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This is what an explosion of a "tiny" PFM-1 mine looks like, of which the Russians have dropped hundreds of thousands on Ukrainian forests and fields

In the comments photo

#Ukraine #UkraineWillWin #ukrainian #Russia #RussiaIsLosing #RussiaIsCollapsing
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🚨#BREAKING Russland hat im ganzen Land massive Razzien durchgeführt.

#RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #Russia #Russian #Ukraine️
Laut Quellen gegen ausländische Arbeitsmigranten.
Die Gründe oder Anklagepunkte für die Organisation einer solchen Aktion sind nicht bekannt.
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#BREAKING Russia has launched massive raids on foreign migrant workers across the country. The grounds or charges for organizing such an action are not known.

#RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #Russia #Russian #Ukraine️
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The Ukrainians have just published a video ( I won't publish it ) of positions previously held by the Russians on which you can see instruments such as a hammer and a trunk with which the Russians murdered deserters.

#Russia #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussianArmy #ukraine #ukrainian Image
The footage shows the bodies of the deserters, and the dug-out spot in the ground where they were to be buried. The footage is extremely drastic - he does not want to publish it.
Oh well... I forgot about #RussiaIsATerroristState
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Irkutsk, Russia - bastion of Christian traditional values, is still holding strong. Btw. why she is naked? is under sanction?? 🤣

#Ukraine #UkraineWillWin #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #RussiaIsATerroristState #RussianArmy #russia
I hope you do not feel as disgusted as I did after watching this video 😂
I have so many questions and so few answers - She has such roots on her head after dyeing it blonde? or is it a tinfoil hat? 😂
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От White Rex тоже в Tg, вам отдельно @MID_RF .
💬После моего появления на первой странице испанской El Mundo, сильно порвался посол РФ в Испании, господин Клименко )
🖕 И пожелания ниже
>С учётом того количества интервью, которые я раздал за последние 48 часов, ждём подобных писулек от послов РФ в Турции, Италии, ФРГ, Франции, США, Польши, Дании, Великобритании…💬
@MID_RF @ElMundoEspana @elmundoes
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#BREAKING - [1/2] The Russian Volunteer Corpsc has entered the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. Tanks, helicopters, artillery are taking part in the attack. there are no markings on the vehicles.

#ukraine #russia #RussiaIsCollapsing Image
[2/2] fighting is expected to continue in several places (such as the village of Dronivka). Shelling of border posts on the Russian side is ongoing. Belgorod authorities have convened an urgent meeting of the crisis staff. Image
It looks like the Russian government has started a civil war in Russia at its own request
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Welcome to Saturday's #UkraineWar thread on Day 444 of #Russia's invasion.

All the news as always throughout the day in one handy thread, but with a fun #Eurovision twist today which I'll explain in the next tweet.

If you want to buy me a coffee there's a link in my bio🙏💙💛
So what's all this about #Eurovision ?

Well to mark #Ukraine's "hosting" of the final in #Liverpool tonight, in my tweets today there will be winning song titles🎶 in some of the posts (not all)

Just for fun. Reply if you spot one, as it will help fight the shadow ban on my a/c
Give yourself bonus points if you know the country and year the song won!

Anyway if you missed anything yesterday, you can review Friday's thread here. A day when we had all kinds of everything going on:

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Wednesday 10 May
Day 441 of this terrible war.
At least #Ukraine has woken relatively peacefully today in contrast to most recent days.

All the news on #Russia's invasion, all day in one thread. If you want to buy me a coffee please see my bio for the link💙💛
So y'day was another violent & busy day as #Russia celebrated Victory Day but with zero victory to salute in its illegal invasion of #Ukraine

More deaths by fire, setbacks in #Bakhmut and #Wagner being labelled terrorists by more countries. Catch up here:
#Russia's losses in the last 24 hours show a marked decrease in he amount of equipment destroyed compared to the recent trend.

However, #Ukraine is killing more and more soldiers as Russians continue kamikaze tactics in #Donetsk with the one resource they have plenty of: people. Image
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🔥 Footage of the apocalypse from the Tyumen region, russia, which continues to burn. The sky turned orange. People are leaving their homes en masse.

The governor of the region has declared a state of emergency

Local people are evacuated by buses or placed in special places.……
🔥More footage of apocalypse in russia today.

Huge fires are reported in the Tyumen, Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions. State of emergency declared in some regions

#RussiaOnFire #RussiaIsCollapsing…
And more footage of apocalypse in russia 🔥
Very large-scale forest fires in Sverdlovsk, Kurgan and Tyumen regions. #RussiaIsCollapsing…
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💥 It is reported that there were 2 explosions in the Kremlin that night.

Russian media writes: « Tonight, the Kyiv regime attempted to strike with UAVs on the Kremlin presidential residence.

The Kremlin called these actions a planned terrorist act, an attempt on the life of……
More footage 💥 Everything is just beginning.
And another video 🔥🤩

Starting today, Moscow is introducing a ban on the launch of UAVs, with the exception of UAVs used by decisions of state authorities, Mayor of the russian capital Sobyanin said.
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🔥 #Russia: In Kazan, there is a fire near the tank training ground 🔥

Russians report that they heard a loud "bang" in the area of the tank training ground, after which a column of smoke rose into the sky.

#RussiaOnFire #RussiaIsCollapsing
More footage from #Russia, #Kazan, where the tank training ground is burning 🔥

#RussiaOnFire #RussiaIsCollapsing
Ahaha 🤣 Here’s what ruZZian propaganda writes:

“According to available data - this is smoke from smoke screen checkers. Such checkers are used to cover equipment during exercises.” 🤡🤡🤡

#RussianPropaganda #russianfakes ImageImageImage
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If there is no significant success, "imagine it and threaten the world with nuclear weapons" - this could have been a central idea of today`s Russia politics. 1/4 #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
As long as Russia begins to lose its blackmail influence, it begins to appeal to nuclear weapons. This happened after the increasing of amount of military help for Ukraine and decision to supply it with tanks. 2/4
This happened when Ukraine began to de-occupy its territories in Kharkiv and Kherson regions. This is happening now when Ukraine and the West don`t agree with ""peaceful plans"" according to Russia`s interest. 3/4 #RussiaIsCollapsing
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#Prigozhin nimmt sich bald selbst aus dem Spiel.
Braucht er #Putin ? Nein.

Er kann am besten einschätzen, wie alles den Bach runter geht.
Da will er nicht dabei sein.

#WagnerPMC wird die #Ukraine verlassen. Diese "Firma" ist das, was "Putins Koch" am Leben erhält.
🧵1/3 Image
Er hatte gemütlich Afrika-Raubzüge gemacht wie Sahne-Törtchen und wurde dann gebeten eine Schlachteplatte nach der anderen anzurichten.

Ergebnis: #Prigozhin|s Firma steht am Abgrund. Mitarbeiter weg, Reputation weg.

Für #WagnerPMC und ihren Chef kann die Zukunft nur ohne
2/3 ImageImage
#Russland stattfinden.
Die Turbulenzen, die dessen Kollaps verursachen werden, dürften einer Freelancer-Mords-Truppe wie #WagnerPMC in der ganzen Welt viel "Arbeit" bescheren.

#Prigozhin|s Verschwinden wird #Putin|s Ende einleiten.
#RussiaIsCollapsing ! #RussiaIsLosing !
3/3 Image
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В ходе визита Си в москву не было подписано ни одного контракта, такого как "Сила Сибири 2", о котором путин мечтал. Кроме того, соглашение об экономическом сотрудничестве россии и Китая не содержит никаких обвинений в сторону Запада. 👇
#China #russiaInvadedUkraine
👆Важно отметить, что пункт про геополитические реалии, который по версии россии должен был учитываться в мирном плане Китая, #путин даже не осмелился произнести вслух. За три дня визита в москву, Си встретился отдельно с мишустиным и зюгановым, что может указывать на то, 👇
👆что Си выбирает приемника путина. Ведь когда Си выдал ярлык на правление путину, он не просто поддержал его, а показал всему миру, что именно #Китай назначает правителя россии.
Китай не будет продолжать проигрывать в экономическом плане👇
#russiaIsLosing #PutinXi
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Ukraine: Warum es keine Verhandlungen gibt

Thread 🧵


Ganze Artikel zu lesen im Link
Der Krieg wird nicht mal eben enden. Das ist eine Illusion.
Auch wenn viele Experten derzeit eine Chance sehen, das Ding früher zu beenden. Im Krieg in der Ukraine wurden bereits im ersten Jahr mehr Raketen abgefeuert, als in jedem anderen Krieg zuvor.
Die moderne Kriegsführung des Westens trifft mehr und mehr auf die alte, auf Masse getrimmte Kriegsführung des Ostens. Das ist kein Ponyhof, was wir gerade erleben.

Eigentlich ist alles sehr einfach!!
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No arty for Russia🔥
⚡️Operational information as of 06.00 09.03.2023 :

" According to preliminary information, the armed forces of the Russian Federation have almost used up the entire stock of artillery ammunition located in warehouses in the central part of ...
...Russia. At present, the movement of ammunition from warehouses located in other regions of Russia to the territory of the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine is being observed. This significantly increases delivery times. There is also an unsatisfactory state and quality ...
...of new batches of ammunition due to improper storage and violation of maintenance rules and regulations. Almost 50% of them have visible signs of rust damage. In the conditions of intense hostilities and the existing unsatisfactory state of ammunition, one should expect ...
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I thought the #RussiaIsCollapsing PsyOp was lazy and nonsensical since most of the Memes aren't even about Russia, but after checking on it a few times today I realize that it's not about how Russia *is* collapsing, rather it attempts to associate a collapse of Russia with the……
Says the troll who only found my Tweet because they've been slinging the hashtag? Just looked at your feed and I don't think I'm off the mark.
One would be hard pressed to find a #RussiaIsCollapsing Tweet that actually provides evidence of Russia actually collapsing.
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1. The Russians surprised again. The first was grills on tank turrets to protect against #Javelins and #NLAW.
Now this "miracle" isn't analogous: the ship's anti-aircraft guns were welded to the hull of the infantry fighting vehicles... I'm laughing to the point of tears...⬇️ Image
2. What, they find the remains in the graveyard of vehicles, and then do this?
#stupidRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal #PutinWarCriminal #StopRussia #stopputin
3. The ship's anti-aircraft automatic installation 2M-3M with KPVT machine guns is welded to the MTLB.

R2-D2, is that you, admit it?🤣🤣🤣
#StupidRussia #StopRussia
#StopPutin #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal
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[1/4🧵] We have great news for you - we have just added the Telegram platform to our communication kit!

#Ukraine️ #intermarium #Ukrainian #Ukraine #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaisATerroistState
[2/4🧵] We are confident that our presence on Twitter allows us to communicate key information effectively and quickly. However, we recognise that not everyone uses this medium and we want to be accessible to as wide a range of our readers as possible.
[3/4🧵] 3Telegram is a platform that has gained popularity thanks to its speed, reliability and personalisation capabilities. It allows us to bring you the most important news, articles and analyses even more quickly and easily.
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#BREAKING ‼️ Official statement from FSB about the border district of Klimovsk in the Bryansk region. #UkraineWar #Ukrainian #Ukraine️ #RussiaisATerroistState #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaInvadedUkraine
FSB and accompanying forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense are taking actions aimed at eliminating armed Ukrainian nationalists who have violated the state border.
Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Delyagin:

The only normal reaction to taking hostages in the Bryansk region is the immediate elimination of @ZelenskyyUa and Zaluzhny (who had announced almost a year ago missile attacks on Ukraine's decision-making centers).
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[1/6 🧵] 🇺🇦Dear members of the community. Today I would like to thank you all for your support, which has enabled me to reach two further milestones as Intermarium24's Twitter profile

#UkraineWillWin #Ukraine #UkraineWar #UkrainianArmy #RussiaIsCollapsing #Russia #RussiaIsLosing
[2/6 🧵] Firstly, I am extremely grateful that we have managed to cross the 10,000 followers mark. This is a great honour and proof that our work and content is reaching an ever-widening audience.
[3/6 🧵] It is your support, comments and shares that motivate me to keep working and growing our community.
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🇺🇦 In Dnipro, people burned an effigy of #Putin instead of the ''Maslyana" doll, together with sacks with Z on them to welcome incoming spring!

#UkraineWar #Ukrainian #Ukraine️ #RussiaisATerroistState #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaInvadedUkraine
For anyone interested - Maslenitsa is an Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday that has retained a number of elements of Slavic mythology in its ritual. It is celebrated during the last week before Great Lent.
One of the rituals is to fire up Masletnisa doll to welcome spring.
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Russia is now in dire need of a currency in order to try to somehow circumvent sanctions and purchase Iranian, North Korean technologies, military equipment through gray and white imports, and, in principle, to support the economy
Problems for the enemy began to be created by their own citizens - in 2022 they exported about $300 billion to the country by opening cards in the banks of the CIS, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Cyprus and other countries. /2
How much money will run away this year is unknown, but the result is already in sight - state and private Russian banks have less currency at their disposal, and this certainly begins to put a lot of pressure on the ability to import something into Russia and plan costs.
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