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Surprise, the climate change denying, Twitter-files propagandists find themselves coming down on the #bioweapon myth too.

@shellenberger @mtaibbi are such bottom-feeding losers it would almost break my heart if they weren't as malicious & intentional in their quest for attention Image
The alleged sick workers are neither a new nor true part of the #bioweapon mythology; it is made up BS from David Asher and the State Department under Pompeo, going back to 2020 and laundered through some unnamed intelligence sources that got wide media coverage in 2021. ImageImage
The thing is; these #rewarmed talking points about sick workers have not only never been substantiated, but they are inconsistent with scientific evidence 🔽 & are also directly contradicted by serological tests of workers at the WIV, showing nobody was infected with Covid prior Image
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White Lines⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️

Covid 💉& Cancer

(Recreated research 🧵 from suspended accounts hit show replies to see all.)

Covid 💉can cause cancer.
Signals in the data for over 2 years.
Dr. Michel Goldman cancer progression:

Spring 2021, 2 💉💉 in left 💪.
Fall 2021, lymphoma, tumors along left side.
Fall 2021 💉 in right 💪,
accelerated lymphoma, tumors along right side

Michel explains the possible mechanism:
More confirmation of lymphoma and hyperactivated T cells post COVID💉:
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🧌 Its Alive! 🧌

Working theory, "Show replies" at the end for all.

Is SARS-CoV-2 a lab-created chimera?

A Frankenstein virus created from the genetic material of other lethal organisms, creating similar pathophysiological mechanisms in the body?

Gene sequences say YES >
The SC2 spike protein contains gene sequences that are homologous to those found in HIV, SEB, animal venoms, herpes, malaria, rabies and more.
The sequences from these organisms could release toxic peptides and pathophysiological mechanisms in the body similar to those found >
in the original lethal organisms.
Mechanisms are chemical recipes, like baking recipes.
A list of instructions from the genes that, when followed, produce a unique product like micro clots or a cytokine storm.

Just as a recipe for 🎃 pie produces 🎃 and not 🍎 pie. >
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The is the result of #Transhumanism.

If you are C19 vaccinated you are no longer fully human. You are now a patentable organism.

The ultimate #SatanicAgenda.

God help us.

#CovidVaccines #5G #mRNA #smartgrids #Agenda2030 #GreatReset #hackableanimals #freewill #SupremeCourt
Here is the Supreme Court opinion he is referring to. The link to the doc he is quoting from has been taken down.

Note the cDNA (complementary DNA) created by mRNA is patentable.

#CovidVaccines #5G #mRNA #smartgrids #Agenda2030 #GreatReset #hackableanimals #SupremeCourt…
Why did this link get taken down? Image
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Building call for the #FauciFiles

Please Mr Musk @elonmusk

...can we have some more? 🙏

@stillgray @WarClandestine
COVID-19 🦠 “most likely arose from a LAB LEAK” according to 🇺🇸 Energy Department...

...where have you been for the last 3 years?

#FauciFiles #FrankPlummer

@WSJ @elonmusk @stillgray @WarClandestine
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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China has executed a diabolical plan to gather, study, and manipulate the DNA of U.S. citizens for years. It’s PLA military genomics company BGI Genomics has provided the lowest cost genetic sequencing itself and to Dante Labs who has been the backbone for companies like 1/4 Image
Ancestry and 23 and Me for genetic sequencing. The $24 million dollar question is Why does China want the DNA of millions of Americans? Why would their scientists want to understand the particular vulnerabilities of our population? Bio safety Level IV labs are inherently 2/4
‘Dual use’ labs…which means research for safety purposes along with research to develop bio weapons as an offensive capability. BGI was black listed for investment by President Biden recently and hopefully BGI’s US companies MGI Tech and Complete Genomics won’t be permitted 3/4
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Dr. @P_McCulloughMD asserts the development and rollout of #BioWeapon C19 vaccines was not "warp speed," but a DARPA-funded US Military Operation begun in 2012.

Sasha Latypova asserts in an interview with @laralogan that documents show DoD is Chief Operating Officer of Operation Warp Speed and controls all mRNA injectables.

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Fauci's emails are real and this one says #coronavirus #bioweapon production method @GrantCardone @IamBrookJackson they tried to hide my video with a fact check on this exact email and they lied.… Image
Coronavirus patent publication date 1 month before outbreak in China. ImageImage
Here you can see HIV mentioned 179 times in Fauci’s emails from 2020 Image
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@KimDotcom Wait…you still didn’t know the 🦠 + mRNA 💉 are Pentagon & CIA projects?

And the 🦠 was originally in USA during summer 2019?

It was a false flag 🚩 for WW3…

The evidence is insurmountable = USA orchestrated all this for global regime change…been working on it for decades.
@KimDotcom US created SARS 2.0 in 2015, then the Pentagon + CIA outsourced work on it to EcoHealth Alliance to create plausible deniability/false flag on China
Force the mRNA 💉 that DARPA pioneered into humanity.

2015 ::…

2015 ::…
@KimDotcom Jan 2020…

2017 :: ‘Over the past several years, DARPA-funded researchers have pioneered RNA vaccine technology…’…

2021 ::…
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🚨🚨Ukraina VS Venäjä🚨🚨

Kerään sieltä täältä dataa tähän lankaan ja kysyn kysymyksiä sekä omia mutuja.

Asiat eivät ehkä näytä siltä mitä meille pyritään kertomaan.

#UkraineRussiaWar #ukrainansota #UkrainaRussia #Ukrainankriisi #UkraineUnderAttack
En kehoita luottamaan minuun vaan kehoitan tutkimaan asiaa itse jos se kiinnostaa.

Teidän omia teorioita, mutuja jne olisi myös mukava kuulla tai jos jotain puuttuu, lisää ihmeessä se lankaan.
Siviilien ampuminen, tykkien sijainti, kaupungeissa.
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Oh, what, like the disease warfare, lab leaks & AI misuse happening ALREADY?? Like so-called "conspiracy theorists" have BEEN saying?? Including TIs?

#Bioweapon #ArtificialIntelligence #LabLeaks #WorldWarIII #FourthReich #TargetedIndividuals…
Does anyone at all want to talk about the black mold, nano dust & Morgellons that TIs have been subjected to, which sounds an awful lot like what Bile Guts wants to talk about with Jeremy C-
Connect the dots.

1) The effects from electronic torture are collectively known as Havana Syndrome, and the attacks on US Intelligence Officers in particular are being hinted to have been caused by Cuba or Russia, even though the US GOVERNMENT THEMSELVES paid compensation.
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1/ If you think Wuhan is a big deal, read about what our Department of Defense is doing in labs around the world, and in particular, at the Lugar Center in the Republic of Georgia. (hint: the Wuhan lab was funded by the Pentagon)… Image
2/ The $3.7 million Wuhan grant? Pfft.

The Lugar Center (via Eco Health, from the US DOD) received $6.5 million to collect samples from bats, and screen for Coronaviruses. 20,000 samples is the goal.

This is just one of many ongoing grant programs.…
3/ Wikipedia claims Georgia funds this lab, which is a joke.
It was built by US DOD (taxpayer) funds, and it is massively funded by US taxpayer grants.
It is staffed by US military biologists and civilian contractors.
It is not subject to accountability to Congress. Image
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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Globalists are setting the stage for their #GreatReset to bring down the entire system.

Their #CyberPolygon online-attack simulation targets major financial institutions, affects major supply-chains, and causes a “cyberpandemic”:……
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(1) Truth is coming out. Australian & Indian media have begun to expose the #CCP/PLA 2015 #bioweapon textbook & #Wuhan IV cover-up by the @WHO Indian military are building a case. Narrative falling apart. Fauci has flipped flopped in exactly 1 yr. #COVID19 #WuhanLab #coronavirus ImageImage
(2) Articles for both pictures in previous tweet. Fauci makes 180 as more holes appear in the initial bat/pangolin narrative. Thanks @DrLiMengYAN1 & @LawrenceSellin for exposing the CCP's & UN WHO lies.……
(3) Australian media covering #CCP bioweapon document

Indian media interviewing #India's military on #bioweapon revelations.

Indian media interviewing #whistleblower virologist

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70/n Part-4 #ChineseVirus #Biowarfare

Till Part-3 I explained how SHI Zhengli & her team was busy extracting more sources for Corona-virus and methods to make it effective on Humans.

In this part, I take story further, telling story suing this paper by D Sohum.

Read & Share
71/n As per the abstract,

A)12 facilities affiliated with the defense establishment, 30 facilities affiliated with the PLA, are involved in research, development, production, testing or storage of #Biowarfare .

B)China will persist as a paramount BW possessor."
72/n Dr Soham, explains that how with advanced Genome Study facilities China is capable of engineering #BioWeapons to affect particular "Ethnic Groups".

I had discussed about it in 1st part of this series as well.

He then begins explaining why China is so much into #BioWeapon
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40/n So here is Part-3 of story of #Biowarfare by #CCPChina

Last I spoke about Shi Zhengli. In this part I'll elaborate about work of her team that caused confusion about #WuhanVirus too.

Please read on.
41/n 2003,SARS broke out. Scientists begin to find the source of the virus .

SHI Zhengli began extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. claiming that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat. Image
42/n 2008,Zhengli's team publishes new paper.

It found:first,both human SARS virus & 2019 #WuhanVirus use ACE-2 infect human cells.

The 3 major finds were:
1)Bat virus can't enter into human cells through ACE-2

2)Human SARS virus couldn't possibly be combined with bat’s ACE-2 Image
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