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A Glossary of Right-Wing Terms & Phrases*

*as used by right-wing politicians & pundits, #TuftonStreet 'think-tanks', the right-wing press & right-wing 'influencers', Spiked, the Spectator, Times Radio, talkRADIO, & Britain's Fox News, GB News.
This creative, divisive, & profoundly misleading use of language by free-market elites, & the hard-right & far-right, has evolved gradually over the last forty years, emerging hand-in-hand with underregulated free-market capitalism, the #climatecrisis, & the #CostOfLivingCrisis.
The manufactured "war on woke" is a distraction, designed to divide voters.

Under cover of COVID, wealth has been transferred from poor to rich on an unprecedented & unimaginable scale, eroding democracy & resulting in hardship, conflict, mass death, & environmental collapse.
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New thread for afternoon cross-examinations of Lucki and Duheme by convoy lawyer Brendan Miller.
Miller asks RCMP commish to confirm this assessment that, contrary to suggestions yesterday, that there weren't grave threats or incidents w/ diplomats under protection in Ottawa during convoy. Lucki doesn't know what was said y'day, she'd have to look at RCMP threat assessment.
Miller asks, and Lucki agrees, she's a cabinet appointment, serves at pleasure, and she's aware of the JWR "scandal".
Miller says it was over public servants- dir pub prosecutions- being directed by political executive to act in a certain way.
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#Breaking: An Encounter break out between terrorist and security forces at Shokbaba forest, Sumblar area of #Bandipora.

Police and security forces are on the job. Further details shall follow.
#Jammu & #kashmir
#Updated: Two terrorists killed in outgoing encounter at Sumblar area of Bandipore in North Kashmir.

Operation still in progress. More details awaited......
Updated:Three soldiers were injured in the ongoing encounter with terrorist in Shokbaba forests of #Bandipora district.
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1/4 #CliffNotes-#PlsRetweet
Suggested Cheat Sheet/Voting Guide4 #Austinites who WANT to #SAVEAUSTIN NOW!
#AustinCityCouncil ordered special elections & agreed on ballot language for eight propositions. #Elections will take place May 1, 2021. Choices: either For/Against.#share/#RT
Time act is NOW to #SaveAustin...pls #share/#RT in all platforms.
#GODBlessAustin #AustinStrong
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#China:-A hostage-taking case occurred in #Kunming, #Yunnan, resulting in 2 deaths and 5 injuries.

The suspect has been shot dead on the spot.
Update:-A man in SW #China's #Yunnan Province was shot dead by local police around 5 pm(local time) for threatening secondary school students with a knife.
#Updated:-At the Experimental Middle School of #Yunnan Normal University, #Dongfeng West Road, #Wuhua District, #Kunming, #Yunnan, a hostage-taking case occurred.
The suspect injured 7 people and took a primary school student as a hostage.

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$SPX #SP500 DTF #Update. Es la versión que la mayoría seguimos normalmente, donde están ponderadas la mayor parte en el sector tecnológico, es decir las $Faang ponderan casi el 50% en general... $AAPL, $AMZN, $FB, $NFLX y $GOOGL. Al caer el #Nasdaq arrastra al #Sp500... Entonces
lo que entra en duda es si el mercado realmente está cayendo como todos creen... Para eso tenemos que comparar con la ponderación que ejercen el resto de las empresas listadas, el índice es el #SP500EW, prácticamente estamos hablando de la versión equipo-ponderada del #Sp500
habitual... En términos generales es válido decir que este indice compone los 495 valores restantes considerado a las 500 empresas más importantes que reflejan el #SP500...
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Was #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Phrygian #god #Attis?
Um, #NO, and here is why (#Expanded and #updated)
Originally, Attis was the mortal son of King Croesus. Despite a prophecy warning of his death, Attis was accidentally killed in a boar hunt. In later times, he was seen as the son of Nana, a nymph or female spirit, and Agdistis, a hermaphrodite monster (though technically,
Agdistis was the grandfather; Attis’ father was actually a tree (more on this later). He was the consort (in some accounts lover) of Cybele/Kybele, the Phygrian mother goddess. There are varying accounts as to how he died and what happened afterwards, but he nevertheless went on
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Is #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Greek #god Adonis?
Um, #NO, and here is why (#Updated and #Expanded):
Adonis was the son of princess Myrrha and King Cinyras (more on them later). A mortal beloved by both Persephone and Aphrodite, he became the center of a nasty love triangle. Zeus intervened, saying that he should spend 4 months of the year with Persephone, 4 months of the year
with Aphrodite, and could do anything he wanted during the remaining 4 months of the year. Adonis chose to stay the last 4 months with Aphrodite (no doubt to the chagrin of Persephone. Having said that, Hades, Persephone’s husband, would have approved).
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Was #Jesus a #Mythical figure based on the #Greek #god #Dionysus?
Um, #NO, and here is why. (#Updated and #Expanded)
Dionysus (Roman Bacchus, also called Liber) was the Greek god of wine. In the mainstream myth, he is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Semele. Despite having a human mother, he was born a full- fledged god, and went around the ancient world, teaching, fighting Amazons
(with the aid of war elephants) and even invading India. He used his powers in a variety of ways, from making women go insane to turning pirates into dolphins. He eventually brought his dead mother from the underworld to Olympus, where she became a goddess. In most traditions, he
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