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Cette régulation des crypto-actifs va surtout saboter les rares acteurs français du secteur et passe complètement à côté de son objectif affiché.

Time for a thread (1/12) 👇
(2/12) Comme toute organisation, les mafias font leur transformation digitale. Qu'elles utilisent parfois #Bitcoin est donc incontestable.

Mais les criminels sont inventifs et les cryptos sont so 2017. La dernière mode des cartels ? Les applis chinoises !…
(3/12) Assécher le terrorisme en encadrant les entreprises qui opèrent autour des cryptomonnaies est donc spécieux.

Un criminel utilise probablement aussi Google Maps, personne ne va le bloquer. Aucun gouvernement n'a interdit Flight Simulator après 9/11…
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#Monero is close to releasing the regulatory white paper.

This effort has been months in the making, was funded partly by the community and @Tari (the NFT sidechain @fluffypony is building). Here’s why I think this white paper is a huge deal👇:
As most of people in the crypto sphere know, Monero is the privacy coin of choice.

It has the largest user-base and the highest number of transactions. Currently about 3-5% compared to bitcoin’s transactions.

Monero’s protocol boasts the unique ‘privacy by default’.
Because of this "privacy by default", many people are worried about the regulatory compliance implications.

In the last year, some (mostly Asian) exchanges delisted Monero.

@brian_armstrong (CEO and founder of @coinbase) has recently stated in the podcast @WhatBitcoinDid..
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Analysis: #Bitstamp #BTC #BTCUSD

Case 44 #Bitcoin

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

BTC 1/7
Since it's 2018 peak Bitcoin has lost much of its upside momentum, but the long term trend remains firmly bullish.

BTC 2/7
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price is trading above the #SMA 20 and 10. The main #pivot resistances can be viewed, a monthly close above is required to gain upside traction. Firm #trendline support can be seen at approximately 4450.

BTC 3/7
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1/ A few observations on #bitcoin, #tether and #crypto regarding what happened in the last 30 days or so. $BTC $ETH
2/ Obviously we all saw that, despite the unwillingness of #tether to provide an audit, there now seems to be enough public or non-public information available to the NYAG for them to allege that $USDT were, at least for a time, not backed up with USD.
3/ Furthermore, the cited conversation between Oz and Merlin shows beyond reasonable doubt (to me) that the #bitfinex/#tether complex engaged in market manipulation to avoid what would be a black-swan event for them
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If I had to guess, my likelihood is 60/40 that the top of this run is in for #bitcoin. Always can be another squeeze up to the $6k area of course, but my personal opinion is that last move was caused by bots (and FOMO) blindly following what amounts to a bank run on #bitfinex
If you actually read the NY AG allegations and then drop the idea that this is just some crusade against #crypto from evil regulators but accept that they probably have something to back it up, coupled with missing audits from #tether it seems pretty obvious what happened:
#tether and #bfx are one firm. They printed $USDT without having the actual USD to back it up. Then they used these to buy $BTC and push up its price. As is to be expected, if you call the shots and know where price will go, you can profitably speculate.
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Brief reality check on what caused last 10 days of #bitcoin upside. Sure seems driven by #tether fear and people moving their money off #bitfinex $USDT (on a potentially bankrupt exchange) into $BTC and out to a safe place. Funds may not be #SAFU. Below #bfx to #bitstamp premium.
According to @thetokenanalyst, #bitfinex had net #bitcoin outflows of 112,500 $BTC since #tether news broke. That's 620m USD roughly. Assuming #bfx data accurate it would be entire traded volume in BTC to stablecoins since then. Bankrun in slow-motion with no one around noticing.
Further point on this - I have never seen positioning in #bitcoin on #bitmex be so Bullish (ie 1.7x Longs/Shorts) but at the same time seen mex futures in such strong backwardation (ie discount to present). Means market really wants $BTC now, but in three months - not so much.
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