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When I went to put the Year, I figured jamming some numbers together without looking was the best option.

I was right.
@BorisJohnson Thank you and we look forward to a new 0 Tariff Trade Deal!
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Get ready to learn about 🀯

πŸ’Š #Teleportation to Mars
πŸ’Š #TimeTravel
πŸ’Š #SecretSpacePrograms

@realDonaldTrump hope someone on your team can get this info to you. This man is IMO telling the truth

Link 24 hrs onlyπŸ‘‡22 min watch…
@realDonaldTrump Before I get bombarded with messages saying you cannot view this program with sound, please check your sound settings and make sure the mute button isn't on. Also, older devices or androids often have issues with playback. Best on iOS or updated droid. Lap/desktop is preferable.
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#TimeTravel feat. @emerysmith33
Learn re:

πŸ’Š Advanced spacecraft
πŸ’Š Time portals
πŸ’Š #CureForCancer
πŸ’Š What the elites use to reverse disease and aging
πŸ’Š What the future holds for humanity

πŸ‘‡24 hour link πŸ‘‡…
(best on lap/desktop or iOS)
Please be aware that vids can be glitchy depending on your device. If you dont have sound, you are probably using an android or older machine. Restarting may help. But best on non mobile devices if yours are older. Also, make sure the mute button isn't on.
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1. This particular Q post is of utmost interest to me.

IMO, this post has much deeper meanings than most. I believe this has to do with:

⏰ #TimeTravel
🎢 #Frequencies
πŸ•³ #DimensionalShift

Read on. This is just my personal observations.

Continued... πŸ‘‡
2. Let’s start with the quantum physics of dimensions. We are in the 3rd dimension. To travel to the 4th dimension, you need to vibrate at a higher frequency.

This is achieved through what some call β€œraising your vibration”. Christ knew the these secrets of our existence. πŸ™βœοΈβ™₯️
3. Everything in the Universe is ultimately God’s creation. He created the cosmos and it was through His WORD that all matter was born. The Word is a frequency. Aum. Om. Amen. The same in every belief system embracing our Heavenly Father and the Lord. The word was first.
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Remember #StarmanTheMovie ?

They put it right in front of our face the entire time.

πŸ‘‡ WATCH below 2 clips πŸŽ₯ πŸ‘‡

#HumanCloning πŸ’‰
#Martians 🌎
#TimeTravel ⏰
And most importantly,
#TrueLove ❀️

Get ready for #FullDisclosure
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