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Imagine the social segregation of not being able to attend your best friend's 40th Birthday party because it's held in a restaurant that doesn't accept #indue #CashlessDebitCard
Imagine not being able to take your mum out on Mother's Day or dad on Farther's Day for lunch or dinner because local businesses aren't pre-registered for #CashlessDebitCard #indue
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@terra155 @not_my_debt @ContrarCanberra @QcSilbert @aat_gov_au @VicLegalAid @DarrenODonovan @SenatorSiewert @WilkieMP @billshortenmp @Senator_Patrick @ato_gov_au @jeremy_gans Hey Thyra, our DMs are open here & on FB. Feel free to drop us a private msg to discuss specific #RoboDebt queries.

Meantime re ADEX: RHS Customer columns determine LHS columns. Apportioned Actual Income is derived from daily-level PAYG averages per table with yellow highlights.
@terra155 @not_my_debt @ContrarCanberra @QcSilbert @aat_gov_au @VicLegalAid @DarrenODonovan @SenatorSiewert @WilkieMP @billshortenmp @Senator_Patrick @ato_gov_au @jeremy_gans PS In case it helps, here's the #RoboDebt victim's redacted & annotated Employment Information Statement, showing the ATO PAYG match data (unhelpfully unsorted, as sent with the initial compliance intervention letter). This is the source for the daily-level averaging calcs above.
@terra155 @not_my_debt @ContrarCanberra @QcSilbert @aat_gov_au @VicLegalAid @DarrenODonovan @SenatorSiewert @WilkieMP @billshortenmp @Senator_Patrick @ato_gov_au @jeremy_gans BTW, this is an example of an Earnings Apportionment Tool (EAT) schedule per above #RoboDebt case - for Employer M. It provides extra proof of unlawful daily-level averaging over an extended period from raw ATO PAYG match data - as denounced by AAT Members Carney, Treble & Burke.
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Australia's #robodebt is based on an algorithm, so, I'm going to listen to and livetweet the @flashforwardpod podcast in relation to how @HumanServicesAU, particularly @Centrelink is using technology in a harmful way.
Before we get started, a little explainer of #robodebt: a "speculative invoice generated by an algorithm"
c/o @manjusrii

+ longer read of the issue c/o @not_my_debt:
"The government is using a computer algorithm to identify overpayments, or ‘debt’, by matching fortnightly Centrelink reporting periods to annual income from the Australian Taxation Office and looking for discrepancies. "
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Well I guess I'm reading this discussion paper now.…
May as well do a #tljr as well.
The intro is full of fluff about 'unlocking potential'. The legislation's aim is "to streamline
and modernise data sharing, overcoming complex legislative barriers and outdated secrecy provisions."
"The legislation will also allow government agencies to draw on expert advice to assist them to share data safely using contemporary tools and techniques." Yeah, they've responded really well when experts like @chrisculnane @VTeagueAus and people like me provide advice. #tljr
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Hey @RACGP are your members okay with DHS turning them into snitches on patients that are welfare recipients?
"Matters that do not meet the fraud investigation selection criteria […] but may require some corrective treatment, will be
referred to the relevant business areas for appropriate intervention." #notmydebt #Robodebt
"Administrative action may include the reduction, suspension or cancellation of benefits
and also includes actions taken to recover any overpaid amounts."
Sound familiar? #notmydebt #Robodebt
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So @Centrelink have quarantined my entire tax refund for a false #robodebt they're claiming I was overpaid all the Family Tax benefit from the first two years after my marital separation... When I was studying, not working, and barely eating.

It's just straight up theft.
Finally got an explanation of the exact details of debt. I explained it's something I can easily disprove. Guy said it might not make a difference.

I might be able to get some money back if I can prove financial hardship. To recover my own money.

This is what they do to people
Still on phone.

Guy and I now realising info they have is accurate and I gave documentation at the time (I always do) so where/why/how debt?!

This could be resolved quickly or go on forever.
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I have some #robodebt queries for “Services Australia”/DHS based on last week’s data and today’s news piece. Let’s start with earlier figures the department shared in February 2019. Keep an eye on the 2016/17, 2017-2018 reduced figures (add them) Link…
Now here’s the data given out last week. You see that the number of 2016-17 debts reduced has increased by nearly 14000, the number of 2017-2018 debts reduced went up 600ish and the number of current financial year debts reduced figure went down (?!) So: questions
Is the dept now reporting successful reassessments/appeals of 2016-17 debts made in 2018 and 2019 under the 2016 figure? Must be given the shrinking of the 2018/19 debt reduced. Otherwise 14,000 2016 debts just got reduced in 6 mths (a 56% increase 2 yrs post debt). Too Strange
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this kafkaesque process of debt recalculation must be stopped. The department will brief strongly against this view using the second Ombudsman report. But we must #rewindrobodebt…
For 2 years, the public, media and politicians have asked: how many people just pay the #robodebt without questioning it? DHS can’t report on how many people are asking for debt reassessment. It’s dangerous to purse a process for which there is no reportable timeline.
journos will not get straight answers for: how many people are questioning their #robodebt? How many times have the department used it’s powers to clarify info?As an academic the first question I ask of any policy is: can the public evaluate it? Is it reported on? We can’t.
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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Brewing off the coast of civil society: the projected track of #robodebt. Now note the underlying cost/benefit ratio: For 1 dollar of "direct" cost (there's other costs btw), at most 4 dollars of "debt" raised (not reassessed/recovered). But let's #rewindrobodebt a sec. Thread!
As you do, I dusted off my copy of DHS' Annual Report 2013-2014, p314. Let's look at the old data-matching system, which as the Ombo says was the same method but with less automation&more info gathering from employers. Look at the cost-benefit ratio here. Confusion costs.
I'm standing here on DHS' own preferred ground. These nrs exclude costs to CLCs, AAT, social impacts. I'm firmly of the belief that if people claim their rights, if they pursue #centrelink, the economics of this programme will collapse. A frontup, wide quality check makes sense
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Bullshit! I am not buying this denial.

A. Lenore Taylor is a bloody good journalist & would not report without due diligence.

B. Morrison & co have shown by their words & actions over the years they love the race-baiting as an election strategy.…
The government is just now realising that all the mainstreaming of hate they have done over the years is coming back to bite them in the arse.

Let's face it, these pricks wanted a terror attack, just not the one they got.
They are also betting on the fact that so many in our press gallery still follow that bullshit line of "well if the Minister says... we have to take him at his word..."

We all know how often these pricks have lied, not obfuscated, but LIED!
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Yo @centrelink!
How does this happen:
You load ATO Match Data in May-2017
You send EIC reminder in Jul-2017
You raise large surprise #RoboDebt in early 2019
You don't issue AMENDMENT PAYG Summary
Compliance & myGov have no record of initial EIC letter?
#NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt
Could it be that:

Initial EIC letter included dodgy ATO Match Data?

This #RoboDebt was actually raised mid-2017, then recalled & later resurrected?

Fraudulent 'zombie' debt claim arises from employer duplication with substantial double-counted & averaged earnings?

PS Could it be that:

This is just one of hundreds of thousands of dubious zombie cases that have been unpaused (rather than properly remediated), in the lead-up to #Budget2019 & #PEFO, with intent to inflate #RoboDebt figures & fudge #Surplus!? #NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt #AUSpol
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@billshortenmp @SenatorWong @ALeighMP
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
Then there were more than 2030…
#auspol #inequaltiy
You guys should be squealing like stuck pigs over the government's responsibility for #robodebt and its results. Do always need your focus group? Get off you bums and say something. Get the MSM off their bums while you're at it. #auspol
@AustralianLabor @Shorten_Suite silence is consent. Get out your arse guys, and say something.
That represents only 10% of Aussies dying of #robodebt Why aren’t you screaming your tits off. The alternative is it’s not a problem for your mob. #auspol
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Even for the seemingly rock-bottom standards of our Commonwealth government, the past week has been a desperately grim parade of malfeasance and sleaze.

Some low-lights include:
* a federal court case establishing that two of the former Employment minister's most senior staffers broke the law leaking the AWU raid to the media
* Senate Estimates hearing that the Federal Police and the DPP would have laid charges, if two Ministers had cooperated with police. They didn't.
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So, everyone has been talking about this 776 figure and how bad it is

I wanted to figure out some point of reference as to how bad it might actually be #notmydebt #Robodebt 1/
The number comes from a Department of Human Services report that you can access here:…

The specific figure is 776 deaths for people aged under 45 in a population of ~410,000 debt notices 2/
This means that the rate of death for people aged 45 or below as a proportion of the total sample is 776/410000 = 0.002 = 0.2%

But what does that MEAN? 3/
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I'll be more specific: My first job was handling Centrelink student benefit data for the Australian Education Department.

I analysed Youth Allowance (for students), Austudy and Abstudy data.

#NotMyDebt #RoboDebt #RewindRoboDebt
And I've been a Youth Allowance and Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipient.

Then Centrelink robodebt'ed me for DSP, even though I settled the debts years before. I had given them all my pay records. But they lost them.

#NotMyDebt #RoboDebt #RewindRoboDebt
Ironically, the Centrelink debts happened because the Education Department (my employer's) payroll lagged behind my Centrelink DSP reporting dates.

But the Education Department keeps pay records for a *long* time. So I got them again.

#NotMyDebt #RoboDebt #RewindRoboDebt
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I used to work in data warehousing and business intelligence. The replies where they withheld information are *very* carefully worded.


#NotMyDebt #RoboDebt #RewindRoboDebt
"The Department can not readily identify all methods of interaction"

"many of these interactions may occur … manually"

These are very weak statements. They could have provided the data they had, with a caveat about incompleteness.

#NotMyDebt #RoboDebt #RewindRoboDebt
And they couldn't say "a majority of these interactions occur manually".

Because that would be a lie.

I couldn't have a robodebt conversation in person. When I went to a Centrelink office, they told me to call the #RoboDebt team.

#NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt
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Answer to Estimates QoN: Deceased People.

How many people have died after being hit with a #robodebt?
And who died?

There's a lot they're not saying, but these few small tables still say a lot.

663 of the #robodebt victims who have died were or had been marked as vulnerable.
That's 32%.

It was claimed at one point that vulnerable persons were not being targeted.

While slightly more women are issued a #robodebt than men (145K : 137K), more than twice the number of men have died after receiving a robodebt.

#RewindRobodebt #NotMyDebt
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The Government must suspend #robodebt during the legal challenge in the Federal Court #centrelink #auspol #greens…
Two years ago I chaired the senate inquiry into the #robodebt debacle and the evidence we heard was both devastating because of the human consequences and gobsmacking in the brazen way the Gov threw out fairness to pick on some of the most vulnerable people #auspol #greens
Since that senate inquiry the Government has tweaked around the edges, but it has not addressed the underlining unfairness of the program and people are still being harassed for money they do not owe and cannot pay #auspol #greens #robodebt #centrelink
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And for the day that's in it, new #robodebt statistics just provided in answer to question on notice. 44,309 original debts have now been reduced. Plus a hefty waiver figure -includes instances of centrelink error, cases of extreme circumstances&uneconomic to recover
The system is now scaling up rapidly with 409,572 debts raised. That is up from 281,613 up to May 31st - so that is 120,000ish in last five months. #notmydebt
Formal reviews have also increased and there is a sizeable body of AAT caselaw which the Department will have to answer direct questions from Senate on before Feburary 20th.
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What's kind of depressing reading through the Australia Day honours list is how many of these people getting gongs are actually really bad people.

A thread.
Kathryn Campbell is the woman most responsible for #robodebt, a punitive and probably illegal algorithm that caused hundreds of thousands of Australians to be harassed for welfare debts they hadn't incurred
Peter Botten is the boss of giant oil company Oil search, whose governance record in PNG has been controversial and whose main product is, you know, destroying the planet
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#Robodebt illegality: The seven veils of failed guarantees of the rule of law? New article by Terry Carney in ⁦…
"This article asks how rule of law institutions failed to ‘bell the cat’ on the illegality of Centrelink's #robodebt programme and its unethical character"
"It is unlawful because Centrelink, not the
supposed debtor, bears the legal onus of ‘proving’ the
existence and size of any debt not accepted by the sup-
posed debtor." #Robodebt
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Hey @billshortenmp @tanya_plibersek @TurnbullMalcolm to capitalise on heightened privacy concerns in the electorate, here are 9 election promises to make, to show you take privacy seriously:

1. Revert #MyHealthRecord to opt-in, and fix too-easy access controls
2. Tighten Privacy Act to prevent misuse of citizens’ data a la @bluemilk

3. Appoint a tough Privacy Commissioner & fund @OAICgov properly so they can robustly investigate cases like Facebook & Cambridge Analytica, and enforce the new Privacy Code

4. Stop #robodebt
5. Tighten the Privacy Act to match EU standards including higher penalties, right to algorithmic transparency and human review of automated decisions.

6. Repeal warrantless access to telco/ISP metadata
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The Turnbull govenrment: a thread
What does the Turnbull government stand for? In media discussion and public debate, we often assume Turnbull stands for little
But that's not quite true. Turnbull and his ministers have been quite busy in office. They've pushed through policies in a number of areas
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