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1/ This week I have been data gathering, trying to catch any errors for people being exited on June 15th.

Heartbreaking beyond words to sit in front of person after person, see their fear & not be able to help.

This is what I have seen so far. #vtpoli #crisisinvr
2/ 22 out of 45 I have interviewed so far have found recovery. Most SINCE entering the hotel program. We are about to rip that away. We know that it is near impossible to maintain recovery on the street. That data is clear. #vtpoli #crisisinvt
3/ 8 out of the 46 are escaping domestic violence, but can't get categorized as such. #vtpoli #crisisinvt
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1/ Again, couldn't talk about it last night. The dystopian nightmare we are living leaves me in tears each day.

If you are explaining & not helping. Called grandstanding. This is a crisis, we need help. Reach out to ask how.
Here is what we saw/did....
#vtpoli #crisisinvt
2/ I started day emailing esd @ 7am, make sure they had an authorized rep form & fella who fell through the cracks didn't fall through again. Waited hours for a call. Found him a ride to next place he may only have until Mon. We will do this again, Mon. #vtpoli #crisisinvt
3/While waiting for hours for the call, I helped another person from the team of witnesses, help another woman who had been miscatagorized. We were able to get her back into the program. #vtpoli #crisisinvt.
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1/ I just couldn't tweet after what I saw yesterday. I cried instead. And cried. And cried.

We are moving forward with treating human beings who need us the most in the worst ways.

We had 15 witnesses across the state & this is what we saw...
#vtpoli #crisisinvt
2/ Yesterday we saw people who went to the street who were suffering from an aneurysm & collapsed lung, were on oxygen, had hip surgery, were in recovery, had severe mental illness, worked full time, & more.

All whom meet the VT definition of dissability.
#vtpoli #crisisinvt
3/ Yesterday people were exited who were not categorized correctly by DCF under Domestic Violence were sent back to their abusive ex or to the street. ESD is now not honoring the legislative guidance if they try to get categorized correctly through June 30. #vtpoli #crisisinvt.
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I wonder what it is like to have to argue that it is legally appropriate for people to be unhoused. It is part of the job. That said, I think I would have to resign in protest. #vtpoli
DCF has been doing no such thing as screening. #vtpoli
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Dr. @P_McCulloughMD asserts the development and rollout of #BioWeapon C19 vaccines was not "warp speed," but a DARPA-funded US Military Operation begun in 2012.

Sasha Latypova asserts in an interview with @laralogan that documents show DoD is Chief Operating Officer of Operation Warp Speed and controls all mRNA injectables.

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@vtdigger @tomkearneyvt @MarcoPolo501c3 @TruNorthReports @TrueNorthMikeB @guympageIII @paulheintz In comments section, TNR reader Jay Eshelman publishes correspondence from #TomKearney
exposing #VTDigger #JournalisticMalpractice in burying #HunterBidenLaptop story and lying to readers "nothing on the laptop implicates President Biden."

#EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #VTpoli ImageImage
@vtdigger @tomkearneyvt @MarcoPolo501c3 @TruNorthReports @TrueNorthMikeB @guympageIII @paulheintz #VTDigger senior editor #TomKearney covers for Biden incest, pedophilia, child abuse & human trafficking by lying to readers "nothing on the laptop implicates President Biden."

EVERYTHING on #HunterBidenLaptop implicates the #BigGuy #PedoPete


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1/ Marriage equality was a hard earned victory for #LGTBQ Americans, won in the courts, not the halls of our legislative bodies. The #SCOTUS decision in Obergefell finally gave same-sex couples in all 50 states the right to full, equal recognition under the law.
2/ The decision gave #LGTBQ people not just the right to publicly bond themselves to the people they love, but also the protections & economic stability that come with marriage, from being with your loved one in the hospital, to rights of parentage, to family health care plans.
3/ The current, radical SCOTUS has been systematically eroding fundamental rights, effectively stripping some Americans of their freedom and of the full benefits of citizenship. They did this with Dodds and Carson, and now are poised to undo Obergefell.
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On Tuesday of this week #VT signed H.464 into law, which is first in the nation legislation to remove work requirements from our #TANF / Reach Up program 🎉 #VTPoli
When I first introduced this legislation it was aimed at increasing cash benefits for Reach Up families in #VT, expanding eligibility, and removing antiquated and racist work requirements. I was told that this could not be done. 🧵2/
Legislative leaders and colleagues literally laughed at the idea. On Tuesday, the Governor signed H.464 into law which achieves all of these goals. Though it is not the exact legislation that I initially offered, I am proud of my committee’s work on this much needed update. 🧵3/
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No press briefing today (1/4/22), but there was a new modeling report. You can see all 60 slides, as always, on the DFR website. Here’s the link to today’s report:…

I’ll share a few slides that stuck out to me in a 🧵. Here’s the overall summary.
Cases are up, a lot. And the forecast is for a lot more.
Although the case rate is increasing at a higher level for vaccinated individuals, those who are unvaccinated are still much more likely to have serious complications or death.
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There is no Covid press briefing today! However, Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine is going to be on @vermontedition, so I'll tweet out any salient remarks. (And tomorrow afternoon the governor delivers his State of the State address. @vprnet will carry it live.) #vtpoli
@vermontedition @vprnet Governor Scott announced at the end of last week's briefing that there wouldn't be one today, because of the State of the State. (I believe the same thing happened last year, with the inauguration.)
@vermontedition @vprnet Meanwhile, new Covid dashboard stats show the highest one-day total ever for Vermont. (Dashboard currently says it was last updated yesterday, but @healthvermont confirms these are new numbers.)…
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1/ @Sen_JoeManchin, while you are blocking @POTUS's agenda and imperiling #BuildBackBetter, you aren't just betraying West Virginians. Here is how you are hurting people in my state (thread):

#VT #vtpoli
2/ More than 55,000 Vermonters have diabetes. That's thousands of people living in fear they won't be able to buy insulin because there is no cost of insulin cap—a transformative piece of #BuildBackBetter.
3/ The average Vermont family with 2 kids pays 28% of their income on childcare. That's MORE than in WV. #BuildBackBetter would cap that at 7%, saving thousands for working families.
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Howdy, friends! I hope you are ready for yet another #vtpoli #covid19vt press conference twitter storm. I'm only going to be tweeting the first hour today, probably up to question time, because then I have to duck out for this:
Please join me on @TwitterSpaces at 1pm for that chat. In the meantime, answer me this: would it be helpful for me to go back and tweet the rest of the presser when I'm done, so you can have the full thread, even if it's not in real time? Or is it less helpful if it's not live?
Governor Scott begins today reminding people who gathered over the holiday week to get tested now. "Finding cases helps contain them before they spread to more people, and they will continue to be an essential tool for years to come." Increased cases expected in the coming weeks.
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For 15 months, @GovPhilScott was an international darling on the pandemic stage - a paragon of reason, of science-adherence, of counterprogramming to the unfolding #GOP mayhem.
He spoke with clarity and he led. In a very blue state, he won reelection with 68% of the vote. 🧵 (1/)
And then he bit the poison apple or the kiss wore off or really, who knows what the hell happened, but something truly Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde unfolded over the summer and he turned into a haunting shell of his former self. He turned away from reason. He turned away from science. (2/)
At every point where good choices could have been made, bad choices were made - if impotent shrugging is a choice. Nevermind, it truly is.
The Secretary of Education @danfrench shrugged and now swears No. One. Could. Have. Anticipated. This. Tonight some schools go remote. (3/)
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NEW: Sen. Patrick Leahy, in Vermont, to announce decision on whether to run again or retire #vtpoli…
WATCH LIVE: @SenatorLeahy is announcing his decision on whether to run again or retire. #vtpoli…
@SenatorLeahy BREAKING: After eight terms and nearly five decades in office, U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is retiring. #vtpoli…
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🚨🚨Heads up! Today’s #vtpoli #covid19vt press briefing begins early, at 11:30am. You can listen on @vprnet and I’ll be tweeting! Consider this an extra early start to the thread.🚨🚨
After it’s over, stick around for a broadcast of @ButWhyKids. Our latest episode of this international show for kids is set right here in Vermont, at Champlain Orchards. That will air when the post-presser analysis ends.
As we await the start of the briefing, take a look at this, from the state’s new modeling report. Cases are up significantly in Vermont. You can find the full report here:…
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Okay, Tuesday press briefing any moment now. Tune to @vprnet to hear analysis up until it starts and afterwards. And here's a thread for those who don't want to sit and listen for 2 hours! #vtpoli #vted #covid19vt
@vprnet A few asides. I got a COVID test last Thursday afternoon (I had attended a family funeral in Maine--masked indoors but unmasked for the outdoor reception, so I wanted to be on the safe side). Results came back on Saturday morning. Anyone still struggling to get timely results?
And I just got this note from my kids’ elementary school. Now very much hoping to hear more this hour. #vted
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1/ Yesterday, the Chair of VT’s State Board of Ed attended a local school board meeting. He introduced himself as “not a resident” (a second home owner) & advocated for sending private school vouchers to programs that are allowed to pick and choose who they enroll. #vted
2/ The occasion? A Barstow School Board meeting to discuss whether or not to propose voucher-funded students to attend three nearby public high schools, as provided for in statute, so that tax dollars support schools that don’t exclude some children.…
3/The State Board is the regulatory board for #vted’s system of public education. This cameo by the chair in Barstow is interesting: the chair of the board that oversees public school districts came to say ‘don’t spend your money just on public schools..…
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Governor Scott's weekly press conference about to start. Vermont kids are headed back to school this week, and the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine just got standard FDA approval. We'll see what the assembled panel has to say. #vted #yourshotvt #covid19 #vtpoli Here's your thread!
Scott says the White House told governors today that clinical trials for vaccines in kids under the age of 12 are going well and Pfizer should be submitting data for emergency approval in September. However...
...this morning on NPR, NIH director Francis Collins said he didn't think the vaccine would be available for kids before the end of the year.…
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Tuesday press briefing about to start. Here’s a thread! #vtpoli #COVID19
Concerning movement on case numbers that will be talked about in today’s press briefing and modeling report. Interesting to note that cases continue to decline among older Vermonters, who are, of course, vaccinated in higher levels than younger Vermonters.
Governor Scott IS starting the briefing today. His call with governors and the White House has been postponed to the afternoon.
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It's another Tuesday, another press conference updating Vermonters on COVID-19 and other issues. I'll be tweeting out all the salient information I can capture, with the ever-present caveat that I can't catch it all!! #vtpoli
Human Services Secretary Mike Smith kicks things off.

We've been told "Governor Scott is participating in a call with fellow governors and White House officials and will join the briefing immediately after for the Q&A portion."
I missed the stats that Secretary Smith rattled off at the start, but he was talking about how many Vermonters have gotten one or both of their vaccination doses. But you can see the stats here, on the state's COVID dashboard:…
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#vtpoli press conference coming up, and accompanying thread to follow. Governor Scott, Health Commissioner Dr. Levine, and Human Services Secretary Mike Smith are all planning to give opening remarks, and all will be remote, because of a COVID exposure.
A contractor who was in the Pavilion auditorium, where the press briefings are held, tested positive for the virus earlier this week. Although the public officials at the podium were following safety protocols, they are quarantining to take all the necessary precautions.
The governor and Dr. Levine and others have already been tested at least once. All have so far tested negative. The governor will remain in quarantine until Tuesday. If he tests negative on that day, he will resume normal activities.
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Press conference thread coming up! If you've just started following me, feel free to mute me--there are about 50 tweets coming in the next 2 hours as I follow the Friday press conference on Vermont's official response to COVID-19. #vtpoli
Gov. Scott starting a little earlier than normal. Begins by saying that he's just extended the State of Emergency for another month. He hopes not to have to continue these forever but "Now is not the time to let up, and I'm hopeful Vermonters will continue to do their part."
Phase 2 of sports and recreation guidance for schools starts on Monday, the 18th. Downhill and XC skiing can begin in small groups outdoors, and other practices can expand. Competition still not allowed.
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Long time no tweet! Time for yet another press conference. Today we will NOT hear from Governor Phil Scott, who will be absent for the state update.
AHS Secretary Mike Smith begins, noting that he is not the governor. Says the governor needed this time to address some work that was postponed due to yesterday's official inaugural business.
Smith says Vermont is second in the nation in terms of the rate of distribution of the COVID vaccine. Two slides to follow--let me just copy them on my phone.
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Anyone want some live tweets of @GovPhilScott's inaugural address? #vtpoli He's starting now, and immediately opens with the "shocking attack on our democracy" yesterday in Washington. "Make no mistake, Donald Trump is responsible for fanning these flames."
Scott says the challenges we face demand the very best of all of us, and notes that all of this as happening during a global pandemic. He pivots now to when we first began to learn about this virus spreading around the world.
Says he left his seat at a Norwich hockey game the moment he heard of he first case in the state, "and never looked back." Declared a State of Emergency less than a week later.
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