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1 of 10 /Do you use an electronic health record? Did anyone ever teach you how to document #allergies? 👀Check our this #EHR allergy documentation guidance #medtwitter #idtwitter #AIMedEd @EricMacyMD @AutumnGuyer @allisoncramsey @vumc_cdsi_rsch @JACIInPractice
2 of 10/We are excited to announce that the adverse reaction to drugs biologics and latex (ARDBL) committee of the @AAAAI_org has an #inpress workgroup report on allergy documentation in the EHR.…
3 of 10/ In this article: current state of allergy #ehr documentation, definitions, reconfigurations, and recommendations✔️#bestpractices in documentation for #penicillin allergy ✔️what to include and what not to include in the allergy list
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Nous sommes aujourd’hui à @Angers pour la journée #pollens et #santé. Rendez-vous sous ce tweet pour plus des extraits en #live 🧵 Affiche de la journée Pollens et santé du 16 septembre à
@BrehonDavid, directeur d'@airpl_org et Gwenaëlle Hivert de l'@ars_pdl donnent le départ de cette journée pluripartenariale et rappellent l'enjeu de #santépublique que constituen l'#allergie aux pollens. Vue de la salle, David Bréhon lance la journée pollen. Au
L'ensemble des #PaysdelaLoire est couvert par 2 dispositifs complémentaires de surveillance des pollens : les #Pollinariumssentinelles (observation des végétaux 🌾) et les capteurs de #pollens (mesure dans l'air) ➡…
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Dr. Scott Commings. Beyone Meat: What alpha-gal syndrome teaches us about the immune response to tick bites.
Dr. @scott_commins says they first began to notice patients complaining of delayed reactions to beef in mid-2000's.
Commings says Initially the only test they had for Alpha-gal was a two step skin test.
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The lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum) has been rapidly expanding its range, from the Southern United States into the Northeast and Midwest. This tick is a major vector of several viral, bacterial, and protozoan pathogens affecting humans & animals.🧵…
A recent crowdsourced science project has documented the largest increase of the lone star tick in decades. Researchers @TickSpotters documented new tick encounters in over 300 counties—including six new counties in western states—where these ticks had not been documented before. Image
“The causative drivers of these upturns are complex, but have a lot to do with increased host availability, warming temperatures, and moisture availability,” says researcher Heather L Kopsco, PhD @HLK110

Source for our map (Kopsco et al, 2021)… Image
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1/🧵 Let’s learn about Ace inh-induced angioedema
His lips & tongue swelled up hours after taking a blood pressure med he’d been on 10 years - lisinopril.

📍What’s the treatment?
📍Is it an allergy?
📍What’s a common thought error?

(Pic w Perm - trigger warning tweets 2 & 4)
2/ Angioedema is potentially life-threatening
It’s very scary to see the tongue & lips swelling up so much and the airway compromised.

The patients are watched in the ICU so that intubation and even tracheostomy can occur emergently if required.

What’s the Dz Mechanism?
3/ Is ACE-inh induced Angioedema an allergy?
NO! It’s not an IGE mediated allergic reaction.

💥 Pro Tip:
People can get angioedema from allergies, but they would be very itchy, and my patient was not itching at all.

That's because it's mediated by a buildup of bradykinin.
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Critical thread on "Self-Spreading #Vaccines"

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for #Health Security: Technologies to Address - Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Oct 9, 2018

#biosurveillance "biological disruption" "bioterrorism events #bioengineering
"As a subset of infectious #disease emergencies, global catastrophic biological risk (#GCBR) is a special category of risk involving #biological #agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created & released, or #laboratory engineered & escaped—..."

This "could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national & int. orgs & the #privatesector to control."

"Global catastrophic biological risk", "transformational surveillance technologies"

#Foundations #CorporateConsolidation
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Delighted to share a new study from our lab on the role of gut commensal fungi mycobiota in shaping the human protective IgG antibody repertoire @CellCellPress…
During immunosuppression ( organ #Transplant #chemotherapy ) or in diseases such as #IBD #crohnsdisease, gut #mycobiota can turn into a “reservoir” of pathogens, BUT most people live peacefully with their fungi. Do they benefit from them? Do fungi benefit form us? Neutral rl.?
Fungi are considered a minor component of the gut #microbiome ( less than 0.1% of genetic material in feces), but we found that fungal biomass in the healthy human gut makes considerably more: up to 2%.
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Clinically, it's been well observed that children with disruptions to their microbiota during infancy (<1year old) have an increased risk for allergies. This has been widely reported and connected to the developing microbiota at this time. (A thread)
A good portion of the later half of my postdoc @newberrylab was focused on mechanisms regulating exposure of the immune system to the microbiota prior to weaning, which we applied to #allergies , and I'll summarize here.
We addressed the question by focusing on WHEN proteins are delivered to the dendritic cells in the intestine. We knew bacterial proteins were delivered to the colon during a very specific window: 10-21 days in a mouse, right before weaning.…
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Very happy (and relieved) that our work on a beneficial function of the #AllergyModule of the #ImmuneSystem (#IgE antibodies and #MastCells) in host defense against #bacteria is out:…
Please check out the paper or the thread below if you want to know more
2/11 First things first: Many thanks to the amazing people and friends involved in this study over the last 6 years, especially my mentors Steve Galli @stanford and @sylviaknapplab as well as all co-authors (on twitter: @lauren_popov, @S_Zahalka, @maryemradhouani, @immceptionl)..
3/11 ...and host institutions @cemm_news, @meduni_wien and @stanfordmed; special thanks to @bobby_network for the superfancy 3D artwork! Artistic 3D representation (by @bobby_network) of a mast cel
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I just crossed the 4 month mark of being sick w' #COVID19. I am young, & I was healthy. Dying is not the only thing to worry about. I still have a near-daily fever, loss of cognitive function, essential tremors, GI issues, severe headaches, heartrate of 150+, viral arthritis, 1/
heart palpitations, muscle aches, a feeling like my body has forgotten to breathe. Over the past 124 days I've lost all feeling in my arms & hands, had extreme back/kidney/rib pain, phantom smells (like someone BBQing bad meat), tinnitus, difficulty understanding text/reading, 2/
difficulty following conversations, sensitivity to noise & light, nonstop bruising. *Thinking* can cause headaches now. I'm not alone in the cognitive issues; it's as common a symptom as cough.

No one knows when #longcovid patients aren't contagious; many are alone for months.
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Never underestimate the healing power of food, and discipline.
How taking responsibility of my own body and general health changed my life.
A thread. Image
I was diagnosed with #psoriasis around ten years ago. I went to so many specialist, and among the common phrases, there was "it's not reversible", "you have to learn how to live with it", and "your life won't be the same".
I never payed much attention to it back then, mostly because I had only some scalp redness. Time went by, and this was me a couple of years later. I was in such denial, that I would unconsciously avoid looking at myself in the mirror. ImageImageImage
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It’s almost 1 am and I can’t sleep, so I’m going to tell you a story. I want to tell you about Allergy Lady.

After a long day of training with my #servicedog friends, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I was picking out some pastries when I saw her. 1/
She was middle aged and fairly non-description. I don’t even remember her hair color. What I do remember is that she had the familiar pose of someone who was sneaking closer to take a picture, phone held ready.

In case you don’t know, taking pics of service animals is rude. 2/
I held up a hand and said, “no photos, please,” for the millionth time that day.

I was shocked at what happened next.

Instead of putting the phone down, she took the pic anyway & snapped, “I’m allergic to animals,” stopping less than 10 feet away from me. 3/
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Dear people: stop using allergies as an argument against service animals. This is nothing more than a way to keep disabled folks out of public and out of site. Let me explain why.

#serviceanimals #ada #DisabilityRights #allergies
Allergies are real and a problem for many people. Animal allergies can make you miserable. For most people, dog/horse allergies mean a runny nose, itchy eyes, puffy face, and sometimes hives. All of these things are uncomfortable and inconvenient, not life threatening.
To put it bluntly, though, your temporary discomfort does not trump a disabled person’s right to be able to go out in public with their medical equipment (aka service animal) and be semi independent and functional. #sorrynotsorry.
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