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9 months ago today #Russia decided to break international law and condemn hundreds of thousands to death, disability and destruction

It's Day 274 of the invasion of #Ukraine, and here's Thursday's daily thread with all the news

Yesterday's news is here:
When the elite becomes diluted...

#Russia's crack airborne units couldn't defend the right bank of #Kherson - will they fare better in #Donbas where #Ukraine cannot target supply lines as easily.

Here's the UK Intel report for Thursday:
Early, unconfirmed, reports of a strike by #Russia in #Kherson

A rocket landed in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings in the city, but no reports of injuries.

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Friday 28 October, Day 247 of the illegal war in #Ukraine.

#Russia continues to kill civilians while inventing stories with zero proof

Catch all of the important news in this thread, updated in real time.

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The bodies of 10 more civilians killed by #Russia in this war were found yesterday. Details coming up.

If you need to catch up on yesterday's news, scroll through the stories here:

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
Having listened to all of #Putin's speech yesterday, it was clear his intention was to portray the US (and allies) as aggressors, and how #Russia only wanted peace.

The world's heard this before.
Putin playing games, seeing how long he can copy his hero

#Putler #WarCriminal
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Here is the start of Saturday's news thread as #Ukraine battles for freedom.

#Russia's attack on the people (quite literally) continues with power cuts becoming more frequent as the temperatures tumble outside.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

So today's the biggest attack by #Russia for weeks.

More missiles are flying around #Ukraine right now - but it's becoming noticeable that air defence is getting better.

17 cruise missiles were fired from aircraft and 16 Kalibr missiles were launched from the Black Sea fleet.
Mayor of #Kyiv, Vitaliy Klichko says "several" missiles fired on energy structure in the capital were shot down.

Other cities to come under attack include:
#Chernihiv #Lutsk #Lviv #Khmelnytskyi #Kovel #Kropyvnytskyi/#Kirovohrad #Odesa #Rivne #Zhytomyr

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🇺🇦Happy 31st birthday #Ukraine🇺🇦
It's Independence Day, but it also marks exactly 6 months since #Russia's jets, tanks + troops invaded the country (8 years after the start of the war)

This is daily thread number 182. All the news all the time

Firstly, Hero of #Ukraine, Boris Johnson made sure famous 10 Downing Street was decked in the colours of Ukraine.

The British PM has just 10 days left in Office.

#SlavaUkraini #UkraineIndependenceDay

Not directly related to the war (unless sabotage) but a breaking story in #Russia

Three ships have been ripped from anchor in a storm at Baidukov Island in the #Amur Estuary - that's the very far east of Russia near #Sakhalin

54 were on board and a rescue operation is underway.
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The 137th day of #PutinsWar is underway and already more rockets and missiles are flying.

This is the start of Sunday's thread with all the news throughout the day from #Ukraine and beyond, as #Russia continues its destructive invasion of its neighbour.
#Luhansk region is where we start today, with news of a likely #Ukraine attack.

This is #Alchevsk, about 25km west of #Lugansk city

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Here's another video from #Alchevsk.
Things are really hotting (and lighting) up in the occupied town in #Luhansk.

#Lugansk #Donbas #Donbass #Ukraine #SaveUkraine
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Thursday, the last day of #June and Day 127 of this war.

#Russia continues to pound #Ukraine and its people with no regard for human life.

Terrorist nations must be stopped.

This is the start of the daily thread, read on!

#StandWithUkraine️ #StopRussia
News from #Ukraine's Air Force which claims a major raid on enemy lines.

In this post they say they attacked a #Russia command post with 20 strikes from planes and artillery…
the daily UK Intel report is here.
However yesterday Russia was already claiming to be on control of the refinery in #Lysychansk.

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1/8. It’s time for some careful diplomacy by Europe/the West (& Japan) with individual #Oblasts, #Republics & #Krais in Russia. Explanation below:
2/8. Unless #Putin is overthrown, Russia is a mess financially & militarily & will be unable to support them anyway. With its latest actions & nuclear threats, Russia needs some pairing down, as it’s become a reckless, marauding danger to the entire planet & now’s the time.
3/8. Diplomacy would include lifting sanctions in these areas to encourage breakaway from Russian rule & future protection from Russia which will be much smaller and weaker.
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Oggi è giornata di manifestazioni contro la guerra in #Russia. Thread che sarà aggiornato durante il giorno ⤵️
Questa è #Khabarovsk nell’Estremo Oriente russo dove alcuni manifestanti hanno formato prima una catena umana per protestare contro la guerra.
Poi hanno tentato di marciare, dopodiché la polizia ha iniziato gli arresti.
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#Hydronomastics is the study of #hydronyms, the proper names of bodies of water.

It's a branch of #toponomastics, the study of #toponyms (the proper names of places), which in turn is a branch of #onomastics, the study of #orthonyms (proper names).

French / Luxembourghish sign: The River Sauer in Martelan...
#Hydronym and #hydronomastics both derive from Ancient #Greek ὕδωρ / húdōr (water) + ὄνομα / ónoma (name). The Greek island of Skiatho...
#Hydronyms tend to outlast other #toponyms, even when new #languages and cultures displace earlier ones.

#England, #EastAnglia, #Essex, and #Sussex are named for the #Angles and #Saxons; but #Trent, #Ouse, #Thames, #Severn, and #Avon are older #Celtic and #RomanoBritish names. A map showing the main rive...
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#OTD 80 yrs ago, the USSR began the first #WWII mass deportation of citizens from Poland’s eastern borderlands occupied by the Soviets on Sept. 17, 1939. Deported from Stanisławów prov. at 11 yrs old, Adam J. drew the deportation train scene he witnessed from within a cattle car.
On the drawing, Adam noted: “Bolsheviks are chasing the civilian population away from train cars in which they were deporting Poles”. During #WWII, Polish civilians were deported by the USSR in four waves: February 10, 1940, April 13, 1940, June 1940, and June 1941.
This map – created by the Cartography Service of the Polish Army in the East – estimates the total number of Polish citizens (1,050,000) deported by the USSR from Soviet occupied eastern Poland during the years 1939-1941. Results are shown by region. #WWII
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