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1. In the face of a fierce backlash, The Guardian has apologised and removed Martin Rowson's drawing posted on its website as it "did not meet our editorial standards".…
2. This was due to its blatant antisemitism. However it is normal for the white elite left-wing Guardian to attackgroups like Jews and Hindus. After all it has never apologised for using Hinduphobia against @pritipatel knowing cattle are venerated…
3. Until this year when a black researcher employed by the Guardian to look into slavery uncovered the newspaper itself had links to slave trade, they even justified this sordid past…
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Update on "our Ken" - the ex Met Police officer who sent a threatening letter, placed rubbish in the garden, then escalated to spray painting the property and wielding a knife. His complaint? Having anti Brexit stickers on my dustbing
To avoid going to court (His son works for Kent #Police and Ken is a football coach for young people), Ken finally paid £3000 for the restoration of the property (some 75% of the sum requested). It becomes clear that #Brexit doesn't pay.
Ken's main complaint (apart from the fact that I don't accept his form of democracy and that "I lost") was his claim that my anti-Brexit stickers were lowering property values in the area. I have not been able to verify the matter, nonetheless ...
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#LordGeidt: Downing Street is under pressure to make public why Boris Johnson's ethics adviser has quit - as the government faces an urgent question in the Commons over his exit.…
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🚨NEW: This week's PMQs Fact Check with @Femi_Sorry.

#BorisJohnson spins the truth even on #Brexit, while #PritiPatel defends welcoming Ukrainian refugees while deporting all the others to #Rwanda

Are you ok, mates?
The government remains committed to sending asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda and plans for future flights have begun, #PritiPatel has told MPs.

"We will not be deterred from doing the right thing," the home secretary said.…
Despite what Boris Johnson keeps saying in his alternative reality, the Uk economic situation is dire and worsening…
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Today I've seen a number of trending hashtags with a common theme: the UK Government's increasingly obvious #Fascist tendencies.

Know your history.

#TomHunt #PeterBone #LizTruss
#Rwanfda #RwandaNotInMyName #RwandaDeportation #ToryFascist
#ToryFascistDictatorship #PritiPatel
#THREAD on what Linguist Ruth Wodak calls 'shameless normalisation', which explicitly refers to ‘impolite or shameless behaviour’ manifested in "the far-right populists’ agendas (& related rhetoric)... which have already reached the political mainstream."

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Last Thurs night my brother, a farmer in Wales, had a phone call from a neighbour saying there were suspicious lights in one of his fields. He went to look and found 8 Indian men catching his sheep ready to kill in the field (Halal). He challenged them but they had knives 1/2
and told him they would use them if he didn’t back off, which he did. He rang the Police with the Reg no. They stopped them in Shrewsbury. They were from London. If his neighbour hadn’t rang him he would have found just sheep fleeces in his fields 2/3
On Friday morning and copious amounts of blood. We are 3rd generation farmers, this would have been unheard of in my Father’s Day. What on Earth have we done to our once wonderful Country 😡#immigration #BanHalal #PritiPatel #Boris #SadiqKhan #NeverLabour
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With so much conservative media amplification of Coalition spin, it’s going to be a lot easier for them to impose minority religious values on Australians. Trans lives are already being harmed, and anti choice action has begun here.… #auspol #ausvotes
Remember, they are already chipping away at #democracy in Australia. Similar to US and UK.…
The degree to which they have abandoned the vulnerable while proclaiming to be men (and a few women) of deep Christian faith, we call hypocrisy. It’s actually much deeper than that.…
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THREAD: #Rwanda, is it the best choice?

As we have all had had time to mull over the extraordinary revelations from last week, we thought it might be now a good time to dissect through some of the issues
This thread will focus on Rwanda in relation to the #PritiPatel deal. 1/
Most of you will have heard of #Rwanda from "Hotel Rwanda" a film that tells a bit about the Genocide that happened in the country in 1994 - in 100 days between April-July - >800,000 Tutsi people were killed in a national Genocide.
Rwanda has been rebuilding itself ever since. 2/
Why is it important that we dissect this deal from the #Rwanda angle?

Well put simply - its because the British gov #BorisJohnson #PritiPatel are deliberately not telling you, if they did, most Britons would be appalled & disgusted at how bad the scheme is for RW & refugees. 3/
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🧵1/12 #BorisJohnson & #PritiPatel will today announce their plans to send people seeking asylum in the UK to #offshoredetention camps in #Rwanda, to try & deter #refugees from seeking protection in the UK. Cruelty is the point of this policy. Here's why this will fail...
2/12 Johnson & Patel were inspired by Australia's brutal & widely condemned offshore detention camps on Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Conditions for 3,127 people in those camps were deliberately dangerous & inhumane & led to suicides, avoidable deaths & abuse of children by guards.
3/12 This didn't deter people from seeking asylum in Australia. In the following year, the numbers of people arriving by boat stayed the same & the camps were quickly overcrowded. Australia has now abandoned this policy & most people detained are now in the USA or Australia.
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@supertanskiii .@ukhomeoffice @pritipatel #PritiPatel @Conservatives @MatthewRycroft1 @JSHeappey @kevin_j_foster

Why are calls to HO Ukraine Helpline NOT ENTIRELY FREE? They're 0300 numbers.

Enough penny-pinching, please. It's ungenerous.

See two images below, taken from gov pages just now.
@supertanskiii @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel @Conservatives @MatthewRycroft1 @JSHeappey @kevin_j_foster .@ukhomeoffice @pritipatel #PritiPatel @Conservatives @MatthewRycroft1 @JSHeappey @kevin_j_foster

And you? A non-free 0300 helpline.

> RENFE offers free rail transport
throughout 🇪🇸 for fleeing Ukrainian refugees travelling over Spanish border <
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"most Ukrainians will want to stay in Ukraine, but if they leave they’ll want to be as close to their home country as possible in order to be able to come back in the future."
what a pile of cynical nonsense from @DominicRaab…
1 - the EU is 4,422,773 km2, the distance between Kyiv and London is 2400 km, Kyiv to Madrid is 3700km
2- has @DominicRaab heard about Easyjet, Wizz, Ryanair? It is faster and cheaper to travel to London than many cities in neighbouring countries by train/car
3- if I was working in the UK and my elderly parents were in Ukraine now, all I would want is for them to join me in the safety of my home, NOT for them to stay in a refugee camp alone somewhere near the border of Ukraine
#RefugeesWelcome #UkraineUnderAttack #PritiPatel
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“A big step towards authoritarianism” @GeorgeMonbiot

The govt are excluding debate on new anti-protest laws

The entire Lords committee stage debate on new clauses was crammed into one late night

The Commons have been excluded & the Lords marginalised
“This is proper police state stuff”

Priti Patel shoved 18 extra pages into the #PolicingBill after it had passed through the Commons & the Lords in a ploy to avoid effective parliamentary scrutiny

@GeorgeMonbiot decries the lack of media & public outcry.…
The deeply-authoritarian #PolicingBill hands police vast new powers to fine, remove or arrest ordinary people who simply wish to peacefully protest

@Femi_Sorry explains👇

@pritipatel’s new amendments contain new powers to ban named people from protesting
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🔴The shocking findings of the Parliamentary #COVIDReport make it clear: scrutiny of the government could not be more important.

This is why TODAY @allthecitizens and @Foxglovelegal are in court to stop the use of disappearing messages apps in government.
In June 2021, a source at @DHSC told @BylineTimes that conversations between Public Health England and DHSC officials about whether or not patients should be
discharged from hospital into care homes without a negative test were taking place over WhatsApp.
🔥🔥The source added: “The entire COVID-19 response was being conducted over WhatsApp messages.”🔥🔥

@NafeezAhmed via @BylineTimes
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🔴We firmly believe in holding power to account.

This is why, with @Foxglovelegal, we are taking legal action to stop the use of disappearing message apps in government.

The hearing is tomorrow.
.@thetimes reported that more than a third of Johnson’s cabinet have downloaded Signal. That includes: #BorisJohnson, #RishiSunak, #PritiPatel, #MichaelGove, Grant Shapps, Robert Jenrick, Gavin Williamson, Robert Buckland and Brandon Lewis.…
Vital evidence of government decision making is being lost to the disappearing text. That could include evidence about Brexit, the Covid response, or a political crony lobbying for government contracts.

Ask for accountability. Sign our petition
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Thread: So @ukhomeoffice @UKHomeSecretary - thought you might like to hear this. An 80-year-old UK citizen (my dad) is on day 6 of a hotel quarantine stay at the Courtyard @Marriott at Gatwick: cost £2400. Both him and my mom have been vaccinated. Two negative Covid tests. /1
They are being fed btw 9pm and 9.30 despite requesting dinner at 7pm. Walks are hit and miss. They have had vegetables twice so far. Chicken the only protein 6 days in a row. Curry for 4 out of 5 options, including kids meals. Fruit salad: see pic (full portion). @ukhomeoffice Image
This is diabolical treatment - quarantiners are not here on holiday, and are being detained in disgusting circumstances, and at great expense. Why is this acceptable? Why are they being treated like detainees? @ukhomeoffice @MarriottIntl Image
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Blistering introductory monologue by @maitlis on standards in public life covering the #AcuriAffair #BorisJohnson #DavidCameron & #PritiPatel

The last time #Newsnight did such a
powerful opening was in May in the midst of the Barnard Castle scandal
“A great journalist puts into words the things people feel. They seek truth & speak truth & are never seduced by the gilded strumpet of power”
(E. Warner)

Following her monologue on Cummings, the govt complained to the BBC

Instead of backing @maitlis, the BBC issued an apology!
“What is spectacularly gutless is that these ministers have avoided @GMB , @Channel4News, @BBCNewsnight & anywhere they might get rough ride. That’s a dereliction of their duty as govt ministers. It’s completely shameful.” @piersmorgan

It’s a national scandal & nothing is done!
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On Monday Priti Patel wants to rush through a bill in the Commons which will lower the point at which police can intervene. After the appalling police reaction last night at #ReclaimTheStreets #SarahEverard peaceful vigil, we should be extremely concerned…
But this is not just about #metpolice powers (altho' we need more checks and balances on these). This is about govt wanting to silence "protests". Last yr #PritiPatel branded #BlackLivesMatter protests "dreadful" and called Extinction Rebellion “eco-crusaders turned criminals”
There are many extra powers for police regarding protests, as well as more infringement on human rights which should cause concern in tmrw's Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill. This includes increasing maximum penalty for damage to memorials to 10yrs…
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Brilliant freelance📷documentary photographer @andyaitchison has for years shone a light on prisons and immigration detention centres.

Yesterday police arrested Andy, held him for 5 hrs, seized his mobile phone & camera's memory card.

Crime? Doing his job. 1/
Andy's arrest comes the day after authoritarian minister for Equalities (yes, Equalities) @KemiBadenoch smeared brilliant journo Nadine White @Nadine_Writes , exposing White to predictable trolling and abuse. 2/

Liz Truss @trussliz played the same dirty trick on @Halima_Begum CEO @RunnymedeTrust, using inflammatory language *in Parliament* that she must have known would expose Begum to trolling, abuse & threats of harm. 3/

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Sheesus, Priti Patel doesn't have a clue, does she?

And if she says "the rules are clear" or "we are in a pandemic" one more fkn time, I'm gonna blow my own head off.


@LBC #bbcpm
Press: are the rules tough enough

PP: "the rules are clear"

Press: the virus is more transmissible & more have died than March yet the rules are weaker

PP: "the rules are clear"

Press: what is the definition of "stay local" for exercise?

PP: "the rules are clear"
@LBC #bbcpm
The rules are clear, as mud.


@LBC #bbcpm
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Priti Patel is one of the co-authors of the 2012 book, Britannia Unchained, alongside Dominic Raab, Elizabeth Truss, Kwasi Kwarteng & Chris Skidmore

They write that “the British are among the worst idlers in the world”. Their plan: to get the UK out the EU & embrace science/tech
I find it hard to imagine @trussliz, @DominicRaab & @pritipatel being the intellectual heavyweights behind this scary libertarian manifesto

@KwasiKwarteng no doubt helped it but the main author - a man very much involved in this govt - i believe is Skidmore. #GreenwichSpeech
No wonder @pritipatel is smirking!

The vision set out in #BritanniaUnchained is coming into being, #PritiPatel #Prittster
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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The ultimate #Brexitshambles victory. The partly Turkish, American born, Brussels schooled prime minister waving a Dutch/French produced #bluepassport made in Poland, offering inferior travel rights to Britons whose currency has fallen in value. Bon voyage! #gladtohaveanirishone
Does #PritiPatel not realise that waiting, a lot longer, is exactly what she will be doing with a #bluepassport? I'm sure she does, but hey, that's what. #Brexitshambles koolaid does to you.
@davidschneider @PeterMannionMP @IanDunt @Otto_English @gavinesler @Bonn1eGreer @MarinaHyde @mrjamesob @terrychristian The #brexitshambles brigade can't even take back control of their passport making process without help from the Poles.
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