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AWKWARD Moments! — Fancy Nancy PONTIFICATES on the Constitution, Prayer and Patriotism!...I’m SO MUCH more we’ll informed now, having WITNESSED that COMPLETE MESS!...IRON EAGLE!!🤪🇺🇸#Q #KAG #QAnon #PatriotsAwakened #FactsMatter #2ndRevolution #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Pyramids and IRON EAGLE...
ISAIAH 14:29 (KJV) “Do not rejoice, all you of Philistia, Because the rod that struck you is broken; For out of the serpent’s roots will come forth a viper, And its offspring will be a fiery flying serpent
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Pic of me 1975; pic of Greta Thunberg 2019.
Luciferian/satanic/MKultra Programming Evidence spanning 44 years, worldwide.
No, I am NOT signalling the no.44; it is simply the math at present. Consider SRA programming for me began at age 2yrs. (Illum. Family Lines age 2-3yrs)...
I'd like to point out both the subtle and overt body language. Long hair parted in the middle is demanded of teen girls if "Lilith" goddess is to be honored. Check.
Head tilt slightly downward, tight, half smile. Check. Obedience to Master.
Locked arm position. "In the presence..
of my Master". THEY demand RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. You do or you die.
This body language is taught through trauma-based operant conditioning.
Luciferian Language is based on body language, signs, symbols, colors, numbers, Gematria, etc...
Their children MUST learn this language.
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A twitter thread with details and insights about key players in the European Union.

Germany - Episode II

#QANON #J #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Bavaria alone has the 7th largest economy in the EU zone with large GDP gains over the past decade, is home to car and industry giants like BMW, Audi, MAN, Siemens.…
Ex head of state Seehofer met regularly with Putin. 3 weeks after George Soros’ 2019 speech in Davos, in which the billionaire made populist party AfD responsible for EU decline, Seehofer ordered auto surveillance for any government employed AfD member.…
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Listen to Dickey from the trash rag Daily Beast blame Populism on Putin! You can’t make this crap up! @NextRevFNC
Araujo- The globalists and fake news will not stop the fight for freedom and a government for the people! #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
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Does this one start to make more sense to everyone? If it does make sense to you, you know now why Q said, “THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.”
At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.
Fake News?
The World is WATCHING.
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Lets take a look to #QPost 1001 and see what it says about Cannibalism.
Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism & Hillary
Time 3 Apr 2018 - 9:11:01 PM
Can you see it? 911 🚨
Where do roads lead?
Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.
8/20/2019 = 22 12:28 PM EDT middle in time [22]
The Deep State is preparing the population for what is coming. BIG NAMES are going to be exposed in CANNIBALISM.…
Here is another brainwash for people who are not #awaken
DS is trying to make cannibalism common. #Panic
A modest proposal indeed: Academia considers cannibalism
31 Aug, 2019=24
Time 09:42 last 2 # 42=24
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Every time when James Comey tweets there is a #FalseFlag.
Just now at 8:30 (PT) or 11:30 (EST), he tweeted.
#QPost 2330

@realDonaldTrump DNC Met with FBI on Dossier Before FISA Granted; FBI Secretly Recorded Trump Campaign
Read carefully.

Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant…
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If you watched Trump's press conference at G7 just now you will have heard many interesting tid bits like I just did. Trump mentioned the fact [Obama] sent massive cash payments to Iran on multiple planes.
Can you imagine 1.7 billion in cash being loaded on to pallets and flown to Iran? The current state sponsor of terrorism. That is BIG news and although we know about it already the entire world got to here it this time. Not just the American press.
In the future I imagine we will learn much more about this.

- Read Q drops on Iran.

Another thing I noticed is how glowingly he talks about Boris Johnson our new Prime Minister.
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BEST President EVER.
Thank you Mr. President to represent the U.S. as a REAL world leader. You are an example for many world leaders to follow your steps.
President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the President o...
The video lasts 3:43 m
#POTUS looks at the #FakeNews at 1:09 m and lasts looking to the public up to 1:16 m = 7 s. = Q
#POTUS He is pointing us with his eyes and his head that, he is in control.

@realDonaldTrump #WeAreTheNewsNow and our responsibility like #Q said: "We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.
What are they waiting for?
They can end this at any time simply by asking POTUS, right?
We may have to ‘force’ this one."
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POTUS retweeted dog named "EVA."Code for C_IA. (JB) M Haberman, etc. tweet ThunderCats.NSA. Desperation. They've lost power and control. Look at reflection in glass to left of dog. ThunderCat. Crapping in the cage on floor. Someone is in custody. Call for clowns. Mandatory.#QAnon
Part 2 of my decode. Good guys put someone in "the hole." Dog feces on floor. In the hole the toilet is in the bottom of ctr of floor. Raw sewage. Can't flush. The blackhat clowns are communicating through Alexa. (Amazon). #QAnon #WWG1GWA @DOITQ_GO17 @StormIsUponUs @LisaMei62
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🚨MSNBC’s Sharpton ADVOCATES Assassination Of President Trump🚨—“Objective is Trump”..”Save your FIRE for the MAIN EVENT!”..”Don’t SHOOT all your bullets now, and come into the MAIN EVENT with an EMPTY GUN” — @StormIsUponUs @FBI @JudahsTrumpets #Q @SecretService @realDonaldTrump
2 - MSNBC Scarborough and MOCKINGBIRD crew ESPECIALLY “unhinged” this morning — OBVIOUSLY, full panic mode...DESPERATION Breeds DESPERATE Action!!😎🇺🇸 #Q #QAnon #KAG #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight @SecretService @FBI @realDonaldTrump @qanon76 @StormIsUponUs #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
3 - To the DISCERNING eye, appeared a “direct threat” to the Office of the President and Our Country!...a CALL-OUT to bring harm to Our Nation’s President!...The [MSM] IS the Enemy of the People!!😎🇺🇸#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA @FBI @SecretService @JudahsTrumpets @StormIsUponUs @POTUS
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1. Oh my God. They're the descendants of or they are mimicking the Amorites, aka the Canaanites...some of the most wicked people to ever walk the face of the earth, worshippers of Moloch and Baal. Dear God, this battle is for the human race! Epstein's temple ties it all together.
2. Recently, a photo was produced that showed a bath house in Aleppo, Syria that looked very similar to the temple on Epstein's Little Saint James island. Q showed us the discovery in drop 3346. I looked up that bath house in Syria, the color pattern continues inside.
3. But, Epstein's temple matches more than just that bathhouse. In fact, quite a large amount of architecture in Aleppo, Syria has similar color patterns, archways and golden domes. You can see here, Aleppo has these patterns on much of its structures.…
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The Epstein case has the potential to be HUGE, & for me it was the #Keystone to putting a lot of crumbs together. Here's a thread of some of my write ups & some supporting stuff.
1st write up cont. (Fbook post link 👇)
Epstein's protection by & ties to "intelligence" is the key. He was running a blackmail op for the shadow gov.
This is the 2nd write up putting the Epstein case/op into context with the Weinstein case/op (#Mossad) & the #NXIVM case/op. The take down of these 3 crews/cells/ops is historical! This will show the public that the clowns were working w/UK intel and mossad running ops in US.
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Flipped Plants Threads: 6->9
1. The Queen of England-
Handlers Removed: January-2019
Flipped Confirmation: June-2019
- "No Queen in their hand" #PanicinUK
2. King & Heir of Saudi Arabia
Flipped Confirmation: November-2017
#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #PanicInDC
3. Barack Obama
Handlers Removed: November-2017
Flipped Confirmation: July-2018
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1st Domino of MANY!

Notice the employees 1, 2 and 3.

Rachael [C]handler?
Time will tell!

Nervous Bill?

NO-ONE playing the game gets a pass!

The avalanche has begun!
Many people in the upper echelons of power will be very edgy right now! This is going to unravel like a ball of thread. They are about to be thrown into the LIGHT!
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Exactly who would have ordered the Australian diplomat, Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer to surreptitiously record his conversation with @GeorgePapa19?
2. Never before has such a document and evidence-trail existed in the history of our nation. Lying. Leaking. Fradulent FISA warrants. Conspiracy? Will Durham, Barr and Co save our Republic?…
3. "In synergy between DS intel and their media agents, the C⨡A, DOJ & State Dept have specific outlets assigned to PR. DOJ & FBI leak their needs to Slim's NYT, State to Zucker's CNN; and Bezos' WaPo comes out 1st in defense of the C⨡A, a pattern remarkably same for yrs."
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This is a Historic moment. President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un.
They meet at PANMUNJEOM
#POTUS cross to North Korea with Kim Jong Un.
First sitting President to walk into NK
@realDonaldTrump The most HISTORIC moment.
The President of the United States makes HISTORY.
Kim Jong Un’s security guards and President Trump‘s secret service agents standing together at the DMZ
@realDonaldTrump President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet on North/South Korea border. Un says “Good to see you again. I never expected to meet you in this place.”
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1. Just like that, @POTUS gives us a SOLID message about what's happening with Iran. I believe this was a DIRECT acknowledgement to #QAnon and our work in decoding @realDonaldTrump's Iran posts.

A breakdown of DJT's newest post on Iran, and some more info on yesterday's thread!
2. DJT gave us a LOT to discern and decode in the Iran posts. Here's my attempt to understand the break down on that set of posts.

A LOT of Anons had amazing comments and support for me on that effort. They also pointed out some things I did NOT notice.
3. One amazing find was first pointed out to me by @GreymatterC6, check this out! In the first post on Trump's 4 part tweet, there are exactly 5 CAPITAL I's (i's), which, = 5 Eyes. Folks, how many times have we heard about 5Eyes from Q? Holy Crap!

This was about THEM too!
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1. Q has encouraged us to dig, to find the truth. I'm doing that with the help of @americanlll and @mastersshelby. They've been an amazing source of support and info for this thread. You're not going to believe everything we've uncovered. This goes WAY back and explains so much!
3. We'll talk about the dirty dealings of Shen Juren, Li ka-Shing, James Riady, and of course, the Clintons. It all ties to the Carter administration, the Panama Canal, world domination, trafficking, slavery, and maybe even treason!
The following thread pertains to one of the...
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What do you think happens to the EU once BREXIT is fully accomplished?

Do you think they can survive without us?

What about the pressure from Italy, Hungary and others?

Yellow vest movements.
Anti corruption movements.
Populist movements.
European elections very soon?
Wonder what the results will be?
People are taking back their sovereignty.

He continually talks about how amazing our trade deal could be with the US. Yet has said before that Mays deal will hinder any future trade relations.
Does a NO DEAL Brexit work in favour of an alliance plan to save the world?

Or does it work in favour of the EU and the British establishment cabal?


Why are we making so many secret preparations for NO DEAL?

Why so much time wasting?
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When does a bird sing? Public awareness forces hand. #WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheStormIsComing #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
What do you see? Stage being set?
Nothing to see here?
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My favorite poet was Aeschylus. “And even in our sleep,
pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart,
until in our own despair,
against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God" #RobertKennedy

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #CPAC #WWG1WGA
Time on this watch is 3:42, 3/2
Jan 5 time showing 3:14
Notebook open
Follow the Pen
Follow the watch
The clock is ticking
If we are merely a so-called conspiracy, why the daily attacks by the biggest media co's in the world?
You are the news now
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA
"Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed." - POTUS
Time to reveal our insurance policy?
TRUTH always wins.

Your T-banner is appropriate and fits you well #ByeHillary 👇

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA
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1. #QAnon, #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide, #NorthKoreaIsWoke

WOW! In a STUNNING show of WISDOM and COURAGE, North Korean news calls out US Democrats and old guard intel agencies for undermining and subverting @realDonaldTrump's efforts to establish peace!…
2. From the article:

"North Korea’s state media criticized U.S. Democrats and American intelligence officials on Sunday for “chilling the atmosphere” ahead of leader Kim Jong Un’s second summit with President Donald Trump this week."

North Korea is looking at moving forward!
3. And this, probably my favorite!

"“The Democratic Party of the U.S. and other opponents to the negotiations move overtly and covertly to disrupt them as supported by scepticism backed by all sorts of groundless stories and misinformation even at such a crucial moment as now,”
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