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🚨BREAKING🚨 Important update on #UofTcensure @censureutoronto #AzarovaAffair 🧵 (1/9)…
This is a major victory for #academicfreedom, and for everyone who worked tirelessly to let their colleagues know about the censure and to uphold and respect its conditions. #uoftcensure (2/9)
For those who missed it, here's a summary of what the #uoftcensure is: (3/9)
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We are living in a time where the teaching of true and accurate history is considered controversial. 25 states have put forth legislation to limit how and whether race and racism are taught in schools. If you’re concerned about this, please read along. #criticalracetheory
(2) The AAUP’s 1940 statement on Principles of Academic Freedom & Tenure makes clear “teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject.”

(3) The recent attempts to abolish or curtail teaching about the role of race in US history and the ongoing repercussions of racism & slavery represent clear violations of both #academicfreedom, the cornerstone of American higher education, and…
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BREAKING: 立場新聞 reporting HKUST's Ching Kwan Lee resigned, after having been accused of directly participating in & supporting the #HongKongProtests, is being pressured to turn herself in #香港 兩名科大學者被指離職 李靜君:已約滿離任 成名: 仲喺科大…
#HKUST has issued a statement saying that it supports #academicfreedom but that all of its employees must strictly abide by #HongKong law; and that disciplinary charges have not been filed against her. #香港
Former #HongKong CE & Vice Chair of the Nat'l Committee of the CPCC CY Leung has demanded that she "surrender herself as soon as possible, lest the police launch an investigation" on the basis of a Sing Tao article alleging her involvement in the #HongKongProtests #香港
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The Board of the German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) has published a new statement about the state of Asian studies in Germany. Their explicit commitment to #academicfreedom is welcome. But many problems with the DGA's approach remain /1…
In the opening paragraph the DGA statement bemoans the supposed "return of dangerous stereotypical categorization patterns and woodcut-like world order models" without initially offering important context or country-specific examples /2
In the second paragraph, however, it becomes fairly clear that they are primarily concerned about the "power and system rivalry between the USA and the PR China" as well as "democratic backsliding / democratic regression in parts of Southeast Asia" /3
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More on the Hindu American Foundation's SLAPP lawsuit against diverse human rights groups, freedom of the press, & academic freedom

I am currently conducting research into Hindutva in the US, which includes HAF. #AcademicFreedom #AcademicTwitter #Hindutva…
footnotes (all repeated from earlier tweets this week) --

on SLAPP lawsuits and why they're bad, straight and narrow:

On SLAPP lawsuits and why they're bad, hilarious:
A factsheet on the Hindu*tva American Foundation's links, spanning a few decades, with the Sangh Parivar, the broad coalition of Hindutva-promoting groups with the RSS at the center:…
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I would be curious to hear what my fellow #AcademicFreedom researchers think of the details in this recent Canadian story at @RyersonU. (HT @ColleenDerkatch) 1/…
The gist of it:

1. "In 2016, the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute (SRFI) opened with a $1 million donation from The Edward and Suzanne Rogers Foundation. . . . In past, the Rogers family has donated almost $34 million to various programs at Ryerson."

2. "On May 1, 2021, Suzanne Rogers, honorary patron of the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, posted a photo of herself and her family with former U.S. president Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, as reported by Canadaland."

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#EricKaufmann has some, what shall we call it--authoritarian?--idea for warning labels to be placed on some university courses. So students are foretold if they are to encounter material that anti-academic hacks indiscriminately call "CRT."
I, too, am eagerly awaiting the day when universities employ a syllabus inspektor to whom course materials must be submitted in time, and who will then put little red stamps beside course numbers where evidence of "CRT" subversiveness has been found.
Here is the top of the thread in which Kaufmann is responding. I put "CRT" in quotation marks because as soon as you're in a conversation where Chris Rufo is participating, you've got to distinguish his fever dream from the work of actual critical race scholars.
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<Latest censorship in our admin’s desire to carry on their authoritarian control @LinfieldUniv Linfield Cuts Off Mass Faculty Emails Amid Controversy… @AAUP #AcademicFreedom #censorship
Asking for accountability for sexual assault and misconduct on campus creates what is called “hostile environment” for our administration.
Joe Wilferth,dean of arts and sciences,wrote to faculty to say, “In my experience over the last seven months,what has been written and shared in these various outlets,even on university e-mail lists, only serves to exacerbate what is arguably an already-hostile work environment.”
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New Thread: 人民日报: CCP has just released the long-awaited newly revised "Regulations of the Communist Party of #China on the Work of Grassroots Organizations in Regular Colleges and Universities" 中国共产党普通高等学校基层组织工作条例…
Spoiler alert: It does not mention #academicfreedom (or any other freedom); but it does mention Xi Jinping four times. Or, more rightly, it mentions Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era (习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想) four times.
I say "long awaited" because these regulations were initially deliberated & approved by the PBSC 5 Nov 2009, promulgated by the Party Central Committee on 13 Aug 2010; but, interestingly, then revised by the PB on 26 Feb 2021, then promulgated *again* by the CC on 16 April
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In today's @china_table Berthold Kuhn has published a very problematic response to my rebuttal of @ESandschneider op-ed. Instead of defending #academicfreedom against CCP censorship Kuhn criticises @merics_eu supposedly 'confrontational China attitude' /1…
Whereas in March 2021 European Research Institute Directors roundly denounced the CCP's sanctions against @merics_eu Berthold Kuhn suggests that 'young scientists and business experts in particular are more likely to refrain from working with Merics' /2
While I welcome robust public debates about the logic & limits of Magnitsky sanctions I am dismayed that Berthold Kuhn's discussion of the Chinese Communist Party's sanctions against @merics_eu isn't prefaced with an unequivocal defence of #AcademicFreedom and #FreedomOfSpeech /3
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A few days ago, in this thread on #EricKaufmann's #AcademicFreedom report, I thought I would let other points slide in favour of this point: that the upper end of this 7-18% of NA faculty who he says support academic freedom violations is inflated by bad survey design. 1/
But my mind gets stuck on certain issues sometimes and this time it kept reminding me of what I didn't elaborate. So here goes: the lower end of this figure of 7-18% of NA faculty is inflated, too, by the choices Kaufmann made in processing his survey results. Let me explain. 2/
Here are two of the questions that led to the 7% lower edge of that range. You'll note that half the participants were given option A and the other half option B (or so I presume). 3/

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As I mentioned, I've been looking at #EricKaufmann's report on #AcademicFreedom. I want to share another head-scratching moment with you today. 1/

My earlier thread:
Top of the report is a set of questions for which he received answers from 803 US scholars in social sciences & humanities. Here are questions 1-3 along with the graph representing the answers. In the report, the answer key is: 1. support, 2. oppose, 3. neither, 4. don't know. 2/ ImageImage
Participants were given 1 of 2 versions of each question with either students or admin campaigning. There is a difference between the two. We might question answers being lumped together into "students/the administration" as well as the very odd "find work elsewhere" phrasing. 3/ Image
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We need to talk about Germany - again. Today a highly problematic essay by former German Council on Foreign Relations @dgapev director @ESandschneider was published in @china_table. This daily briefing is widely read among German professionals /1

In his article Sandschneider criticises what he calls a 'moralising foreign policy'; 'double standards' in US and European China policy, which are supposedly driven by geopolitical or economic concerns; and suggests that tensions in the Taiwan Strait are provoked by the USG /2
He criticises western Magnitsky sanctions against Chinese officials for 'blocking dialogue channels' and calls for 'silent diplomacy'. Whilst labelling attempts to 'manage China's rise' a form of 'megalomania', he nevertheless considers western China policy a 'management task' /3
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What is cancel culture?

One of the burning questions of our time, surely.

Been reading one of #EricKaufmann's #AcademicFreedom reports. In it, he cites the National Association of Scholar's data sheet on cancellations to highlight how many there have been. 1/
So I went and looked at that. It was fun. It had a number of cases on it that I didn't know yet, and there are links the news pieces and blog posts, so it's useful in its way. 2/
The association itself way oversells what they think the data sheet shows. Just listen to the snippy description below. Aside: the article from which it's taken leads with a definition, ahem. Follow the links for the data sheet. 3/…
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【 BREAKING 】@thetimes reports that 400+ academics have signed an open letter in solidarity with Dr Finley. The signatories criticise the political censorship of the Chinese Communist Party, which now jeopardises scholarly cooperation with China /1…
Such global support for Dr Finley marks a decisive pushback against the CCP’s threat to academic freedom. In 2020 100+ scholars from 71 academic institutions across 16 countries had already signed another open letter condemning the HK security law /2…
So what is happening here and what do we need to know? In an article for the International Journal of Human Rights @InRights (in peer review) David Missal @DavidJRMissal and I have pointed out that the CCP poses a serious threat to academic freedom at home and abroad /3
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I hereby call on all China specialists in the UK to stand in solidarity with @j_smithfinley from Newcastle University.

@bacs_china should also issue a public statement condemning the Chinese Communist Party’s threats to #AcademicFreedom and #FreedomOfSpeech.

Enough is enough.
As scholars we have a shared responsibility to address the issue of domestic and international threats to #AcademicFreedom in the UK. @DavidJRMissal and I developed the following framework when discussing Germany's case in an article for the International Journal of Human Rights.
Good to see that the Academic Freedom and Internationalisation Working Group (AFIWG) has issued this statement.
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This is getting ridiculous. Now the Chinese Communist Party is sanctioning nine individuals and four entities in the UK 🇬🇧 for their critique of the party-state’s crimes against humanity. Particularly galling is the singling out of fellow academic @j_smithfinley #AcademicFreedom
Here is the statement of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs h/t @MahmutRahima
The Chinese Communist Party “warns the UK side not go further down the wrong path”. Such bullying shows us what kind of regime we are dealing with. Time for the British state and British civil society to push back against the CCP’s authoritarian overreach.…
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The German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) can no longer hide behind it’s proclaimed ‘neutral’ position @feiduoli. The DGA has to address the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to #academicfreedom. We should stand in solidarity with @adrianzenz, @MareikeOhlberg and @gusiting /1
A learned society should address the threat which the CCP's political censorship poses to open-ended knowledge production. Yet in June 2020 the DGA board issued a controversial statement 'Beware the polarisation'. It's claim to 'neutrality' was widely criticised on Twitter /2 ImageImageImage
A German and English-language version of the DGA board's highly controversial statement 'Beware the polarisation' is available here /3…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/21/2021…
This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything…

#blizzard #electrified
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It's been 5 years since a group of academics in and outside #Turkey issued a petition urging for peace, an act that resulted in terrorism-related allegations, criminal investigations, arrests, dismissals, travel bans, and other coercive acts.
5 years on, thousands of academics in Turkey, along with their families, still suffer from the state's legal, professional, economic, social, and emotional punishments. "Civil death" has left so many of them stigmatized and unable to freely pursue their careers & scholarly work. An excerpt from "The University Under Siege: Turkey’s
As the assault on #Turkey's #HigherEd community continues -- especially at #BoğaziçiUniversity -- we must double down on protecting and promoting #AcademicFreedom, #InstitutionalAutonomy, and other values and freedoms that are fundamental to strong, healthy universities.
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The reason that U of Mississippi gives for cancelling Garrett Felber's grant (before they fired him) is, essentially, that he didn't allow them to intervene in the proposal before he applied for the grant. I'd like to know if other faculty's proposals received such interference.
Chief Marketing & Comms Officer: "If he'd followed UM’s process of engaging with external funders, his dept chair would have had the opportunity to advise him on how best to align his proposal with the dept’s research, teaching & service as articulated in its mission statement."
Couple this requirement with the fact that the department chair cancelled the grant after Felber received it: that is a violation of academic freedom.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Making Higher Education Affordable and Accessible
Only one party understands that everyone should be able to earn a degree beyond high school, if they choose to, without money standing in the way. 1/12 Image
#Democrats support increased funding for wraparound services, including covering the cost of textbooks and fees for low-income students 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #EducationForAll Image
#Democrats support establishing programs to address campus food insecurity, so students can focus on what matters most: their studies.3/12
#DemPartyPlatform #EducationForAll #CampusFoodInsecurity Image
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Great concern for #AhmadrezaDjalali regarding his impending execution in #Iran – HRK President demands the researcher’s release and supports the urgent call by @ScholarsAtRisk to send letters of support the Iranian Government.… #ScholarsAtRisk HRK Press Release, 26 November 2020: Great concern for Dr Ah
Peter-André Alt, President of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK): "The recent news of the actions of the Iranian authorities is extremely disturbing. (...) International #scientificcooperation is based on the standards of #academicfreedom and #humanrights." #AhmadrezaDjalali
HRK President Alt: "We will not stop fighting for Dr #Djalali. I absolutely cannot imagine that the execution of a highly respected scientist and EU citizen will not have any repercussions for #academicrelations between Germany and Iran." #AhmadrezaDjalali #ScholarsAtRisk
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