in Parliament, abstain and now they will not be elected. Right? 1/3
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26 Oct
This is EVP Margrethe @Vestager speech "Democratic values in a digitalised world" @HumboldtUni 25.10.21. It explains rationales, set up basis for what I think will be a successful #EuropeanDigitalLaw! A speech that will continue to resonate for us #Thread…
Late 1990: large platforms “emerged and started organizing the internet for what would soon become millions of users around the world.” For 1st time "the platforms acted as global “match-makers” B2C. With “ever-growing match-making” platforms have power, & control. 1/1
Power & control are particularly important 4 #socialmediaplatforms. "Clicks matter. The more content is seen and shared, the higher the income from advertising. Hence, it is not so much the quality or the truthfulness of the content that matters but its “virality”" 1/2
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24 Feb
Thank you🌐friends of #Donderberg #Brussels for bringing expertise & engaging in such constructive, open exchanges on green @Donderberg2! We want to preserve Donderberg for recreation activities, improving health and well-being! 6000 persons have signed @Donderberg2 Petition!💚❤️
Special thanks to my local community, my neighbours for constant leadership and support to preserve @Donderberg2

We will inform you about the decision of #Brussels municipality.

Someone has displayed @Donderber2 poster on the red poster of Brussels municipality, Mr. Mayor!
It is clear that our long-term action for saving @Donderberg2 empowered our community!

We are the shareholders of this green area donated by @MonarchieBe to the #Brussels city.

We have a vision for @Donderberg2 !

We want to leave a legacy!
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