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The below story talks about the biggest RAPE/SEX Scandal case of India which you and your parents might not know about as it was never supposed to come out.If you understand the seriousness of it, do share among your circle and let everyone know what happened in 1992 Ajmer. #rape
Ajmer gangrape and blackmail case was a toxic mix of political patronage, religious reach, impunity, and small-town glamour. Thirty years on, closure still seems far.
#ajmer #rape #ajmer1992
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An #RTI response from the Rajasthan government reveals that a total of 6 shutdowns were imposed during August 2018 in the districts of #Ajmer, #Bhilwara, #Naguar and #Tonk to prevent cheating in exams.…
#keepiton #internetshutdown
The RTI response states that the law under which the suspension was ordered is Order Number F 35(1) Home-9/ 2006 Pt. Dated 02-09-2017 issued by Home (Gr.9) Department of Rajasthan Government.
The order states that in exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 2(1) of the Temporary Suspension Of Telecom Services Rules, 2017, the DCs of the State of Rajasthan are hereby empowered to exercise the powers conferred by the Rules in case of public emergency or public safety.
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#HinduPundits w'r the masters of #William Jones, James Princep and others in Compn. era. Do you know that not the W. Jones but Pt #Radhakant Sarman (1785) deciphered Mehrauli inscription (1162 CE), Jones only translated it to English, JNU-leftwing hist. suppressed all Image
Its an inscription of warrior #Chahamana king Visaladeva whose capital was Ajayameru (Mod. #Ajmer), but wrongly written as Firoz Shah's inscription in books. Pls see his coins Image
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The Golden Jain Temples of #Rajasthan
Pic 1. Soniji Ki Nasiyan Ajmer
Pic 2. Shri Falna Swarna Jain Tirth

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@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia
@truejainology @bahubali09 @_bhaarratpati @sourabh806 @LavanyaBallal
#India ImageImage
Soniji Ki Nasiyan #Ajmer

Greatly revered by the Digambar sect of the Jains, the temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev.

The 5 Kalyanakas of Lord Rishabhdev could be displayed in Golden models.

@SarikaJainBJP ImageImageImageImage
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In 1151 AD Gujarat king Kumarpal Solanki donated a village to Shiv temple of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan through his administrator Dandnayak Sajjan.12th century Gujarat Solanki king Kumarpal ruled over Gujarat, Abu, Marwad, Mewad, Sambhar, Ajmer, Malwa & north Konkan.
In 12th century Hemchandracharya wrote 'Trishashtishlakapurushcharit' & 'Yogshastra' containing 20 Vitragstuti at the request of King Kumarpal. Gujarat king Kumarpal visited Saurashtra pilgrimage places including Somnath twice with Hemchandracharya & 2nd time in Jain Sangh.
12th century Gujarat Solanki Rajput king Kumarpal abolished cruel law of 'Aputrikadhan' (sonless widow's wealth). By this law, sonless widow's wealth was forfeited after the death of a widow by the king.
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Gujarat's great king Siddharaj Jaysinh Solanki died in 1142 AD after 49 years rule.He had no son.His time was a golden era of Gujarat history.After death of Gujarat king Siddhraj Jaysinh, his cousin's grandson Kumarpal became Gujarat's 8th Solanki king as Jaysinh had no son.
As Kumarpal was descendant of Bhimdev 1st & his concubine Bakuladevi,king Siddharaj Jaysinh was against Kumarpal to become king after his death.Kumarpal was in exile & roaming one place to another in disguise because of fear of 12th century Gujarat king Siddharaj Jaysinh Solanki.
When Gujarat king Siddhraj Jaysinh died in 1142, throne heir Kumarpal was in Malwa in exile. He came to Patan & became Gujarat king after 30 days.Kumarpal Solanki became Gujarat king with help of Hemchandracharya, minister Udayan & Army Chief Krishndev who was his sister husband.
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n/1 So lets talk about narratives.
1. you know shahjahan build tajmahal, now do you know he killed and raped hundreds of hindus at that time
2. some one will say , dont say this. Dont create communal disharmont
3. Now when u speak of british and independence do u create communal
disharmony. If yes stop speakingabout independence
4. Now how are narratives affecting us .
5. whole world know hitler killed thousands of jews. now lets come to hindu genocide. Dont discuss
6. Why . again you will say it is communal
7. I dont understand how it can be commnal
8. Do in israel people are hating christians
9. Now in books starting from class 1 to our newspaper, no- one discuss brutality of islamic invaders
10. Now some can keep her child name taimur, who had killen thousands of hindus. Can some in europe can keep her child name as hitler
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To legitimise ones claim on the #Mughal throne, Khutba had to be read in ones name in the Friday prayers and a Sikka (Coin) had to be struck. Heres a thread of the coins struck in the name of Mughal Emperors with their names highlighted.
Sher-o-Khurshid on a medallion of Jahangir
1. Zahir-ud-din Muhammad #Babur (1526-1530CE)
Known coins: Silver Shahrukhis in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: Agra, Badakshan, Jaunpur, Kabul, Lahore
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Agra.
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @Bagh_eBabur @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
2. Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun (1530-1540/ 1555-1556CE)
Known coins: Gold Mithqals, Silver Shahrukhis and Silver Rupees in his name and Anonymous Copper issues
Known Mints: 11
Coins displayed: #Siver Shahrukhi of #Lahore
@ssharadmohhan @India_Atelier @iamrana @gypsy_heart6
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