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Es gibt einen eklatanten Widerspruch zwischen Trans-Ideologie und Biologie. In der Biologie können Menschen zu 99% klar einem Geschlecht zugeordnet werden, es gibt nur Männer und Frauen.
Wer nach objektiven Kriterien ein Mann ist, kann deshalb keine Frau sein.+
In der Trans-Ideologie wird diese biologische Tatsache abgestritten. Eine Einteilung in männlich oder weiblich entspreche nicht der Wirklichkeit, in der Männer, die sich als Frauen identifizierten, wirklich Frauen seien.
Die strikte Einteilung in männlich und weiblich sei +
deshalb überholt, denn es berücksichtige nicht die Menschen, die sich innerlich dem Gegengeschlecht zuordneten. +
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Paris is lying. #NoDebate was the Stonewall Slogan. You are excluded because you can’t have kids it’s because you are male. And sure enough you behave exactly like a man. Talking over a woman, disrespecting our rights and adding a bit of testericalness .

I would add that they should not put the woman disagreeing next to him. He’s quite intimidating, very angry and has a violent past.
@JakeBerry Thinks the government should stay out of it. Then STOP putting male rapists in with female prisoners! Stop trying to eradicate sex based language in law. Stop sterilise out gay kids on the NHS. Don’t be a coward. This matters to women.
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After I retweeted this statement calling for mutual tolerance of differing views, many replied asking if I'd heard of Karl Popper's Paradox of Tolerance. I'm lucky enough to have studied Philosophy of Science at Cambridge so yes, I do know it and have read lots of Popper. 1/x
In contrast (& I hope I'm not being mean), I suspect many of those who asked had only heard of Popper from a cartoon graphic that's popular on social media. It's therefore not surprising that they are grossly distorting Popper's argument. I hope they'll find this 🧵 useful 2/x
The key to Popper's philosophy is the fallibility of human thought. However convinced we are that something is true (in science or politics), we should always recognise that it may be false. "What if I am wrong and you are right?" we should constantly ask ourselves. 3/x
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Decent summary by outgoing Chair of report commissioned to capture EDI challenges of GPEW.

Recognition conflict around sex & gender has resulted in culture at odds with our values. Members should be asking GPEx candidates how they propose to engage.… Ongoing conflict around sex and gender at odds with core val
However analysis arguably upside down with respect to cause & effect.

Conflict around sex/gender largely arisen *because* a culture of authoritarian intolerance & groupthink cancel culture has been allowed to predominate.

Chief suspects #nodebate & transphobic smear campaigns.
Report correctly identifies key ingredient for positive change as "forums for discussion".

That recommendation needs to be amplified. Members have been driven out by targetted abuse & harassment for stating gender critical protected beliefs, facilitated by weaponised complaints.
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@Womans_Place_UK I have a few issues with this. First, doesn’t this sound familiar to you? “We believed these tweets would contribute to a hostile environment for people from minoritised communities.” It’s the same argument used against people saying biological sex is real. 1/
@Womans_Place_UK Second, I think your statement completely omits the context of those tweets, which was the almost industrial sexual abuse of white working-class girls across Britain, but predominantly in the North. Posie was highlighting the plight of these girls, while the rest of 2/
@Womans_Place_UK ... the establishment, including the Labour Party, was silent on the issue for fear of being called racists. Which you’ve effectively done to Posie. History has proven Posie right on that, and irrespective of what you think of her tweets on the issue, what happened to those 3/
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Ich nehme diese Kündigung zum Anlass für eine Prognose. Diese kommt nicht aus dem Nirgendwo, sondern aus den Ländern, in denen gerade die Stimmung kippt. Es wird länger. 1/n
In UK, Irland, Schottland, US ist die Stimmung am kippen. Zu viele fast oder tatsächlich zerstörte Menschen, Familien. Tragödien. seit Jahren haben Frauen gewarnt und wurden als TERF verteufelt. 2/n
Liberale Männer haben sich alles angeschaut, viele sogar die Frauen mit verteufelt. Besonders in den Medien. Kurz bevor die Stimmung kippt, taucht auf einmal ein Mann auf. Entdeckt auf einmal (wo war er?) das Thema, und rettet die Welt. 3/n
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A great shame to see four members of @greenpartywomen stage a planned resignation at tonight's meeting with a pre-prepared email to the members they are letting down. /1
The remaining @greenpartywomen committee have put in lots of work, holding successful events for all women - whatever their views. /2
We're confident the remaining committee will continue to support women's sex-based rights and to work collaboratively with others who prioritise a different kind of feminism. /3
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THREAD: Huge congratulations to Katie Alcock @wontsomeonethi2 for holding @Girlguiding to account. They were wrong to expel her for raising concerns about a policy that allows male children to sleep, wash and undress with females, and keeping parents in the dark /1
@wontsomeonethi2 @Girlguiding Speaking up in public about the girlguiding trans policy was one of the first Fair Play For Women campaigns back in 2018. Here's our director Nicola Williams @AskNic talking on daytime TV at the BBC studios /2

@wontsomeonethi2 @Girlguiding @AskNic Back in 2018 it was hard to get air time and we were in the midst of the #nodebate era. Girlguiding, Stonewall and the NSPCC all refusing to defend the policy /3
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How did we get here? 🧵

Before 2019, #women and #trans people lived peacefully together in the UK. Everyone wanted to uphold the protected rights of people who are transgender.

Then #Stonewall were running out of money and lampooned society with a radical disinformation 1/10
campaign that threw everything up in the air.

#Stonewall took the vulnerable #transgender community and put a lighter under them.

Then once the fire had started, they batted down the hatches and said #NoDebate. /2
Not content with gaslighting the #trans community, #Stonewall started telling organisations that #gender identity was a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010 & if organisations want to be ranked higher in the Stonewall equality index they must parrot this falsehood /3
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It’s official, @HJoyceGender is our new Director of Advocacy! Helen Joyce joins Sex Matte...
“We have grown our team” says Maya, “we have recruited.. Helen!” Helen Joyce joins Sex Matte...
“…the era of #NoDebate is over” Image
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Hansard #IWD2022 Some interesting contributions. The era of #NoDebate is officially over. Image
Bernard Jenkin. There is a new risk of violence towards women which comes from those biological males who claim to be women.. Image
Hansard got Kathleen’s name wrong but here Jenkin defends the women who have been subjected to the modern day witch-hunts and references the #CassReview. 👏👏 Image
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Yesterday in #IWD debate @MariaMillerUK made the old claim that some funded VAWG groups say there's no problem with the application of #SexBasedRights!
C'mon Maria - we all now know that's not right.
Brave women like @K_IngalaSmith @ShonaghDillon & ..
new Single-Sex Providers Network set up by @FrontlineFemin1 are telling it like it is:
"The spokeswoman said all 14 member groups and their boards “have serious concerns about speaking publicly for fear of losing funding for their services”..
But here's what @MariaMillerUK claimed in @HouseofCommons!
"For more than 10 years under EA2010 orgs such as Women’s Aid & Refuge have been ensuring that those spaces are absolutely safe by using risk assessments on everybody who uses them, whether they are men or women...
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Claims and 'evidence' of genocide against Russians in East Ukraine over the last 8 years are largely fabricated, a pretext for Putin's military interference and, now, for his murderous war.

I have no patience for those regurgitating this propaganda.

A decent summary 👇

This is going to be a useful tweet for flushing out the morally and intellectually bankrupt craven apologists I need to block.

My timeline is not to be used to promote to my followers neo-fascist collaboration or Kremlin propaganda calling itself anti-imperialist.

People bandy the word 'fascist' about when they really mean 'someone to my right, or far left, with whom I disagree'.

But Putin is a fascist and if, as you should, you consider modern Russian state an oligarchy not a democracy, he fits the classic definitions.
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Westminster Hall - Hansard - UK Parliament

Full debate on the GRA for thosw who did not tune in. Lots of transperbole, failure to understand scientific facts and the existing law. In particular our MPs still don’t understand the mis-named “Spousal Veto”…
This was the petition that . Men just won’t take no for an answer with they? Lots of transperbole about the GRA process. It’s £5, you don’t have an interview. No requirement for surgery (hence “her penis”. ) Our MPs are reckless with women’s dignity, privacy and safety.
👆Eliot Colburn “doesn’t think” it will impact on other protected characteristics. Really? Not on “sex” and women’s sex based rights? Not on SEXual orientation? Not on disabled and the right to have a same sex carer? Not on Freedom of belief? Eliot needs to think a bit harder.
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THREAD: Read our response to the WESC report on Gender Recognition Reform. /1…
"WESC are once again recommending that any adult male should be free, on his say so alone, to change his birth certificate to say he had been born the female sex, and for it to be a criminal offence for officials to reveal that he had in fact been born the male sex" /2
"this second WESC inquiry hasn’t even grasped the basics on why sex self-ID presents problems for women and girls. The 2015 WESC inquiry didn’t bother to invite feminists to explain their concerns, this time they did invite us to speak, but they clearly didn’t listen" /3
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1/Caroline Noakes MP says she has no idea why we would want to know someone's sex. There are lots of reasons. Sex has systematic effects on physical health, and is linked to wide-ranging socio-economic outcomes.🧵
2/We need accurate data, disaggregated by sex in order to understand differences in the lives of women and men, and in order to tackle sexism.… (Open Access version)…
3/ONS lost to @fairplaywomen at Judicial Review when they attempted to change the meaning of the word sex in order to undermine the collection of clear data on sex.…
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So I read the article by Finn Adult Human, Queermale, Mackay. Naturally they have a book out on “radical feminism” but not as we know it, Transperbole, Strawman arguments and flat our misrepresentations.
Er. We are not “attacking” Stonewall for defending “trans right”. We are raising concerns about their attacks on single sex spaces and redefining women to include men and gay to include straight people.
Stonewall set themselves on a collision course with actual women’s rights campaigners. (Which doesn’t include the Vichy feminists on the professional libdem gravy train). Calling women anti-semitic 🤷‍♂️ for wanting the spaces Stonewall openly campaigned to end. 👇
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In which Christine Burns reinvents feminist history, Adam compares women fighting for sex based rights to homophobes. Burns says women made up,sex based rights which don’t exist.
Laughably Burns also claims to fight sexist stereotypes. No mention of…
Burns claims that men’s reaction, of disgust, when they fancy Burns is of being homophobic. Which, Burns says, is ridiculous because “I am a woman”. Adam sees disgust at the heart of British feminists reaction. It’s , according to him, a Conservative position.
Doesn’t cover lack of evidence that trans-identifying males offend at lower rates than other males. Or recognition that many /most women don’t want to undress in front of ANY stranger who is male. That’s why we have single sex spaces.
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THREAD: freedom of expression and censorship in the chassidic community compared to the current climate in wider society.
In the last few years I have been incredibly passionate about, and active in, the free speech movement. In my first year at uni I founded @BrisFreeSpeech and later I was amongst the founding members of @speechchampions.
3/ I have watched in horror as dogmatic ways to thinking consolidate themselves in our educated circles and as #NoDebate replaces a culture of curiosity and open-mindedness. #SilenceIsViolence told us all how we must think as indoctrination was renamed "educating oneself".
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This is historic.

The end to #nodebate

@Nancy_M_K @stonewalluk @JayneOzanne Naomi Cunningham @legalfeminist @SexMattersOrg at Middle Temple LGBTQ Forum Image
@RobinAllenQC chairing opens:

The law must be clear and certain, comprehensive, enforceable and practical
@JayneOzanne about how she travelled the world seeking conversion therapy.

Conversion Therapy;

The silent phase - for me 20 years
- you struggle with a secret. You will be seen as damaged goods.

I had a breakdown.

I reached out to my church & went through therapy and prayer
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1./ A thread. 👉Tonight we issued this press statement in support of Dr Kathleen Stock. "LGB Alliance stands with Dr Stock against the vile abuse and threats she has faced, not only in the last week, but over the last several years. 1/5
2./ We are encouraged that she now has the support of Sussex University, which is committed to the principles of rational debate, free speech and open enquiry - as any university worth the name ought to be. 2/5
3./ Gender ideologists rely on creating a climate of fear: they aim to create a chilling effect that poisons or even prevents public discourse. The fact this tactic is faltering explains the increasing vitriol aimed at those who dare to raise their head above the parapet. 3/5
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1/ FAO @ucl and @ucl_ucu colleagues. There is an EGM Thursday 12 August 2021, 13:00-14:00 to discuss USS. A motion calling for UCL to rejoin the Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme has been added to the agenda at the last minute.
2/ This is a clear attempt to pass a divisive motion with inadequate notice while many members are away during August. I hope some members will be able to attend to challenge these underhand tactics.
3/ In the wake of the Reindorf review, universities and UCU need to reflect on the legal and ethical implications of Stonewall membership. There are consequences for both academic freedom and equitable treatment of women staff and students.…
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1] Essential blog Post from @ShonaghDillon of @AuroraNewDawn

An analysis of evidence submitted to the #GRA consultation by #VAWG services

A must read for @ManduReid @TabithaMortonWE & all women who have survived #MVAWG

A shame to see @WEP_UK missing…
'Out of 837 submissions there are only six (that I can find and I did trawl through all of them but could well have missed one), from organisations that work within the male violence against women movement'

Here is the Caucus submission…
3] Women's Aid UK ❤️STOOD UP FOR WOMEN ❤️

Women-only spaces provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that is vital to survivors’ recovery and empowerment after experiencing domestic and sexual violence and other forms of violence against women and Girls

@womensaid Image
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Welcome news out today. Pressure groups will always lobby for their own interests but taxpayers should never have to pay for the privilege of giving Stonewall preferential access to government officials /1…
Government is getting its house in order. Times up for the Stonewall protection racket /2…
Organisations are waking up fast. Stonewall has become a liability. /3…
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