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As coastguard boats circle, #Vietnam prepares for bigger challenge in #SouthChinaSea - Vietnamese president calls on country to be ready for all possibilities in the disputed waters…
Vietnam is taking a stronger stand in its dispute with China over the South China Sea. On Monday, Trong told 200 members of the party’s central committee that they must take stock after 3 months of tensions with China over the Vietnamese-controlled & resource-rich Vanguard Reef.
Tensions between the neighbours showed no signs of easing this week as Vietnamese President Nguyen Phu Trong, in his role as general secretary of the country’s ruling Communist Party, called on it to “prepare for possible opportunities and challenges” in the disputed waters.
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#Vietnam a lonely island of resistance to #China - Hanoi has deftly deployed a three-pronged strategy to counter and deter Beijing’s drive to control the #SouthChinaSea 👍A very good read👍…
Vietnam needs to change its foreign policy, including coming up with a proposal for further developing relations with US to rid itself of Chinese influence,” said maritime expert Hoang Viet referring to the discussions at the October 5 forum, according to a Radio Free Asia report
But China is clearly playing a long game of encircling and squeezing Vietnam’s claims in the sea, replete with tactical retreats and naval misdirection tactics, likely employed to gauge how the US and other regional powers may react to the provocations.
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Thread: #Vietnam Reasserts #SouthChinaSea Claims Amid #Chinese Ship Onslaught - During a press conference, ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang invoked international law to remind the global community that Vietnam claims the area.…
Amid renewed tensions with China in the South China Sea, Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry asserted the country’s claim to the disputed Vanguard Bank Thursday, saying there should be no dispute at all over the westernmost reef in the resource-rich Spratly Islands.
“Vietnam considers that all activities on the East Sea must abide by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), including respecting the sovereignty, sovereign rights & jurisdiction rights of coastal nations,” she said.
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‘Region on the brink’: Map exposes #China’s ‘menacing’ true mission in #SouthChinaSea - Chinese Coast Guard vessels have been harassing the #Russian-owned oil rig near Vanguard Bank, part of the South China Sea just off the coast of #Vietnam.…
Russia may become the unwitting meat in a South China Sea sandwich. Its cash-strapped oil company is drilling there for Vietnam. But Beijing’s getting pushy. Chinese Coast Guard vessels have been harassing the Russian-owned oil rig near Vanguard Bank just off the coast of Vietnam
Now it could be the first significant test of the “bromance” between President Putin and Chairman Xi.
Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh has warned the United Nations that “unilateral action” in the South China Sea risks escalating already high tensions.
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Thread: #US Marines ‘remind #China of America’s military edge’ with Asia-Pacific drills - US Marines have conducted airfield- and island-seizure drills in the East and #SouthChinaSea…
US Marines have conducted airfield- and island-seizure drills in the East and South China seas in what observers say is meant to remind Beijing of US military supremacy in the Asia-Pacific.
The 11-day naval drills were conducted near the Philippines and around the Japanese island of Okinawa by Okinawa-based US marine expeditionary units, the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit said.
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Thread: #China, #Malaysia to set up #SouthChinaSea dialogue mechanism…
China and Malaysia have agreed to set up a joint dialogue mechanism for the disputed South China Sea, the Chinese government’s top diplomat said on Thursday after meeting Malaysia’s foreign minister.
Recent Chinese naval deployments in the strategic waterway, through which more than $3.4 trillion worth of goods are transported annually, have reignited tension with Vietnam and the Philippines. Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have competing claims in the South China Sea.
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Thread: #US destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer sails in disputed #SouthChinaSea amid trade talks. The destroyer entered waters near the Paracel Islands…
A U.S. Navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea on Friday, the U.S. military said, angering Beijing, which said the ship had entered Chinese territorial waters without permission.
The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the U.S.-Chinese relationship, which include an escalating trade war, American sanctions on China’s military and U.S. relations with Taiwan.
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#China deploys drones for #SouthChinaSea surveillance - Air and land system steps up monitoring of contested area…
A network of drones has been deployed by Beijing to monitor islands & reefs of the disputed South China Sea. The network, run by the Ministry of Natural Resources, covers the hard-to-reach islands & the vast open waters of the area, according to the ministry’s South Sea Bureau.
The drone communication chain has “extremely enhanced our dynamic surveillance of the South China Sea, and expanded our reach to the high seas”, the bureau said on its official website.
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Thread #Philippines: Duterte won’t raise Hague ruling again, says Palace - Xi assured President Duterte that China will avoid “provocative acts” in the #SouthChinaSea - Yeah, sure, we believe you.....…
“What they have agreed upon is that both countries will refrain or avoid performing aggressive, provocative acts that will trigger incidents that have [happened] before,” Panelo said.
Mr. Duterte, who is on a five-day visit here, took up in his meeting with Xi on Thursday night the 2016 ruling by the international arbitral tribunal in The Hague, which favored the Philippines in its maritime dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea.
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Thread: #US says #China is blocking $2.5 trillion in #SouthChinaSea oil and gas…
Tensions surrounding the South China Sea have always been largely about oil & natural gas. But it’s often been argued that the strategic shipping lanes carrying Middle East oil to East Asia are what really matter, whereas the sea’s own energy resources are relatively unproven.
That argument has become a bit less tenable. This week, the US State Department used blunt language regarding China’s unsettling actions within Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which include ongoing seismic surveys by a Chinese vessel protected by armed escorts.
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Thread: Duterte is ‘selling out’ to #China, says #Philippine VP Leni Robredo - She said Duterte had not taken advantage of the 2016 UN ruling that affirmed the Philippines’ rights in part of the #SouthChinaSea claimed by China…
2: Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo said citizens were worried Rodrigo Duterte was “selling out” to Beijing and called on the president to take a stronger stand to protect the country’s sovereignty in the disputed South China Sea.
3: Robredo, who is keeping her options open regarding the presidential race in 2022, said on Tuesday the president had not taken advantage of an international tribunal ruling that affirmed the Philippines’ economic rights in part of the South China Sea also claimed by China.
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Secret Deal for #Chinese Naval Outpost in #Cambodia Raises #US Fears of Beijing’s Ambitions - Use of Ream naval base would help China’s military project power across a broad swath of Southeast Asia…
China has signed a secret agreement allowing its armed forces to use a Cambodian navy base near here, as Beijing works to boost its ability to project military power around the globe, according to U.S. and allied officials familiar with the matter.
The pact—signed this spring but not disclosed by either side—gives China exclusive rights to part of a Cambodian naval installation on the Gulf of Thailand, not far from a large airport now being constructed by a Chinese company.
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No reply from #China to #US call for #SouthChinaSea crisis talks - Admiral Philip Davidson slams Chinese muscle flexing over disputed waters. No response to ‘standing ask’ for a communication mechanism to reduce threat of miscalculation…
A senior US military commander has slammed Beijing for flexing its muscles over the South China Sea, and for not responding to Washington’s call to set up a crisis communication mechanism.
Davidson said Washington and Beijing were having an “ongoing dialogue” at the military level, but a crisis communication mechanism was needed to reduce the threat of miscalculation. Competitive does not mean don’t engage.
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#Vietnamese frigate departs for #Russia to participate in a fleet review on the occasion of the 323rd Day of the #Russian Navy in Vladivostok city, Russia…
As scheduled, the Vietnamese mission will pay courtesy calls on the Pacific Fleet Command of the Russian Navy and the authorities of Vladivostok city. They will also join culinary and cultural festivals and sports exchange in the host city.
The visit will give Vietnamese officers & sailors of Frigate 016-Quang Trung an opportunity to practice long voyages, improve commanding capabilities, combat readiness abilities, master weapons & equipment during long voyages at sea & gain experiences in international events.
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Breaking: Duterte invokes military pact with #US amid #SouthChinaSea dispute - "I'm calling now America. I am invoking the RP-US pact & I would like America to gather their 7th Fleet in front of #China. I'm asking them now," he said during a TV interview…
The President invoked the 68-year-old pact amid calls to enforce the MDT in light of the Recto Bank incident in June, where a Chinese vessel rammed a Filipino fishing boat in Philippine waters and left the fisherfolk adrift at sea.
Duterte said that if US sends its 7th Fleet, a the part of the US Pacific Fleet stationed in Japan to South China Sea, he'll go onboard. He said he wants to bring along his critics, Antonio Carpio, Conchita Carpio Morales, and ex-Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario.
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Thread: #US, #Philippines face moment of treaty truth - Upcoming review of the two sides’ mutual defense treaty could allow the US to preposition weapons pointed at #China in the contested #SouthChinaSea @zaldytor @Marybeezzz @societyofhonor…
The Philippines and United States are set to review their mutual defense alliance, critically timed deliberations that will have major implications for regional security, including in the South China Sea.
Both allies face new and rising security risks from China’s militarization of the contested sea, moves that could soon tilt towards a balance of power-testing military confrontation for control of the waterway.
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"My parent's Greatest Generation [WWII], they fought to establish an int'l order that has prevented great power war for over 7 decades & it's currently under the most stress since the end of the Cold War" Gen Mark Milley, nominated as next chairman of @thejointstaff, tells #SASC
"From #EastAsia to the #MiddleEast to Eastern #Europe, authoritarian actors are testing the limits of the int'l system & seeking regional dominance while challenging int'l norms & undermining US interests" Gen Milley warns #SASC
"Our goal should be to sustain Great Power peace that has existed since World War II and deal firmly with all those who might challenge us" per Gen Milley
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The #Vietnamese Navy & Coast Guard have been mobilized & are in high alert status. The info running around in Viet military circles is that the Chinese ships are acting very aggressively and attempted to ram VN vessels. @CollinSLKoh @duandang @BonnieGlaser
The Chinese survey ship is protected not only by Chinese coast guard vessels, but also by Chinese navy ships positioned behind the Chinese coast guard vessels. The Chinese ships are near the DK-1 area of Vietnamese oil rigs & platforms.
Both sides are keeping things under wraps for now. There is no official information or media news about this situation. The situation is tense, but is not at the level of the 2014 oil rig incidents, for now. Pictures of the DK-1 oil rig area that is next to the contested area.
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“Andrew Erickson, a maritime militia expert @NavalWarCollege, recently called for the US to “deal with China’s sea forces holistically” & state clearly that it expected China’s #Navy, #CoastGuard & #MaritimeMilitia to follow international rules.”… #PAFMM
“He added that the US had to ‘accept some friction and force Beijing to choose between de-escalating — the preferred US outcome — or to move up against a US red line that China would prefer to avoid’.”…
"The US navy has been conducting FONOPS..sends warships through disputed waters to prevent a claimant from denying others access in violation of int'l law. Analysts have long pushed for a more effective US response to counter China’s mix of mil, paramil & econ coercive measures."
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‘Almost an invasion’: Protesters in #Philippines slam Duterte for weak response over disputes in #SouthChinaSea - Flag-waving marchers chanted ‘#China out’ outside the Chinese consular office in Manila 👍💪🇵🇭💪👍…
Protesters descended on the Chinese embassy in Manila on Tuesday to oppose China’s growing sway in the Philippines, as tensions continue to rise over Beijing’s presence in the contested South China Sea.
Flag-waving marchers chanted “China out” and brandished a banner saying “Defend our sovereign rights”, referring to Beijing’s expansive claims to the resource-rich waterway.
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Sec. Pompeo made a major statement on U.S. military defense of #Philippines against China.

How significant?

How does international law shape the new posture?

“The US-Philippines Defense Treaty and the Pompeo Doctrine on #SouthChinaSea” | by @marknevitt…
At the time, @AbeDenmark called it “Big news for the US-Philippines Alliance. Expect China to test within the year (what constitutes an armed attack?).”

Nevitt address those legal issues and more in his article.
“Extremely significant policy shift”

- @ZackCooper on Pompeo’s statement on Philippines and South China Sea

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Mark Valencia—Adjunct Senior Scholar, National Institute for #SouthChinaSea Studies, Haikou, China—uses Xinhua-like language to accuse @GregPoling @CSIS @AsiaMTI of "Beating the drum for the narrative of the Chinese '#MaritimeMilitia' threat" in #IPPReview…
Valencia cited my piece with @KennedyMaritime in @ForeignAffairs, but that's a 2016 publication.

The latest is here:… &….

Instead of piling on @GregPoling, let's "Seek Truth from (Many) Facts" regarding #China's #MaritimeMilitia.
And while we're at it, can those in the know give us the full scoop on #IPPReview?

"operated by International Public Policy Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-registered company which is independent of any organization"…

Wording sounds rather abstract & mysterious..
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Vietnam's Air Force Thread - The SU-30MK2 is the main asset of the Vietnamese Air Force. Its combat radious covers the whole contested area of the #SouthChinaSea including the Spratlys, the Paracels & Hainan Island. #Vietnam #ASEAN #SouthChinaSea #Asia #AsiaPacific #IndoPacific
Vietnam's Air Force Thread - The SU-30MK2 is a multi role fighter bomber, Tasked with air defense and naval strike, 35 in inventory #Vietnam #ASEAN #Asia #AsiaPacific #IndoPacific #SouthChinaSea
Vietnam's Air Force Thread - For the anti ship mission, the 35 SU-30MK2s are armed with KH-31 mach 3.5 supersonic missiles, KH-59 & KH-59MK2, KH-35 & KH-29TE missiles. They also carry Israeli electronic warfare pods. #Vietnam #ASEAN #SouthChinaSea #AsiaPacific #IndoPacific
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Mahathir Mohammad at @CFR_org. First question on Chinese economic influence in #Malaysia. "Previous government borrowed too much money."
Says he explained to China that Najib was the problem and not Beijing. But now he's talking about payment pathways privileging Chinese SoEs over local contractors. "That is not good for us. Malaysian contractors have no role to play."
"Colonialism can take many forms. Countries can be subject to pressure through economic systems and that is a form of colonialism also." - Mahathir
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