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A bit of #NoDebate history.

In 2018 @Docstockk wrote this calm clear article about self ID which was published by the @ConversationUK (alongside an article with the counter-view)…
I thought the article was very good in setting out the issues, and when @CGDev HR guy Luke contacted me about my tweets I sent him a link to it to explain that this is a serious policy question in the UK. Image
A bunch of academics were angry and disappointed with the Converation that they had published Kathleen's article and they wrote an open letter.

The Conversation held its ground ImageImage
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#C4GenderWars T- 6mins. Had your tactical wee? Phone on mute, vocal lubrication to help you rant/cheer at the screen? Have a few @GussieGrips clinches while you wait.
*clenches. Dread to think what clinches @GussieGrips gets into...*shudders*
And we'! #C4Genderwars do your worst! The Scottish witches are waiting...
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Dieses dauerhafte Gerede auf alles, was kritisch klingt als Hassrede, rechts, Nazispeech, Genozid oder whatever zu framen ist das, was die Nazis selber auch benutzten. Sie packten unerwünschte Meinungen in Schubladen und ächteten Menschen mit anderen Meinungen. /1
Meldestellen, d.h. der Aufruf sich wichtig zu machen, um anderen eins auszuwischen, ist ebenfalls ein rechtes Instrument und auch die von der ehemaligen DDR waren gut darin, die miesesten Abgründe der Bürger zu legalisieren, damit sie sich alle gegenseitig kontrollieren./2
Diese Transgendergeschichte nimmt Ausmaße an, wo ich wirklich sagen muss, dass unsere Linksliberalen total versagen. Sie differenzieren nicht, sondern machen eine Ideologie zum Gesetz - wohlwissend!, dass mit diesem uferlosen SBG im Ausland Missbrauch geschah/3
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Parents want to meet to discuss @scotgov school sex ed guidance.
Trans activists complain & threaten, so @Edinburgh_CC charge the parents to provide security. So the #NoDebate has moved up a gear.
Settle down with a cup of tea while I recount a sorry tale of crude political censorship in our capital city – once home to the free expression of ideas that would change the world, now a place where it seems only council-approved views are allowed to be aired in public.
In January, a group of concerned adults organised a public meeting in Portobello Community Centre to discuss the teaching of gender identity in schools
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It’s worth reflecting on what happened in the early days of #nodebate, circa 2015-2018

Radical transactivists aggressively pushed their relatively new ideas about gender identity and self-ID, of course, and pushed for a blanket non-discussion attitude in public life
As part of this, notably, they rounded on medicalised transsexuals, who they mocked as ‘trutrans’. The men who had been taking female hormones for decades, who had got all the surgeries, perhaps understandably felt they were more ‘trans’ than the likes of Danielle Muscato
And they were attacked for it, their ideas were also stamped upon by #nodebate. This is a key aspect of this very weird political moment, because this is the backdrop against which late 2010s self-ID policies were introduced
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I’m sure these people weren’t always unhinged like they are now. What has happened? Image
‘Why should I have to make a sound and considered case for my highly contentious political campaign?’

Er, because that’s how the world works, maybe?
This is just #nodebate rehashed. Hardline GCs are increasingly not interested in laying out arguments, even internally. It makes their political aims less likely to succeed – if you’re not capable of making a case, you won’t convince anyone to back your cause
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German feminists sent an open letter to all MPs this week: Stop #nodebate. Stop the 'affirmation only' approach to pediatric transitions. We need a full impact assessment of the proposed #selfid law. Pls RT ! #WomenWontWheesht #FrauSchulzSprichtFürMich
In Hamburg & Berlin, male prisoners can already be sent to women's prisons. A drive to replace single sex by unisex toilets in public buildings (schools!) is underway. A "conversion ban" mandates affirmation only treatment for questioning patients. 2/x
#FrauSchulzSprichtFürMich Image
Queer secretary of state @svenlehmann insults women, ignores attacks on Lesbians during Dyke Marches. He denies recommending puberty blockers on govt websites. He has a budget of 70M € to funnel more money towards 'Mermaids' style NGOs and mandatory diversity training 3/x ImageImage
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Limp response to #RepealTheGRA petition from @CabinetOffice

The 2004 Act is "effective," "balanced" and grants individuals their "wish," so women & children - the majority - just have to tolerate deprivation of safety, privacy & dignity.

The 2020 position, following Stonewall's GRA reform/"self-ID" push, is no longer current. How can @cabinetofficeuk not have moved on in response to events, including @scotgov debacle? The voting public knows gender laws are absurd & harmful. Debate must happen #RepealTheGRA
And if @RishiSunak doesn't clean up the gender mess on his watch, it'll just become a replay of the "Tory sleaze" saga. Reality matters!

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Seit längerem versuche ich mir begreiflich zu machen, was in Deutschland mit der Linken passiert sein könnte/ Ich möchte in diesen Thread meine Gedanken dazu aufschreiben.Und da ich das alles in Tweets packen muss, wird das auch ein längerer Thread werden.(insg. 33 🪶)/
Für meine Begriffe ist die Wende ab 1989 eine Zäsur gewesen, die den weltweiten Kapitalismus beschleunigt hat.
Von der Union/der FDP war man es gewohnt,dass sie Politik für die Besserverdienenden macht./2
Helmut Kohl musste damals auch mal seine Bürger zusammenraufen und sagen, "Wir" müssten den Gürtel enger schnallen. Gemeint hat er natürlich nur die anderen, aber nicht gut Situierte und privilegierte Bürger.
Dass SPD/Grüne nichts besser sind,zeigte sich durch die RotGrüne/3
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The debating chamber in the Scottish Parliament is starting to fill up with MSPs. We are due to start the final debate on amendments any moment now.

This debate is likely to last 6 or more hours and you can watch it live on:
I can't take pictures of the public gallery but it's entirely empty except from 20 gender critical activists sitting on the chambers left hand side and then a small group of trans people and allies.

The overwhelming majority of the public gallery is empty.
Why is most of the gallery empty? It's because the Scottish Feminist Network found a flaw in The Scottish Parliament's ticketing system allowing them to book most of the seats on the public gallery and leave them empty.

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Every time there's a comment that's anti Semitic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, misandry, etc, people are in an uproar (rightly so) straight away.
Adidas dropped Kanye West within 48 hrs after his anti Semitic post. Rightly so
But where's the uproar from the people who followed Mermaids and never questioned their motives?
Where's the uproar from the famous people who are into Balenciaga?
The silence from the famous people who supported Mermaids is palpable. And it's also telling.
Even the silence from them in regards to the infamous Balenciaga advert is telling
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Lying about us and what we do seems to be a hobby for certain elements of political Scotland. We don't expect Duncan (Fiona, Euan etc etc) to set the record straight, so here goes. 🧵

We did not co-organise this event. Image
We were invited by @acadofideas, a respected organisation who frequently host conversations between people of widely different political opinions in the belief that discussion and robust examination of ideas is the best way forward. We agree with this.
Do we agree with everyone on the list here on all points? Assuredly not. But we maintain that we have to be able to express this disagreement openly & properly (rather than in the form of death threats, for example!).

There were several different panels & topics of conversation.
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What people like Billy consistently miss is that many women early on said there is a rights conflict. Let’s have a discussion on how to resolve it. Many good faith, mostly left wing, women. And their answer was #NoDebate. So those same women said …
.. here are our concerns and the no debate crowd said “that never happens”. Now when there is ample evidence of it happening Billy and his ilk say - “you are using a few example to tar whole group”. Which is #NoDebate in more words. What none of them do is…
… either directly address the legitimate concerns of women or front up and say, “we don’t care. These things are the cost we are prepared to pay for our belief that TW are literally women.” They just shout bigot and feign ignorance of the costs women have been warning about.
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A thread about Kellie-Jay Keen, JK Rowling & scabs.

Yesterday, For Women Scotland held a demo against the gender recognition reforms at the Scottish Parliament.

The biggest moment comes from JK Rowling expressing solidarity with an interesting shirt choice. JK Rowling tweet: I stand i...
This is a more clear version of the top JK Rowling wore. It says "Nicola Sturgeon destroyer of womens rights" in a dictionary style.

Further down it says "SCAB" an insult used in the trade union movement but in this case suggesting Sturgeon is a traitor to her own sex class. ImageImage
But this isn't the first time we have seen this shirt. Earlier this year we saw 2 activists from a group called Scottish Feminists staged a protest inside the Scottish Parliament itself to delay the gender recognition reforms.

#NoDebate Daily Record headline that ...
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Ein ehemaliger Schüler spricht sich gegen die Gender-Ideologie an schottischen Schulen aus.
Er habe geschwiegen um sich zu schützen. Die Menschen müssen die Realität der #CancelCulture und #noDebate an den Schulen kennen.

Im Jahr 2019 eroberte ein Video, das in einem schottischen Klassenzimmer gedreht wurde, die Gender-Debatte im Sturm, wie ein Schüler von seinem Lehrer gesagt wurde, dass er seine Ansicht, dass es nur zwei Geschlechter gibt, nicht äußern dürfe.

Der jetzt 20-jährige hat beschlossen an die Öffentlichkeit zu gehen und die Auswirkungen zu enthüllen, die es auf sein Leben hatte. Die Schule hatte ihn rausgeschmissen. Sein Vergehen bestand darin, den Lehrer ohne sein Wissen gefilmt und online gestellt zu haben.

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Falls ihr es noch nicht wisst:

Heute Abend bei #ViertelNachAcht auf Bild-TV!

@detrans_de 💜
#detrans Image
Habe gerade den Beitrag gesehen. Das Format ist ja auf Geschwindigkeit ausgelegt, aber @detrans_de hat wunderbar transportiert, wo die Probleme mit #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz und #detrans liegen 💜

Danke auch, dass du dich gegen Herrn Frank behauptet hast von wegen "leises Thema"!
Solche Statements brauchen wir öfter. Bisher wird ja fast ausschließlich die bunte, heile Welt des Transitionierens beschrieben...

Seit Juni ist #nodebate Geschichte.

Auch dafür danke ich allen, die NICHT die Klappe halten, sondern mutig informieren und Fragen stellen 💜
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Was ich wunderbar finde ist, dass seit Juni #nodebate zum #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz gescheitert ist & die Öffentlichkeit immer deutlicher sieht, dass es mitnichten um Transsexuelle geht, sondern um eine Ideologie, die allen - zuvorderst Frauen und Kindern - schadet.
Unter der Genderideologie leiden Trans- und Intersexuelle, denn man setzt sie mit "Transgender" und allen Auswüchsen gleich - dank Zusammenfassung unter "queer" oder "trans".

Ebenso ergeht es Homosexuellen, die erneut darum kämpfen müssen, homosexuell und nicht "im falschen
Körper geboren" worden zu sein.

Frauen kämpfen für Rechte, die sie schon errungen hatten - exklusive Räume, Schutz und die Wahrnehmung als Mensch und nicht als Klischee.

Kinder sind erneut Zielgruppe Nummer 1, denn sie können sich nicht wehren. Auch das hatten wir schon.
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After I retweeted this statement calling for mutual tolerance of differing views, many replied asking if I'd heard of Karl Popper's Paradox of Tolerance. I'm lucky enough to have studied Philosophy of Science at Cambridge so yes, I do know it and have read lots of Popper. 1/x
In contrast (& I hope I'm not being mean), I suspect many of those who asked had only heard of Popper from a cartoon graphic that's popular on social media. It's therefore not surprising that they are grossly distorting Popper's argument. I hope they'll find this 🧵 useful 2/x
The key to Popper's philosophy is the fallibility of human thought. However convinced we are that something is true (in science or politics), we should always recognise that it may be false. "What if I am wrong and you are right?" we should constantly ask ourselves. 3/x
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Decent summary by outgoing Chair of report commissioned to capture EDI challenges of GPEW.

Recognition conflict around sex & gender has resulted in culture at odds with our values. Members should be asking GPEx candidates how they propose to engage.… Ongoing conflict around sex and gender at odds with core val
However analysis arguably upside down with respect to cause & effect.

Conflict around sex/gender largely arisen *because* a culture of authoritarian intolerance & groupthink cancel culture has been allowed to predominate.

Chief suspects #nodebate & transphobic smear campaigns.
Report correctly identifies key ingredient for positive change as "forums for discussion".

That recommendation needs to be amplified. Members have been driven out by targetted abuse & harassment for stating gender critical protected beliefs, facilitated by weaponised complaints.
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@Womans_Place_UK I have a few issues with this. First, doesn’t this sound familiar to you? “We believed these tweets would contribute to a hostile environment for people from minoritised communities.” It’s the same argument used against people saying biological sex is real. 1/
@Womans_Place_UK Second, I think your statement completely omits the context of those tweets, which was the almost industrial sexual abuse of white working-class girls across Britain, but predominantly in the North. Posie was highlighting the plight of these girls, while the rest of 2/
@Womans_Place_UK ... the establishment, including the Labour Party, was silent on the issue for fear of being called racists. Which you’ve effectively done to Posie. History has proven Posie right on that, and irrespective of what you think of her tweets on the issue, what happened to those 3/
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Ich nehme diese Kündigung zum Anlass für eine Prognose. Diese kommt nicht aus dem Nirgendwo, sondern aus den Ländern, in denen gerade die Stimmung kippt. Es wird länger. 1/n
In UK, Irland, Schottland, US ist die Stimmung am kippen. Zu viele fast oder tatsächlich zerstörte Menschen, Familien. Tragödien. seit Jahren haben Frauen gewarnt und wurden als TERF verteufelt. 2/n
Liberale Männer haben sich alles angeschaut, viele sogar die Frauen mit verteufelt. Besonders in den Medien. Kurz bevor die Stimmung kippt, taucht auf einmal ein Mann auf. Entdeckt auf einmal (wo war er?) das Thema, und rettet die Welt. 3/n
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A great shame to see four members of @greenpartywomen stage a planned resignation at tonight's meeting with a pre-prepared email to the members they are letting down. /1
The remaining @greenpartywomen committee have put in lots of work, holding successful events for all women - whatever their views. /2
We're confident the remaining committee will continue to support women's sex-based rights and to work collaboratively with others who prioritise a different kind of feminism. /3
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THREAD: Huge congratulations to Katie Alcock @wontsomeonethi2 for holding @Girlguiding to account. They were wrong to expel her for raising concerns about a policy that allows male children to sleep, wash and undress with females, and keeping parents in the dark /1
@wontsomeonethi2 @Girlguiding Speaking up in public about the girlguiding trans policy was one of the first Fair Play For Women campaigns back in 2018. Here's our director Nicola Williams @AskNic talking on daytime TV at the BBC studios /2

@wontsomeonethi2 @Girlguiding @AskNic Back in 2018 it was hard to get air time and we were in the midst of the #nodebate era. Girlguiding, Stonewall and the NSPCC all refusing to defend the policy /3
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It’s official, @HJoyceGender is our new Director of Advocacy! Helen Joyce joins Sex Matte...
“We have grown our team” says Maya, “we have recruited.. Helen!” Helen Joyce joins Sex Matte...
“…the era of #NoDebate is over” Image
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