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🧵🧵¿Sabían que muchas de las #drogas que existen provienen de #plantas, #hongos y sus derivados? En este hilo, les dejamos algunos de los tipos de drogas #reguladas y sus efectos en quienes las consumen #DrugsWheel
#Opioides: derivados de la Amapola (Papaver somniferum). Efectos: euforia, analgesia, sedación y depresión respiratoria. Uso prolongado: adaptaciones en las respuestas de recompensa, aprendizaje y estrés. Nombres: morfina, heroína, fentanilo y oxicodona.
#Canabinoides: derivados de Cannabis sativa. Efectos: relajación, aumento de conciencia sensorial, disminución de memoria a corto plazo, descoordinación, analgesia, antiepilépticos. Uso prolongado:efectos cognitivos, exacerbación de enfermedad mental. Nombres: Marihuana y Hashish
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#PCP "#CCPapologists(🐍), #CCPcollaborators(🤑) and #CCPusefulIdiots(🤡), must unitedly oppose the Pompeo-Blinken US-China policy, which has bipartisan support and 75% (?) public approval"
2/chus #US-#China contest has 2 elements: A traditional great power contest and an ideological struggle, between a free market, open democratic system and Socialist-market economy, society, polity run on the principles of "Scientific Socialism"(Marx-Lenin-Stalin-Mao-Deng-Xi)!..3/
3/chus It differs in two important ways from the US-Soviet contest. 1) China's #socialist #market #economy is much more efficient,productive & profitable than Soviet planned, loss making, economy, (2) China is far more integrated with Global economy(incl US, EU) than USSR was..4/
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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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Britanniassa skandaali puuttuvasta #CovidVaccine haittavaikutus -datasta. Arviolta kuolleisuus on 377 jokaista 100K rokotettua kohden.
- Datan keräämisestä on luistettu alusta alkaen, syynä että 'määrä on liian suuri ja sopivaa AI -sovellusta etsitään.'…
@THLorg #Perustuslakivaliokunta #hallitus
Private Criminal Prosecution Papers Laid Alleging #Pandemic Fraud Against #Hancock, #Whitty, #Vallance & #Ferguson | Mar 22
- a case is being brought against the four key players of the Covid scam in the #UK…
At 16:23 pm Friday, March 19, 2021, one year after the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ decision to reclassify #COVID-19 as no longer being considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease was published by Public Health #England…
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#Migraine is a neurological disorder, not a terrible, disabling #headache," expert @DavidDodick explains. #Pain is "just 1 clinical manifestation deriving from a sensory processing disturbance affecting the nervous system" (Morgan, Lancet 2020). /Thread…
Billie lost her insurance when #migraine disabled her: “There are days I don't see anything except for shapes." Visual warnings are the most commonly recognized auras, but these symptoms are highly variable, both in different patients & on different days for the same patient. 2/
Difficulty speaking or speaking clearly is another common #migraine symptom, either preceding or during an attack.

Poor St. Husband. He watched this clip & said, "Yup, that's you." I spent a lotta years in school to talk like this. 3/
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António Costa (e bem) evocou Lei n.º 44/86 (Regime Estado de Sítio e de Emergência) para justificar a não proibição do congresso do PCP.
Diz a lei [na alínea e) do n.º 2]: #Thread 1/3
#PCP #OrdemAdvogados #EstadoEmergência #Governo
"As reuniões dos órgãos estatutários dos partidos políticos, sindicatos e associações profissionais não serão em caso algum proibidas, dissolvidas ou submetidas a autorização prévia". #Thread 2/3
#PCP #OrdemAdvogados #EstadoEmergência #Governo
Pergunta: Porque é que a #DGS emitiu um parecer desfavorável à realização de uma Assembleia Geral da Ordem dos Advogados?
#Thread 3/3
#PCP #OrdemAdvogados #EstadoEmergência #Governo
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.@headsUPmigraine spoke w/ a rural #PCP hounded out of the profession by relentless pressure to stop rxing #opioids. She was the only PCP in +100 miles willing to accept patients on opioid therapy. Most were over 70. 2018 #AMA statement shows many share her frustration. >thread
In 2018, #AMA passed a resolution against “misapplication” of the CDC Guideline by “pharmacists, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, legislatures, & governmental & private regulatory bodies in ways that prevent or limit patients’ medical access to #opioid analgesia.” 2/
#AMA: "physicians should not be subject to professional discipline, loss of board certification, loss of clinical privileges, criminal prosecution, civil liability, or other penalties or practice limitations solely for prescribing #opioids" above CDC's recommended dose. 3/
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Med Schools offer almost no instruction in the world's #1 cause of working-age disability. It'd be like Dental Schools not covering cavities.

7 words diagnose most #migraine: Recurrent #pain w/ hypersensitivity &/or nausea. 60% of patients go undiagnosed. #MedicalTwitter #PCP
#Migraine is PROGRESSIVE. A 40% diagnostic rate condemns some to lifelong #disability: Late diagnosis & ineffective treatment of acute #migraine are leading risks for continuous migraine. #PCP #MedicalTwitter…
🔴HOW DOES THIS CHILD GO 8 YEARS WITHOUT A DIAGNOSIS? She has textbook ICHD-3 #migraine! 1>sudden hypersensitivity (smell) 2>throbbing #pain 3>nausea 4>need for bedrest

She might've avoided #disability w/ early diagnosis & treatment. #PCP…
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Risk of OD to prescribed #opioids is 0.13% (Kaiser, Jnl of Pain 2019), while risk of death by OD increases more than 300% with dose variability of ≥30% (JAMA 2019).

VHA study: discontinuation increases the risk of death by #OD or #suicide up to 6.8 times (BMJ 2020). / thread
0.13% = risk of OD to prescribed #opioids (Kaiser 2019). Dose reduction is "inconsistent" in lowering OD risk. Research found "no support for RSM [risk stratification & monitoring] as a means of decreasing overdose.”

Jnl of Pain 2019;20(1)…
0.1% to 0.23% = risk of OD to prescribed #opioids, per Canada's 2017 Guideline.

0.1% for <20 MED, 0.14% for 20–49, 0.18% for 50–99 MED, 0.23% for ≥100 MED.

Discontinuation carries a significantly higher risk of death.
#PCP #MedicalTwitter…
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Hoje vai a votos a proposta do PCP de aumento do Salário Mínimo Nacional.

Depois de desfazermos o mito da correlação entre aumento do salário mínimo e aumento de desemprego, agora desfazemos outro: "as empresas não aguentam!". +
Se para as grandes empresas o que está em causa é a manutenção dos seus lucros de centenas de milhões de euros, para centenas de milhares de micro, pequenos e médios empresários, o aumento dos salários é condição essencial para a manutenção da sua actividade. +
Aumentar salários torna evidente a escolha que temos pela frente: defender condições dignas de vida e a actividade de milhões de homens e mulheres que vivem do seu trabalho, ou defender os mega-lucros de um punhado de grandes empresa.

Daqui a pouco definem-se os lados. +
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Jerónimo de Sousa no debate com o Primeiro-Ministro, as perguntas que importam:

Conhece a intervenção completa ➡️
1️⃣ Vai o governo promover a valorização dos salários e direitos dos trabalhadores ou vai acompanhar os que apostam na crise e quando se fala de salários só encontram a medida do zero ou do poucochinho?
2️⃣ Como vai recuperar os atrasos e normalizar o funcionamento dos cuidados de saúde primários e recuperar as dezenas de milhares de cirurgias em atraso? Vai recrutar os médicos e enfermeiros de família em falta?
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2/xi The purge is extending to HIS own class of princelings. Are they having impure thoughts 😎about the dictator? 🧐🤔
3/xi "The Emperor's New Clothes" (It's the Communist Emperor of the Middle Kingdom with a mandate from Heaven)
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#LIMPs = #Left #Intellectual #Media & #Politicians (#PCP: "We don't believe that equal rights for all Indian citizens, is the foundation of & embedded in, the fundamental structure of the Indian constitution")
3/limp #Beware of #Oxbridge #GLIMP #sophistory. Equal rights for all #citizens does Not mean criminals are equal to victims , it does NOT mean foreigners have equal rights to citizens, it does NOT mean foreign enemies of India must have same rights as foreign friends of India! 🧐
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2017 Review: “Expert guidelines recommend reducing or discontinuing long-term #opioid therapy when risks outweigh benefits, but evidence on the effect of dose reduction on patient outcomes has not been systematically reviewed.” / #cpp thread.
🟠 How can guidelines be "expert" recommendations if researchers haven't carefully investigated how patients will react when their rx #opiod med is stopped or reduced?

Are we going to feel better or worse? Are we going to live or die?
In 2017, #VA-funded researchers identified 67 studies about #opioid dosage reduction or discontinuation.

Study quality was deemed “poor” in 76% of the 67, the lowest rating.
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What have false assumptions about rx #opioids cost people in #pain? Damn near everything.

@Brian_Goldstone's report ought to be required reading for every #PCP & every legislator who wants to play doctor. #MedicalTwitter…
For 4 yrs, an rx #opioid let Austin Sell escape the cage of pain, care for his kids, study to become a physician asst to help others w/ #ChronicPain. Then lawmakers in DC imposed a limit on what his clinic could prescribe. "And that was it. The app'ment lasted about 10 minutes."
Dr @StefanKertesz told @Harpers: “In a time of incredible tragedy, there’s a desire for something simple to latch onto as a way of explaining it. A story that has a clear-cut villain, with doctors as dupes and patients as innocent victims, is about as easy to sell as any story.”
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Professor🤡Phd (#PCP) : " We ❤️#CCP, China's Chairmen is our chairman" 😍🥰 Image
3/ccp #CCPPLA #CCPmafia did, "PLA threaten to throw them (10 prisoners) off a hill to inflict massive casualties"?
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1/ Is help actually getting to #PCP practices on the front-lines?

Only 21% of applications for COVID-19 financial aid have been approved from taking a closer look with @ElationHealth’s independent primary care practices.
2/ We tracked 56 applications for COVID financial relief across 35 medical practices late last week. Of those, only 12 had been approved and funded as of late April. Image
3/ PPP, EIDL and Express Bridge Loan programs were least likely to work. Medicare Advance Payment applications were the most likely (before that program was cancelled).
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1/ Ready for some hopeful signs? We’ve been following the trends for independent #PCP practices very closely during COVID and there’s some truly bright spots to share this week.
2/ Our community of independent practices includes 14,000 clinicians in both #FFS and #DPC practices. In early March, there was panic as some practices told us they would be out of business as early as May with appointments cancelling at a dramatic rate.
3/ Thankfully @CMSgov listened. And they offered help. Quickly. Arranging up to 3 months of advance payment for Medicare providers in just one week. My dad’s solo primary care practice got its advance last week:
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Hospice docs, NPs, nurses, aides and caregivers NEED YOUR HELP
With #COVID, in person Face to face visits are NOT SAFE.
#HPM #PalliativeCare #ACHPN @AAHPM #NoFTF

Your caregivers hope is to get waivers to eliminate FTF or make telemedicine visits an alternative ASAP:
1)Will save hospice patient lives (and minimize spread to families visiting them from across the country)
2)Will save physician/nurse practitioner lives
3)Will allow physicians/nurse practitioners to focus more time on medical needs (Most hospice docs/NPs are #PCP docs/NPs)
4)Will reduce waste of scarce personal protective gear
5)Will have NO impact on CMS finances (no evidence these regulatory requirements save money)
Here is the letter our groups sent:
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Happy to say our @AcadMedJournal article on #wikifying clinical documentation is now in print. Time to recapitulate the Twitter explainer from a few months ago! 1/n @jefferyrlsmith
As an enthusiastic @Wikipedia user, producer of clinical docs at @VUMChealth, and deputy editor of the medical wiki, I teamed up with @jefferylsmith (VP of Public Policy at @AMIAinformatics) & Adam Wright @BrighamWomens to put out this thought piece 2/11
We came together around the groundswell of concern about the negative effects of #EHRs on the quality of clinical documents. Having delved deep into the history of clinical documentation, we began to realize how far afield from original intent we are. 3/11
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Apple has a section of their website answering questions doctors may have regarding their latest #ECG technology. Where are the answers to the REAL questions #patients want to know about? For example, if I get an alert:

#AppleWatch #digitaltech #wearables #PatientAdvocacy
2) when do I confidently ignore, act upon, or wait to make actionable decisions about alerts I’ve received? #AppleWatch #digitaltech #digitalhealth #wearables #Innovation #PatientAdvocacy #healthcare #medtwitter
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