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Sep 19 2020 22:53:11 (EST) NEW
SEPT 21-25 [track & follow events]
Running RED.
Rig for Red… first week!!!
Running RED… second week!!!
MOAR BOOMS next week!!!
The Day of Reckoning is Upon Us.
Video posted 11/17/13 👆

Fill that spot quickly! 👇🍿🎉🥳
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#vaccines #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
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🔹️Israel, sabeis lo que esto significa?
Es el Deep State tratando de torpedear los acuerdos de paz.

Solo quienes están detrás del globalismo son quienes quieren guerras y enfrentamientos entre naciones
Es dinero

🔹️Mientras los medios solo hablan de tragedias y division, esta pasando...

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I talk about these things to expose awareness to others that may not have heard of these technologies... the point is to raise awareness because you’ll need awareness of some of this stuff if you hope to have hopes of healing personally and gaining closure...
Many think it was them/family and/or their genetic make up or unluck of the draw of cards that they got stuck with a ‘mental illness’ or some unlucky disability (myself included) or illness... however, you will most likely find it was caused by some of these hidden technologies..
The good news is, in the near future technology will become available to treat many of these things, naturally, with advanced energy technologies.

Keep the faith and make sure to do the healing necessary to prepare yourself ...
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Things they don’t want you to know👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

“Project Looking Glass”

The show “Stranger Things” is also a documentary...
#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide ImageImageImageImage
Things they don’t want you to know👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

“Project Looking Glass”

The show “Stranger Things” is also a documentary...
#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide ImageImageImageImage
Things they don’t want you to know👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

“Project Looking Glass”

The show “Stranger Things” is also a documentary...
#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide ImageImageImage
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Weitere Zensurgesetze braucht der Faschismus, um die Menschen weiter manipulieren zu können. Die Selbstermächtigung von der Misäre und Merkel im Jahre 2015 reichten noch nicht. 2020 haben sie die Demokratie, zusammen mit den Grundrechten abgeschafft. #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Ich lese und höre immer nur Verschwörungstheorie muss bekämpft werden aber wie bekämpft man eine Lüge? Man spricht darüber auf Sachebene und schließt dann das eine oder andere aus oder muss sich eben weitere Informationen beschaffen. Was meinen die nun? Die Berichte des RKI?
Denn nachweislich, ist das Virus seit der 16. KW nicht mehr zu finden. Ist das jetzt eine der besagten Verschwörungstheorien und wenn ja, dann gibt es einen Leiter der Einrichtung, welcher dafür, zur Verantwortung gezogen werden kann. ...

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“The Code Two Seven One Seven Is Concelaed In Strong’s Concordance”
👉2717 (that’s 17 😆)
DAGGER, destroy(-er), (be) dry (up), slay..
WHO has a dagger that relates to the tweet decoded in JUST ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ?
Oh yes #JFKJR...
See below...
✨New Age
Hang in there Patriots.
As .@realDonaldTrump says
✨ End Agenda
✨ Lady Di
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13 Crystal Skulls:

Many Native tribes in the Americas believe that there were or are 13 original skulls. According to the legend they were a gift to mankind from 12 different races of star people (Star Nations).These skulls will help mankind in their evolution of consciousness.
It is believed that once mankind is ready, they will come together to create an information field that will help to make a shift in awareness. The 13th crystal skull unites the information of the 12 into a unity that will allow this shift to happen.
Star Nations (12 Originating Crystal Skulls): Pleiades, Arcturus, Antares, Andromeda, Procyons, Lyra-Vega, Virgo, Orion, Dracos, Ursa Major & Minor (Bear) & Sirius


Cosmic Collective Consciousness (13th Crystal Skull)


The 12 Central Suns & The 12 Master Pyramids
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Located in the grid over the area we call Antarctica is the Pyramid which would be considered a portal to other planetary grid systems.
The function of this pyramid is to create & guide experiences linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities who were part of the history of planet Earth.The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul experience at this time on planet Earth.
Those souls would carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a truer reality than that which they came here to embrace.
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Whose daughter interviewed Ghislaine Maxwell?

#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #thegreatawakening2020

Ghislaine Maxwell 1-on-1 Interview with Katherine Keating

Who was seen leaving Epstein's mansion when Prince Andrew was there?…
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The demonstrators, who were calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions...joined by hundreds in the streets in London, where they declared coronavirus was a 'hoax' invented to establish a new world order

the people are waking up…
Berlin Q Image
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🔹️Alemania RFKennedy Jr acompañará a los alemanes en la marcha de mañana
Nos ha dejado estas palabras...
"Hoy estamos viendo la MAYOR BATALLA N LA HISTORIA DE LA HUMANIDAD. A los gobiernos y elementos autoritarios les encantan las pandemias xq les da la capacidad
2/2 utilizar miedo y terror para absorber control y obediencia de una sociedad, lo estamos viendo por todo el mundo en nuestras manos esta levantarnos y pararlo."

Se puede decir más alto, pero no más claro..

Aqui el video


La manifestación es hoy, pero esto fue ayer por la noche ...
El pueblo aleman ha despertado y NO hay marcha atrás

Nosotros el pueblo exigimos el control de nuestras vidas
Basta de politicos al servicio de las eletites que NADIE HA VOTADO

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La población alemana está lista para levantarse contra el NOM o Plandemia, da igual como lo llames, es todo lo mismo...
🔹️Os acordais de los adoquines por las calles de USA para que BLM tuviera material para tirar a la policía y a todo aquel que los cuestionara?

👀 Alemania ....
Mismos patrones


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So how does the idea of #Nesara come into play as part of the 4D transition that we are going through under this current administration. I will not go into the details of #Nesara itself in this thread as @Qtah17 has already done a great thread on this which will be linked.
Here's a summary outline of Nesara compliance and along with the relevant subsection relating to advance technologies. Credit to @Qtah17 for putting this together.

So there we have it. Self explanatory. Boom! 👊❤️🔥

Here's a related thread, which looks at the broader picture of how all this ties in well inline with Nesara to gives us a sense of direction as what the #ThePlan is all about. #TransitionToGreatness

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"Lobster Johnson (also known as The Lobster) is a fictional character featured in the Hellboy and Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense comic books published by Dark Horse Comics. He was created by Mike Mignola".
#WWG1WGA… Image
It is interesting how #POTUS is being mentioning LOBSTER in some tweets and in some speeches. Follow me to the wabbit 🕳️ to see what we can find out. Maybe a real Lobster 🦞
#Trump Image
The Lobster made his public debut in New York City, in February 1932, when he became famous for killing the renowned gangster Donny “Mints” Parker, leaving his forehead seared with his mark, a claw.
#DigitalSoldiers… Image
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Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 1.
Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 2.
Some articles are best to have in pictureformat for safekeeping. #EndHumanTrafficking #CEMEX
Part 3. Note in part 2 how cookingstoves came up. #CannibalClub Zuckerberg knows all about CannibalClub, where Meryl Streep came openly.
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@FLOTUS tweet: 1:01 PM Aug 22, 2020
Capital Letters: EWHRGT
JG: 1100=God Wins, Blackout Necessary, Proud Of You, Oroville Lake Flood,

EG: 486 & SG: 81= Mike Pence, King David, Beginning, Inferno!

#QPost 101
Graphic confirmed.


#QPost 1301
I found this picture very interesting.
I was counting the bushes in the garden and, I found out there are 17 bushes in every V form.
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El juego de culpar a tu oponente de tus acciones se ha acabado


The game of blaming your opponent for your sins is over


Los medios lo intentaron, todos apuntaban a un culpable, Trump
Pero la justicia hizo su trabajo y los cazadores ahora seran cazados ...…

🔹️El ex abogado del FBI Kevin Clinesmith se declara culpable x la falsificación de pruebas documentales del caso Fisa

#OBAMAGATE Solo es el comienzo de una larga cadena de pruebas
Atentos 👀

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Diga 33
Siempre 33

La necesidad de simbología, será su caída...
Cuantas veces hasta que matemáticamente sea imposible la mera casualidad?

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Ex FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to Plead Guilty to Making False Statement...
Q !!
Aug 17 2020 17:59:35 (EST) NEW
[Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ]
[Set 1]
1. Kevin Clinesmith [KC][11.3]
[Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Civ]

The general conspiracy statute, 18 U.S.C. § 371, creates an offense "[i]f two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States,
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Democratic National Convention Schedule: Who’s Speaking and How to Watch
For anyone interesting in watching for the entertainment value. Sounds more like criminal lineups. Convention for Criminals. Be awfully easy to round 'em up.…
"After being pushed back from July due to the pandemic, the Democratic National Convention will finally kick off on Monday, August 17." 📅📢

Very especial date 📅📢

Brennan gets ass fu!!!!ed. 🍿
Nobody is safe! 🦹‍♂️
Round 'em up!
🐍🦎🦕🐲🐉🦖 ImageImageImageImage
Anons better BUCKLE the FUCK up.
Autists and Anons alike know well what is coming.
"Nothing can stop what is coming."
What is coming that of which;
a) can't be stopped
b) anon's already know

An Awakening.
#Trump2020 ImageImage
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