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1/ 103 Advertising/Propaganda contracts.
This year alone the Liberals have issued 103 advertising contracts worth $68M.
The chart below shows the start & end date for each contract. #Auspol #FederalICAC #AlboForPM #ScottyFromMarketing Image
Assuming each contract expends its money evenly over the contract duration then we see 'peak propaganda' being reached just prior to the election being called and dropping off at the end of financial year. #ScottyFromPhotoOps Image
💰Many contracts are likely unpublished, so the real numbers are likely significantly higher
💰The data was taken from Austenders using the keyword advertising
💰The daily burn rate was derived by dividing total contract value by the number of days in the contract.
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731. Extraordinary stuff from Frydenberg, triumphalist Back in Black back boaster before last #ausvotes. SURELY with a record breaking deficit and covid widening income inequality the sane thing to do is delay or abolish the stage 3 tax cuts. Nope - let’s cut tax more!
732. B McKenzie demands the Clean Energy Finance Corporation finance carbon capture & storage research (a fantasy) to sustain coal mining. The mining industry hasn’t done it because it can’t be done. This is AWFUL, & she confirms there’s STILL no bloody plan!
733. The fix is in. If carbon capture and storage was viable big fossil fuel companies would have found a way by now. Yet to pretend to act on climate change the Govt INCREASES taxpayer already massive subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

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Speaking of 'Nazis Next Door', imagen being neighbours with these psychopaths. 🤢
Prolly worth noting that these Very Stable men are mostly from #Melbourne, but NSN has members in ADE, BRIS, PER, SYD et al & around the country.
*You may remember Dan Newman et al from such protests as 'Reclaim Australia' in Melbourne, April 2015.
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#auspol #auspol2021 #scottymustgo #ScottyFromQAnon

I need to vent for a moment, so please bear with me. My grandmother died yesterday. Thankfully it was peaceful, she made it clear that she didn't want heroic measures, so they weren't provided. 1/11
But unfortunately she spent the last year of her life in isolation and, despite what this government may say, this was avoidable. With properly administered quarantine and vaccination systems she could have spent her last days, months, with her family. 2/11
Her friends, her children in Melbourne and Sydney, her grandchildren, her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. But thanks to Mr. @ScottMorrisonMP she spent this time in isolation; and I hate him for it. 3/11
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Remember when #ScottyWentOnAWarFooting? (No not China, that's a different war.) This was because of his govt's inability to organise the #vaccinerollout.
It was a #ScottyFromMarketing strategy to share blame with states & look like he was DOING SOMETHING. 1/
2/ #ScottyFromDamageControl called for National Cabinet to meet three times a week. Oh, & call in someone from the Navy who's good with logistics. They'd do all the heavy lifting & sort out the #vaccinerollout. Here's a photo illustrating how this works.
3/ Then at the top of the steep hill, he could be triumphant, "I did it! All by myself!"
Except something else has happened...Or gone wrong...
Scotty isn't at the top of the #vaccinerollout hill but he's taken of his marching boots & is no longer on a war footing. 🙄
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Laura Tingle spot on as usual.
Media release from #ScottyTheAnnouncer on Friday:
"Government chartered repatriation flights to the Centre for National Resilience at Howard Springs for Australians returning from India will resume on May 15," 1/…
2/ What is the "Centre for National Resilience"?
Answer: a quarantine centre (Howard Springs)

Yep, the Minister for Announcements &🐂💩, #ScottyFromMarketing, had a "jazzy name" for it. Always the most important thing in a pandemic & you've stuffed up.
3/ @latingle writes, it shows the depressing priorities of this government. The starting point for communicating policies is not to tell taxpayers what they need to know is approached "through the prism of a political opportunity, or political badging".
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As well as the very ugly hallmarks of the Morrison govt, another one sticks out to me: complacency. 'She'll be right'. From the start of the COVID19 pandemic, there has been complacency, which thankfully, premiers & chief ministers haven't shared. 1/
2/ Complacency that COVID would be a faint memory in six months & life would be completely normal. Complacency, despite advice to the contrary, that expanding current fed quarantine facilities & building new ones, wouldn't be required.
3/ Complacency that once states & territories took on hotel quarantine (I imagine, in part because they didn't trust the fed govt to do what was necessary), they could sit back, relax, & accept accolades. #auspol
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India Sports Club president Raj Natarajan, who formed the club in Sydney 19 years ago, said bringing cricket stars home while thousands of Australians were unable to return would not be well received by the Indian-Australian community. 1/…
2/ Australians involved in the IPL- 11 coaches, including Ricky Pointing, support staff, commentators & umpires - chose to stay in India. Cricket Australia is considering facilitating a charter flight to bring them home.
3/ Yet more than 9000 Australian (non IPL cricket) citizens are believed to be trapped in India. Sean Kelly's piece in the SMH is relevant.…
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Der Spiegel: Scott Morrison in 'dire straits' and the Australian government is sinking into a scandalous swamp. Berliner-Zeitung, Le Monde, Le Figaro, the Washington Post, Bloomberg...1/…
2/ The Washington Post focused on Morrison’s “disastrous” press conference on Tuesday, with the headline, “Facing fury over sex scandals, Australia’s leader fights tears – then retaliates in outburst at reporter”.
3/ Morrison dug himself a "deeper political hole" and quoted Kirstin Ferguson as saying “The fish rots from the head … I just can’t imagine what would happen if there was a board responsible for Parliament House.”
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8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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Scott Morrison exerted unnecessary force on Jane Malysiak's hands and arm after she jokingly turn her "V" hand sign around, a la Winston Churchill.
The Australian Prime Minister is not above man-handling an elderly lady without consent if she does something he doesn't like.
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I reckon a lot of you probably view me as a crazy left winger. And that may well be fair, but if you’re wondering how I got here , I’m gonna have a crack.
In my 20s I had pretty much zero interest in politics. I grew up in Central Qld, surrounded by conservative influences.
Towards the end of the Howard years I began to feel that what he was doing wasn’t right, probably starting when they changed the rules retrospectively in the wharfie dispute. But it was even more troubling when he began adopting Hanson’s racist immigration views, and children
Overboard was a shameful chapter in racist dog whistling. I was disappointed that he spent the proceeds of the mining boom on Johnny’s Battlers instead of future proofing our economy and building a sovereign wealth fund. His failure to implement any sort of climate policy was
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Trainwreck interview between Labor's Tony Burke and #AfternoonBriefing's Patricia Karvelas, who was attempting to push a #FakeNews policy narrative announced by Christian Porter.

Burke wasn't having it. 👍

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
lol. Patricia Karvelas is now trying to steamroll Labor's Stephen Jones with Christian Porter's #FakeNews about 'portable entitlements' on #AfternoonBriefing

Karvelas is on the Morrison spin team.

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #TheNarrative #auspol
And now it's segment #3 trying to push the same Christian Porter #FakeNews narrative, this time with Australian Industry Group lobbyist Innes Wilcox.

#ScottyFromMarketing's narrative is getting the rolled-gold treatment.

#TheNarrative #journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
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The reminder of Kristina Keneally's #NPC address from yesterday:
"…At just $100m SportRorts is small fry compared to where the main game is.

Let’s take just one example with Community Development Grants…"
"…These grants were established in 2013 with a relatively modest $340m under the Abbott Government.

But Scott Morrison – as Treasurer – recognised the political benefit of sitting on large amounts of unallocated money in the budget…"
"…Morrison has topped Community Development Grants up - budget after budget - until it now sits at a whopping $2.5 billion…"
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1/ Without wanting to be unkind, it's evident from looking at Scott Morrison that he's prefers to be a spectator of sport rather than a participant.
When he ran for Cook, he developed a character. A rugby league loving, everyday bloke, a daggy dad.
#auspol #AustraliaDay
2/ Morrison hadn't followed league but he learnt about it. He became the Sharkies number 1 ticket holder, wore his scarf, waved it, & drank beers.
This character, eventually named ScoMo, was used to gain a following & send political messages.
#ScottyFromMarketing was astute.
3/ Recently, @CricketAus were naughty. They made a decision, after consulting with Indigenous leaders, to promote inclusion. #ScottyFromMarketing was not happy.
How dare a sports body interfere in political matters, he argued.
#auspol #AustraliaDay
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The top priority for #ScottyFromMarketing’s federal government in 2021 must be to ensure #coronavirus vaccines are available for everyone ASAP after their approval by the TGA.

How’s that looking so far?…
The first-listed vaccine is the Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine. Due to dosing issues in its phase 3 trial, it hasn’t yet been approved for use anywhere, and will likely need several more months of trials before it will be. I doubt Australia will approve it before May.
The next is the Novavax protein vaccine. It is still undergoing phase 3 trials, so we don’t yet know anything about its efficacy and safety. Interim data is expected in Q1 2021; that won’t be enough for the TGA to approve it. I guess it won’t be approved in Australia before June.
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1. I’m gunna go mad obsessively Twitter-following the election = anxiety and apocalyptic theories in why Trump will win.

I am now Panicked by the entry of energy policy in the mix. Our nightmare on climate change ensures that.

2. @TimAlberta is a political journo steeped in GOP politics. A must follow, but jeez, writing Biden’s victory analysis before the election makes my Irish bones ache. Lovely piece of writing, and interesting.

3. LOVE IT! Ivanka & Jared work for the Trump Swamp Family. Fine for the boss to maliciously throw baseless mud that Biden is head of a crime family & must be indicted. But tie THEM to Trump’s anti-NY invective & they’ll SUE!!! (Trump can’t be sued for defo while in office.)
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1. Rampant political and bureaucratic corruption in Australia DEMANDS a strong #federalicac. The #scottyfromMarketing denial, resistance and delay same tactics from him on banks before the Royal Commission forced on Govt by public pressure. A public duty fail. Latest example.
2. VERY expensive, relentless coverup of Howard Govt corruption at the highest level ongoing by legal intimidation of the Whistleblower of an offical wiretap of East Timor negotiation team on East Timor oil deal crucified.

2. Morrison’s promise of a weak, secret #federalicac is 2 years old and he’s now reduced to a ‘too busy’ excuse. Public interest, voter enthusiasm be damned. He’d rather look pathetic than fulfill his duty to the people and our democracy. Starting to smell bad.
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#ScottyFromMarketing and men like him have forged this dystopian present—planet on fire, collapsing ecosystems, mass extinctions, cross species viral pandemics—yet the Press don’t
question it and the shortsighted lap it up. I don’t like living in a John Brunner novel. #auspol
Our forest lungs burn away every day, methane sublimes in the tundra, oceans warm and die and we’re forced to wander in masks to protect ourselves from smoke and pathogens loosed by their planet-destroying fossil-fuel led frenzy to ‘add value’ to their own pockets. #auspol
Welfare systems which could keep people alive (which is the point of an economy) are eschewed in favour of siphoning wealth off to the already-rich. Politicians like Morrison and Coleman suckle at the public purse and avoid their responsibilities. #auspol
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“With 15 sleeps until Josh Frydenberg’s half hour upon the stage, the marketing bulldozer has left the shed with an anonymous “senior member of the government” guiding the Nine Entertainment newspapers to announce “the Morrison government is preparing to”…
“And it was before the apparent confirmation that the government will bring forward the flattening of our progressive income tax system, delivering tax cuts that overwhelmingly flow to the top 20 per cent.”
“The papers’ anonymous briefer claimed the size of spending to be revealed on October 6 “would shock many observers”.
Well, we’ll see.”
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So I see we’re having a debate about future economic directions… Here are a few points for #ScottyFromMarketing to reflect on… Thread
Early this year Cormann, Morrison’s Finance Minister, attacked our govt's stimulus package in the GFC, stating "We will not be pursuing a cash splash in the reckless Rudd-Gillard fashion, no,". Now they’ve adopted this same "reckless" strategy.
Remember our govt’s debt during the GFC was supposed to be "unsustainable", but under Morrison, it's five times the size of ours. #MorrisonsGiantDebtCon
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1/3 For someone with a brain it's amazing how stupid I can be. Of course I shouldn't give up trying to reason with these idiots/Party cyborgs/ hellbeasts/vampires/maggoty carcasses of moral ineptitude. I've picked a career path that essentially depends on my ability to reason.
2/3 Swearing is very satisfying & a great anger management technique. But if I ever practise human rights law I can hardly use as an argument for why the other side is wrong, 'Because he's a fucking vacant-eyed creep who thinks refugees are some kind of fauna.'
3/3 So I'm going to reform. At the very least I can stop swearing so much. It will be something of a trial to limit my use of the word 'fuck' while #ScottyFromMarketing and his gang remain in power, but I'll certainly give it a good try. If you have a go, you get a go. 🤮#auspol
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Morning @ayrestim ask @AlboMP why he’s not wearing a mask? School yard bully Albo at HSU when my young daughter wasn’t wearing a mask at reception. Since then she’s been given the shaft from a $68,000 job down to $54 for her 1st welfare payment - how great is hypocrisy!
@ayrestim Sinead bent over backwards volunteering for Labor & she’s shafted from a job after @AlboMP visit to HSU because of her disability & not being the ideal receptionist. Everyone deserves a well paid job! 🤬#auspol #nswpol #lnpfail
Nobody from ‘old rorting Kathy Jackson’ Union bothered to even ring Sinead to see how her mental health was after suddenly making her redundant without warning that she wasn’t doing her job which was bollocks! How great is Compassion in the yr of #COVID19au ! 🤬@AlboMP @ayrestim
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