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Game mechanics on #Web3gaming are not what they used to be. 🚀

Here's how blockchain is revolutionizing gameplay. 👇

Blockchain at play 🎮

The #1 game-changer in Web3 gaming is undoubtedly the blockchain technology itself.

It's not just enhancing games - it's reinventing them.

Say goodbye to your traditional gaming model and welcome to an era where you actually own what you earn.

Playable wealth 🤑

In traditional gaming, hours of grinding might earn you a cool in-game item.

But in Web3 gaming, it might earn you a sellable asset. Blockchain allows gamers to truly own their rewards and even trade them to get real-life profit.

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Mythenia beckons, adventurers 🌄

You'll soon begin your journey to acquire the 5 elemental crystals of Mythenia.

More than just a shimmering gem, each represents the powers keeping the natural world in balance and imbued with magic ✨

Read on to discover more 👇 #tezos… Crossroads: Myth Elemental ...
💧 Water Crystal 🌊

Water fills spaces & dissolves boundaries, seamlessly joining realms

Dive into Mythenia with the Water Crystal & unlock the power to network, forge ties, & create relationships 🤝

In the sea of connections, find your flow & unlock your full potential.…
🌱 Earth Crystal 🌳

The earth provides the foundation for all, whether big or small, strong or weak

Sink your roots & unearth abilities to grow & foster stronger bonds in a vibrant community 💗

Thrive & nurture deeper ties & build a fertile ground for growth & collaboration.…
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A Comprehensive guide on how to go about the @GameSwift_io ground zero campaign

Potential #Airdrop

A Thread Image
Let's dive deeper into @GameSwift_io, the ultimate web3 gaming platform. Here's what we'll explore in this thread:

🔸What is GameSwift?
🔸Ground Zero Campaign
🔸Core Features
🔸$GSWIFT Token
🔸What sets @GameSwift_io apart?
1️⃣ What is GameSwift?

More than just a gaming platform, Gameswift is the first modular gaming blockchain based on zkEVM.

For the first time, gamers can play games multi-chain, with no gas fees, and store all their assets in one wallet.
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🎮 A great piece from @MagicEden's Tiffany Huang (@bytheophana) & Chris Akhavan (@chrisakvn) discussing the current state of @solana and the challenges of #Web3 gaming.

👉 Read more:… Image
@MagicEden @bytheophana @chrisakvn @solana 2/10 💡 They delve into the power of @solana, its rapid growth, and its potential to shape the future of decentralized applications.

Solana's ability to handle high transaction volumes at low costs makes it an attractive choice for developers.
@MagicEden @bytheophana @chrisakvn @solana 3/10 🌐 As for Web3 gaming, @bytheophana & @chrisakvn highlight several challenges the industry faces, such as establishing a viable model for sustainable revenue generation and navigating the complexities of compliance with diverse international regulations.
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🧵 [THREAD] Notre dernier podcast sur comment la tokenisation des jeux vidéo va transformer l'industrie du gaming t'a plu ?

Récapitulons ensemble les avantages et inconvénients abordés lors de cet épisode 👇

Ou réécoute-nous sur Spotify :…

🕹️ La revente de jeux vidéo et DLC est facilitée par la tokenisation. Cela permet aux joueurs de récupérer une partie de leur investissement initial, encourageant ainsi la découverte de nouveaux titres. 💰 (2/22)
📈 Le marché de l'occasion est dynamisé par la tokenisation. Les jeux et DLC deviennent des actifs facilement échangeables, créant de nouvelles opportunités pour les joueurs. Cela peut également stimuler la compétitivité des éditeurs. 🚀 (3/22)
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Taking the entire gaming space in web3 to new heights with a dedicated blockchain ⚡️

Bringing speed & scalability to power the next-generation of web3 gaming transactions 🎮

Want to learn about a revolution brewing in the blockchain gaming space? 👀

Let’s look at @Immutable🧵 Image
🥇 Immutable is the first L2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum

This allows for gasless minting & trading of NFTs without compromising on user asset security 🔐

A crucial component in the realm of web3 gaming that needs scalability & the infrastructure to support it 🚀
🔐 It's built to handle high transaction throughput & ensure the integrity of data on the network

This allows Immutable to process a staggering number of transactions while maintaining the highest level of security Image
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1/ Our team is back from the @AvalancheSummit, and we've got 4 amazing takeaways to share with you.💡

From inspiring keynotes to valuable connections, we're pumped to take #ParadiseTycoon to the next level this year!

🧵👇 Image
2/ First off, we were blown away by the inspiring keynotes & panel discussions at the Summit.

The #Web3Gaming space is evolving rapidly, and we're excited to be a part of it with fresh ideas for #ParadiseTycoon.

Take a look at the insights shared by our co-founder @TimoYouth.
3/ We had the pleasure of meeting some of our investors & partners in person, including the wonderful @j0eferrara 🤝

Building relationships face-to-face is crucial in today's digital age.

We're thankful for their ongoing support as we strive to develop #ParadiseTycoon further. Image
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Some believe #privacy in #Web3 stops at anonymous transactions, which couldn't be further from the truth

@OasisProtocol have built a solution to propel #blockchain adoption to areas that were not previously possible 🌹

Mega thread🧵⬇️

Don't miss this one

❤️/RT/Follow for more… Image
2) @OasisProtocol will be imminently releasing the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) to all major #EVM chains, allowing any #dApp to integrate customisable, compliant confidentiality to any existing dApp

With OPL and their #privacy paratime Sapphire, a new era is coming to #Web3 Image
3) Now let's get into what this unlocks in #Web3

Undercollateralized or variable rate lending in #DeFi

Borrower reputation can be established via private data such as credit history

Those with a good reputation can get loans using less collateral &/or lower interest rates
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1/🚀🎮Gaming hardware giant and #esports supporter @Razer is launching zVentures to fund & elevate Web3 gaming.

📈Q1 2023 saw $739M invested in #web3gaming & #metaverse. How will Razer's fund impact the landscape?

Dive into the thread🧵👇 Image
2/ Razer produces gaming and #esports apparel, but also, sponsors pro teams like @SKGaming @TeamLiquid & @NiPGaming.

With @Razer's user base of ~200 million gamers, their push for Web3 gaming can help drive mass adoption for sure.

3/ The Web3 esports scene is already heating up, with various projects making waves🌊.

@xborg_official's Xtreme Championship Series 🏆sets the stage for top-notch games 🎮like @play_evio @CrossTheAges & @GodsUnchained, giving gamers the perfect platform to showcase the skills💪
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Identificar proyectos que serán integrales para el futuro de #Web3 & #Crypto es vital para tu portafolio 🔥

@OasisProtocol @OasisNetwork_ES $ROSE 🌹 y su fundadora @dawnsongtweets tienen asociaciones, patrocinadores y conexiones que te dejarán boquiabierto 🥰

Hilo a…… Image
2. @MetaAI X @OasisProtocol

Durante más de 2 años han trabajado en el desarrollo de la equidad en su #AI 🤖

@OasisNetwork_ES es el socio tecnológico elegido por @MetaAI y vale la pena recordar que $META se acercó a Oasis 🤝

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3. @googlecloud X @OasisProtocol

Aportar lo mejor en tecnología de #privacidad de datos de empresas que manejan esencialmente información confidencial en grandes volúmenes.

Fomentará y ampliará el apoyo a las aplicaciones innovadoras que hacen uso de la informática y la…… Image
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It's been an epic month for #ParadiseTycoon🎉

We've been hitting major milestones and growing rapidly in the past month.

Let's take a look back at our journey so far and bring you up to speed. 🔍🧵 Image
Our first mint was a huge success and a very enlightening experience!

📈 Nearly all Genesis Chests minted by our community & we're trending on major NFT marketplaces

🤝 Partnered with over 150 teams

🚀 Our community is booming with +17K growth on Twitter and +14K on Discord
Introducing the Genesis Chests

Genesis Chests are our first fully functional in-game #NFTs.

The Mint was completely FREE and the WL was earned by participating in our in-game events, completing Snapshots, Discord contests, giveaways and more.

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The impact of AI on the future of web3 gaming.

Here are five ways in which AI can have a great impact on web3 gaming and what I see as challenges moving forward:

1/11🧵👇 Image
1. Improved gaming experience

AI can be used to make gaming in web3 (and in general) more interactive and immersive.

The best example here are AI-powered NPCs (non-playable characters). Imagine how challenging gaming can get if your opponents can learn from you.

2/11 Image

What if the AI grows so strong that it becomes unbeatable? That would defeat the purpose of the game and it will kill the fun.


Have you ever seen an AI-powered NPC? How did it improve the gaming experience?

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#Tevaera gaming ecosystem is unique and natively built on #zkSync ERA to "unlock the next ERA of on-chain games"

2 core offerings to enable #Web3gaming mass adoption:

1. Gaming Infra (Teva Core; Chain; Dex; Market)
2. "Fun & Fair" Games (Teva Games)

Lets dive in🧵

A first-of-its-kind multiplayer networking framework for on-chain games with features like matchmaking, chats, leaderboard etc.

Teva Core is smart, and its modular design will make it a “plug & play” service for game developers on EVM chains.



A L3 gaming hyper-chain on zkSync that will be infinitely scalable, fast, cost effective & secured by $Teva nodes.

Teva Chain will enable the transition of Teva Games to fully on-chain games & governance.

#Decentralization #zkSyncEcosystem

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Identifying projects that will be integral to the future of #Web3 & #Crypto is vital for your portfolio

@OasisProtocol, $ROSE & founder Dawn Song, have partnerships, backers and connections that will blow your mind

Mega Thread below🧵✏️⬇️

Like, RT, Follow and @ tag friends🌹 Image
2) @Meta X @OasisProtocol

For over 2 years they have worked on developing fairness in their #AI

@OasisProtocol is @Meta's chosen technology partner & worth remembering that Meta approached Oasis

I'd be confident in saying this runs deeper than just AI 👀

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3) @Google X @OasisProtocol

Bringing the best in data #privacy technology to companies who essentially deal with sensitive information in large volumes

It will encourage & expand support for innovative applications that are computing & memory-intensive

#BigData #AI $ROSE Image
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Get Ready to Level Up Your Gaming with GameSwift & @0xPolygon🕹️

We're building a one-stop gaming ecosystem with #PolygonzkEVM, and YOU can join the first wave of users to experience this!

Ready for a seamless and immersive gaming experience?👀…

1/7 🧵
zk Integration: A New Era for Web3 Gaming

As #Web3 gaming skyrockets in popularity, scalability and speed are critical for success.

zkEVM is the ultimate solution for game developers seeking ⚡ fast transaction speeds without compromising security or decentralization.

2/7 🧵
Developers can now build games on a secure and scalable infrastructure, creating seamless and enjoyable gaming experiences for users.

We're supercharging our Platform's scalability by harnessing the power of zk proofs with zkEVM. 🔌

3/7 🧵
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1/ Builders and collaborators led the charge this week in the #Web3Gaming space.

Immutable X, MetaMask, Magic Eden, and the likes continue to push forward.

Catch up on the most relevant trends and news in our latest #YodaLabs Weekly Digest 👇…
2/ Web3 Gaming News 🎮

ImmutableX strengthens Warner Bros collaboration with mobile Web3 release

Magic Eden launches Mint Madness

Unity Gaming Engine releases Web3 integration

BGA hosts the largest Web3 gaming event

TSM chooses @avalancheavax as exclusive blockchain partner
3/ Web3 Gaming Trends 🚀

Gaming entrepreneurs surge as many leave reputable brands for own ventures

BGA sets direction for Web3 SDKs in game development

Game7 & MetaMask partner for HyperPlay's #Web3 gameplay launcher

Reboot to create decentralized matchmaking marketplaces
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1/ The rise of #blockchain technology brings about a new era of #gaming with endless possibilities.

Join #YodaLabs, along with industry giants, @DappRadar & @BGameAlliance, as we dive deep into the @0xPolygon #Web3gaming ecosystem.

Ready, set, go ⬇️…
2/ Always Moving Forward

@0xPolygon initially started as an #Ethereum sidechain but is now one of the top ecosystems across multiple verticals.

They've attracted big names into the #Web3 space, like @Starbucks, @Nike & @Meta.

Most notably, @Reddit's collection of 9.6M avatars.
3/ Beyond Blockchain

It's also an effective platform for decentralized #gaming, enabling flawless & lag-free experiences.

Web2 gaming studio partners include @Ubisoft, @atari & @SquareEnix.

@PolygonGaming closes the Web2 & #Web3 gap by combining #blockchain gaming & #NFTs.
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Alpha Version of GameSwift Platform is LIVE!

Enter here⬇️

✅passwordless sign-on
✅automatically created wallet
✅the first such solution in #web3gaming!

Blockchain knowledge is no longer a must.

Built #onPolygon with @0xPolygon & @PolygonGaming
Wait! There's more!
will also be among the first to land #onGameSwift!🙌

(these titles include both current and future alliances!)
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There’s never been more funding in Web3 gaming and it’s not enough.

🧵 (1/6)
These factors are hitting the Web3 gaming industry hard:

- drawn out bear market
- long cycle of game development compared to DeFi development
- significantly more staff requirements

It’s hitting across the industry:
The likes of @TheTreeverse are reducing staff to lean up and optimise development.

@Immutable has had to reduce their team by 11%.

@playmythical a couple months ago laid off 20% of team.

@The_Delysium reduced in size

Semi related: @polygon laying off 20% of their workforce
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Didn't realize it has been a year already joining the IndiGG community 🎉
A year ago, I embarked on a journey, a road-not-taken (traditionally)
#Web3gaming & @IndiGG_DAO have significantly impacted my life & career❤️‍🔥
An engaging🧵👇
(1/15) Image
(Flashback to where it started)

July 2021: I wasn't particularly interested or fully aware of Web3 gaming.
Until the concept of gaming asset ownership & tokenized economy sparked my curiosity.
Credits to videos by @coinbureau @gameofbitcoin @CryptoTeluguO @CryptooAdy
(2/15) Image
As I delved deeper into the world of web3 gaming, I got in touch with @VaasCrypto who introduced me to @YieldGuild Discord.
I must admit at first I was perplexed by the idea of gaming DAOs and members devoting themselves to gaming, guiding and educating their mates.
Like why?!🤔 Image
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Well folks, the future of web3 gaming in India is looking pretty bright!

Here’s why I think web3 gaming has a future in India: open this...
🟪 India is a TRMP (Time Rich Money Poor) country:

In India, people have a lot of free time but not much disposable income.
This means they're looking for ways to spend their time that are engaging, affordable & monetizable.
🟪 Web3 games have a great rewards system:

The rewards system of Web3 games is built on blockchain technology, making it secure, easy to access & transparent.

No one wants to play a game where the rewards aren't fair, right?
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The anticipated announcement is here.

In this thread we will touch on the huge updates for EgoVersus: The First Strike and our new partnership with @valibots 🧵
@valibots now have their own unique store within our map "The Mall". The Valibot store is like NO other and truly stands out in the middle of the battle field.
Additionally, our development team is 3D modeling the characters from @valibots collection. Their bada** vali girls will soon be playable in our game.

You will be able to play with these vali girls if you own one of @valibots #NFTs.

Mint link:
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🚨JUST IN: Media HUB & Web3 gaming (thread)

#Web3 gaming is about to go mainstream & we're at the forefront with killer devs & solutions to turbocharge the adoption

We've been cooking up something special behind the scenes with dream team experts & gamers - A special Media HUB
2/ The transition from web2 to web3 is happening through addictive & fun games and meaningful media content.

NFTb's got the media part covered😎

Get ready for this week, folks. It's about to get real interesting👀

#Web3Gaming #MediaHUB #media $NFTB
3/ The HUB will provide:
🔥Important industry highlights
🎮Exciting game streams
💬Exclusive interviews
🏆E-sport tournaments
📊Key insights and analysis for all things web3 gaming
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We spent the entire year of 2022 scouring the gaming landscape, carefully evaluating each project based on community engagement and development progress.

The result?

A curated list of the most exceptional games of the year that you don't want to miss! Let's dive in!👇
1) @SkyweaverGame's engaging gameplay, exceptional design, and in-house wallet Sequence create a top-notch user experience. Many have discovered web3 through the game, a trend we anticipate seeing in other games in 2023. Image
2) @Cometh, the pioneering project, has released a new game featuring an active community and competitive scene backed by the team. Building a gaming ecosystem, Cometh is poised for a big year. Image
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