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Having a look at the Commonwealth Integrity Commission Draft. My concern is that the CIC can refer a corruption investigation to the AFP or the relevant agency. Agencies investigating themselves is clearly open to corruption and ministerial interference. #FederalICAC #auspol
I'll post any other thoughts I have from looking at the draft legislation below. Keeping in mind that I am not a lawyer and it's a 363 page document. 🤷‍♂️
If you are bored and curious like me you can read the draft legislation here…
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1. I’m gunna go mad obsessively Twitter-following the election = anxiety and apocalyptic theories in why Trump will win.

I am now Panicked by the entry of energy policy in the mix. Our nightmare on climate change ensures that.

2. @TimAlberta is a political journo steeped in GOP politics. A must follow, but jeez, writing Biden’s victory analysis before the election makes my Irish bones ache. Lovely piece of writing, and interesting.

3. LOVE IT! Ivanka & Jared work for the Trump Swamp Family. Fine for the boss to maliciously throw baseless mud that Biden is head of a crime family & must be indicted. But tie THEM to Trump’s anti-NY invective & they’ll SUE!!! (Trump can’t be sued for defo while in office.)
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1. Rampant political and bureaucratic corruption in Australia DEMANDS a strong #federalicac. The #scottyfromMarketing denial, resistance and delay same tactics from him on banks before the Royal Commission forced on Govt by public pressure. A public duty fail. Latest example.
2. VERY expensive, relentless coverup of Howard Govt corruption at the highest level ongoing by legal intimidation of the Whistleblower of an offical wiretap of East Timor negotiation team on East Timor oil deal crucified.

2. Morrison’s promise of a weak, secret #federalicac is 2 years old and he’s now reduced to a ‘too busy’ excuse. Public interest, voter enthusiasm be damned. He’d rather look pathetic than fulfill his duty to the people and our democracy. Starting to smell bad.
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A. 74 (not 79 as I previously posted). I've compiled a montage dedicated to LNP’s morally bankrupt version of democracy. I estimated each use of SO-80 uses 7 mins (motion moved, vote, division, & settled down)
This means 8+ hrs of time that should be spent debating legislation has been wasted. Approx ~1,000 hours of MP’s time has been wasted.
Another way the LNP wastes $$$ & avoids accountability. Why have parliament if the LNP make a mockery of democratic processes
#BoycottMurdoch Image
Both my Part 1 & Part 2 threads have shown the LNP abusing Standing Order 80 & gagging debate with no concerns they are stopping ~half of Australia’s population being represented in Parliament.
#Auspol Image
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Can someone explain this?

So, there are 23 breaches of regulatory action that have allegedly been addressed by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.…

@lukehgomes wrote about this early this year.

But - 23 breaches? Of HOW many complaints? @DRC_AU
2/ They are the ones listed above. They have made them since they started operating.

In October of last year, they put out their Annual Report for the year ending 2019. Four months after the reporting period. They were only dealing with those two states then, NSW and SA.
3/ In that Annual Report, they said that in the 2018-19 financial year, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission received 4,537 reports of serious incidents. Including rapes, other abuse.…
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1. fantasy thread.

@AlboMP: Australians believe our democracy is failing because we can’t trust our big parties. The crisis of confidence in our political leadership must be addressed NOW.

Why? Because #AustraliaBurns means we must trust our governance to survive and thrive.
2. Labor didn’t promise a National Integrity Commission to investigate and expose corruption in federal politics - a #federalicac - at 2016 #ausvotes, and belatedly did last year but buried it.

Why? Because we’ve rorted too. And like our opponents, we too like to rort in Govt.
3. But that bipartisanship is over. We must, as a nation, act swiftly and comprehensively to clean up our politics & restore the people’s faith that they can live their lives knowing their Govt is acting in the national interest, not their own.

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1. Starting a thread on #sportsrorts developments

Attorney General reviewing whether @senbmckenzie’s grants were even LEGAL!

My guess, Govt worried about a class action by groups scammed by the Govt in the cause of the Libs-Nats self interest .…
2. Note the blatant conflict of interest in Christian Porter reviewing the legality of grants his electorate received. Morrison is becoming more Trumpian by the day.…
3. @jacksongs on the case for the people.
Sports group in Morrison electorate boasted of grant before Govt announced. Just like Ros Kelly’s #sportsrorts! He says told group matter ‘for independent experts to assess’. Lying or @senbmckenzie kept him in dark
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1. Journos don’t need to waste space commenting, sigh cynicism, that both sides do it. Voters knew that for yonks, hence trust collapse.

Press Gallery job is to decry it & try hard to make politicians accountable when caught corrupt. That’s their democratic role!

2. I reported, analysed & commented on the long running 1993-94 Ros Kelly #sportsrorts scandal as new @canberratimes politics recruit under @michellegrattan editorship.

Ran solo mostly, ignoring well meaning advice from a senior political journo to stop wasting my time...
3. ... because Kelly was Keatings mate so she was safe.

Michelle took angry callsfrom Kelly demanding she stop me trying to ‘destroy’ here. Grattan said no.

I got to know Costello and backbencher Judi Moylan, who got into the Howard ministry on the back of her performance.
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1. Remember Ros Kelly’s sports rort? ANAO report showed she trashed merit grants to favour marginal seats. Libs under Hewson went in for the kill, as did I. Sacked.

Now @senbmckenzie copies, AND got Coalition candidates, not thr MPS, to announce grants.

2. A reminder of the Sports Rorts scandal. I was working for @michellegrattan, Canberra Times editor, reported this political corruption solo for a while - senior press gallery journo told me to stop wasting my time ‘cause Kelly was a Keating ‘mate’.…
3. A Gurdian sports rorts wrap with no mention of the eerie parallels to Ros Kelly - Hewson and Costello led the charge to end her career, which it did.

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Huh? I deliberately did NOT Retweet the @AngusTaylorMP allegation thread because the allegations were unsourced. What’s going on, Angus?
2. Here’s the full letter from @AngusTaylorMP lawyers sent to @NoFibs which falsely claimed I tweeted a thread on allegations against him.
3. Wondering if a lawyer Tweep would agree to act for me pro bono to sort out this mess? I believe I did not Tweet or RT the thread in question.
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