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@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk Q: An example of stoic, calculated discernment, cares about abused children and those who are otherwise politically unrepresented.

NeverQ: You are crazy you are dumb you are a joke you are wasting your time
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk #NeverQ : "I will never do research on the corruption of the individuals and institutions that Q has mentioned. If I do any research, it will be to discredit Q and anons. But, I've found it's much easier to just make fun of them."

Don't be afraid to read and talk about it. Don't be afraid for others to read and talk about it. Free speech and curious investigation will save our world. Fear and censorious mindsets oppose human progress.

http s://

1: Suspend disbelief, remain skeptical. (No contempt prior to investigation.)

2: Use primary sources. Don't rely on someone's translation.

3: Don't look for secret codes.

4: Use search engines and ChatGPT and open source tools to dig in. #agency

5: Meme results responsibly
6: Avoid jumping to conclusions. Image
7. If it is confusing, frustrating, or confounding, pass, and continue forward. There is too much fertile ground ahead to waste time and risk a healthy mindset by volunteering for obstacles.

8. If your surroundings begin to darken, touch grass.
9. Recommended state of mind when reading:

'There is something to be learned here, I wonder what it is.'

An honest attempt to investigate Q's posts could be educational and provide perspective, *even if nothing in it has any basis in reality,* like studying Salem Witch Trials.
10. We shouldn't avoid the things that divide or deceive people.

We need to look at them, to understand them, and to master them historically.

It's not for everyone. But it is for some!

The site where Q posts is a separate thing from what Q posts in 2 big ways:

- Anyone can post anything there - and they do.
- It is where open source researchers post what they have found and believe to be relevant to Q posts, or to other for various reasons. #qanon
12.The idea that Q is a dangerous 'rabbit hole' is rarely advanced with the vital context distinguishing Q posts in isolation and other maximally objectionable posts at uncensored websites statistically correlated with the word 'cesspool' across historical mentions internet-wide.
13. Which for reasons I don't care to list are far more a gateway to the uncharted dark side of the web than Netflix, which many cancelled over 'Cuties'.

Accordingly, I've no right to presume those who see Q worth pursuing simul-endorse all posts therein.
14. Without further ado. Image
15. October 28 2017 3:33:50 EDT-anon user @ 4chan, (I call 'PreQ'):

"Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017."

A reply by user with different ID (~different IP) is widely attributed to Q and considered Q post #1:
"HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am..."

#qanon #thegreatawakening
"...Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M's will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities."
#qanon #greatawakening
Taking the words seriously will give me the greatest opportunity to find a lasting truth about them.

#icymi #truth #qanon #conspiracy #banned #censored #individualliberty #pursuitofhappiness #thegreatawakening #thegreatawakeningWORLDWIDE
HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton
US M'S = Members of US Military or Marines specifically
NG = National Guard
extradition = when a state surrenders a suspect to another, for trial
passport = documentation permitting international passage
What motive might 'PreQ' have for the post?
What motive might Q have for post #1?
Were there massive riots, or any riots?
Are passports 'approved to be flagged'?
What would one need to make a cross border run effective?
Were NG activated across most major cities 10/30?
If an arrest by military were about to occur, who would know?
If an extradition went in motion in a foreign country, who would perform the arrest, and what is the process?
Why arrest HRC?
Would others be incentivized to flee if HRC were arrested?
Was Hillary arrested?
22. As shown, without any need to careen toward hasty conclusion, much can be learned from the words chosen, and questions arise.

#truth #qanon #conspiracy #censored #forbidden #notallowed #youmustnot #dontyedare
23. Q #1 was posted on 4chan on October 28 2017 at 4:44 PM EDT. It was a reply to a post from a different ID/IP.

It and all subsequent posts attributable to Q can be read most easily at aggregator sites like:

http s://

#q #qanon #thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA Image
24. As for the glaring point: Save for ankle monitor / silent cooperation theories, it is obvious that #HRC was not arrested 10-30-17, and yet Q would become a global phenomena. So the story must go beyond this evidently false prediction post...…
25. And let's avoid blinding assumptions:

- Q post #1 was posted by the same person as all other Q posts
- Anything untrue in 1 post invalidates all others
- Anything true in 1 post validates all others

IOW, all claims stand on their own, no matter where they come from.
26.Some Q researchers, and certainly caricatures of them used as strawmen, would have my attention now diverted tangentially toward irrelevancies like adrenochrome factories.. And yet there is plenty grounded in tangible, falsifiable information written in plain language?

27. I won't focus on prosecutorial details toward any individual, but may briefly point to publicly available information for individuals mentioned in Q posts, to clarify public figure's relevance, if any, but will leave the heavy digging to others, with a heavy caution:

- Avoid guilt by association
- Take care to reserve 'innocent until proven guilty' and the other dignities that we should afford all individuals – even in extreme circumstances
- To minimize vulnerability to confirmation bias, avoid becoming attached to particular outcome……

And now...

A contextual sampling of chronological #happenings preceding the first Q post from October 28 2017 4:44 PM EDT:

Death of SC Justice Antonin Scalia February 13, 2016
"Fancy Bear" Attacks on DNC Servers: April, 2016
Pulse Nightclub…… Image
When Q appeared, #MAGA had won a meme war, and thus an election (as legend has it), one year prior. Some had hopes that #Mueller 's probe would bring justice to generational corruption in multiple ways, while others maintained that it assuredly wouldn't.

On a mostly uncensored and unmoderated message board of anonymous posters, in the politics section, in a thread titled "Mueller investigation," participants posted amid peers more and less serious. That is where Q would post #1…

…among the trolls, race-baiters, and spammers that make 4chan dregs, politely. But there are and were others there, and on sites like it, who have been banned elsewhere for all sorts of reasons. Some, we censor at our peril – like #whistleblowers .
These and other mystery characters offer at least a bit of useful political analysis and entertaining inside-out banter where there otherwise would only be swampy cesspool (which, of course, will always be the sole mainstream focus regardless) …
(Those who only see negative aspects of #freespeech tell us about themselves. They are pessimists who distrust human nature and the discretion of others, while those willing to dig for true gold are optimists in favor of agency and individual responsibility.)

35. … and more, the useful discussion that does exist there, though rare, does not merely rise above the superficialities of mainstream narratives and their tightly controlled antitheses…
36. …it exhibits a simultaneously real, collectively imagined, and role-played spy v spy undertone – the jaded, the disaffected, the miscreants, the blacklisted…
( Censorship is a technique used to avoid learning how to construct a valid argument. )
..Anonymous, but in the open,these suspicious personalities – uniquely, tangentially,and/or fictionally aware of targeted life in perpetual opposition to D.C. (the ultimate immovable object) – vent, or fail to vent; atone or fail to atone; dull the pain, or fail to dull it..
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk As time goes on, I will add to this thread in two dimensions. The linear thread will be a numbered, light, relatively superficial overview. As replies to each post though, I will go deeper into the subject there.

Imagine the result as a row across the top, with Q#1 discussed……
…and so they shitpost. Ohhhhh, they shitpost… alongside endless cringeworthy manifestations of the aspirations of juvenile copycat normies, where describable. Their barbed and witty cynicisms ring like a frayed tie…

… these characters contribute to an evolving culture that would become the backdrop for the greatest mystery of all time, in the world's smelliest loo, dropped paragraph by paragraph -- like a serial novel or intelligence leak, depending.
The power of will ensures that the mind will eventually manifest itself to others - like water flows downhill. Even when depraved to extremity - lava too flows downhill. People will ultimately surface wherever they are uncensored - good or bad.
I've much more to discuss about the post widely considered Q #1. But at this point I'd like to pause to ask a question:
If you believe Q to be a LARP or fake of some sort – do you already know what is in Q post #2? Or, like me, did you rely on what other people say about Q to form your opinions?
This is a PDF of the first ~5,000 posts that are widely attributed to Q* in pdf form (go to the bottom and scroll up to read chronologically):…

* The thread investigation above and below, my attempt at a thorough one, has not yet in any way reached……
*The extremity of the offensive posts at uncensored websites like 4chan cannot be exaggerated*

Thankfully, it's not easy to find and navigate -- it's no wonder so many have relied on others to know what Q is, rather than successfully seek it out and absorb it in situ.
*I don't know what to do when nature presents berries among thorns, but it isn't to stop eating entirely.*

#greatawakening #thegreatawakening #thegreatawakeningWORLDWIDE #redpill #uncensored #1stamendment #freespeech #anonymity #anonymous #anon #privacy #politics #history
I read every post on every thread that contained Q's first ~1,000 posts. I don't recommend it. Lots of noise, not a lot of signal. I observed the culture, obtained mountains of context, learned to meme, and saw things that cannot be unseen…
…now I post links to the Q posts themselves, while summarizing the origin story. I aim to communicate a reasonably neutral and inoffensive, but not naive, reflection of the reality of the situation -- as an alternative to experiencing it nauseatingly firsthand.
It's not particularly relevant for me to provide details about the unique set of blindspots and presuppositions I brought to my first read of the posts attributed to Q; I have no reason to think mine are exemplary of the norm. Here is what I do think is noteworthy:

It…… Image
The subjects that are made targets by the depraved are predictable and not unique to the places Q has posted. They are those groups and individuals most often made the targets of bigotry anywhere.

Rather than being a reflection of the sentiment of the room, and standing……
How many reports about Q told you that Q #1 appeared amid generic, though consequential, right-leaning political banter -- amid musings of whether Mueller's investigation would include the alleged scandals surrounding FARA, Fusion GPS, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Podesta……
Therefore I cannot possibly know what it is like to see a post that represents hatred toward not just me, my behavior, or something I control, but instead, one that represents unreasonable and unjustified vitriol...

*against the group that makes me who I am.*
Ironically, this is exactly the experience that a Q 'True Believer' has when reading mainstream media.

#1stamendment #censorship #propaganda #smearcampaign #fakenews
What real world compensation would approximate justice for both sides?

It's not as similar as it looks.

Q 'True Believers' are capable, but are not defined by, their agenda to distort factual information. Perhaps their *inability to distinguish* factual information - but……
Based solely on the topics discussed in the thread where the post widely considered Q #1 appeared, we can see motive and identify the characteristics of those who would prefer, or would not prefer, that the thread go viral over the course of years, as it did.
To give an idea of the context where Q #1 first appeared, here is a list of proper names* in that thread up until Pre-Q's post:

Robert Mueller
Sean Hannity
Lawrence O'Donnell
Hillary Clinton
Donald J Trump
Tucker Carlson
Paul Manafort
James Woods
RNC…… Image
And to give you an idea where the discussion leaned, here is a count of each individual* mentioned in the thread up until preQ posted:

16 Donald J. Trump
10 Robert Mueller
9 Tucker Carlson
5 Hillary Clinton
5 Roger Stone
4 Sean Hannity
4 Barrack Obama
4 Paul Manafort
4 Tony…… Image
... The latter would help to determine what, and/or whom, are driving media and platform censorship of the subject.
The reason I am not pinging these people like a #journalist (beyond my having no formal journalistic training) is because Twitter is not a newspaper.

All are welcome to comment and add context.

#news #journo #journalism

• • •

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