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Indubbiamente la #democrazia non si esporta.
Ma la calca drammatica in aeroporto a #Kabul, le contestazioni per la 🇦🇫, la resistenza in #Panshir, la richiesta #SanctionPakistan testimoniano che il #TalibanTerror NON È L'AUTODETERMINAZIONE DI UN POPOLO.⤵️
L'#Afghanistan senza le forze occidentali torna a dividersi tra le varie etnie.
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La cinquantennale guerra ingaggiata sul suo territorio tra URSS e USA ha prodotto i #Taliban, prima finanziati dagli USA in chiave antisovietica e poi dalla Russia in chiave antiamericana. Col placet interessato del #Pakistan in chiave antiindiana ⤵️
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Story of Zen Master for people from #Pakistan.

#AfghanistanBurning #Afganistan

Beginning of #Taliban
Thread (1/3)

On his sixteenth birthday the boy gets a horse as a present. All of the people in the village say, “Oh, how wonderful!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”
One day, the boy is riding and gets thrown off the horse and hurts his leg. He’s no longer able to walk, so all of the villagers say, “How terrible!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”
Some time passes and the village goes to war. All of the other young men get sent off to fight, but this boy can’t fight because his leg is messed up. All of the villagers say, “How wonderful!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”
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Outlets from @BBCNews to @SkyNews on #Taliban in #Afghanistan describe how #ShariaLaw curtails #WomensRights

This is *false*.

We present the #Caliph of the #Ahmadiyya #Muslim Community from #JalsaUK 2021 on how the #Shariah of #Islam PROTECTS women's rights

The Caliph's extraordinary speech from #JalsaUK covering the various aspects of the #Shariah on women's rights can be found in full here:…

Below we will review key aspects he highlighted... /1
From the outset, the #Caliph explained that the current notion of "freedom" increasingly pushed in the West is no more than slavery to one's base desires /2

#WomenOfAfghanistan #afghanistandebate
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Update #Afghanistan .
Im Überblick:
- weiterhin chaotische Szenen im #kabulairport , Menschen erstürmen die Mauern.
- #Biden gibt eine desaströse Pressekonferenz.
- USA evakuieren Hunde aus #Kabul .
- in der Provinz #Panjshir formiert sich Widerstand.
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Auf dem #kabulairport herrschen weiterhin chaotische Zustände.
Menschen stürmen den Flughafen und versuchen auf jede beliebige Weise noch einen Platz in einem der Evakuierungsflugzeuge zu bekommen.
Sicherheitskräfte müssen immer wieder Schüsse abgeben.
Zum Teil wird scharf in die Menschenmenge geschossen.
Meistens sind es US-Soldaten, die hier Waffen anwenden, um die Menschenmassen aufzuhalten oder Startfelder zu räumen, damit Flugzeuge starten können.
Die Rede ist von rund 10 Toten.
#Kabul_Airport #Kabul
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1. With the Taliban gaining control of Afghanistan, it could be very possible that existing encrypted messaging apps could be shutdown. Here's how to get around this using XMPP/OTR to communicate securely with people inside. #Afghanistan #AfghanistanBurning #AfghanistanCrisis
2. Download Pidgin IM on Windows/Linux, and install the OTR plugin for pidgin here:
Download Adium on MacOS
Download Chatsecure on IOS/Android.
3. Sign up for an XMPP account here:

Open your chat client (Pidgin, Adium, Chatsecure etc.) and log in to your account created on

Use the add buddy/contact feature on your client to add them to your contact list.
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Update #Afghanistan
#Kabul ist gefallen bzw. wurde kampflos den #Taliban übergeben.
Der afgh. Präsident floh aus dem Land.
Daraufhin kam es im Flughafen von Kabul zu apokalyptischen Szenen.
Menschen klammerten sich an Flugzeugen, um zu fliehen.
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Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kaum hat gestern der Sturm auf Kabul begonnen, kapitulierte die afghanische Regierung.
Es wurde eine friedliche Machtübergabe an die #Taliban ausgehandelt.
Mehr dazu hier👇
#AfghanistanBurning #AfghanistanCrisis
Zuvor eroberten die #Taliban innerhalb einer Woche die meisten Provinzhauptstädte.
Afghanische Truppen ergaben sich meist kampflos oder wechselten die Seiten.
Im Video: ein Brigadenkommandeur unterschreibt die Übergabe von Technik und Personal seiner Brigade an die Taliban
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🔴 Afghanistan news: Taliban says ‘war is over’ as thousands flee Kabul

Follow LIVE ⬇️…

- More than 60 countries say Afghans, others must be allowed to leave Afghanistan
- President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday as the Taliban entered the city, saying he wanted to “avoid bloodshed”

Follow LIVE ⬇️…

➡️ What does the Taliban want in Afghanistan?

Here's what we know…
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To all my American friends. Taliban is merely a tool in the hands of the enemy. #Pakistan is the enemy creating chaos that we are seeing today. Thats their ticket to relevance. Chaos makes them relevant for you. #Afghanistan #AfghanistanBurning

2011: 60 Minutes
2) They harbored the Taliban and waited for the day you left to sow chaos and become relevant once more. Their economy is in shambles and they are on grey list of terrorism task force. They had to have a bargaining chip. Chaos followed.
3) Listen to your own officers on ground. He lost 17 of his men to Taliban terrorists coming over from Pakistan
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.@Channel4News have reported that the UK ambassador to Afghanistan, Laurie Bristow, has remained at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport and is personally processing visas for Afghans wishing to escape to the United Kingdom.

He doesn't intend to leave until the end.
Channel 4 Report including comment on Laurie Bristow processing visas at Kabul Airport.
I report on important issues using #OSINT from across the world. If you'd like to support my work, pease consider donating the cost of a coffee.

I am passionate about providing important information for all for free. This helps me continue to do so. ❤
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From mom @maureen_orth 2002: No matter who controls #Afghanistan, its opium crop- 70% of world's supply-is creating narco-societies the author discovers the extent of the region's drug corruption, which may prove more destructive than any terrorist threat…
Nothing has really changed since then. With the USA leaving, the drug routes just become easier for nefarious actors using the guise of religion to control and keep the country in a permanent state of paralysis.
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PHOTO 1: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the #Taliban enter #Kabul from all sides. #Afghanistan (2021)

PHOTO 2: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the PAVN & Viet Cong capture of Saigon, Vietnam (1975)
"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." (George Bernard Shaw)

The Mechanics of History by Yoann Bourgeois. (video via @fguzfguz)
#Afghanistan #Kabul #Taliban #AfghanistanBurning #KabulHasFallen #Afghan_lives_matter
In 2005, I wrote a piece in a now defunct publication, arguing that those who believed that the invasion & occupation of #Iraq & #Afghanistan had been ‘an disaster’ were misunderstanding the thinking of those who took us to war

For them it was a success.…
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● Les #Talibans sont ce samedi 14 aout soir à #CharAsyab, à 11 kilomètres au sud de #Kaboul
■ August 14, #Taliban reaches Char Asyab district, just 7 miles from the Afghan capital, #Kaboul…
Avec la chute ce samedi soir de #CharAsyab à 11 kms de #Kaboul, son siège est imminent et sa chute davantage question d'heures que des jours. Toutes les ambassades accélèrent les évacuations.
Une nouvelle nuit noire tombe sur l'Afghanistan. #Tristesse…
● Une panne d'électricité plonge #Kaboul dans le noir ce samedi 14 août soir, annonciateur probable du siège #Taliban.
■ A power outage plunged #Kabul into darkness on Saturday 14 August, a likely precursor to the taliban siege.
(( HT & Pic @RebeccaRambar ))
#AfghanistanBurning Image
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Rasante Entwicklungen in #Afghanistan .
Im Überblick:
- #Taliban kontrollieren bereits 18 der 34 Provinzzentren.
- #Kandahar ist gefallen.
- afghan.Armee flüchtet nach #Kabul .
- Schlacht um Kabul wird bald beginnen.
- USA schicken "Evakuierungshilfe".
Details im Thread 👇
Lawinenartig nehmen die #Taliban jetzt auch die Provinzhauptstädte in #Afghanistan ein.
Zahlreiche Ortschaften werden kampflos überlassen.
Auch #Kandahar - die zweit- bzw. (je nach Quelle) drittgrößte Stadt des Landes ist gefallen.
Die afgh.Armee ist komplett demoralisiert
Kurz vor dem Fall kamen aus #Kandahar Videos, wie die Regierungsarmee fluchtartig die Stadt verließ.
Die Armee zieht sich nach #Kabul zurück. Dort wird es schon in den nächsten Tagen zum Showdown kommen.
Dass die Zentralregierung überlebt, glaubt mittlerweile niemand mehr.
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Lots of Tory MPs and Republicans handwringing about #AfghanistanBurning right now. Some Labour MPs joining in. Some of these lamentations are aimed at Biden. Others bewail a more general ‘betrayal of Afghan women’/wasted British and U.K. sacrifice/NATO failure etc
No acknowledgement of the strategic failures that were obvious - to those who wanted to look - long before the collapse of the Afghan state. Or the horrific damage inflicted on Afghanistan by so many countries in the savage geopolitical competition for Mackinder’s ‘heartland’
Let’s go back to March 17 1979. The Soviet Politburo meets to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, where the USSR’s communist allies are savagely suppressing and Islamist insurrection in Herat. Foreign minister Andrei Gromyko explains the situation
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Can we please have just 50-100 #ChildrenOfCivilisation #Bharat asking50Westerners a questionnaire:

-How do they feel about:

-their Colonisers past?

-an ideology plundering planet & killing #Indigenous globally?

-any shame or guilt?

-ongoing AngloSaxon supremacy like this👇🏻
Western Supremacy Ideas

-UN ‘Veto’ UN, undemocratic tool for WW2 victors.

-West stash all the illegal wealth(Swiss banks & more)

-Asylum to colonies criminals & fraudsters

-Weapons trade

Colonial loot funded Western prosperity but we still get sermonised

Let’s #ReverseGaze ImageImageImageImage
World Morality adapts how it suits🤔

Slavery was fine when suited
#Colonialism when suited
Capitalism when suited
Nationalism when suited
Religion when suited
Socialism when suits
Democracy when suits
#Morality is what suits

#Indigenous Globally & #Bharat
#ReverseGaze & #Heal ImageImageImageImage
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