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Looking through new #Brexit deal, the preamble has lost some of the paragraphs in the previous #WithdrawalAgreement from April 2019 👇
Here's the addition in the preamble to the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland in the new #Brexit #WithdrawalAgreement that refers to democratic consent from NI for application of EU law. 👇
What might be a very important deletion of wording from what was in the preamble of the April 2019 version of the #Brexit #WithdrawalAgreement in relation to North-South cooperation, avoiding a hard border, physical infrastructure, checks and controls. 👇
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A thread- Labour & the #IrishBorder. Last night @jonsnowC4 interviewed @Keir_Starmer on @Channel4News. Starmer put forward Lab's Customs Union idea as the solution, Snow then picked up this idea & asked him about a Norway deal. 1/
Despite what Starmer implied, a Customs Union on its own would not stop customs checks. It was only when the UK & Ireland joined the Single Market in 1993 that customs checks vanished. Lab oppose being in the Single Market. 2/…
As it is, Norway is in the Single Market. But, as it is not in the EU's Customs Union, there are checks. @Freight_NI points out its one lorry every 35 sec on #IrishBorder at the moment while there's a delay of 10 ins on Norway/Sweden. 3/
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Worth outlining in full Lady Sylvia Hermon's Q to the PM in @HouseofCommons this afternoon (16:59).

And his response, which doesn’t answer the Q & which presents as a ‘simple fact’ something easily provable as untrue & which only serves to fuel the fears of unionists in NI.

@HouseofCommons Lady Hermon says she thinks the PM “owes the people of N.Ireland some explanation as to why he and his govt have treated for treating the @BelfastAgmt with such a careless & cavalier manner.

That Agreement has kept stability & #peace in NI since it was signed 21 years ago.”

@HouseofCommons @BelfastAgmt “It is reported that the Crown Solicitor’s Office has advised the govt that a #NoDeal #Brexit would be in contravention of the 1998 Agmt."
Hermon calls on PM "to publish today in full -& he owes it to the people of NI & to the House- any legal advice he has received" on this.
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PM Johnson has made the removal of the #backstop the make-or-break matter when it comes to an exit deal with the EU.

So this thing is pretty damn important.

Time for a quick recap of what the 'loathed and detested' backstop actually is?

The #backstop is there specifically to meet the UK’s commitments to avoid a hard Irish border & protect the 1998 Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement & peace process.

This isn’t just of benefit or interest to the island of Ireland.
A broken Northern Ireland means a limping UK.
How does the #backstop work?
A v.brief explanation:

Having to apply & enforce customs procedures & rules around market access makes a border ‘hard’.
(just talking trade here)

Put simply, the greater the hassle in getting goods across a border, the harder that border is.

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Theresa May's legacy will be one of Constant & Unmitigated Lies, War Crimes & Treason:-

Skripal Poisoning Update - The Alleged Russian Poisoners and the UK Government's Lies.
The UK gov's official narrative is IMPOSSIBLE to be true…

Theresa May's legacy will be War Crimes, Mass Murder & Genocide in #Yemen for arms company profits.

Over 8 million people are at risk of dying from starvation and cholera due to the US & UK backed Saudi illegal Invasion & War of Aggression.

Theresa May's legacy will be the deliberate encouragement & recruitment of al-Qaeda & ISIS supporting extremists for domestic terrorist attacks in the UK and Europe.

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So #NoDeal holds No Fear for 3 of the remaining 6 Tory contenders? They assume such bravado gives leverage against the EU.

Perhaps now wd be a good time to check on how prepared UK is compared to the EU, which published its latest update this week.…
There are only 3 possible outcomes: No Brexit; Deal; No Deal.
Little sign yet of a 2nd ref.
Deal comes thru UK ratifying #WithdrawalAgreement.

No Deal = if UK fails to do so
+ there is EITHER (i) no UK request for an extension
OR (ii) no unanimous EU27 approval for one.

#NoDeal requires legislation [unless it really is apocalypse they're after].

EU Commission’s tally: 18 out of the 19 legislative proposals needed to prepare for Brexit have been adopted (19th due this month).
+ 63 non-legislative acts adopted. Doesn't see a need for more.

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I've not done any #Brexit #border slides for a while.
Here's an effort to outline in as simple a way as possible what each of the main scenarios would mean for movement of goods across the UK's land & sea borders.
[DM me with an email address if you need a grayscale version]
In a Transition Period, following the #WithdrawalAgreement, the movement of goods between the UK and EU remains free flowing.
During this time, the negotiations on the future UK-EU trade agreement will be underway.
If at the end of the Transition Period, there is no UK-EU FTA close enough to avoid a hard Irish border, the backstop will kick-in on a temporary basis.
It has both NI-specific and UK-wide dimensions to minimise controls needed across UK land & sea borders.
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The forthcoming @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn #BrexitDeal - a thread.
The UK has 3 options - #NoDealBrexit, #WithdrawalAgreement or #Remain. Most Tory Party members back BJ for leader, most Lab members back JC. In both cases most members would back their Brexit decisions. 1/
Corbyn's two main Brexit advisers are #SeumasMilne & #AndrewMurray (who also still works for Len McCluskey in Unite). In Oct18 Murray argued that Lab should back May's deal to avoid NoDeal. 2/…
@Channel4News 11Nov18. Tory MP Jo Johnson had called for a #PeoplesVote. When asked if he would back another vote Corbyn replied, "No, not really. The ref took place. The issue now has to be how to bring ppl together" 3/
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Brextremists constantly bang on about how impt it is for the UK to Leave the EU because it was a Tory party manifesto promise. What is true for Brexit, must presumably be true for other Tory manifesto promises, so let's see how they've done.
@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today
@LBC Page 15 of the Tory manifesto promised "effective" regulation of industry and markets and that govt would save £9bn through cutting two regulations for every new one created.


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
@LBC Page 17 of the Tory manifesto promised to regulate tax advisory firms to reduce extreme tax avoidance, increase transparency and reduce "misuse of trusts".


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
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Haven't seen anyone on here run thru' the options on the Order Paper for HoC #indicativevotes tomorrow (Mon 1/4), so, for your info... (apologies if people have & I've missed it): There are 8 motions tabled for possible selection by Speaker: 1/
A) Baron, unilateral backstop exit; B) Baron, if no WA by then, no-deal Brexit on 12/4; C) Clarke, permanent UK-wide Customs Union as UK negotiating objective in primary legislation; 2/
D) Boles, support for #WithdrawalAgreement Bill conditional on it including, as UK future relationship negotiating mandate, a Political Declaration revised to include Common Market 2.0 (EEA+CU); 3/
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Step 1 of my peace plan: UN peace-keepers air-drop into Westminster, seize control from warring factions, despose PM. Establish the United Nations Transitional Administration in the formerly United Kingdom (UNTAFUK). #BrexitEndgame #withdrawalagreement
Step 2: Numerous academics from West Africa, Balkans and East Timor arrive to interview key stakeholders and write Master's dissertations on conflict analysis.
Step 3: Aid agencies and NGOs arrive with peace education for warring Brexit tribes. They propose expanding service delivery (ending austerity) as a way of promoting state legitimacy.
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More Old Bailey Sophistry from Codpiece Cox admitting that in order that today's vote is NOT an attempt to repeat #MV2 (to comply with Speaker Bercow's re-iteration of 1604 convention) it is also NOT a #MV in sense of #EUWA18 Section 13.1.b

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Attempt by Codpiece Cox to scare House into voting in a #MeaninglessVote for #WA (only) solely to secure the offered (actually only technical) extension of #BrexitDay from Apr 12 to May 22 sans guarantee of any other extension. Sophistry.

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Of course, if the House falls for Codpiece Cox's scare tactics, none of this will figure in future utterances by #TheresaMay's #Brexihadis - the headlines will scream 'Parliament approves #Brexit arrangements' (sans qualification or caveat).

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate
#VictoriaLIVE #LBC
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OK, I've caught up with Twitter again & there's both some v. interesting exchanges & still a fair bit of apparent wider public confusion re: the date UK leaves the EU, A50 #extension & the SI to change 'exit day'. So, in interests of end-of-the-week clarity, here's another go. 1/
The date UK leaves the EU is an intl matter. It's not determined by whatever UK domestic law may say.Changing 'exit day' in UK law doesn't change date UK leaves the EU. See posts this wk by @woodstockjag & @DomWalsh13 as well as me, & eg @ProfMarkElliott & @carlgardner on here 2/
UK & EU have now agreed that A50 period, at the end of which the departing state leaves the EU, will be later than 29/3. The only way the UK still leaves the EU on 29/3 is if UK gov, or EU, or both, renege on the agreement reached last night. 3/
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#WithdrawalAgreement In the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK agrees to develop a long term 'economic partnership' with the EU with a customs union similar to the EU-Turkey CU. That is, we would be forced to align our tariffs with EU tariffs. We would have no say in the negotiation of
new EU FTAs. The Commission would of course be negotiating on behalf of EU member states, not the UK. Moreover we would have no guarantee that the third country would agree an FTA with us also. It is the worse of all worlds.
The government is claiming that we will be able to strike our own trade deals in the future, but they are lying, so far as I can see. In the Northern Ireland Protocol preamble, the UK agrees to have as an objective for the 'future relationship'
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The EU Committee has today published its report on #Brexit and the European Investment Bank @EIB, which the UK will lose access to after it leaves the EU:…
Find our main conclusions below 👇1/6
The @EIB has provided almost €50 billion of funding to the UK over the last 10 years, mainly to infrastructure. This has covered a range of different sectors 2/6 Chart showing the volume of EIB funding received by the UK across different sectors since 2008
But there has been a marked decline in funding from the @EIB since the #Brexit referendum and triggering of Article 50. This has fallen 87% since 2016 3/6 Chart showing EIB lending to the UK over the last 10 years, including a marked decline since 2016
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If a parliament elected to represent our interests, and whose sovereignty is at the heart of our constitution, chooses not to ensure we avoid a #NoDealBrexit the British Medical Association calls "catastrophic" for the NHS, our democracy is broken beyond repair.
The first responsibility of Parliament/Government is to protect its citizens.
Parliament is actively abandoning its responsibility to protect the country from the effects of No Deal.
#WithdrawalAgreement #BrexitDebate "Cooper Amendment"
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At the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster waiting for the start of The Convention.
#ThinkAnewActAnew #PeoplesVote #stopbrexit
As I mentioned before, it's a very impressive lineup for @The_Convention_ today.
The inimitable @HenryCPorter (who I've come across on other unrelated campaigns in the past) is opening events now (Lara Spirit, host for the morning is alongside).
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‘A Better Deal’?

If you are looking for a workable alternative to the Protocol on NI/IRL in the #WithdrawalAgreement, & if you are worried about @BorderIrish & @BelfastAgmt, I'm afraid this isn't it.

Here's a thread that is as tight as possible.
First, don’t be fooled by the legalise & jargon.

It cannot be a serious legal text if it assumes that parties can simply “agree not to place physical infrastructure or introduce related checks and controls on the Irish border in any circumstances” (as per para 2).

It is not in the gift of these parties to make such a guarantee without proper consideration of consequences for their international trade partners + responsibilities to their own consumers.

What this proposes in terms of 'Irish border measures' doesn't cut it (more anon.).
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This afternoon I’m at @EssexPFCC mtg. PFCC Roger Hirst tells the panel @EssexPoliceUK facing “serious cost pressures” in next year. This includes £3.5m hole in pension pot due to changes made by govt to all public sector pensions
Other pressures on police budget:
- increase in fuel costs for vehicles
- IT programme replacement
- “7 figure increase in cost of insuring police’s motor fleet”

RH says govt is aware of these pressures which aren’t unique to Essex, and will address it in 👮‍♀️ funding settlement
Funding settlement was due to be announced TODAY. But @mhclg SOS pulled the statement due to debates on #WithdrawalAgreement in parliament.

RH says indication from MHCLG is that PCCs will be allowed to double police precept for 19/20.

I.e. from £12 extra per household to £24.
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#BrexitChaos - thread: need for definitions:

#NoDeal #nodealbrexit means crashing out: no arrangements with the #EU or other member states, no transition period. Means losing all existing trade deals & years of global negociations
#WTO ≠ trade deal (look it up!) 1/9
@theresa_may #WithdrawalAgreement is the framework for a future #UK #EU future relationship. Allows for an orderly #Brexit with transition period, but leaves many issues to resolve, trade deals and regulations to negotiate, which will take many years and be costly. No "dividend"!
It is possible to #StopBrexit and #Remain. This means staying in the #EU with all current benefits, reciprocal rights and protections, free trade and movement for goods, services and people within the EU. To do this, Govt must #RevokeA50 (Article 50=notice given to #Leave 3/9
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Get your brain into gear this morning with this long read from @ChloeFarand and myself for @DeSmogUK on how US libertarians and fossil fuel interests are infiltrating the UK's #Brexit debate and pushing for environmental deregulation…

Here's a tldr THREAD
The story centres around a power couple in Brexit politics, Matthew and Sarah Elliott. Matthew was chief of Vote Leave and still has fingers in lots of Brexit pies. Sarah is chair of Republicans overseas, and used to work for fossil fuel magnates the Koch brothers.
In the US, the couple have strong ties to the #Kochtopus network and libertarian Trump-funder Robert Mercer. In the UK, they have strong ties to the remnants of the Leave campaign, and a network of groups lobbying for mass deregulation post-Brexit based out of #TuftonStreet
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We'll be live tweeting from BBC Any Questions for the next hour or so.
It's been a busy week on the Brexit front, so it promises to be interesting.
Panel includes:
@Andrew_Adonis @Juergen_Maier @JennyChapman & Wokingham MP @johnredwood
#bbcaq #anyquestions
The question on everyone's lips with #brexit "was this really what you envisaged you were going to get"
Once again they say there was a very strong instruction to Parliament - the minority was a tiny percentage - this can't be seen as a strong instruction.
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To understand the impact of Brexit on people it is important to recognize the situation of EEA/Swiss citizens at home in the UK. While the #WithdrawalAgreement finally mentions them, they've had to live in even more limbo for 870+ days. They are #AlreadyNotFine. Like Xavier. 1/
If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen please do join in throughout the week using #AlreadyNotFine. This is part of the #EUcitizensChampion awareness campaign and I hope many more people will become a champion.… 2/
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1/ Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI):
Many worried EU citizens have contacted us over the last 12 hours since the publication of the #WithdrawalAgreement. And yes Article 18 1(k) references to CSI as a requirement to qualify for the new residence status BUT...
2/...Comprehensive Sickness Insurance was already in the #citizensrights part of the draft #WithdrawalAgreement back in March 2018. Nothing has changed. The UK Govt has stated that for Settled Status holding CSI will not be tested and is NOT a requirement.
3/ This has since been confirmed by the Statement of Intent published in July 2018. Subsequent legislation and the application of it during the Settled Status trial phase have confirmed that CSI is not a requirement.…
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