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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/27/2020-2…

New Geometric Perspective Cracks Old Problem About Rectangles…

#geometry #perspective
Detecting Regions At Risk for Spreading COVID-19 Using Existing Cellular Wireless Network Functionalities - IEEE Journals & Magazine…

#detection #network #coronavirus #regions #wireless #cellular
The Dudes Who Won't Wear Masks - The Atlantic…

#coronavirus #masks
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Another canard currently doing the rounds is this whole, "Yields are low ergo public debt is no burden - and yields must STAY low or it WOULD quickly become one, far too heavy to bear" schtick.

#UST #Treasury #Fed #deficit 1/x
Clearly no-one understands the difference between real costs and virtual, financial ones.

The State's gross mishandling of the #coronavirus crisis has destroyed or impaired tremendous amounts of productive #capital - a loss which should neither be understated nor camouflaged 2/x
The fact that the gazillion new IOUs #UST has issued as a partial (and temporary) recompense for this will come with artificially low interest rates is absolutely NO cause for cheer: in fact, quite the converse. 3/x
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#BeyondHeadlines: There are not-so-obvious global reasons why the #OilMarketCrash is NOT good for #India.

Heavy #QE/ currency pressure + Intense #geopolitical tension

= #India, importer & friend to all oil producers, in the crosshairs.

Thread on these impacts of #OilPrice 👇 Image
US #oilprice crashed negative for the 1st time in history. West Texas Intermediate (a US crude) traded as low as -$40.32 a barrel. So far the bulk of the losses are in US crude, -200 to -1000%! Global (Brent) crude has not gone down as much because global storage still exists.
#COVID19 #lockdown has sharply cut all travel & thus demand for oil. Excess supply of oil resulted in a shortage of #storage space, esp in North America. As they & slowly the rest of the world run out of storage, the demand for future oil contracts (futures) goes down sharply
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The idea that Trump is bragging about “the best economy ever” is as ridiculous as when he told us Trump Steaks were the “world’s greatest steaks.”

U.S. Growth at Slowest Since 2016 #TrumpSteaksEconomy #SOTU…
The deficit is $1T.

The debt is $23T.

Farmers are going bankrupt.

Steel workers are being laid off.

Manufacturing is in a recession.

Trump promised his tax cuts would “skyrocket” the economy.

But all we got was job growth 15% slower than under Obama.

The “Trump Boom” is like every Trump con before it: The reality doesn’t live up to the hype.

Worse, Trump has been a disaster for the very #MAGA voters he promised to help most: farmers and factory workers, miners and steel workers:… #TrumpSteaksEconomy
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For hose who still believe that economics is irrelevant to #SinglePayer #healthcare (or to any healthcare ‘plan’ that’s out there), I was once like you. But you and I, and everyone else like us, were/are a critical part of the problem.

Let’s begin. #MMT 1/
No matter what your goal is (starting a business, fighting a war, designing a healthcare system etc) you need the resources neasesary to be successful and accomplish your goal. To the degree that you don’t get the needed resources you will fail to meet that goal on some level. 2/
And how do we get access to resources? Money. 💰is the legal means by which we get resources. So it matters who pays for any endeavor. How much 💴 they can bring to bear is going to have a direct impact on acquiring the needed resources so you can succeed at your goal. 3/
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Mr. Hogan is the new @Trade_EU Commissioner and is making his first trip outside the EU as part of the @vonderleyen Commission. He is speaking with @CSISEurope's Heather Conley and Scholl Chair Bill Reinsch.
Mr Hogan was previously Irish Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government. At The Europe Desk, we recently interview @HcMEntee, Irish Minister for European Affairs, on Ireland's role in transatlantic relations after #Brexit:… @GUGlobalIrish
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#Lithuania #Vilnius

Last week #Lithuanian #parliament adopted the state #budget for 2020. The main #financial document of the #state was approved by the majority of voters.
It is sad to see how #Lithuania is #suffering without #money. Absolute #chaos – this is how they say in #Lithuania about the new budget.
So, state budget revenues are planned in the amount of 11.559 billion euros, expenses – 12.705 billion euros.
The budget deficit will amount 2.9% of the planned gross domestic product. In other words, the #Lithuanian #draft hardly met the requirements of #fiscal #discipline. The #budget #deficit for #EU member states should not exceed 3% of GDP.
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1/ For the December #DemDebate @JudyWoodruff @IAmAmnaNawaz @Yamiche @TimAlberta please consider asking questions that have been ignored so far like the #deficit, #infrastructure and how they will get their agenda passed with a slim Senate majority.
2/ For tough candidate-specific questions, @JudyWoodruff @IAmAmnaNawaz @Yamiche @TimAlberta consider challenging #MayorPete on his experience or #BernieSanders on his questionable history in Latin America (including refusal to denounce dictators who were on the left) #DemDebate
3/ Two other overlooked areas @JudyWoodruff @IAmAmnaNawaz @Yamiche @TimAlberta should consider are (i) #housing and the #HOMELESSNESSCRISIS (a big issue here in LA) and reviving #labor rights in the new economy. #DemDebate…
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Hi #PA01 folks. I am live tweeting the @RepBrianFItz #Telephony #TownHall. I got included late, so we are joining in the midst of his intro speech.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /1
@RepBrianFitz Our @RepBrianFitz is talking about something with educating girls, but I caught him at the end of it, so not sure of the details.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /2
@RepBrianFitz Right now Fitz is asking a polling question about a ban of e-cigarettes. Because that is the most pressing issue of our day, amirite? #ImpeachmentInquiry
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /3
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Tutti contenti per #salviniasfaltato grazie al salvifico #governogiallorosso - Al netto di qualche bufala su #Italexit e della retorica razzista. Sicuri che sia cambiato qualcosa? thread…
#CQSConQualiSoldi il nuovo governo eviterà le clausole di salvaguardia? Come finanzierà le tante cose #disinistra che vuol fare il #governogiallorosso ? Chissà se su questo #matteorisponde ....…
@matteorenzi sosteneva l'urgenza di mandar via @matteosalvinimi per evitare la #recessione e l'aumento #IVA eppure l'economia rimane fragile…
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#Panel discussion on "What is the new normal for #CESEE?"
@wiiw_news #wiiwSpringSeminar
Vizek: "Very strong public sector, lot of informal economy. Croatia experienced slow growth before, so new normal not really new. But political willingness to reform very low."
Zubovic: positive trends in #Serbia: - rapid #growth in #IT sector over last 3/4 years w/ 3% to 6% share of GDP - Huge Chinese #investments, but with #externalities - Macroeconomic #stability, no fiscal #deficit anymore - foreign #debt declining - Substantial growth of #GDP
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@INETeconomics By a chance, the article saying #MMT "theorists ignore how their policies could hurt developing countries" places #Ukraine currency #hryvnia (notes of 20 hryvnia's) as its cover picture.

@INETeconomics Btw, another time when #MMT-related literature opted by a mere chance to associate itself with #Ukraine's currency was the book 'Can "It" Happen Again?' written by Hyman Minsky (2nd ed published in 2016).

This time there is a jar of coins 5 kopecks each (5 #копійок).

@INETeconomics I am #Ukrainian, having a 22-year experience in the Ukraine's financial sector (1995-2017) and working full-day jobs first as bank officer doing debts/credits and then as research economist. I worked in the banking sector as well as in the non-banking financial sector.

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"[Trump] said no changes can be made to Medicare and Social Security,.." so again, his tune changes. I hope that this holds, but I'm doubtful. #SundayMorning #Deficit…
2/"President Trump is demanding top advisers craft a plan to reduce the country’s ballooning budget deficits, but the president has flummoxed his own aides by repeatedly seeking new spending while ruling out measures needed to address the country’s unbalanced budget. Trump’s
3/"deficit-reduction directive came last month, after the White House reported a large increase in the deficit for the previous 12 months. The announcement unnerved Republicans and investors, helping fuel a big sell-off in the stock market. Two days after the deficit report,
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Sur @franceinter, le commissaire à l’économie Pierre #Moscovici a déclaré que l’Italie connait un "#déficit structurel beaucoup trop élevé".

➡️La Commission vient donc d’adresser un courrier à l'#Italie qui menace et évoque une "déviation sans précédent" des fin. pub.
Pourtant, l’Italie prévoit un déficit de 2,4% du PIB, inférieur à celui de la France pour la même année (2,8%).

"Il n’y aura pas de problème avec le déficit français", estime pourtant @pierremoscovici, car ce qui compte dans le déficit structurel c’est aussi la #croissance.
La croissance ? Mais en 2018 la #croissance italienne (1%) est supérieure à la croissance française (0,7%) !

Justement, répond Moscovici, augmenter les #dépenses publiques en #Italie ne peut créer de croissance car "nous sommes dans une période de surchauffe".
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Thread molto lungo:
#GovernoDelCambiamento vediamo cosa hanno già realizzato o meno del contratto di governo.

2. #Acquapubblica
3. #Agricoltura e #pesca#madeinitaly
4. Ambiente, green economy e rifiuti zero ✅❎
5. Banca per gli investimenti e risparmio ❎
6. #Conflittodinteressi
7. #Cultura
8. #Debitopubblico e #deficit ❎😱❎
9. #Difesa
10. #Esteri
11. Fisco: #flattax e semplificazione ❎😱❎
Sterilizzazione clausole #IVA e #accise ❎😱❎
Detassazione e semplificazione per famiglie,
imprese e partite IVA ❎😱❎
12. Giustizia rapida ed efficiente ❎😱❎
Area Magistratura e tribunali ❎
Area penale, procedura penale e difesa sempre legittima ❎
Certezza della pena ❎
Area civile, procedura civile e costi della giustizia ❎
Diritto di famiglia ❎
Reati ambientali e tutela degli animali ❎
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If you, like me, cannot point to a single thing @RepFrenchHill has done for the benefit of his constituents in #AR2 then you owe it to yourself and everyone else in the seven county area to vote for @clarketucker this November. #arpx #Vote #Midterms2018
.@RepFrenchHill has voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions. He doesn't care whether or not you can afford to see a doctor, or even if your health insurance will cover a visit. He does not care about #Arkansans #AR2 #ByeFrench #VoteThemOut #arpx
.@RepFrenchHill supports @realDonaldTrump #ConcentrationCamps for migrant children, infants, and toddlers. He refuses to speak up about these egregious #HumanRights violations. #Arkansas deserves a better, more humane representative in #AR2 - @clarketucker is that person! #Vote
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