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@pamconstable1 From your @washingtonpost article:
“The Taliban wants to segregate women. So it’s training female doctors.”
“This makes me feel like we have done something useful, that all my years of fighting were worth it,” said a Taliban security guard..…
Taliban are NOT training women to become doctors:

Taliban banned #Aghanwomen from attending universities and from getting higher education in Afghanistan, according to the letter released by the Taliban's Ministry of Higher Education.…
I have to ask: just exactly how many #AfghanWomen did you interview before you published this story? I think you need to do more research:…
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🚨📣15 more families are supported in Samangan with your donations through the campaign organized by @toimohammadbegzad.📣🚨

(1/4) ⤵️⤵️
Samangan is a province located on the northern side of the country. It is one of the most underserved and remote regions in Afg, consisting of 59% of mountainous terrain. Thus, it makes it hard for families living there to have easy and immediate access to aid and food. (2/4)
However, our volunteer team is willing to visit the most remote places and help families with your donations.

⚠️This campaign is still active, and we have to urgently support more families on the waiting list as they are going through acute hunger. (3/4)
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⚠️⚠️We need your attention to one of the child campaigns organized by @87films!

As many families live together in peace with their families and friends today, families in Afghanistan are praying day and night not to lose their children due to malnutrition. (1/3) Image
The number of malnourished children is rapidly increasing, and children are the primary victims of this unprecedented crisis.
We ask everyone reading this to donate (any amount can make a difference) or share the link widely with their community and those who can contribute. 2/3
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We have activated a new campaign organized by Zalmai Levrat Sherzad.

This time we aim to support war-affected families in #Badakhshan province throughout this #Ramadan. (1/3)
We are halfway through this holy month and need to accelerate our operations to help as many people as possible. However, we need your support.
Please, take a moment to visit our website and donate your Zakat to the ongoing campaigns which directly impact families in Afghanistan.
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⚡️⚡️We have launched our Grand Challenge today!⚡️⚡️

This challenge aims to reduce child malnutrition in Afghanistan by supporting and providing essential food packages to 15,000 children. (1/3) Image
We encourage anyone who cares about this cause to take part by donating to the active campaigns, sharing this post with your network, or starting a campaign with us. (2/3)
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January 4, the day I started volunteering with @ASEELApp. I’m making this thread to highlight what have I achieved so far. It will be pinned to my profile. I will add all my previous tweets and future tweets of package deliveries. #Afghanistan #saveafghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis
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We have recalled our goal for #Kunar. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I can’t stop here. I have tons of people messaging me from every corner of #Afghanistan asking for help. Plz continue to give to @ASEELApp & send me the order number. #ThankYou…
I am going to start another campaign soon. It would be a general campaign and not a province or region specific fundraiser. If you are interested to partner, plz DM me. Together we achieve more, lets partner #Afghanistan #SaveAfghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #hunger #Crisis #Afghan
Not recalled
Apologies for the typo
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🧵This thread is about the beneficiaries receiving food packages from our food drive for #Kunar province. ⛔️People in #Afghanistan R in worst situation than what we hear. If you can’t donate, RT/share in networks, spread it. @ASEELApp @NasratKhalid
My team went to Tango Camp, a village where more than 400 families live. 50 families (15 widows & 35 ultra-poor families) were identified. The team will continue identifying more families for the food drive and will be added to this #Thread
#AfghanistanCrisis #Famine #Afghan
The team went door to door & inside the houses. This little brave girl explained their financial situation. Her father goes out every morning in hopes to find work. He returns empty hands. They have little food to survive. Plz help such families with food. 3/X #SaveAfghanistan
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My team and I delivered 7 packages to beneficiaries in Jalalabad. Thank you for your giving heart to the #Afghan people. Please support @ASEELApp with your generous donations. Plz donate to my campaign to provide food for 150 families in Kunar. Donate 👇… ImageImageImageImage
Please share my campaign/ other active campaigns with anyone who might be able to donate/sponsor a family. Retweet or copy the links and share.
Emergency Packages:
Active Campaigns:…
#Afghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #SaveAfghanistan ImageImage
A beneficiary message and expression of gratitude: You brought smile on my kids lips, made them happy and feel having enough for a month. My whole family prays for you and are grateful. @John75691672 Image
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The weather is 23 F (-5 C); it snows heavily in Kabul. Everywhere is covered with snow. As beautiful as Kabul appears today, thousands of untold stories reside in each corner of this city. (1/4)
It is a joyous day of playing in the snow for some kids. On the other side, there are kids with cold hands, old torn clothes, no shoes, no gloves, begging for a helping hand to be able to survive this cold, harsh winter. (2/4)
We at Aseel are working non-stop every day to bring back the liveliness of this city, make the gloomy and snowy days brighter, and support as many Afghans as possible to bring joy to each family. However, we can only do this with your help. 💙 (3/4)
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🔴🔴🔴We have started a new campaign organized by a talented photographer, @MortezaEqbalza2.
Morteza has initiated a project that facilitates education for working children in Bamyan. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
He wants the working children to attend school while supporting their families with food and other basic survival needs.
However, to achieve his goal, he needs to raise funds to support these children's families with food and other needs through Aseel. (2/3)
Let's make this happen and put an ending point to these children's sufferings!
➡️Contribute, Share, and Donate.

#Afghanistan #Afghan #bamyan #children #saveafghanistan #afghanistancrisis #donate #support #humanity #help #hope #kids #Kindness #WINTER
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1) 5 packages distributed today through @ASEELApp (51 members in 5 families). We solely depend on your contributions, contribute more & we will reach to more families. I still require 9 food packages for 20 identified families needing food urgently. #SaveAfghanistan #Afghanistan ImageImageImageImage
2) Note: Tonight evening I went to a store to buy milk for my kid. I saw a little girl (prbbly 10 years old) asking the staff to give her sugar for ten Afs (0.10$). He give him very little. I asked the girl, why only sugar. She added “I gathered bread all the day, and with this Image
3) sugar, we will make tea, and have our dinner”. I asked her address, and she was afraid. I didn’t have enough money atm, but I did buy her green tea, sugar, and little beans. I couldn’t take her photo in the store as it could attract attention towards me. I couldn’t follow her
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🧵An update on the "Kabul's Emergency Winter Appeal" campaign organized by Shameela Nizami and @zareenaao and the "Winter Support for Families in need in Afghanistan" campaign organized by @yalda_mohsen.
With your generous donations, we provided life-saving food packages to 140 war-affected families in Kabul. Your donations helped these families get through winter. A special thanks to the hardworking organizers who tirelessly worked hard to raise funds and make this happen.
We cover 18 provinces and want to expand our support to the entire country. Start your campaign to support Afghans in different areas of Afghanistan and download our mobile application to donate and raise awareness.
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🛑🛑🛑With the support of @OrianeZerah, we have helped 40 war-affected families in #Sheberghan, #Mazar, #Herat, #Badakhshan, #Takhar, #Kunduz, #Sar-e-Pol, and #Jawzjan. (1/4)
Watch our distribution video of the mentioned provinces and get a glimpse of how your donations reach different parts of Afg to support destitute families in the most critical times. (2/4)
Our mission is to cover all provinces of Afghanistan and help as many individuals as possible. We can only achieve this with your contribution and help.
➡️➡️Keep contributing, sharing, and donating! (3/4)
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Story of an Afghan family living in a small village in Istalif, Kabul:
A family of 8 members faces crippling hunger and cold, marking some of the worst days of their life. Days they never imagined are now upon them. (1/5)
Abdul Fayaz is the breadwinner of the family, and with him currently unemployed, they have no other source of income to survive these harsh winter days.
Although we helped Abdul Fayaz's family with the generous donations we received from you,(2/5)
many more families are still awaiting a ray of hope in the form of help.
It is gut-wrenching to see people becoming victims of starvation in this era. (3/5)
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Samad is living in Ghazni with his family of eight members, majorly comprising of children. Amidst the current crisis, he has lost his job and cannot feed or keep his children warm during this cold season. (1/4)
Fortunately, he was supported by your donations through Aseel. You have warmed their home and hearts this winter.
Watch what he has to say about the situation he is going through; one which is faced by many others in Afghanistan. (2/4)
The situation is worsening as the weather gets colder. With each passing day, more families like Samad's need urgent help to survive.
You can do your part and save lives through Aseel from anywhere in the world. You're just a few clicks away. (3/4)
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Update on the "Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul" campaign!
Once again with your support we continued to help ultra-poor families in Kabul and covered 222 families so far. (1/3)
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this campaign and we would like to request you to continue your supports. Currently, we are $1900 away to complete our campaign and help the rest of the families. (2/3)
Let's complete this campaign together and save more lives.
Link to donate:…

#Afghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis
#donate #help #support #humanity #savelife #WINTER
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With 2021 coming to an end, we'd like to take the opportunity to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all those that took part in our mission to help war-scarred individuals in Afghanistan. (1/4)
Together we provided life-saving packages to 35,000 individuals, which could have not been possible without you. We are proud of you for making such a big difference and are extremely humbled by your generosity and will to help. (2/4)
However, millions of Afghans still need urgent help, and the Christmas holidays are a perfect time to give a shoulder to those in need.
You can do this by gifting a lifesaving package, raising awareness, and participating in our efforts. (3/4)
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UPDATE on campaign for "Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul" in collaboration with @AkbariSulaiman
We would like to thank each one of you who kindly donated to our campaign and helped families in need. (1/4)
With your support, we have started our distributions in Kabul from 20th Dec by initially helping 70 families.
The distributed items included: Flour, Oil, Beans, Maash, Dal, and Green-Tea.
However, we need to reach our target of $15,000 to cover all 250 families. (2/4)
Currently, we are $2253 away from our target.
You can do your part and save more families by contributing and donating through our campaign.
Most of the families does not have any breadwinner or supporter to survive this cold weather when temperatures plummet. (3/4)
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Update to Donors!
We thank you for donating to our Ghazni campaign with @minasharif and @blingistan!
With the donations received through this campaign, we were able to provide food to 120 families in Ghazni province. This was not possible without your help and contribution. 1/3
Our next round of distribution will be in Kunar. Stay tuned for the next update. Meanwhile take time to visit @ASEELApp and contribute to the ongoing fundraisers!
Weather is getting colder everyday and families are in dire need of food and winter fuel. Don’t leave them behind.2/3
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In collaboration with @kandahar_, we are hosting a fundraiser to help families in Kandahar during winter.
"Afg is facing the worst humanitarian crisis on earth and 23 million Afghans are predicted to suffer from famine and starvation this winter if help doesn't arrive." (1/3)
Help us reach our goal of helping people of Kandahar during this winter before it gets worse than it already is.
We have targeted to raise 10,000$ to help 150-200 families.
Every amount counts and make a difference. Do not hesitate to contribute, share, and donate. (2/3)
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As the people of #Afghanistan face a humanitarian calamity and economic collapse, the initiative of #SaudiArabia, supported by #Pakistan to mobilize the @OIC_OCI is laudable: Former foreign secretary @Salman_B_PK

#APPNews #OICinPakistan #Feel4Afg #OIC4Afg #AfghanistanCrisis
“The @OIC_OCI has always played an important role in Afghanistan. It is good to see the Saudis take a lead on the humanitarian aspects of the situation,” @Salman_B_PK ,who also served as High Commissioner to India, wrote in an op-ed published in @arabnewspk

On #SaudiArabia’s initiative joined by 🇵🇰, an extraordinary session of the Foreign Ministers of @OIC_OCI states is being held in Islamabad on Dec 19 to evolve a joint framework of cooperation with regards to the humanitarian situation in #Afghanistan.

#APPNews #OICinPakistan
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Pakistan is looking forward to welcoming the foreign ministers to Islamabad for the 17th Extraordinary Session of the Organization

#APPNews #AfghanistanCrisis #Afghanistan #OICinPakistan #OIC4Afg @ForeignOfficePk
The foreign minister, in a tweet, extended a welcome to the foreign ministers of OIC states who will be arriving in Pakistan for the upcoming meeting.

#APPNews #AfghanistanCrisis #Afghanistan #OICinPakistan #OIC4Afg @ForeignOfficePk
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers on Afghanistan on December 19, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Tuesday.

#APPNews #AfghanistanCrisis #Afghanistan #OICinPakistan #OIC4Afg @ForeignOfficePk
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"“Hundreds if not thousands” of messages from MPs – many on behalf of fearful constituents – were not read until the operation ended and the criteria for selecting the lucky few for a flight out of Kabul was not clearly defined, he claims."
"An email in Marshall’s name was sent to FAC chair Tom Tugendhat MP, who had served in Afghanistan, assuring him that the 10 cases he’d sent were being processed. Marshall says that was a lie and the note to Tugendhat was “written by committee”."
"Details of Tugendhat’s interpreter, whose case was higlighted in parliament, could not be found and “must have been lost somewhere in the FCDO system”."…
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