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Hepimizin çok sevdiği bu giflerin nerden çıktığını merak ediyor muyuz?
Bu gifler #wallstreetbets 'ten çıktı....
Peki ne bu #wallstreetbets ? Ve @Superalgos ile alakası ne?
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Full disclosure; I eat crayons. Here's a fun recap theory read. A certain mayo-loving he-who-must-not-be-named was utilizing his little high-frequency trading (HFT) operation to duplicate shares for the last several years for a basket we know and love called the meme stocks. 1/
This share duplication technique was creating actual phantom shares in the virtual trading environment nerve centers. It was driving price action down, he was making money, no one but him was happy, and it was very, very naked. It might not have even been illegal, because 2/
regulations might not have outlined the technique as being illegal. What our mayo-boy didn't know was that he was creating a de-facto share obligation ETF that would have a weighted movement causing magnetic price action for the foreseeable future across the memestonks. 3/
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@theAlexW provides a very valuable daily (nightly) update. You can also approximate it yourself intraday based on the % change from the previous days close.
What #uranium investors should appreciate is the entire uranium trading world now looks to $u.un as the leading spot indicator. When SPUT trades up and is doing volume at a premium to nav all potential spot sellers consider ‘what SPUT can afford to pay’ and sets offers close
When SPUT flips to a discount to NAV, would be spot sellers know the fund flow tap is turned off and will lower offers in an attempt to get filled by Sprott. As well would be buyers lower bids with confidence that they can put bid Sprott at a given level
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More thoughts on the @Official_WSB crowd jumping on the uranium trade…

Wallstreetbets’ laid out the obvious uranium bull market story well on Reddit a couple days ago. 10mm followers and you can see in the market they are now taking action.

#uranium #memestocks #uraniumsqueeze
It’s such a compelling theme and imho has the greatest certianty of working out fantastic of any commodity bull I’ve ever seen or read about in history. Why?
Cause it’s a super tight commodity that takes years to materially expand supply. Utilities will be $500/lb plus if they have to and the total market size is just so tiny it’s crazy. The world richest 100 people see there net worth’s fluctuate more than the entire sector daily
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Cold #uranium facts

If SPUT $u.un keeps doing just reasonable ATM issuance volume like it’s been doing the last few days it will be able to continue to gap up 5% a day and take the spot uranium price with up it.
Seems the #wsb #wallstreetbets crowd from Reddit are now jumping on this trade and can bring their huge $gme $amc and #crypto profits with them.
Now that $u.un can issue shares at the market to fund uranium purchasing they are in fact the best most liquid #uranium spot market indicator. Even the stupidest fuel buyer or uranium producer should be able to comprehend what’s happening here
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🚨WE HAVE NEWS 🚨 It’s safe to say that the #investor community on @reddit is not traditionally who we think of as our supporter base. But they definitely surprised and overwhelmed us over the weekend. A THREAD. @CNN @CNBC @business @WSJ
Our adoption program is one of our main grassroots fundraisers. In a typical weekend, we might get 20 new adoptions. This weekend, the numbers astonished us.…
On Saturday, a friend alerted us that a member of @Official_WSB subreddit had posted a symbolic adoption of our infant gorilla #Urungano , a reference to the #WSB motto: #apestogetherstrong . It caught on.
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Yknow i gotta comment on this.

@MacleodFinance Help me out here. I'm reading more and more that "hyperinflation is defined as 50% a month" - but that's *new*.

Years ago when i looked it up i found "economists don't agree on where it starts, but the general line is 10% a month".
I can't remember *EVER* reading about ANY consensus for the decade i've been studying economy and looking up US financial history and general world economic history.

And i'm sorry, but 50% a month is 600% A YEAR!

I'm pretty sure the common man isn't gonna wait that long.
IMO this is just another warping of the economic language by the establishment.

Hyperinflation *cannot* be defined as having a set boundary, because it's largely *psychological* in nature.

LONG BEFORE you lose 50% of your purchasing power a month are you gonna exit the system!
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Best Stocks and DDs from Reddit 👇
⌚️ 22/02/2021

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets #wallstreet #wsb

🟡 Expected to post a blowout quarter in Thursday 💣
🟢 Announced 1 billion buyback 💸
🟣 Interest rate of short in 30% 🐻

Full DD 👉…

🟥 Regional malls
🟧 Good management
🟨 Collection rate is good
🟩 Is a short interest 🤷‍

Full DD 👉…
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We have gone through 1,500.
Yes, 1 Thousand 500 Hundred posts from Reddit (and of course #WSB) today to bring the 🔥🔥🔥 stocks from Reddit.

Find out what they thing might 🚀 🌕 Today!! 👇🏼👇🏼

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets
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Amazing & super smart @mcuban spoke to #wsb @wsbmod here's the easy to read q&a all of them below, KEY TAKEAWAYS:
1. When you learn, SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE
3. Patience, now that you're learning you can do "HIT AGAIN AND AGAIN" if do as a group.
4. NOT EASY, takes brain power & time
5. THE SEC IS BAD AND NOT FOR LITTLE GUY, should have bright line guidelines
6. Little Guy can prevail
7. Do what you think is right ALWAYS
8.THIS IS THE WAY "Next time, hit them again, at a better broker who can't cut you off."
"work as a group, you can hit again and again"
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The big winners in this #Gamestop saga:

#1 fast traders who did not hold the line
#2 social media leaders
#3 the media
#4 exchanges/brokers
#5 bag holders who got the opportunity to exit
#6 Chamath

and the losers:

#1 a few hedge funds
#2 Robinhood
#3 most retail traders
I say "most retail traders" as in pumps of this kind the majority usually buys the top and is left holding the bag. Somebody could come up with a rough estimate for this.

Going to be interesting seeing insider selling into the price spike once information becomes available.
Notice how similar the $GME and $DOGE charts are.
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1) The Villain Crypto Wants

Re: @satofishi @f2pool_official

There seems to be confusion regarding the nature of mining pools and what they mean for the Bitcoin Ecosystem.
2) It's become apparent to me there is a critical misunderstanding that mining pool operators control what miners do with their block rewards.

This is NOT the case and represents a warped view of one of the core components of the Bitcoin Ecosystem.
3) As one of the largest mining pool, F2pool represents ~500,000+ miners in total.

The outflows seen from miners to exchanges only mean that users utilizing F2pool's infrastructure have active movement but has little correlation with wallet activity of the company itself.
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1/18 Monthly #Bitcoin market analysis 📈

This month, I'll share my thoughts on:
1. Where are we in the cycle?
2. Has the correction bottomed?
3. When next run-up?

🧵 with BPT, MVRV, Reserve Risk, Puell Multiple, SOPR, exchange balances, miner activity, reflexivity & more 👇
2/18 Based on the #Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT) per cycle charts, we are still early in the # of post-halving days and the maximum price 🌡️ that was reached

If you correct the BPT for M2 inflation; even more so

Want more BPT? Check out this thread: Bitcoin Price Temperature (...Bitcoin Price Temperature (...Bitcoin Price Temperature (...Bitcoin Price Temperature (...
3/18 If the #Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) or Cross Asset (S2FX) model is correct, we would also expect a further price increase over the next year or so

In comparison to the long-term power law corridor of growth, we are a bit above the modeled value ($19.4k) though Bitcoin Price Temperature (...
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If you cannot get access to the @elonmusk conversation on @joinClubhouse here are my notes
“Questions are more important than answer"
Elon is currently talking about making life multi planetary and the importance of it
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Buoyed by their success in assailing Wall Street hedge funds, the legion of retail investors who are part of the Wall Street Bets movement #WSB have turned their attention to the silver market.

Silver futures are already up 9%. How is this going to end?

Time for a thread 👇
Unlike GameStop ($gme) which is worth billions, the above ground silver market is worth almost 1.5 Trillion (2018 estimate). This is not to mention the massive derivatives market on top of the silver spot market. A short squeeze will be much harder to achieve, so why bother? 👇
It is believed that the silver market is highly manipulated by Wall Street and that the market is shorted by many factors more than actual silver that exists above ground. By trying to corner silver, especially physical, #WSB hopes to explode Wall Street's machinations.
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1. Reddit Rebellion e um pouco mais nesse fio. Tenho me debruçado no Reddit nesta semana, e desde sexta-feira a noite tenho gastado boas horas para analisar o que pode ser esse movimento. E tenho observado alguns pontos importantes que quero dividir com vocês
2. No seu início há alguns meses o movimento veio via #wallstreetbets e parecia somente uma rebeldia de um grupo de pessoas comuns, frustradas por não participarem da farra do dinheiro fácil impresso pelo #FED. Guarde isso: se existir um culpado de um crash no futuro, será o FED
3. A impressão desenfreada gerou tudo isso que vcs estão vendo, com uma nítida bolha de preços e um risco de inflação no futuro. Mas o assunto é #WSB e a Reddit Rebellion, e achei alguns pontos interessantes para considerar antes de achar que é só uma farra insana dos comuns
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Na twitter i reddit trenduje hasztag #silversqueeze o co chodzi? Mechanizm jest trochę inny niż w przypadku spółki #Gamestop ale idea podobna. #WallStreetBets podejrzewają o manipulacje cenami srebra na giełdzie pewne instytucje finansowe i chcą to wykorzystać mówiąc sprawdzam
Według #WSB: (1) AG jest najlepszym przewodnikiem energii, ciepła i najlepiej odbija światło ze wszystkich metali. Dlatego nadaje się w produkcji paneli fotowoltaicznych i samochodów elektry. Dodatkowo wydobycie srebra z roku na rok spada, ze względu na wyczerpywanie się złóż.
(2) Ze względu na spodziewany wzrost popytu i spodziewany spadek podaży cena srebra powinna rosnąć ponieważ inwestorzy przewidując wzrost cen srebra zakupują je dzisiaj aby odsprzedać w przyszłości kiedy będzie na nie większe zapotrzebowanie.
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#Global #ETF Weekly & Month-end (thread): 29 Jan 2021

- 2020 worst perf #sector making comeback in 2021 $IXC

- This is helping #oil producing countries with #Nigeria & #UAE in top5 #Country ETF YTD performers in USD $NGE $UAE

- #SouthAfrica $EZA moved into top15 YTD performers

#EmergingMarkets #ETF still storming ahead against #DevelopedMarkets ETF, still not relatively "overbought" yet, but getting close.

#SouthAfrica might need a lot of catch up, but $EZA YTD performance in USD (+0.2%) continued 2nd half on 2020 recovery against $URTH (-0.8%)

#Global #Value #stocks still making short-term recovery, with $IWVL #ETF still looking strong relatively over the short-term. Over 3yr period it is however still lagging quite substantially.
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Long on #1inch again for quick trade. Chart too bullish to ignore, best looking coin in top 100 imo. Got in @ 3.45, bids @ 3.3 and 3.02. Don't dump on me. $uni #defi #cryptocurrency #wsb Image
Sold 1/5 of #1inch at 3.82
Sold more #1inch at 4.25. Only have small amount left.
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We truly believe in the #WSB movement & giving power back to the people, so we tokenized $GME. It's now live for trading on the Stellar blockchain and via the @dstoq App.

Given the recent events around #censorshiptrading we made a thread on why to #ExitWallStreet & #EnterDeFi
In our opinion the core of the recent problems with Robinhood results from centralization. Unjustified shutting down of retail investors simply does not exist when you hold your stocks in your own wallet and trade them on the blockchain.
Decentralized finance (#DeFi) empowers individuals, reduces the counter-party risk, adds transparency and cost efficiency and creates a truly level playing field - by cutting out all the middlemen.

Here are the reasons why -> time for a thread:
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HILO "#WallStreetBets"
(Breve y fácil para que lo entiendas)

¿Qué se está viviendo en Wallstreet estos días?

No te lo pierdas 👇 Image

Existe un tipo de inversión en bolsa en el que ganas dinero si baja la cotización de una empresa.

Se denomina "ponerse en corto".

Resumen: yo te compro a ti una acción porque sé que bajará. La vendo. La acción baja. La compro y te la devuelvo quedándome la diferencia. Image

Existen mega-fondos de inversión como Melvin Capital con estos fondos de cobertura, es decir, que apuestan a que GameStop (por ejemplo), bajará.

De forma más o menos sutil, van ALQUILANDO más y más acciones para vender, y así ayudan a que siga bajando. Image
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‼️ Sıradan insanlar, Wall Street’e 14 milyar dolar zarar verdiler!

🇺🇸ABD finans piyasalarında tarihi bir gün yaşandı.

🎮ABD'nin köklü oyun satıcılarından biri olan #GameStop salgın döneminde zorlu bir süreçten geçiyordu

👎Her çeyrek zarar açıkladı

❌Birçok şubesini de kapattı
📰 #Reddit’in WallStreetBets (#WSB) başlığı altında yazan kişiler, şirketi ateşli bir şekilde savundu.

👉Reddit üzerinden @GameStop hisselerinin yükseleceğine dair dedikodu haberleri yayınlandı.
📊Küçük yatırımcılar bu ucuz hisselere ciddi talep gösterdi.

💯Şirket hisseleri birkaç saat içinde yüzde 100 değer kazandı.

📈3.25 dolar seviyesine kadar gerilemiş olan #GameStop hisseleri bir anda 248 dolara kadar yükseldi.
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Sobre el tema de #WSBMemeIndex y lo que está sucediendo con $GME.
Pues bien, primero que nada hay que saber que #WallStreetBets es un grupo de la app Reddit que últimamente ha encontrado una alta concentración de inversionistas minoristas que, en una lucha bursátil al más puro estilo de guerra campal, está empujando para llevar a la quiebra...
A un hedge fund (fondo de cobertura) que ha apostado a que la acción de $GME bajaría... Y ojo acá, que tampoco es que #MelvinCapital tampoco es un santo para este tema pues las estrategias de fondos bajistas (que apuestan al descenso del valor de una acción)...
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