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Okay, trying to figure out what clothing #Ishtar wears.
I'd love an Ishtar picture (given my name), but I want authentic clothing.

I am reading Ishtar by Louise Paryke and cross ref'ing with UCLA's CDIL of cuneiform/translations.

It has be here...

The best part I see if when she descends to the underworld and removes/reapplies her clothing. It is named.

Inanna's descent (CDL000343)
"turban, headgear for the open country, was removed from her head"

This "turban" is referenced as traveling headgear…
In Ishtar's descent (CDL P497322), the turban is instead a "great crown of her head" when taken at the 1st gate.

When replaced, it is called a "great tiara on her head"

Clarified at the start of the document: "tiara, the true crown"

Maybe like this?…
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Fellow #historians, the internet is obsessed with Julie d’Aubigny, known as La Maupin - a bisexual, cross dressing, sword fighting opera singer in Louis XIV’s reign.

She seems entirely invented by the romantic writer Théophile Gautier in the 1830s. What do we *actually* know?
OK, Twitter! With your help, we've established Julie d'Aubigny, known as La Maupin, was real, did fence, did wear male clothes, and was an opera singer. But now to see if we can historicise her adventures. Interestingly, this shows up in a British newspaper in 1790...
These helpfully put some of the rumours 40 years prior to Theophile Gautier's romantic novel. We know from a French source of the same era that many untrue stories were told of her during her lifetime - are tales of prison breaks, duels to the death just scurrilous gossip?
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Sorry for the thread, #gradschool is expensive - looking to purchase the following #books for upcoming semester and would love to support people over corporations (also checking #indiebookstores). #twitterstorians #historians #booklovers - #retweet appreciated! 1/a few
21st Century Mahan: Sound Military Conclusions for the Modern Era by Benjamin Armstrong (ISBN:9781612512433)

Emory Upton: Misunderstood Reformer by David J. Fitzpatrick (ISBN:9780806157207)

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: A Global History by Jeremy Black (ISBN:9781442256323)
Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age by Peter Paret (ISBN:9780691027647)

On War (translator Michael Howard - ISBN:9780691018545)

Quest for Decisive Victory: From Stalemate to Blitzkrieg in Europe, 1899-1940 by Robert M. Citino (ISBN:9780700616558)
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K, sit back #nativetwitter, I have a story to tell about a canoe, a map, and a 4 year research project.
When I was but a wide-eyed undergrad, dipping my toes into a bachelor's in anthropology, a class in archaeology briefly discussed a dugout canoe found in the Mississippi delta that carbon dated to around 1500 years old. It was taken to Texas A&M and disappeared into their lab.
This is not uncommon, many artifacts take years to fully research, but it piqued my curiosity because there were canoe-based cultures throughout the Mississippi for a long time. One of the oldest was the Poverty Point culture which goes back nearly 3000 years.
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Background re: @USNatArchives firing @LBJLibrary director historian Kyle Longley w/out cause (but, it seems, on behalf of private @LBJFoundation & CEO @MarkKUpdegrove):

A Brief History of Private Foundations Interfering with Presidential Library Directors & NARA Going Along 1/
2010: Reagan Library director Duke Blackwood (& until previous year, @ronaldreagan40 Foundation exec dir) & Sharon Fawcett, NARA Asst. Archivist for Presidential Libraries, pressure respected nonpartisan historian Tim Naftali, @NixonLibrary director, to resign his federal job. 2/
Blackwood & Fawcett try to force out Naftali, a fellow federal employee, on behalf of the private @nixonfoundation, which was upset over Naftali’s factually accurate Watergate exhibit & nonpartisan administration of the @NixonLibrary. Neither face consequences for this move. 3/
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@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu Sehr relevant (und streckenweise wörtlich mit dem Zitat von Friedell übereinstimmend) ist die Passage ab Position 9:30 in , die ich unten reproduziere, und hier transkribiere: "[...] l'axiom de base.
@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu .. C'est la donné [?] de base au-dessous laquelle c'est le---c'est l'enfer. Mais les gens vivaient avant capitalisme. C'est---la France vivait avant capitalisme. Il y avait quelque chose avant, et on nous le présente comme totalement inexistant.
@lichtmesz @Crescentia333 @_lnnen_WT @Liebes_Buch @profdrm_poettne @AlexLosse @luthvind @A_Saller @PhiKuro @MonsignoreCorpa @BenniAps @Lowl3v3l @Al_Katibu .. Avant la montée du capitalisme il y avait rien: c'était l'obsurantisme,
c''était le Moyen Âge! Ah! Arrêtez! Moyen Âge! C'EST LUMINEUX, MOYEN ÂGE! C'EST LUMINEUX, MOYEN ÂGE! Le Moyen Âge, c'est certainement la période en Europe la plus brillante! La plus brillante!
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Thanks, @politico, for your all-white list of #historians offering insights on 2018! Here's a thread of some other historians in the United States who you did not know existed. I'll start with a few & others will contribute to the thread to help you out.…
I'll start with @ProfCAnderson, Professor at Emory University. Check out her website:
Meet @DrIbram, an amazing historian at American University:
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1/ Inspired by @bobplain, here is an #OTD in #RhodeIsland history: On this day, December 19th, in 1675, a ​major ​battle ​in #KingPhilipsWar took place known as ​the ​#GreatSwamp​Massacre. This fight ​topped ​any previous ​brutality ​by ​English ​soldiers ​in ​colonial ​wars...
2/ ...​prior like #PequotWar & #KieftsWar. ​Formally ​neutral ​in the ​war ​in ​early ​1675, ​the ​#NarragansettIndians' territory ​had ​served ​as ​a ​safe ​haven ​4 ​wounded #Native​American, ​mostly #Wampanoag, ​soldiers ​fighting ​in ​the ​conflict. ​The #UnitedColonies...
3/ ...(aka #MassachusettsBay, @Plimoth, #Connecticut & #NewHaven) ​demanded ​the ​#NarragansettIndians ​turn ​over ​these ​combatants, but the natives delayed any formal response. ​John ​Easton, in his "A Relation of the Indian Warr" ​wrote ​that ​soon ​after ​this ​refusal...
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