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If you read the papers lately… you might have seen that @PeterDutton_MP is about to be “promoted” to Defence.

The reality is @PeterDutton_MP’s being dumped from Home Affairs because he’s incompetent and made a mess of it.

@ScottMorrisonMP’s going to #DumpDutton.

Thread 🧵👇🏻
.@PeterDutton_MP should lose his job because he’s bad at it.

Plain & simple.
Over the past 5 years, 6 months & 13 days as the relevant Minister, Dutton has played the tough guy, growling & stomping his feet.  
But it’s all a mask to cover up his mistakes & mismanagement.
For the next 2 weeks, let’s catalogue Dutton’s dumb decisions, directionless department & botched border security as @ScottMorrisonMP’s prepare to #DumpDutton.

@PeterDutton_MP’s incompetence has real world impacts on Australians- their jobs, wages, security, health & even lives.
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Yeah this deserves a thread.

Slow clap for the "shadow minister for pointless derision" who is incapable of contributing anything to the discourse during a pandemic.

You notice what you never hear from these privileged gibbons in our state's opposition? A sceric of concern for the actual residents who are living a nightmare, trapped with a fatal virus while police are enforcing a lockdown.

These residents did not fly in from Aspen on a private jet and ignore the quarantine restrictions. More likely these are the ones who missed out on federal support because our PM "stuffed up" when he overlooked casual workers, universities and the arts.

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Want to do a thread on this QoN answer as it provides a little insight into the money spent on 649 staff finding averaged debts (dec-March). Whatever the figure is speaks to why robodebt is no ordinary scandal. the figure embodies incredibly worrying questions about the APS
It’s not just that they were wrong after 4 years of warnings. Just how - while litigation raged, Prof Carney called extortion, civil society warned people were lost&hurting, did they say “no we are not going to record which we used averaged data”. How was that even possible?!!
This about our public administration. Public servants talk about “evidence based” policy. Well right here: this was the ONLY evaluation data that mattered. How many debts had documents? Were people coping with centrelink’s treadmill? You have NO credible policy without knowing
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Thread: Wholeheartedly agree @vanOnselenP
But we don’t need a royal commission, we all know what went wrong, we watched it unfold. Everyone l was telling gov this was wrong & hurting ppl, they failed to act.
It was arrogance, incompetence, over reliance of bureaucrats..
& a deep prejudice held against welfare recipients, with assumption ppl without money are below them; assuming ppl would rort system, assuming gov could bully ppl & no one would fight back - it’s EXACT same behaviour & cash grab by @ato_gov_au that @Richard_D_Boyle exposed 2/7
@Richard_D_Boyle & @4corners disclosure, stopped @ato_gov_au & saved lives + prevented suicides - but Richard now faces 162 yrs jail for doing so

@JaneCaro & @vanOnselenP are right, but how could ppl hold gov to account & prevented deaths without risking same as Richard? 3/7
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remember when press gallery journos spent the election campaign saying the Morrison government has no agenda? No climate policy? That was convenient cover for the Morrison government agenda of promoting coal ahead of renewables.…
remember Turnbull, who lost his job as leader of the Liberal Party twice over climate policy, ran on a jobs n growth platform. Morrison has destroyed tens of thousands of jobs in my sector alone and is running on a jobs platform (the Liberals gave up on growth years ago).
‘existing Morrison government policies’ - which are not nothing.
The consistent construction of dangerous Morrison government climate policy settings as “no policy” is a microcosm of how the dangerous Liberal Party policy platform is presented as neutral government action.
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I'm downing tools for a moment to talk about this story about Labor's move to support a Royal Commission into #robodebt which is interesting more for what it doesn't say #auspol. /1…
The background to this is last week the two major parties got together in a rare display of bipartisanship and, putting aside their ideological differences, gagged debate in the senate until July because Pauline Hanson and friends were spamming motions as a stunt. /2
The changes to the senate standing orders do two things: 1) limit the number of motions that can be introduced by senators to one a week and 2) create a grey area where senators will struggle to get the government to produce documents and hold them to account. /3
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC Europe correspondent Bridget Brennan, who (afaik) is the first Indigenous journo to appear on the show! And from the murdoch press, Annika Smethurst and Simon Benson.
This thread is not fact-checked.
starts with a warning on images of First Nations people who have died #Insiders
as usual Speers opening spiel is a verbatim Morrison government message, on re-opening the economy. We are told the prime minister who opted to tell lies about Australia’s history “says he is not interested in the raging debate about Australia’s history”. #Insiders
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wow I just caught up with Scott Morrison apparently addressing his lies about slavery. “We have had issues in our history. We have acknowledged them. I have acknowledged them. I have been deeply invested in these issues.” He could be talking about anything.
he didn’t mean to cause offence and if he did he deeply regrets that and apologises for that, says Scott Morrison, using exactly the same words - EXACTLY - he used yesterday on #Robodebt. Which tells us how much he cares about the specifics of both slavery and Robodebt. Zero.
there is no official Commonwealth government recognition of slavery to my knowledge. He didn’t acknowledge slavery, he denied it happened. He also trotted out an excuse helpfully provided, wait for it, by a press gallery journalist.
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, Pat Karvelas from the ABC and David Crowe of ninefax. This thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers.
as usual, Speers opens with what Morrison and in this case also Berejiklian and Andrews (but not SA police) said about the #AboriginalLivesMatter rallies. “They were warned not to go” says Speers about activists. By politicians and health experts, he reckons. #Insiders
the montage is #BlackLivesMatter and #AboriginalLivesMatter rallies interspersed with party-of-government politicians opinions and five (I think?) Aboriginal rally attendees. Lots of Morrison saying not to go. #Insiders
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A little thread giving context to these Guardian revelations. And yes: this is the 1000 day hostage situation FOI they fought with absolute pure nonsense.… never forget the people who were here when no one cared @notmydebt (himself hates being thanked)
It is August 2015 at DHS. They have just launched the interim manual system. Staff are directed to no longer get payslips and average more. 1.5 bn of savings is on forward estimates. they on for 866547 reviews. They sit down to write the Risk Management Plan for this.
1st 12 pages reflect known internal delusion. In fairness, Interim manual is going well. It hits the 2015 target. Great savings. unlawful savings. As ANAO will point out, getting humans to average was costly tho. For 12 pages staff are positioned as an irritant key to all risks
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Without being pompous, as an academic my only angle is the law and truth. As proof of that yesterday I answered Luke’s questions about the residual pre 2015 debts. But don’t anyone dare drawing equivalence between those forgotten files and what they let loose on people in 2015
So I will take this from the start, once. And tbh I’ll go back to my everyday work. One thing we can do for the quality of public debate is shift the key date in many accounts. up front averaging: the designed, chosen unlawfulness began in April 2015. Too many OCI only articles
In April 2015, in order to generate savings, DHS ran two pilot trials. For the 1st time ever staff were directed not to gaher employers for payslips. 68% of debts were averaged. A fact that was actively celebrated in dept.
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Karen Middleton, Virginia Trioli and Gareth Parker. The interview is with AG/IR Minister Christian Porter. This thread is not fact-checked.
as is his habit, Speers opens by repeating, verbatim, a Morrison government announcement. He pretends that an NPC speech is actual policy work, and has accepted (and repeats) the lie that these IR suggestions are new or started last week. #Insiders
the montage busily promotes the idea that the five roundtables are not Workchoices 2.0 (they are) and pretends a Morrison announcement is something akin to actual Labor policy outcomes instead (it isn’t). #Insiders
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I have some (more) notes on #robodebt to put the scheme in context of the 2000s. But before that, it's worth looking at Terry Carney's simple and logical description on the demise of #robodebt here:…. (1)
It's also worth reading one of Carney's AAT decisions about a debt raised in 2010 in the SCRIBD pdf embedded in this article from February:… (2)
Okay. So, after the Poniatowska (2011) and Keating (2013) decisions of the HCA, avenues for enforcing debts were far more limited for the Cth. Before 2011, the Cth had utilised the Cth DPP to do the heavy lifting on collecting overpayment debts and 10% recovery fees. (3)
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In regards to my first #robodebt of $4524.63 which I paid back in full with help from a friend - I got a phonecall tonight at 6:40pm from Centrelink. Was asked for my date of birth to confirm my identity and asked me if I would like to continue with my appeal lodged in 2018.
I had a bit of trouble remembering this certain appeal because 1) it was two years ago, 2) it's one of the three appeals I have lodged over the last two years and 3) the caller gave me no context.
They said I would have to provide payslips for my appeal to move forward. Payslips from November 2015 - July 2017. I have already provided these payslips as well as bank statements. They said it was not on their records.
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At #Estimates, the Dept Formerly Known As The Dept of Human Services claimed they knew nothing, simply nothing, about averaging #robodebt 1-Nov-2025 hold end dates.
We do like to be helpful, so here's a few examples…
Repayment restart date: 1-Nov-2025
Interest: $21.47
Recovery fee: $612.05
Amount paid: $2200.00

A hold means a repayment withheld.
Repayment restart date: 1-Nov-2025
Amount paid: $4047.52

A hold means a repayment withheld.
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What the actual fuck are you doing, @NDIS and @stuartrobertmp? Now we not only have to have goals for every part of our lives and send them to government but we also have to be MEASURED against them. Smart goals??? You could not make this shit up, #auspol.…
2/ And now we enter a world where not only does govt know our every move but they are going to hold us to account if we ‘fail’ to meet their impossible non disabled standards. Oh, I know you’ll say WE set the goals. You’ve never BEEN to a planning meeting, right?
3/ This is against the principles of the NDIS and we are tired of you introducing ‘trials’, declaring them ‘successful’ then implementing them by stealth. For a start, we will be contacting everyone in your trial site to tell them to put in goals around sex and masturbation.
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OK - coming out of Parliament House: the Government is slating an omnibus of welfare bills designed to force those on the DSP back to Centrelink, with the premise of making the NDIS the new DSP. Much tougher reviews guidelines, fewer approvals. 1/3
Greens talking about the CDC:

*423 Cashless debit card (Senator Siewert): To move—That the Senate—

notes that the Government is in discussions with the big four banks, major retailers and EFTPOS around a possible national rollout of the cashless debit card (CDC); 2/3
Suggesting that CDC may be rolled out widely. 'Robodebt' scheme to be renamed in attempt to limit damage to govt. Talk about smoking-related illnesses being limited on medicare; changes to chronic heart disease and diabetes status. #auspol #robodebt #NDIS #medicare #health #DSP
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101 Questions Speers might ask Morrison if his aggotts dropped.

1: Why allocate 12.5 billion litres a year for 50 years to a profit shifting, environment vandalising corp called Adani?
2: Why are we giving away $29 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to private enterprise?
3: Why are 90 towns out of water?
4: Why does Peter Dutton choose what the AFP investigates?
5: Why did Angus Taylor set up a Cayman Island front for the Australian govt to do business through?
6: Why did Mr B Joyce pay $80 million for imaginary water to the Cayman entity in Q5?
7: Why do we give huge grants without any probity or oversight?
8: Why do we have to beg whenever something goes wrong in Australia?
9: Why does a sacked marketing man have the keys to Kirribilli?
10: How much does the govt pay the media every year to get them to play dead?
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Things the media won't ask Morrison.
1: Why did your govt pay a Cayman Island entity set up by Taylor $80 million for imaginary water?
2: Why haven't you released the Parkinson report into the Sussan Ley scandal?
3: Why do all the police treat the coalition differently?

4: Why were the Campion jobs swept under the carpet? Defrauding the Commonwealth is a crime.
5: How do you explain 2,030 deaths attributed to #robodebt recipients?
6: How can you pass laws ignoring fundamental tenets of our judicial system? The presumption of innocence.
7: If we are doing what we can about climate change why are we running last? Ranked 61 of 61.
8: If you are great economic managers why do we have record fed govt debt? Up to $350 billion from Sept 2013.
9: Why is Angus Taylor still a govt minister?

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Hat tip to @DarrenODonovan for letting me know Services Australia have cheekily supplied answers to the senators on the 10,000 unpaused #robodebt notices I first wrote about in @SatPaper a few weeks back right as #auspol + media closing up for the year.

Consider this a highlight reel.

The bulk of unpaused debts were sent to people who weren't actually on social security at the time, meaning they had gone on with their lives. Still, 9,273 debts had to be pulled from debt collectors.

Think of it as a way of punishing upward social mobility. These debts affect a persons' credit rating once they've gotten themselves off social security.

It also means debt collectors start trying to make contact, either by phone or through a field operator. Not fun.

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Department officials before the Senate talking about the recent federal court #robodebt decision today. Here is the only reference I could find in the government's MYEFO statement regarding the case.
Department's opening statement on Amato and #robodebt is predictable: Can't talk about the case, given two pending legal matters. The debts are being checked. Don't call us, we'll call you if there's an error.

In other words: Trust us, everything is in hand.
Department confirms review is "in process" and numbers can't be given. Review concerns a "highly robust and highly manual process". Involves a "robust QA process".
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"Delivering for Australians" e.g.#Robodebt


"I am pleased today to release the Indep. Review of 🇦🇺 Public Serv & the Govt’s response. 🇦🇺 already has a world-class public service, however all orgs need to adapt & evolve to ensure they can be their best"
1. Delivering for Australians - a world-class Australian Public Service

Media Release by PM @ScottMorrisonMP
13 December 2019

"I am pleased today to release the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service and the Government’s response."

#Auspol @OZloop @LouiseBeaston
2. "Australia already has a world-class public service, however all organisations need to adapt and evolve to ensure they can be their best. The Australian Public Service is no different. Australians rely on the essential public services the APS delivers on behalf of the Govt."
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This is absolutely not @murpharoo’s best work. Right out of the first paragraph she’s presenting #robodebt as a “mistake” rather than a deliberate strategy. Also exemplifies a press gallery fetish of prioritizing voices of authority figures over facts.…
@murpharoo It’s funny because @murpharoo often says the facts are important, but she spent four years missing that basic year 7 maths says #robodebt averaging could not POSSIBLY be right, but maintained a “deep respect” for institutions doing it regardless.
@murpharoo It has always been 100% obvious that #robodebt has been about extorting poor people in the service of ideology. It’s about causing the same effect as a welfare cut without having to “own” it by making welfare unsafe to claim. Absolutely fraudulent, run by frauds.
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“...the department will no longer raise a debt where the only information we are relying on is our own averaging of Australia Taxation Office income data." #robodebt…
DHS will undertake a sweeping review of all debts where averaging was used.
“Customer compliance division will methodically work through previous debts identified as part of the online compliance program and respond to their requests for clarification”
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