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Seeing as though @BBCLauraK has deleted this but I was in the middle of responding when she did and got to take a screenshot. Here it is for posterity. The response I was typing at the time is below. Don't share this!
I understand you can't wrap your brain around this laura, but the UK ISN'T a country. It is a political and economic union of constituent countries. Scotland IS A EUROPEAN country. We allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote AND Europeans. So you're wrong.
That moment when a reporter deletes the original and then puts up this. She's still missed out the fact that Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are actually countries though and that the UK isn't! She's still wrong! #BBCBias
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THREAD : This is a full on National Scandal.
I've gone back and looked at BBC's mendacious and cynical use of biased 'vox pops' during #GE2017 all trying to portray one message "disaffected Labour voters who'll vote Tory"
#BBCbias @Ofcom @bbcnewspr @esmewren
@Ofcom @BBCNewsPR @esmewren April 18th -
BBC Newsnight : TONIGHT: The long-standing Labour voters planning to vote for Theresa May this time...
@NickSW9 @nicholaswatt reports for #newsnight
@Ofcom @BBCNewsPR @esmewren @NickSw9 @nicholaswatt April 19th
“I have voted Labour all my life, but I don't think I will in the next election” – long-standing Labour voters on supporting Theresa May

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Heres a wee game. I’ve just searched the BBC website for a few things

First: a search for ‘Scottish Conservative party conference’. Here’s what appears

The BBC are on it, and have information up about the May 2019 2019 conference, which they will be covering live on BBC1
Next I searched for ‘Scottish Labour Party conference’. Here’s what the BBC website brings up for that search

The BBC tells us it covered the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party’s March 2019 conference live on BBC1

So they’re making an effort to help us stay informed about our politics...
Next I searched for ‘SNP party conference’. It’s on in Edinburgh this weekend

🤔 I was curious to see what coverage would be available for this sold out event, as there are major constitutional debates planned for the weekend.

Here’s what the ‘impartial’ BBC website brings up
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A completely inadequate response to the petition. How does this address:
- Overspending
- Lies spread by secret social media adverts
- misconduct in public office (referendum lies)
- Press and media (partic. BBC) lies and bias
We need a #BrexitInquiry…
This is not just about the referendum result, it's about ALL the abuses and wrong doings that have led us to a Government that wants to implement brexit
A BREXIT #PublicInquiry is needed, not a referendum inquiry.
Take the #SecretFacebookAds. A previous gov't petition response put forward the idea that it's okay for political campaigners to lie, because it's up to the opposition to challenge them. On that basis alone, the FB ads should be banned, you can't challenge a lie you can't see. /3
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#BBCBias off the scale on #bbcbreakfast
The segment was about 4 minutes, the clip below is a short edit of a propaganda piece. No fact checking or asking for evidence by the presenter who clearly has her own agenda given this soft interview.
More details on this THREAD..
Bias highlights (1)
- Progress described as a “Labour think tank”. They’re NOT. They organise in Labour, have contributed to candidate slates in internal elections etc. And crucially have been vehemently against Corbyn from day one. No reference to this or questioning of motives
Bias highlights (2)
Progress person allowed to say:
- Labour has taken no action on anti semitism (this is patently false, why not questioned the way #VictoriaLIVE did?
- Bullying widespread through Labour. No asking for what basis or evidence there is for saying this.
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Dear @BBCNews

I am keen to know more about why you pay controversial “charity” IEA to come on @BBCNewsnight in front of millions & speak about how badly the NHS is doing & how it requires an “overhaul.”
Could you tell us more?

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias
Lots going on for the IEA at present. Why is the @BBCNews paying them to appear on television? [yet not paying other thinktanks?]

See .@CHPIthinktank report

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias…
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Come on, then. As it's 8am Sunday, and you're all still in bed, let's do this.
If you can summon up the strength to click through to the article it opens with these two lines.
We'll come back to the 1st sentence in a bit, but the 2nd one is important.

This study is measuring bias by counting how often Tory- and Labour-supporting newspaper stories are reviewed on the BBC.
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