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Zumbis são coisas da ficção científica né? Bem, mais ou menos viu!
Hoje vamos conhecer o fungo que transforma insetos em zumbis!
Segue o fio 👇
📷: Bernard Dupont
Cordyceps é um gênero de fungos ascomicetos (filo Ascomycota) que parasitam várias ordens da classe Insecta, principalmente Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera e Coeloptera.
📷: Curto e Curioso
Uma vez que o fungo se estabelece no interior do hospedeiro, este começa a apresentar alterações comportamentais e neurofisiológicas, passando a agir como um "zumbi".
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AMC has greenlit an episodic anthology series in #TheWalkingDead universe. Each one hour episode of #TalesOfTheWalkingDead will feature both new and existing characters. Image
The show’s six-episode first season is slated to debut on AMC and AMC Plus in summer 2022. Image
Channing Powell, who has worked as a writer and producer on both #TWD and “Fear the Walking Dead,” serves as showrunner. Powell will work alongside Scott M. Gimple, the chief content officer of “The Walking Dead” universe. Image
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Breaking: #Vaccines now the #1 cause of coincidence.
#Australian #nurse claims 20 people per hour turning up at hospital with chest pains after #vaccination.

Dee Dee doesn't seem to comprehend what she's been told and stumbles with telling people not to go to the hospital? #GetVaccinated
So 'Karen' the liberal Notre Dame professor dies 12 days after the 3rd booster shot while bitching about the #unvaccinated. Notice the cause of death - Cancer complications. Now watch the next clip.🧵 ImageImage
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Take an inside look at #TheWalkingDead. . .
If it hasn't killed them yet, it likely will over the next few years.
I'm so tired of these bootlickers saying that's just one example; the name is not documented; you don't know the facts;

Open your fucking eyes people. These are a drop in the bucket of just 1 type of reaction.
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My thoughts on tonight's ep of #TheWalkingDead, which can prob be likened to TWD's "Fly" episode.
On the surface, "Diverged" is a bit of a slog and a completely unnecessary bottle episode.

It can be painful to watch at points unless you are extremely invested in these two characters.
Perhaps the most frustrating parts of Sunday's episode are that the stakes aren't high even in moments of tension. Daryl struggles to fight off a walker at one point, but we know he's never in any real danger if he's getting his own spinoff series in 2023.
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A lot of the fandom are going to adore “Diverged” and a lot are going to hate it. It will be a divisive episode. The important thing is to watch the episode and judge it for yourself. All opinions toward it are valid. Let’s be civil about this episode.

For the record, having watched early and thought about this episode, I actually really have a soft spot for “Diverged” and appreciate it for being a different type of #TWD episode. It’s intimate and personal. I got a lot out of it and can appreciate its story.
I can’t wait to live-tweet and discuss the episode once it officially airs Sunday night. There’s been a lot of argument about this one, but I’m excited for everyone to see it and share their thoughts.

See you guys at 9pm for some walker fun!

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El 1 de octubre de 1968 se estrenó NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, el debut con el que GEORGE A. ROMERO creaba el zombie moderno y planteaba un apocalipsis que derivó en subgénero tan influyente que va desde RESIDENT EVIL y #TheWalkingDead a THE LAST OF US.
Un hilo sobre la influencia de LA NOCHE DE LOS MUERTOS VIVIENTES en el cine de terror y el circuito independiente americano durante cuatro décadas.
Un minuto para apreciar el diseño expresionista del póster de NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, uno de los grandes carteles clásicos del cine de terror. Image
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Hoy arranca la edición VIRTUAL de la #SanDiegoComicCon, la convención más grande de cine, series y cómics 📍

📅 22 al 26 de julio

ABRO HILO con todos los paneles, cuándo y dónde verlos 👇 #SDCCatHome
- Paneles #Disney (y todo su universo) 👇

🔹Los nuevos mutantes (#NewMutants) - @20thcenturyla

🎬Con el director Josh Boone y el elenco; Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton y más.

📅Día y hora: 23 julio - 18hs (Arg)
🔹Espíritus oscuros (#Antlers) - @searchlightpics

🎬Con el director Scott Cooper y productor Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT).

📅Día y hora: 25 julio, 17hs (Arg)
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#TheWalkingDead’s first nine zombie-filled seasons are currently streaming and we’ve got the top 30 to help you plan the ultimate undead marathon, but if you’re short on time, here’s a thread of some highlights throughout the show’s run
“Guts,” the show’s second-ever episode, introduced viewers to one of the most beloved main characters – heroic pizza delivery guy Glenn Rhee – and features the first appearances of Merle Dixon and Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas
The Season 1 finale “TS-19” finds Rick & the gang sheltering at the CDC. Unfortunately, rather than finding a cure for the walkers, all they discover in the fortified government building is a scientist with his finger on the trigger of a thermobaric bomb
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15 años de LAND OF THE DEAD, la 4ª entrega de la serie zombie de George Romero. El director escribió a su protagonista como un afroamericano, pero Universal se negó, por lo que decidió que los muertos vivientes serían los verdaderos héroes del film, liderados por un actor negro. ImageImageImageImage
LAND OF THE DEAD ponía a un gasolinero afroamericano a liderar una revolución zombie contra los vivos, asaltando su torre de cristal gestionada por un yuppie convertido en político. Lo que en 2005 satirizaba el 11-S e Irak, hoy sirve para las revueltas raciales y la torre TRUMP. ImageImageImageImage
LAND OF THE DEAD es el film más caro de Romero, entre 15-18 millones de dólares que sin embargo se considera un bajo presupuesto para estándares de cine postapocalíptico. Logró tanto con tan poco que Universal movió su estreno para que compitiera con los blockbusters del verano. ImageImageImageImage
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La entrada a Atlanta en plena crisis del #Covid_19 recuerda hoy a la famosa imagen promocional de la temporada 1 de #TheWalkingDead. Fue fotografiada desde el puente de Jackson por Lori Kristen, a petición de su amigo @WalkingTrojen. ImageImage
Londres, tal y como lo presentaba 28 DAYS LATER en 2002 frente a cómo se ve hoy, sin tráfico por el confinamiento por el #coronavirus. ImageImage
Alejandro Amenábar sudó para conseguir este plano de la Gran Vía de Madrid en ABRE LOS OJOS (1997), hoy salvo los mínimos de transporte público permanece casi vacía. ImageImage
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Re-watching some shows while #socialdistancing for #MarchBreak? We're chatting this week about some of our favourites that have great #geology or interesting stories behind their #filminglocations.
#nspoli #cbpoli #NovaScotia #CapeBreton #COVIDCanada #covid19 #COVID19NS ImageImageImageImage
#GameofThrones used #Iceland's #Thingvellir Park as the #BloodyGate. Its landscape is caused by the Eurasian and #NorthAmerican tectonic plates meeting there and pulling apart at a rate of 2 cms per year. This made a rift valley: low land between 2 separating continents.
#nspoli ImageImageImageImage
#MagheramorneQuarry, #NorthernIreland, is the set for #CastleBlack and #TheWall in #GameofThrones. The quarry wall is used as a backdrop and effects make it look huge.
The site's limestone was used to make cement. #NS has a limestone quarry and cement plant in Brookfield.
#nspoli ImageImage
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#Kenya how prepared are we @StateHouseKenya @MOH_Kenya @InteriorKE the severity of #CORONAVIRUS #COVID19 is frightening. China CCP downplay the risk. #Apocalypse Being prepared is not a bad thing. The news leaks are out there but #Githerimedia is all #BBI
Chinese Ambassador talks about "15 days self-isolation" TRUE LIE. Incubation up to 45 days. Back home they weld shut their citizens in apartment blocks @dailynation @StandardKenya @citizentvkenya and all Kenyan media have no balls to report. Siku itafika tu.
Once locked in, they have no option but to risk their life trying to get basic food stuffs like rice and it's tragic
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Je n'ai pas oublié ce thread ! J'vais d'ailleurs bientôt rajouter quelques nouveautés. En attendant, @humble Bundle propose un petit pack spécial #VR : Cosmic Trip, Smashbox Arena, Gorn, Budget Cuts, Space Pirate Trainer, Superhot VR et Moss pour 13,50€ !
@humble Je suis limite chaud de le prendre, et je pense que je vais le faire, mais #Stormland (développé par @insomniacgames) est actuellement à -25% sur l'Oculus Store, donc à 29,99€. C'est compatible #OculusRift et #OculusRiftS.…
@humble @insomniacgames J'ai craqué.😅 Les promos sont assez rares sur le store Oculus, donc autant en profiter. Image
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[Thread] Comme j'ai un #OculusRiftS depuis fin mai 2019. Cela fait donc quelques mois et j'ai déjà testé un paquet de choses. Donc j'vais faire un petit thread (en plus des possibles tests sur @Factornews), histoire de vous donner les bons tuyaux.
Evidemment, il y aura des jeux, des expériences, des vidéos, du payant, du gratuit, du vieux, du neuf, bref, un peu de tout. De toute manière, lorsque l'on fait l'acquisition d'un casque de VR, tout est plus ou moins nouveau :)
Je viens tout juste de sortir de #WolvesInTheWalls de #FableStudio. C'est dispo par ici gratuitement (…) et il faut compter une petite heure pour terminer l'histoire, inspirée d'une nouvelle de #NeilGaiman. C'est vraiment chouette !
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Ever heard someone explain Brexit using Buffy the Vampire Slayer? #PCP
As my flatmate will agree... The next episode of #PCP will be arguably even more controversial. Here's a teaser out-take...
Ever heard someone weigh up the moral pros and cons of the death penalty via #TheWalkingDead?
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