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Minister Olivia #Grégoire cancels the first stage of her trip to La Baule where a welcoming committee was waiting for her to go to Guérande (France Bleu) #MacronChallenge #Casseroles #IntervillesMacron #ministers #ReformeDesRetraites
cc: @ AnonymousCitizen
Public #hospital #crisis: more than a thousand people demonstrate in the streets of #Feurs (8300 inhabitants) in the #Loire to defend the #emergencies and the SMUR closed for 3 weeks #HopitalPublic
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1/🎉 Ready for a ticketing revolution in the #event industry? NFT-based ticketing could be a game-changer, providing transparency, security, and innovation! 🎟️🔐 #NFTTicketing #TicketRevolution
2/😫 Tired of scams, hidden fees, and counterfeiting? #NFT tickets offer a customizable experience, from VIP passes to collectible tickets that could increase in value over time. 💎🚀 #TicketingSolutions #DigitalTickets
3/🌐 Companies like Ticketmaster, YellowHeart, GUTS, and NFT Tix are already exploring the world of #NFT ticketing for events. But what about scalability for massive global events? 🤔 #EventTech #Scalability
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What a find!

Very few of us know about the connection btn Netaji Bose & Pune.

The story goes as such:

Netaji was lodged in the Yerawda jail in Pune, between 13th April to 16 May 1936.

During this time, he wrote a couple of letters to Mr. D V Divekar, then editor of Kesari. ImageImageImage
In this letter, Netaji fondly talks of his wish to learn Marathi, read more about the Maratha Empire, and talks about how all the communication of his is monitored / censored!

What a beautiful piece of history which connects Netaji with Pune.
Special thanks to @kunal_tilak for finding this letter. 🙏😊

To know more such known & unknown stories of India's one of the most important freedom fighters, join us in conversation with @anujdhar & @chandrachurg on 26th March, 2023.
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Threads🧵on Some CRYPTO EVENTS for the month of March.

Don’t Forget to Retweet For Others To See 🚀🏌️‍♀️

$Key @SelfKey

🎭 Whitepaper release on 2nd March

$Ilv @illuviumio
🎭 Beyond >>> not stated on 2nd March too

$XFT @Offshiftxft

🎭 Mainnet Launch 🚀 on the 4th March

$WMT @wmtoken

🎭 Early Staking SnapShot on the 9th March
$Dsla @Stacktical

🎭Slashing SLA on the 9th March


🎭 Token burn on 12th March

$DSLA @Stacktical

🎭 ZkEVM Beta Launch 🚀

$FIL @Filecoin

🎭 FEVM Release on the 14th March

$OP @optimismFND

🎭 Bedrock Upgrade on 15th March
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@twispay, future #xMoney, is an #ecommerce payment processor, fully licensed to provide payment services in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, powered by @MultiversX⚡️

It accepts FIAT payments from debit cards and credit cards issued by @Visa and @Mastercard

@twispay is a brand of Capital Financial Services S.A., led by @Augustin_Dobre and his team.

It has been licensed by the National Bank of Romania to act as an electronic money institution, registered under authorisation no. IEME-RO-0001 from 25.04.2013.


#ElrondNetwork, now @MultiversX acquired
@twispay on 2022:…

#twispay is part of products identity rebranding into xMoney, as announced at the @XDayParis #event.

Following the roadmap, it is set to launch on April 12:

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1/ A THREAD on what $PVCT achieved in 2022. #event #discovery #milestone #milepost. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
2/ $PVCT 2023 Stockholder Letter (released January 9th). . #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
3/ $PVCT #clinical and #research collaborators made 6 presentations at 5 medical conferences about PV-10 for different cancers. #ENETS22 #AACR22 #ASCO22 #ISOO2022 #melanomabridge. #presentations. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
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Things I hope @tana_inc builds soon

As you know I'm a huge fan of Tana and their ability to ship consistently.

So here's a little wishlist of things I hope they build for us soon
A calendar view

I use Tana to create all the content for CortexFutura, and what I really want is a calendar view to make having a content calendar easier.

Notion has it, and Tana should too.
This setup from @evielync is great, but shouldn't be necessary:
Good markdown export

Right now, getting things out of Tana to use them elsewhere is...not fun.

People keep asking me when I'll publish something like Cite to Write for Tana – and decent Markdown export is one of the major holdbacks.
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1/4. Nối tiếp thành công từ collection đầu tiên vào đầu năm nay với mức #ATH lên tới 8 ETH
#FRIENDS in the Place They Love là Collection NFT thứ 2 của @Fwenclub được tạo ra bởi @HanaiYusuke một nghệ sĩ đương đại nổi tiếng tới từ Nhật Bản.
2/4. Bộ sưu tập thứ 2 sẽ giới hạn ở mức 500 Friends NFT được vẽ tay hoàn toàn bởi @HanaiYusuke, được thiết kế đặc biệt với nhiều thuộc tính, đặc điểm khác nhau. Friends in the Place They Love được cho là sẽ ra mắt vào tháng 2 năm nay.
3/4. 📝 Điền Google Form bên dưới trước ngày 4 tháng 1 ,join discord ,follow Twitter của #FwenClub để biết thêm nhiều thông tin và #event hơn 👇

Form :
Discord :
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5+6= 11 More Hours—Stay Tuned. .

I truly can give the word & that word gives EVERYONE what they want, LITERALLY …

Is any of this about money? …
Is any of this about possessions/Materialistic objects ? ..
Has ANY of what’s unfolding ever been about the Gold?
In your mind, right this very second—Take it all away & show yourself what YOU see ..
- Take all evil away.
- Take all money away. ..
- Take all possessions Away. …
- Take all [NEED] away. .
- Take all Addictions away.
- Take all away that makes this world hurt & Thrive.
Once you have taken it all away, What/Who do you see? …

Starting from #ZERO, What is all YOU/EVERYONE [NEEDS] ? …

Out of the entire world population, how many would now know exactly what has been wrong with the world for THOUSANDS of years & know exactly how to-
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BIG #GIVEAWAY FROM @martian_wallet 🔥

🎁Rewards: 900 USDC💰+ 30 OG role

👉How to participate?
1⃣Follow @martian_wallet
2⃣Like & Retweet
3⃣Join discord: and read the instruction "event-updates"

Please like & RT to support us 🙏Thanks

#Aptos #Giveaways Image
#EVENT 1: $600💰 + OG Role + content creator role youtube video event
⏰Oct 2nd, 2022
Top 4: $100 each
5-8: $50 each
1-10: OG Role + content-creator
#EVENT 2: 300 USDC + OG Role event
⏰Sep 27th, 2022
Reward: Top 6 reviews will get 50 USDC each and top 20 people will get the OG role
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𝗗𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗶̶𝗻̶𝗰̶𝗹̶𝘂̶𝘀̶𝗶̶𝗼̶𝗻̶ 𝗲𝘅𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸𝗽𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗲: a deeply disappointing thread 👇
First, let's set the scene with a couple of key facts:

👉 In the UK alone, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people have a disability

👉 80% of those people have an invisible disability

👉 The UK workforce contains over 4.4m disabled people

Okay, now onto the bad stuff👇
#DYK that almost half of disabled people in the UK are unemployed?

By December of 2021, the percentage of disabled people who are either unemployed or economically inactive had risen to 47.7%

- @ONS
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Splitting ("refracting") your #LUNA into #yLUNA and #pLUNA can currently earn you the highest attainable #LUNA yield in the @terra_money ecosystem 👀

That is, if you know what to do 💡

A quick 🧵 on how to maximize your #LUNA #ROI on @prism_protocol 🔥
1/ First step: Refract your #LUNA (see above). You now own an identical amount of #yLUNA and #pLUNA.

These tokens can always be merged back together to form a full #LUNA (well, #cLUNA, which has to unbond back to #LUNA for 21-24 days, like #bLUNA - but you get the point!)
2/ #yLUNA is #LUNA's yield component. Therefore, it can be staked, just like regular #LUNA. You can attain the "normal" staking yield in @prism_protocol's "stake" tab.

#Airdrops are automatically claimed by the protocol, further simplyfing your UX.
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[#Thread] Après plusieurs semaines de test intensifs, il est temps de vous faire un récap sur le #PlayToEarn @CrazyDefenseEN pour répondre à : 

🔸 Qu'est ce que c'est
🔸 Les points forts/faibles
🔸 Mon avis
🔸 Combien peut-on espérer #gagner en $

Sans plus attendre... 🧵⬇️
La découverte

@CrazyDefenseEN m'a été présenté par @CryptoGaryy de chez les @TheDiggers_io lors de l'un de ses #thread.

Les quelques images de ce jeu m'ont donné envie d'essayer et de l'exploiter pour voir ce que ça donnait en termes de #crypto (et les gains potentiels).
Concrètement, c'est un #TowerDefense, un peu dans le même type que @NFTCastleDef sur lequel j'ai passé pas mal d'heures.

Il faut empêcher des #troupes de #créatures sanguinaires d'atteindre certains points représentés par des drapeaux bleus.…
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A lot is going on behind the scenes of @googleanalytics 4, especially related to #audiences & #segments. You need to read this if you are running an #ecommerce store 🙌:
#GoogleAnalytics 4 is filled with features that could help you identify segments of users, which could help you refine your strategies and how you use your #marketing budget. Let's learn how to do it!👇🧵
You can create detailed audiences, like:
* Users who reached to your store from a #blogpost and watched a video but didn’t make a purchase🛒,
* Users who spent a minimum of 3 minutes on three different products pages but didn’t make a #purchase 🛍️,
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First meeting of Dubai Expo 2020 could not have been more amazing.

We met with the executive team from the Crossroad of Civilizations Museum in Dubai, H.E. Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, the founder of the museum, Yael Grafy, COO, and Filomena Durante, Secretary General to the Image
Advisory Board to discuss courses of action for promoting accessible solutions across both cultures. The museum has always attempted to bring together peoples of all faiths, despite the difficulties and distance that have developed over the years. For example, it even held
the first holocaust exhibition in the Arab world, establishing an important bridge between Jewish and Muslim cultures. As the international accessibility community and Access Israel unite people of determination, this is yet another common bond between Arab and Jewish cultures,
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NEW: Join us for the @wimbelfast ‘What Women Want’ End of Year Review… #wimbelfast #wimb #www #whatwomenwant #event #belfast
What do women want?

Thoughtful, lively conversation? Inspiring speeches? Comedy? Craic? A night for solutions on how to make our lives better? If so: Join us on December 2nd:…

All are welcome.

Meet our event hosting team here:…
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1/6 #ChinaTech #Event #Watch: World Internet Conference 2021 opened in WuZhen, Zhejiang. Generally who's who in gov't and businesses showed up with topics as future themes: AI, Cybersecurity, CyberLaw, Internet Charity/ESG, 5G, Internet+Edu
2/6 Panel 1 Guests on AI
3/6 Panel 2 guests. Notice #Megvii and #Iflytek, both on US sanction lists.
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#Event: Settled Habits, New Tricks: Casteist Policing Meets Big Tech in India | June 18, Friday

Join us with @CPAProjectIndia for a conversation on how technology is accelerating caste-based discrimination through policing.

Register here:… Image
This event will highlight the work of the authors of the paper by the same name - Ameya Bokil, Avaneendra Khare, Nikita Sonavane, Srujana Bej and Vaishali Janarthanan. We will talk about caste and criminality, predictive policing, the creation of a digital caste system, and more.
The event will take place on 18th June 2021, Friday at 5pm. It is free for all to attend. See you there!
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NEW: 'Students more confident with online learning than lecturers are about teaching digitally', according to @YouGov polling revealed in the final report for the digital learning and teaching review, led by @MichaelBarber9:

#DigitalReview #digital #learn
'The story that we capture in this report is optimistic – so many people that I spoke to have been extremely hopeful about the long-term impact of digital teaching..It is vital that we learn from this period of change' @MichaelBarber9 on the #DigitalReview
'All lecturers and teaching staff need the to deliver high-quality education. Removing barriers to digital inclusion, engaging with students about the digital skills they need, and acting on their feedback will be essential' #DigitalReview
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Der #Putschpanzer in #Ludwigsburg von #Querdenken. #RalfLudwig ist beeindruckt über die große Menge an #Covidioten ohne #Abstand und #MNS. Die #Polizei hat einen langen Auflagenbescheid. Die #Coronaleugner singen gleich die #Nationalhymne in #lb2011 ^^
#Querdenker aus dem #CoronaLoveBus in #Ludwigsburg haben erstmal Stress mit der #Polizei. Mitarbeiter des #Ordnungsamtes wird gesucht. #Schiffmann und #Eckert mit Ansagen, #Eckert schimpft im #Putschpanzer ^^

#lb2011 #Covidioten #Querdenken
#Denunzierung der Mitarbeiterin des #Ordnungsamtes die den Bescheid erlassen hat. #Ehrenkölle wird ausgerufen und gleichzeitig wieder von den #Coronazis eingeschüchtert. Widerlich diese #Querdenken #Sekte um #BlödoSchiffmann #RalfLudwig & #Eckert

#Covidioten #Ludwigsburg #lb2011
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1-It is #Saturday!

Time to understand and appreciate one of the most #Mystical #Planets - #Saturn!

Let’s dwell upon an event

..which at any given point of time

..close to 20 to 25% people in the #Zodiac circle go through – the #SadeSati! (1/19)

2-Everyone in #India knows, that one of the most important way through which #Saturn influences our lives is through #SadeSati

#SadeSati means a period of Seven –and-a-half years in #Hindi.

In the #Gujrati community it is called #Panoti. (2/19)

3-And though none of the standard classical texts of #VedicAstrology talk about it

..millions of Indians are paying their #Astrologers some way or the other – about matters relating to #SadeSati

What is the #Astrological #Event behind the #SadeSati?! (3/19)
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Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (1/17)

"There isn’t enough #money that comes into #MainstreamMedia for the #environment for it to support the cause."

@MRTB_India @a_khosla @khannaajay @ajaynagpure @AnumitaRoychowd @Brikesh @fayedsouza
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (2/17)

"The media wants sources of #revenue apart from what they are getting from #government #ads and lobbies."
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (3/17)

"They (media) have approached us time and time again, and asked if there are any available #funds and why there isn't any #philanthropic money coming for the environment?"

@RNTata2000 @NandanNilekani
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One of the headaches facing individuals with an interest in MDC political squabbles is on what the MDC-A is.

Is it a party?
Is it an electoral vehicle?
Is it a coalition which died soon after elections?

Here's something interesting:
2] Whereas there is a fixation with certain clauses of the original #MDC-A agreement as signed by #PresMRT, we have ignored some clauses

Or alternatively, #Mwonzora has chosen to never address them.

All this point out to a subtle transformation that perhaps was sloppy.

3] #MDC-A logo

The original #MDC-A agreement spoke to a logo with #PresMRT (Presidential candidate) & other parties surrounding it.

This provided for a clear distinction.

However, towards the elections, that logo actually changed.

What does this tell us about the #MDC-A? ImageImage
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