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ASML is hiring like crazy. They post like 20 new jobs every workday. Simply put, they are the market leader in printing #microchips.

If you want to work on solving the #ChipShortage, those are sweet opportunities.

@ASMLcompany #techjobs #semiconductor #shortage
What I casually called "printing" is actually called UV lithography. It's the most important tech used in the fabrication of microchips. UV lithography works similarly to analog photography in the sense that the target surface is altered by light.…
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TSMC on Japan fab: plans to build a specialty technology fab in Japan, subject to board approval. Japanese government supports the plan. Will build a 22-28nm process technology #semiconductor fab. Fab construction to begin in 2022, and mass production expected in 2024. $TSM
2/? TSMC 3Q Call
TSMC CEO CC Wei: We are confident we will retain our technology leadership. 2nm technology, density and performance will be the most competitive in 2025 and GAA structure is being considered, but won't say more today. (paraphrasing). $TSM
3/? TSMC 3Q Call

CEO CC Wei: "We are entering a period of higher structural growth" due to 5G, HPC and massive new demand for energy efficient computing, which will require leading edge technologies.

"We expect our capacity to remain tight in 2021 and throughout 2022."
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TSMC 3Q net income NT$156.3b, [Est. Nt$149.59b Prev.137.31b]
TSMC 3Q Gross margin 51.3%, [Est. 50.6%]
#TSMC #semiconductor #chips
#TSMC 3Q revenue NT$414.67b, [Est. Nt$413.56b Prev.356.42b]
TSMC posted a 13.8% rise in quarterly net profit, boosted by a surge in global demand for #semiconductors for smartphones and laptops amid a supply shortage.
The shipment of 5nm chips accounted for 18% of the company's total silicon wafer sales in the 3Q2021, while 7nm chips accounted for 34%.
$TSM #semiconductor #chips
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With respect to today’s #inflation data, core #CPI (excluding volatile food and energy components) came in at 0.24% month-over-month and 4.04% year-over-year and was driven higher by strong increases in the #rent components, which have a tendency to be persistent.
Further, headline #CPI data printed at a solid 0.41% month-over-month and came in at 5.38% year-over-year.
Today’s data witnessed declines in used vehicles, #airfares and lodging, which should temper #market concerns somewhat, but we anticipate that these components are likely to see #prices bounce back in the months to come.
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1. Better headline: "Will Common Prosperity Make Japan Great Again?" MJGA!😂 We have deep expertise and top indexes on Japanese equity, particularly currency hedging. Below is the list of some under appreciated things of Japanese equity.
2. Underappreciated: If US fiscal/monetary response to the pandemic is large, Japan's is even a larger share of GDP. Lay person language: money money money for the economy.
3. Our colleague reviewed how Warren Buffet's Japanese investment last September has turned out. Following Mr. Buffet, global investors have been putting money there quietly for a while.…
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Notes from IDC #semiconductor market briefing by VP Mario Morales, head of semiconductors (30-year veteran) 9/2/2021 on Zoom.

Great presentation.

#IDC 1/16
#IDC 2/16

IDC forecasts the 2021 #semiconductor market will grow 17.3% to US$545.0 billion led by phones, laptops, servers, automotive, smarthome, gaming, wearables and Wi-Fi, with increased memory prices.

The market will grow 4% in 2022 and 0.3% in 2023 to $568.4 bln.
#IDC 3/16

Without shortages, #semiconductor market growth would have been over 20% this year, with the bullish case close to 25%.
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Shenzhen Component Index declines by 2.4%, mainly dragged by the semiconductors sector.
CSI 300 Index falls by 1.6%.
SZSE Chinext Price Index decreases by 2%.
#China #StockMarket #semiconductor Image
More than 3,700 shares in Shenzhen and Shanghai fall on Wednesday.
#China #StockMarket Image
SZSE ChiNext Price Index pares gains to 1.5%.
CSI 300 Index and Shenzhen Component Index rally.
#China #StockMarket Image
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TSMC thread 1/? - several non-financial notes of interest from TSMC's earnings call yesterday: $TSM #semiconductor
#2 TSMC in Japan $TSM
TSMC is doing due diligence now for a specialty technology wafer fab in Japan. No final decision yet.
Over 20 companies have joined the advanced chip packaging technology R&D initiative led by TSMC. The project is aimed at HPC (high performance computing).
#3 TSMC Arizona $TSM
TSMC expects 5nm production at the #Arizona fab to begin in the 1st quarter of 2024, but TSMC hopes it will start earlier. AND
“We do not rule out the possibility of a 2nd phase of expansion to meet our customers’ strong demand,” Chairman Mark Liu.
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Good news everybody!

To enrich your summer break John (@J_B_C16) and I wrote about #semiconductors and #China!

We analyzed the global semi value chain across three strategic dimensions: industry competitiveness, #NationalSecurity and #resilience

cc @snv_berlin @merics_eu /1 Image
First, we looked at the generic production steps - consisting of 3 process steps and 5 inputs.

For each we analyzed barriers to entry, market concentration, competitiveness of Chinese industry, Chinese policies, etc. Image
Based on that we then assessed each production step across 3 'strategic dimensions'.

Idea: What motivates a government to invest in/support its semi ecosystem or cooperate with allies?

Can we systematize that / come up with a framework for 'national interest'? Yes, we can! Image
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Semiconductor ka Shortage :
HMDS ka pure Monopoly player aka Chemcon


A thread 🧵👇 Image
⚡ The growing popularity of #bitcoin across the world is spurring demand in UNEXPECTED industry-semiconductors. Image
⚡ An Indian auto firm executive said: "We require semiconductors now as we push up production. But the feedback is clear it will take at least A YEAR before they can shift back capacity or before new capacity starts firing."
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"The U.S. was not involved in any manner" with the attack on the #Natanz #nuclear facility in #Iran, says @PressSec. Image
“This isn’t a meeting where we expect a decision or an announcement to come out of it,” says @PressSec of today's discussion at the @WhiteHouse about the #semiconductor shortages.
"Incredibly saddened" by the officer-involved shooting in #Minnesota and @POTUS has been briefed, says @PressSec.
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"I expect you will hear from him before May 1st," says @PressSec of @POTUS and the deadline imposed by the previous administration to withdraw US troops from #Afghanistan.
There's a great deal of focus on the #semiconductor shortage at the highest levels of the US government, says @PressSec.
Concerned about the violence in #NorthernIreland and US joins the calls for calm, says @PressSec.
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#China #NPC #两会 #Twosessions
#China #unemployment #CPI #twosessions2021
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Taiwan, Semiconductors and the Geopolitical Tech War

The market value of the global semiconductor industry has recently overcome the global energy sector. The market is telling us that chips are more important than oil.

Chips are the commodity of the future.

At the end of 2019, the market value of Taiwan's TSMC was $200b, while Intel was $350 billion. Today, TSMC is at $570 billion, while Intel has dropped to $260 billion.


Last summer, TSMC came out and said they can now make 7nm chips and will make 3nm chips in 2023.

Whereas Intel said they won’t be able to make 7nm chips until 2021. So in 2020, we witnessed the passing of the technological baton from Intel to TSMC. The leadership in the semiconductor industry now belongs to Taiwan.


#Taiwan #semiconductor #intel #TSMC $INTC $TSM
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@McKinsey_MGI has a report out titled; '#Risk, resilience & rebalancing in global value chains' it holds some good insights into trends in #GlobalTrade...Here are some takeaways...1/4 Large companies has global #SupplyChains w. 1000s of suppliers, disruption risks varies...
2/4 #Globalisation has been changing in the last decade, sector concentration varies between industries, poten. losses from #SupplyChain disruptions can be as high as 42% of 1 years EBITDA..Supply chain #shocks are becoming more frequent & severe...
3/4 Overviews of global production distribution of select industries - #Automotive, #Semiconductor & #Pharma...Concentration can be a key source of vulnerability...#SupplyChains #Risk #Macro #GlobalTrade
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“Policy Options to Impose Costs on #Beijing’s Coercive Envelopment of #HongKong: Version 1.0”

#NatSecLaw negates #SAR’s judiciary & freedoms

Our #ChinaSignPost™ 洞察中国 report (#102) offers analysis & recommendations…
#HongKong’s long-deteriorating situation has come to a head.

Today, just b/f #July1, Beijing imposed a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw negating the Special Autonomous Region’s judiciary & freedoms.…

Dissidents are vulnerable; everyone is at risk.
#Beijing has abruptly abandoned binding commitments & reassurances, which underwrote #HongKong’s handover from Britain in 1997, & its subsequent special treatment by the United States & other nations.

Now, sadly, Hong Kong’s identity & status lies damaged & altered irrevocably.
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@BCG takes a deep dive into "How restrictions to #trade with #China could end #US leadership in #Semiconductors" It raises some good questions...… #GlobalTrends #TechCompetition Some takeaways...(1/8) Image
2/8 The impacts of the #US #China #technology conflict on the US #Semiconductor industry...#GlobalTrends #Trade ImageImage
3/8 An overview of the #Innovation tree stemming from the #Semiconductor & its role in "Safeguarding national security"...#GlobalTrends #InnovationBattle #tech ImageImage
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Interesting overview by @nresearchnews of the progress made in #3D & #4D printing and the many potential applications they might have with wide ranging consequences. The power of #innovation at play...… #GlobalTrends #Technology A few takeaways..(1/5) Image
2/5 #3D printing in construction...less waste, lower capital and time required potentially...#PowerOfInnovation #Technology Image
3/5 #3D printing in metals could be set to change #manufacturing with more flexibility and less waste and more productivity...#GlobalTrends #Innovation #Technology Image
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1/ This isn't my usual beat on payments or fintech, but would like to talk about Skyworks Solutions $SWKS, the analog #semiconductor maker that "is empowering the wireless networking revolution." Just thinking out loud, looking for feedback. #5G #IoT #valueinvesting (cont)
2/ I'm firm believer in owning great companies w/ real, competitive advantages in growing industries. I believe Skyworks fits this bill, though it is currently facing many legitimate concerns. If problems are overcome, could be lots of upside from here. #tradewar #tariffs (cont)
3/ Bad news first: Huawei makes up about 10% of Skyworks' revenue. ZTE is a 5%+ customer. Both are affected by tense US-China relationship. Together represent combined 15% of business but, since mid-April, $SWKS stock is down more than 26%. (cont)…
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🇨🇳 #CHINA Q3 GDP Y/Y: 6.5% V 6.6%E (slowest growth since Q1 2009)
*NBS spokesman Mao Shengyong said that the international situation was bringing “downward pressure” on China.
🇫🇷 🇪🇺 🇨🇳 French tire maker Michelin warned of declining sales in Europe and #China in the second half of the year, dragging down shares of its competitors in the U.S. and Europe - Bloomberg
🇺🇸🇨🇳🇪🇺 In a volley of filings, the EU, #China and the U.S. this week escalated disputes over new U.S. metals tariffs, the European response to those levies, and Chinese intellectual property practices - Bloomberg…
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