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0/n #GryphsisAcademyWeeklyCryptoDigest When Regulatory Actions Shake Markets (2023.06.05–2023.06.11)…
1/n Contents - 1
1) Macro Overview:US Stock V.S. Crypto
2) Big Story: @SECGov sues @binance and @coinbase ; June 9 Market Crash
3) Protocol Spotlight: @fraxfinance
4) Narrative Pick(Trading Tool): Unibot, the Telegram Uniswap Sniper Bot
5) VC Funding Highlight
2/n Contents - 2
6) Alpha Threads: @ChadCaff’s analysis of $GMD;
@defi_mochi’s tutorial on whale hunting;
@louround’s research on Spin;
@rekwang’s insights on Radiant;
@VitalikButerin’s take on Ethereum’s technical transitions
7) Upcoming Events: Crypto; Macro
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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Part 3 of @LidoStaking on-chain analysis:

What are Wallet Addresses that need special attention in the near future if you invest in the $LDO token?

Thread 👇👇

@LidoStaking #Lido #onchain Image
1/ Wallet address: 0xe289cf875ebc11868bf1f7b9535fd9adbdb6a383 Image
1.1/ Within the last 7 days, this wallet address transferred 1,000,000 $LDO = 2,059,997 $USD to #Binance 3 days ago.

To clarify this wallet a bit, this is the project's wallet; this wallet address has received a large amount of #LDO mainly from #JumpTrading.
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#Crypto Roundup: Top #CryptoNews This Week!

1/ #OKX, a leading crypto platform, is making a bold move by establishing a strong presence in France.

2/ The CEO of #FTX, a prominent #cryptocurrency exchange, has hinted at a significant update called '2.0 Reboot.'

3/ Hong Kong is defying regional crackdowns and embracing #cryptocurrencies.

4/ The #SEC is taking a controversial step by scrutinising #cryptomining equipment.

5/ Troubling allegations surround #Binance Exchange, suggesting the commingling of customer funds and company revenue.

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相信很多人都认为「策略交易」是特别高大上的技术,但基础的策略交易并不复杂。并不需要我们去写代码,而是有现成的工具可以使用。本文用我用的比较多的 #OKX 产品举例,从概念到实操,一篇完成入门!

@okxchinese #tradingbot
1. 什么是策略交易


世界顶级的基金如 Jim Simons 的文艺复兴, @RayDalio 的桥水都在使用量化策略交易,有统计称全球超 70% 的资金交易都是用计算机或程序进行的。
2.1 策略交易的优缺点


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1/ How has $APT's price performed against $SUI?

While both tokens are built on the Move programming language, their price actions and market caps have shown significant differences. Let's dive in! 🧵

Read the full study: Image
2/ What are the price returns of @Aptos_Network?

As of May 16, 2023, $APT has risen 19.7% since trading went live.

The $APT token was launched on October 19, 2022, and was available on #Binance, #Bybit, #Kucoin, #OKX, and #FTX.
3/ $APT initially traded at $7.19, but ended May 16 at $8.60.

After hitting $9.75 on Day 6, $APT saw a decline in its price.

It dropped to $3.85 on Day 23, a decrease of -46.4% from its first day of trading. This coincided with the collapse of #FTX.
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🔥 #BRC 20 will be the next narrative after the #Meme $Pepe surge goes down.

$Ordi has performed #1000X since free mint on Unisat.

Spent hours diving deep into the Brc-20 network.

Everything about BRC20

How to make profit on BRC20 💰 🤑

I’ve got you covered here 🚪 Image
1️⃣ What is BRC-20

To make it simply, We have #ERC20 - token standard on Ethereum, #BEP20 - token standard on BNB.

Then, #BRC20 is a fungible token standard on Bitcoin blockchain.
#BRC20 is deployed using #Inscription or #JSON file, allowing users to create and transfer tokens.

The BRC20 standard was created by @domodata on March 8th.
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Sürekli kazandırabilen kazanç yöntemini anlatacağım bugün.

Yaklaşık 9 aydır bu sistemle kazanıyorum.
Boğa-Ayı demeden çorbayı kaynatıyor.

Basit yöntemler ile kümülatif büyümek isteyenler için;

Flood başlıyor 👇

#Btc #Pepe #Floki
1⃣ Bu yöntemi hep uyguluyorum, çoğu kez görmüş ve şahit olmuşsunuzdur.

''1x shortlamak''

Neden 1x shortluyorsun?
Kazanç getirisi ne oluyor?
Spottan ne farkı var?
İşleme girerken nelere dikkat ediyorsun?
Hangi borsada yapıyorsun?

Buyrun anlatayım 🙂

#Pepe #Floki #Trade
2⃣ Neden 1x shortluyorum?

Ben genellikle kamikaze işlem yapan bir traderim.
Setup kuracak vaktim olmadığı zamanlar piyasa dinamiklerine göre işlem alıyorum.

Hâl böyle olunca riskli poz taşımayı sevmiyorum.
Bu sebeple düşük kaldıraç kullanarak kasamı yönetmeyi yeğliyorum.
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#BRC20 #memecoin #Ordinals…
第一個在BRC-20上的代幣 $Ordi ,截至4/30,Ordi已經從發行價0.01U,漲至4U,漲幅超過400倍!市值第二名的是 $pepe ,第三是 $meme ,第四是 $shib 。

近期竄起的還有 $nals $dyor $gmgn 等。
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20:10 Sui/Usdt開盤
20:15 Sui現貨開放提現
#okx #sui #Ieo #crypto #加密貨幣 Image
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orz-allinornothing.eth (the 23rd largest holder of $BLUR) just resumed swapping 323K $USDT for 533K $BLUR 16 hrs ago.

➡️ Accumulated a total of 2.297M $BLUR during every market dump; the average buying price: $0.55
➡️ Estimated to have earned $473K from $BLUR airdrop (no cost!)…… ImageImage
⭐ He/she accumulated $BLUR during every market dump and has yet to sell any $BLUR:

- Swapped 349 $ETH ($546K) for 923K $BLUR on Mar 10 ~ bought right before price surged
- Swapped 100 $ETH and 181 $WETH (total $398K) for 841K $BLUR on Mar 12 ~ bought at dump bottom
- Swapped…… Image
🪂 He/she also earned from $BLUR airdrop:
- Also got airdropped a total of 813,960 $BLUR on Feb 14 via 7 addresses ~ cost: $0
- Moved 766K $BLUR to #OKX at $0.62 on Feb 15 ~ Estimated to have earned: $473K

⚖ Current $BLUR balance: 2,344,899 (~$1.46M)
💰 Expected profit: $666K Image
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🚨Airdrop Alert🚨

Bitget & Bitkeep announced the #LayerZero Certificate Airdrop, and now #OKX is hinting at an Airdrop for @LayerZero_Labs too? 👀

$ZRO will be snapshot soon 🪂

🧵Here's what you should do to be eligible: Image
@LayerZero_Labs LayerZero Raised $120M at $3B Valuation in 4th April

💰Total investments make up $270M! Image
@LayerZero_Labs $ZRO confirmed 🪂

In LayerZero’s code on GitBook, users are able to SEE huge HINT about $ZRO token Image
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🪂4 Digit #Airdrops Money From #Sui Cap Allowlist❓

✅Those who Submit the #Sui CAP Form,Start Receiving their Allowlist Mail If anyone isn't Received any Mail wait until 30 April 🚀

Let's Dive into Mega🧵 for #SUI Price Prediction & Selling Strategy.

Follow💰 ImageImage

📊Let's Make Comparison With Layer 1 Blockchain Aptos:

💠Aptos Raised 350$M In Series A and Strategic Round
💠They had so many big Investors Like Coinbase venturs, Binance Labs, Apollo Capital Etc
💠Aptos total Supply 1.02 Billion
💠Circulating Supply: 186 Million

#Sui Image

📊Sui Network:

💵Sui Funding Rounds: Series A Raised 36$M
💵Series B Raised 300$ Million
💹Investors: Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, Circle and Many more🚀🚀

#Sui #Airdrop #Airdrops Image
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📜Update of $SUI Community Program :

• For Eligible Bybit & OKX participants might already received email "You are on the allowlist"
• Bybit Allowist users now can commit your USDT for $SUI Alloctaion (Min. $10-$45), commit will end May 1st, 2023. Image
2/ For OKX Allowist & General users, now Jumpstart $SUI is LIVE, subcribe NOW :

• Subcription end in 20 hours (General Sale)
• Subcription end in May 1st, 2023 (Allowist Sale)

For KuCoin users, Allowist confirmation users maybe will be sent at April 24th, 2023. Image
3/ Update for Kucoin users, confirmation $SUI allowist has been sent, check email👇 Image
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😖There are Lots of Confusion about SUI Token Sale, Lets make it Easy😃

👑Early AllowListed user can Buy tokens at 0.03$ (96k users)

🥂If you are not as early user then you can buy tokens at 0.1$ price

👀Price prediction UPTO 20x~ $2 SUI token

♥️Like & Retweet🔁LFG🚀

1/10🧵 Image

If you're eligible as Early User & want to buy $SUI token at 0.03$ then you must have to do KYC on these 3 exchange

1. BYBIT:…
3. OKX:

📌If Country Doesn't Support, Skip that one.

1⃣Check Eligibility

-First You can check here if you are eligible:

-If yes, then you can participate in the Token sale as AllowList users at 0.03$ price,

-After filling the form you can get the Mail from any one of three exchange✅

No Vesting👀 ImageImageImageImage
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经历 Arbitrum 治理风波,有鲸鱼割肉离场,有鲸鱼抄底买入:分享两个今早买入 $ARB 的鲸鱼操作👇

1. 鲸鱼 0x35e
6 小时前从 #Binance 提出 474 万 ARB,并从 Eth 跨链到 Arb 500 万 $USDC ,现已花费 350 万 USDC 买入 300 万 ARB
该鲸鱼今天已买入 774 万 ARB,成本 $1.16

推文由 @LionDEX_CN 赞助
2. 鲸鱼 0xdca
该鲸鱼 3 小时前从 #Binance 提出 119 万 $ARB 。
他在几天前还从 #OKX 提出了两笔一共 351 万 ARB。

目前该鲸鱼一共持有 471 万 ARB,综合成本约 $1.25。
昨天割肉离场的鲸鱼与今天抄底买入的鲸鱼互相 say bye~
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1/ Are whales/institutions buying or selling $ARB?

- Amber reduced most of $ARB holdings,

- 3 whales are accumulating $ARB,

- The largest buyer continued holding $ARB and didn't transfer any $ARB out.
2/ 2 related addresses of Amber transferred 11.2M $ARB ($15.8M) out, of which 7.3M $ARB ($10.3M) was transferred to #OKX and #Binance.

And currently holding 4.47M $ARB ($6.3M).……
3/ Whale "0xe04d" received 2,186,954 $ARB ($3.08M) from #OKX 1 day ago, then received 1,861,993 $ARB ($2.62M) from #OKX and #Binance again 10 hrs ago.

Currently holds 4,048,948 $ARB ($5.71M).…
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⚡OKT Chain Testnet with potential airdrop

The project recently added a new network "OKT Chain" and in honor of this launched a testnet to be eligible for a possible airdrop

💲Raised: TBA from CoinMarketCAP, OKX, Multichain, Huobi, ArbSwap

A Thread🧵
#OKX #OKXWallet
@OKCNetwork is an EVM-compatible blockchain built on #Cosmos, focusing on true #IBC interoperability & maximized performance
What to do?
- Go to the website and register on the exchange
- Install and create a wallet (do not forget to save the seed phrase)…
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🧵 $MO 🧵
🧵 @mochainapp 🧵

A thread about $MO a Layer 2 blockchain with already live mainnet, lots of features and nice amount #dApps already functioning!

Let`s go!
@CryptoGirlNova @CRyptOracl3 @Altcoin_Gold
@thelearningpill @fitforcrypto_
So I found this project by a friend pm me and I started to dig into it as He was impressed, and He always finds some cool stuff!

So this project is actually massive and they were stealth building and will be launching the coin soon...
They do it the right way, that is:
First build then make a coin!

Whats awesome the blockchain is already live and many apps online, excited to research this one!

So lets go!
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Opsiyonlar konusunda çok fazla veri olduğu için hergün yeni bir bölüm tanıta tanıta ilerliyeceğiz.Aceleye gerek yok,sağlam olsun tam olsun 🤗 @laevitas1
Öncelikle sitemize giriş yaptğınızda sizi böyle bir sayfa karşılayacak (Gözünüzü korkutmasın hepsini açıklacağım 🤗) ayrıca sitemizin Türkçe dil desteği var (yukarıda sağdan değiştirebilirsiniz).
Sol tarafta BTC #Deribit Opsiyonlar Hacmi yer alıyor.Peki Derebit borsası neden önemli ? @DeribitExchange ,Amsterdam merkezli bir kripto para türevleri borsasıdır ve Bitcoin opsiyonları,vadeli işlemleri başta olmak üzere çeşitli türev ürünleri sunmaktadır. (photo:@RektHQ)
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💎 Free #domain from OKX Wallet

@okx is one of the large tier-1 exchanges, which is currently ranked 7th in terms of volume. They also have their own OKX token.

📆 Deadline: March 16

A Thread 🧵
#OKX #OKXWallet #OKX Image
Now they, together with @unstoppableweb, are giving away Free domains to @okxweb3 users who have $10 on their balance

⚙️ How to get it?
- Register on the exchange.…
- Follow the link and download the wallet.… Image
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1/ The price of $MASK rose from $3.27 to $4.16 today, an increase of 27%.

We noticed that a whale withdrew ~3.6M $MASK ($14.8M) from #Binance, #OKX, #Kucoin and #Huobi through multiple addresses.

It is likely that this address is driving up the price of $MASK.
2/ We analyzed the historical transfer-in and transfer-out of the address "0xEf7C".

And found that in many cases, transfer-in will lead to an increase in the price of $MASK, and transfer-out will cause the price of $MASK to drop.…
3/ This address withdrew 0.5 $ETH from Upbit as a gas fee and is a user of #Upbit.

#Upbit announced that it will open spot trading of $MASK today.

Maybe will transfer $MASK to #Upbit to sell.…
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1/ Agreed. Papers guide you the wrong way. Academics do not know how to make money quant trading (or why would they be writing?)

How do you get started with real data though? Here's an example: Let's reverse engineer the networking stack at #OKX to minimize order latencies. 🧵
2/ Personally I love studying latency: it's concrete, less noisy than pnl, and forces you to look at the data. The seeds for full-blown strategies often come from tinkering with latency measurements.

Ok let's jump into #OKX. Same process here applies to all exchanges.
3/ First look at the docs and see what stands out. Each OKX API has two endpoints: AWS and AliCloud. This is weird. Do some googling: They launched AWS to make it easier for HFT firms to migrate their tech stack. Makes sense: we were tempted to just use AWS for simplicity.
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感谢 @LionDEX_CN 提供的本次赞助

1.关注 @LionDEX_CN 的官方账号
2.遵循下方活动细节 Image
#BNB 专区,请在2月26日中午12点前猜测BNBUSDT在北京时间18点Binance的价格,可以精确到小数点后两位,本页仅限BNB价格的猜测,其它资产无效,会选出最接近正确价格的三名小伙伴,如有重复,以猜测时间的优先为主。并在该专区随机挑选两名小伙伴赠予额外的创世白名单。
#OKB 专区,请在2月26日中午12点前猜测OKBUSDT在北京时间18点OKX的价格,可以精确到小数点后两位,本页仅限BNB价格的猜测,其它资产无效,会选出最接近正确价格的两名小伙伴,如有重复,以猜测时间的优先为主。并在该专区随机挑选三名小伙伴赠予额外的创世白名单。
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