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Comienza en 5 minutos la presentación del libro "Legal Tech. La transformación digital de la abogacía" (2ª ed.), de Moisés Barrio @moisesbarrioa

📺 Image
La decana María Emilia Adán @MariaEmiliaAdan inaugura la jornada y presenta a los ponentes que intervendrán esta tarde.

"(...) este libro, que va ya por su segunda edición, recoge las aportaciones de un grupo de expertos en la aplicación práctica del Derecho". Image
Ignacio González, director OOLL e innovación, moderará la tarde y es el encargado de dar paso a los participantes.

"(...) este concepto de trabajo en equipo y lealtad es el camino adecuado por el que tenemos que seguir".

Juan Bravo Baena @juanBravoBaena
Senador @AndaluciaJunta Image
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Prompting @OpenAI's ChatGPT with a series of simple to complex legal questions focused on contract language.

Some questions are handled exceptionally well; others highlight the shortcomings of applying AI to legal. Featuring interesting examples in this thread... (1/x)
First, gotta love that ChatGPT comes out of the gate with every lawyer's favorite way to start an answer: "It depends..."

Here, I ask the AI a contract interpretation question. It does well to punt on the q due to lack of sufficient info. (2/x) Image
Next, I try to constrain the AI's ability to punt by adding: "No other section of the NDA impairs this definition."

As a result, a more concrete response is returned by the AI. (3/x) Image
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The beta version of our legal AI, Artemis, is now live. Users who signed up for the beta program have received or will shortly receive a welcome message from Artemis on WhatsApp. (1/5) Image
What can you do with Artemis at the moment?
1.Hold a casual conversation
2.Make queries on the facts, issues, ruling or judgement of listed cases. (2/5)
What are we currently testing that's coming in our next update?
1.A bigger catalog of past decisions for better legal research;
2.The ability to search for cases based on keywords or the legal principle set by the case; (3/5)
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About a year ago, I decided to take a DEEP dive into the world of #legaltech.

I’ve since spent 1000+ hours consuming legal tech content – articles, tweets, podcasts, video walkthroughs, you name it.

🧵of 15+ sites and newsletters that I’ve found particularly helpful!
First, a shoutout to the many incredible legal tech commentators & content creators out there.

I’ve benefited tremendously from their insights while building and iterating upon @StandardDraft.

Presenting the legal tech websites and newsletters in no particular order…
1 – @ArtificialLawya

Artificial Lawyer is the go-to source for legal tech news. Come for the comprehensive news & updates; stay for the on-point think pieces by Richard Tromans (the founder).

• Link →
• Email news alerts available
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🚨New paper, from @MCBRIDEPAULINE and me:

"Argument by numbers: the normative impact of statistical legal tech"

Forthcoming in a Communitas special issue on normativity.

Preprint on SocArXiv:… Image
We argue that the ways that machine learning mediates how law is done -- according to statistical notions of relevance or optimality -- ultimately affect what law *is*.
The issue isn't some mythical #AGI 'robot judge', but the much more subtle (mis)direction of legal practice by statistical means. This often happens upstream, effected by design decisions that might seem remote from the day-to-day use of #legaltech
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Opening this thread to give first hand account how @DelhiPolice handles online complaints, First Information Reports (FIRs), police investigations, etc. This thread would discuss about the ODR Request created against Mr. M. Kumar, to which Delhi Police is a party. #DigitalIndia
I have sent all relevant and concerned details of the ODR Request to you with complete ODR Request through DM. We hope @DelhiPolice would cooperate with @ODRIndia Portal to do complete justice. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 #LegalTech
The rationale of @ODRIndia Portal and its functioning has been duly communicated to @DelhiPolice. Let us see whether DP also agrees with us regarding #AccessToJustice and reducing burden upon Police and Judiciary. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 #LegalTech
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Game on! We have our first D.C. Circuit opinion from Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Stellar scores for this #appellatetwitter debut.

On one of those dry statutory issues often doled out to . . . brand-new #SCOTUS Justices.

#appellatetwitter #legaltech ImageImage
Any exciting matters percolating in other courts, like the California Supreme Court or the District Court of South Carolina, just to name two courts at random? #SCOTUSnominee
Jackson's full opinion in AFL-CIO v. FLRA:…
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CaseLines: creating cases; uploading documents; applying for unopposed dates {Part 4: Applying for Unopposed Dates}
1/ General info to note when applying for unopposed dates (unopposed motions, default judgments etc):

When applying for an unopposed date, you must complete and upload:

A date application form;
A Directive Compliance Declaration; and
A blank notice of set down.
2/ The date application form can be found annexed to the recent Notice to All Litigation Attorneys in Gauteng in Re Innovations in the Organisation of the Motion Court in Johannesburg. The Notice is dated 29 November 2021. Take note that this is a new date application form.
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Law is a profession of passed down wisdom. But that wisdom is often siloed to a golden few. The internet offers an opportunity to share this knowledge asynchronously & at scale.

So in 2021 I interviewed 50 lawyers on the #HowILawyer podcast.

Here are 20 lessons I learned 🧵 👇
1. Career Paths Only Look Straight When You Look Backwards.

When you read LinkedIn bios top to bottom career trajectories can seem obvious. But the truth is that they are often unplanned, serendipitous, and the product of chance and risk taking.

2. Find Champions, Not Just Mentors.

A mentor helps you find your way. A champion helps you pave the way and get across the finish line.

Having a champion is a key to success. Being a champion is perhaps the greatest value you can add to our profession.

CC: @cseguin03
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🧵The latest Threat Landscape Update from @RelativityHQ’s Calder7 security team focuses on Evil Corp and its new Macaw Locker #ransomware that is being used to evade U.S. sanctions which previously prevented victims from paying ransoms. (1/7) #CyberSecurity #Legaltech
Background: Evil Corp, also known as Indrik Spider, Gold Drake, and Dridex gang, is an international cybercrime network that has stolen over $100 million USD in over 40 countries through a variety of attacks on banking institutions (2/7)
The group also dabbles in #ransomare, including their notorious #BitPaymer operation which utilized Dridex malware to attack compromised networks and subsequently led to sanctions from the US Treasury in 2019:… (3/7)
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"Pôle Emploi Bonjour !"
Quand tu tombes malgré toi sur des bugs informatiques nationaux... Et que l'algorithme @poleemploi_IDF n'a pas prévu ton cas de figure sur la rupture conventionnelle dans la #FonctionPublique 🤯 ! 1/n
Je suis tombé au téléphone sur un agent "juriste" du "service des fraudes" qui m'indique que la loi sur la transformation de la #FonctionPublique et les décrets afférents sur la rupture conventionnelle ne s'appliquent pas à un organisme PRIVÉ comme @pole_emploi ! 2/n
On va juste remettre les choses dans l'ordre :
- la Loi "s'applique" à tout ceux qui sont concernés dans le texte. C'est valable aussi pour la déclinaison décret !
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What is a #DAO and what are the predictions that will impact lawyers (aka opportunities and growth!) - a thread. #legal #lawyers #law #crypto #blockchain #legaltech Complete research briefing at
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization. This is a new type of company type (e.g. LLC), in which there is no leading member of the organization that has a majority rule and no human-based active decision making.
DAOs - operate through a series of smart contracts with extremely limited human interaction. This means the business can run without a traditional business structure.
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Breaking story and @legalitinsider @chillmedia has got the exclusive: @clearlakecap sells its shares in @netdocuments to PE behemoth @warburgpincus at a deal rumored to value ND at $1.4B…
I've not hidden my affinity for ND. I've spoken at their conference in Park City and London and think they are the clear market leader in legal Document Management Systems.
When they launched over 20 years ago the ☁️ wasn't a thing, especially for #lawfirms. But as the industry has moved to cloud first the growth📈 was🚀level, growing at ~40% YOY
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1/ When I first made the jump from law to #legaltech, I was told that my legal experience didn't matter. "You have no sales experience, so you'll need to start from the bottom," they said. That pissed me off.
2/ I was a 33 year old graduate of Northwestern Law, with a federal clerkship and Biglaw experience under my belt. And what did this tiny startup want me to do? Make cold calls!? Fine, I thought. I'm gonna become the best damn cold caller in legal tech.
3/ So I put my head down and called like a madman. Made sure I was always number one on the leaderboard. I became a true student of the game. Read every sales book I could. Talked to as many of our existing customers as possible, too. I absolutely crushed it that year.
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Recap of the first-ever @UAlbertaLaw access to justice technology competition!

Please RT and share with your #LegalTech friends!

First, an introduction to the competitors:
Group 1 created a @docassemble interview that streamlined the criminal client intake process at @slsedmonton by, in some cases, weeks(!). A paper-based process happening at two physically disparate offices, between 3 different people (client, caseworker, and dayleader)... 2/
is now all handled inside a single @docassemble interview that generates an intake form identical to the ones currently used. The need was made obvious by covid, but the resulting tool is better than the pre-covid system. And the students involved and @slsedmonton are 3/
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One way the election litigation could do good: a national moment of silence in which all 330 million of us UNCHECK THE SPELL-CHECK BOX THAT SAYS IGNORE WORDS IN UPPERCASE…
Other inspirational reminders, in the @Atul_Gawande Checklist Manifesto style: Match the right corporate-naming-rights-for-cash venue to the right city.
Double-check court names.
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Where might one go to find a rad #lawstudent for a paid internship? Opp to work in b2c #legaltech as we actively scale @hellodivorce. Tasks inc content creation (breaking down law + process into bite sized pieces), user flow testing + feedback etc. Where should I start looking?
Ask and you shall receive! Thank you for all this amazing feedback.
I’m beyond excited about the level of interest we’ve received and the quality of “candidates”. Thanks to everyone!
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In a bid to provide growth opportunities for aspiring young lawyers and also as one of the key drivers of Technology Law in Nigeria, Omaplex Law Firm is launching a Virtual Internship Space for law undergraduates and other professions; to fill the gap of 'No Work Experience',
Skills Mismatch and to prepare them for the workplace.
As the future of work is evolving, so the need to stay relevant is paramount.

Find out more details below:…

O. M. Atoyebi, SAN
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Interesting development for #lawyers everywhere. The National Conference of Bar Examiners is giving states the option to offer a #FallBarExam in lieu of the regular July Bar Exam. NCBE says they will make the decision on whether to cancel the July Bar Exam no later than 5/52020.
Potential effects of postponing the exam: (1) fewer newly-registered attorneys this Fall; (2) law firms employing recent grads as law clerks, paralegals, etc. for longer periods; and (3) more recent graduates opting for legal careers not requiring bar admission (e.g., policy).
We might even see a spike in #LegalTech startups as #techy recent grads from law schools looking for jobs not requiring the bar exam during this period.
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Lawyer and #legaltech friends in #Alberta. There isn't a lot of good news right now, with #coronavirus or anything else. But there may be an opportunity to do something, and I'd like your help.

Courts are busy places. Social distancing is often not a possibility.
Staying away from court will be a part of good social distancing practice. But staying away from court when you have a date on which you are obliged to appear can exacerbate your existing problems, especially for self-represented litigants.

If a self-represented litigant has a court date that they would prefer to adjourn because they are ill, or because they have young children, or live or work with elderly people, or whyever, the Court would likely be sympathetic.

Judges don't want to get sick, either.

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I got interested in #legaltech after reading "Tomorrow's Lawyers" by @richardsusskind. In it, Susskind predicts what will happen to the legal industry over the next 20 years, but I wanted to know what people were working on *now*. Everyone I met said “Go to @wearelegalgeek”...
So I went to @wearelegalgeek! I attended all 3 days, and these are some thoughts on Day 1 from an outsider's perspective :). Also, I'm wrong frequently, so please feel free to call me out when you think I said something stupid :) (go easy on the company list I was movin fast)
Day 1 seemed to run like a normal conference (the few I've been to), with speakers, demos and corporate booths happening everywhere. Instead of listening to the awesome lineup of speakers ... I decided to talk to every company I possibly could lol:
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@NorthwesternLaw presents "EY Law Point of View: The Legal Market of the Future" with Dr. Cornelius Grossmann, @EY_Law's Global Law Leader.
Dr. Grossmann says "EY is not a law firm" but it is seeking to provide legal- related services.
"If you do work in the third tier, you're in trouble. Why? Because there's a new fourth tier" in which ALSPs (aka #lawcompanies) are starting to provide more affordable services.
Dr. Grossmann says the #biglaw firms in Tier 1 are fighting each other at the top of the market.
"The first tier is fantastic for education. It's not necessarily a fantastic life that you have there."
You can make as much if not more money in the 4th tier, he adds.

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5 game-changing features of our *new* Divorce Navigator launching this month. (& why everyone divorcing in CA should consider using this app) #legaltech #applaunch #divorce #divnav
1. Easily prepare the 20+ mandatory CA divorce forms by completing our guided interview.
We use #ArtificialIntelligence and conditional logic to ask only the questions that pertain to you and populate (only) the forms relevant to your divorce.
2. Cost. $99/ month until you finish all 4 steps (3 if you are "consciously uncoupling" aka. amicable divorce).
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They should all be on Twitter and LinkedIn and connecting to the many who are active in that space. They can then exchange questions and ideas, plus read the many articles, etc., they will see referenced. That process will help them get educated and make many contacts. 1/n
They also should read books by @richardsusskind @MEKowalski @jordan_law21 (many others, but this will get them started). If they can, they should attend #legaltech conferences, esp the ABA Techshow. The students I had who had the most success ... 2/n
were the ones who connected into the network through social media and then worked with the network to find jobs. 3/n
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