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In our undergraduate courses BA History, BA History joint honours, and BA History with languages you can study a wide range of exciting modules on different aspects of modern and contemporary history. Keep an eye on this thread to see what we have on offer!
In your first year, you will have modules that cover the basic groundwork of British, European and Twentieth Century history. One of them is Modern Britain, 1760-2000! Image
In your second year, you will be able to select modules according to your own interests, but you will also do "The Historian's Craft", in which you will meet all the History team for different sessions and which will prepare you for the dissertation Image
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The African Mothers and Fathers of Western Christianity

Cyprian, and Augustine.

Saints Perpetua and Felicity and Saint Maurice (as well as his military regiment), early martyrs, African."

#AfricanHistory #BlackHistoryMonth…
"There have also been three North African popes: Victor I, Melchaides (also a martyr), and Gelasius I.The vast majority of these Patristic-era figures resided in North Africa, where Christian communities thrived until the Muslim conquests of the region."
"Africa has the world’s third largest Catholic population, after the Americas and Europe. Nearly 1 out of every 5 Africans – 19.2% – is Catholic. The Pew Research Center expects the number of African Christians south of the Sahara, including Catholics, to double by 2050."
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This #BHM I want to recognize two unique YouTube Channels that are doing an amazing job debunking racist lies about African history.


#1 #HomeTeam advances historical perspectives concerning African History, Culture, and Worldview.…
"HomeTeam" simply refers to the African Diaspora. Join us as we revisit our history and learn more about the humanity and agency of African people."

1 dollar a month to show support.
#2 Channel is called "From Nothing".

They create videos and animation about African history and culture. @TheEmpireFN.

What I like most about them is that they're not afraid to challenge the claims of both the Afro-centrist and White Supremacist. #bhm
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How do you guys feel about a little bit of history this Monday evening?
Oh, today's Tuesday. I seem to be slower than the times. Is it because of my addiction to history? 😂
Let's journey to South Africa. The Zulu Country with the setting in mid 18th century.
Mkabayi Kajama The Zulu Princess

Shaka Zulu was a great warrior and king of the Zulu in South Africa. His story has fascinated historians, who have tried to figure out the aspects that drove him to be the conqueror he is known today.
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The Amazons of Dahomey.

It is noon on a humid Saturday in the fall of 1861, and a missionary by the name of Francesco Borghero has been summoned to a parade ground in Abomey, the capital of the small West African state of Dahomey.
He is seated on one side of a huge, open square right in the center of the town–Dahomey is renowned as a “Black Sparta,” a fiercely militaristic society bent on conquest, whose soldiers strike fear into their enemies all along what is still known as the Slave Coast.
The maneuvers begin in the face of a looming downpour, but King Glele is eager to show off the finest unit in his army to his European guest.
As Father Borghero fans himself, 3,000 heavily armed soldiers march into the square and begin a mock assault on a series of defenses...
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If we care to look there’s beauty & history in words & names. In my community each year (known by the passing of mbura ya njahi & mbura ya mwere) boys would transition to warrior age. Each age group (Rika) would receive a unique name. In these names lies a whole history. A Thread
Before the 1900’s most age groups were the usual Agikuyu male names such as Mwaura, Ngugi and Ngaruiya. But in 1870 a curious disease landed and it wrought a devastation so severe it rocked the community. This was Smallpox and that year Rika ria Mutung’u was initiated.
Eighteen years later another disease - typified by itchy scaly skin gave us Rika ria Uhere followed by Dysentry- Ruharo (1892), Jiggers -Ndutu(1897), Syphilis - Gatego (1901). Each wave from Europe whether missionaries,slavers,traders or settlers brought new unfamiliar diseases.
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Isiqalekiso seSizwe samaZulu/esimnyama‼️


Lawa ngamazwi aphimiswa iLembe mhla belihlasela, belibulala oMbopha kaSithayi, Mhlangana kanye noDingane. #AfricanHistory
La mazwi eLembe afana nesiqalekiso ngoba baqhaqhazela babaleka mabezwa esho njalo, phela iLembe lalichaza ukuthi lobuswa abelumbi izwe njengoba ubona nje benza. Phela iLembe bathi lase lihlele liqedile ukuthi lizobaphazamisa kanjani abelungu ukuze bangenzi intando yabo KwaZulu.
- Okuhlalukayo ukuthi : Ubukhosi bakwaZulu obukhona kumele kuhole iSizwe sendlu emnyama, kuyocelwa intethelelo edlinzeni le Lembe ngenxa yamazwi nesiqalekiso uNdabezitha asishiya nawo.
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The colonial encounter
between Europeans and Africans
did not always end with Europeans triumphing.
Either at first, or later.

Thread # is #Africanarchive
Check out this fascinating moment
in the history of
colonial encounters between Europeans and Africans:

From 1557 to 1632,
#Jesuit missionaries from Portugal and Spain
endeavored to convert the #Ethiopians
from their ancient form of #Christianity
to Roman #Catholicism
After fifty years of failing to convert Ethiopians,
the Portuguese sent a new group of Jesuits to Ethiopia in 1603,
including a priest named Pedro Paez,
whose diplomacy and sympathy for the
tenets of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
enabled him to convert the emperor.
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My thread on “Whitewashing African History”... I have always been disappointed at the whitewashing of African history especially when you see how some of our famous heroes are transformed to look more white in popular culture. (1) #AfricanHistory
I also remember during my high school curriculum in Kenya, I was required to learn about the Industrial revolution, Christopher Colombus, Greek History etc, but Google taught me in my adulthood about Mansa Musa, the richest African man in history!!! #AfricanHistory (2)
I’m now trying to learn more about African history in my adulthood so that I can teach my children more than what I knew, I discovered one of the best keep secrets of the world.... @UNESCO’s General History of Africa Collection… #AfricanHistory (3)
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