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Day 100 of #PortlandProtests
30-40 Riot cops visible outside the Portland Police Union. Seems to be two non-portland police vehicles set up. I feel tonight's gonna be different. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
March has almost reached the police union. Local residents were out eating #PortlandProtests
Protesters have arrived,bike cops drive through with sirens
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THREAD. The GOP (supposedly) stands for pro-life, traditional sexuality, &religious liberty. The Democratic Party cares about economic reform, racial justice & immigration reform. I care about all of them. All these I derive from biblical principles.

Considering that the church doesn't police marriage in the public square, and the GOP has been ineffective on abortion, then that leaves religious liberty as the sole issue that the Trump admin is riding on. 2/
Now, let's grant that Trump's SC appointments have supposedly made good on religious liberty so far. But many conservatives aren't convinced that religious liberty is hinged on the GOP, considering the recent majority opinion rulings. 3/
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With #Covid19 as the ultimate catalyst, the push is on to implement the financialization of nature.

The Natural Capital Coalition is made up of approx. 300 orgs/corps while working w/ thousands. Partners include #CocaCola, #Shell, #Walmart.

Those with money will own #nature.
Those w/ $ will own #nature.

The very corporations that have brought us to the precipice of #ecological #collapse - will now be appointed as the new stewards of nature. This has been dubbed (#XR Business - Elkington/Volans) as the new biosphere economy.

Let's take a look at how #Covid19 has been successfully leveraged (both fear & distraction) in order to aid the largest transformation of the global economic system in modern history. Assigning monetary value to nature ("natural capital") will replace #GDP.

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@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree And now for MY thoughts...

1. This is a lie.

Being both a Dr AND a lawyer, Dr Lewis knows full well the power of words. Her sentence structure here was specifically chosen to create the false impression even one Liberal MP said "ALL Canadians (no exceptions) are racist."
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 2. Not only has this not been said, it hasn't even been hinted hat.

The only party putting the concept of "(ALL) Canadians are racist" out into the universe is the CPC with its 24/7 Outrage Machine.
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 3. It has become an instant go-to CPC play to immediately accuse the entry-level left (especially Liberal) view is: "Canada is a racist country" the very second they raise the issue of #SystemicRacism
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I finally reset my password so I can log in, and I AM FIRED UP, y’all. GET READY.
CW: Abuse, #PoliceViolence

THE NICEST FREAKIN’ FAMILY just moved in across the street 3 weeks ago. Single mom, four kids, 7 mths pregnant as a surrogate for her best friend, I’ll be calling her Mama cause she’s the cutest preggo lady I have ever seen, 5’1” and like 110 lbs.
Our neighborhood is...kinda rough. Poor people, lots of drugs, but more or less everyone leaves everyone else alone and gets along fine. This family moves in, I immediately go over to say hey, and turns out Mama and I get along GREAT. NICE people. Fab kids.
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This Chicago economist has angered a lot of his fellow econs.

His engagement with #blacklives matter is to not to engage the issues, but launch into a sophomoric debate about language, and to condescendingly try to ridicule the movement.

But it’s worse. It’s part of a pattern.
Uhlig’s first response to the protests doesn’t engage with the problems of racism. Rather he appears more upset about looting. He argues (without irony!) that those protesting police violence should be “scheduling demos in cooperation with authorities.”
Or in the wake of White Supremacists killing an anti-racism protestor in Charlottesville in 2017, you might think the problem was the white supremacists. But not, our Harald. He’s worried about the anti-racism protestors. Both sides, and all that.…
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I've been having the heartbreaking conversation with so many Black people who are dreading tomorrow and the Zoom calls or the ”How are you?” -

Your Black leaders and employees are not OK.

It's triggering to ask ”How are you”
I hope CEO’s & Executive Sponsors for Black ERG’s and other ERG’s

Head of Diversity and Inclusion have reached out and connected with your Black ERG leaders and your Black employees.

At the very least ensure all mandatory meetings have a ”No Video Requirement” please
The #Emotionaltax Black employees are going through right now is through the roof.

Many I've spoken to are feeling rage, fear, anger, resignation, exhaustion, defeat and more.

Be uncomfortable, put #Blacklives BEFORE your feelings @RachelCargle

It's the HUMAN thing to do.
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Yes. #RunningwhileBlack should not be a death sentence. Maybe it’s a good moment to share some insight into being black and male. I haven’t run alone for years out of this concern; but there are other things black men do to decrease their chances of being killed 1/
One night I was on call in the ICU and had to come in for a dire emergency. I hopped in my car and started to floor it. But then realized I was a black man, alone in a speeding car, late at night. It’s a setup for badness. I slowed down for my safety. 2/
Also speaking of cars, this is a “don’t shoot me” sticker. Every car I’ve ever owned has had some sort of sticker like this. It’s not a desire to advertise my cred, but an effort to assign me #human value when it may not be assumed if I’m pulled over. 3/
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One of the central tenants of #CriticalRaceTheory is counter-storytelling which 'is used to challenge dominant narratives about a problem'...
Many of the 'counter stories' I have gleaned over the years come from my time with communities. From Jackson, Mississippi to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I have gained the most insights from 'ordinary folks' far wiser than myself...
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Before I begin, first things first…
S/O to the #ancestors whose sacrifice is not lost on me. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Prayers. We do this work to honor them because we know it’s upon their shoulders that we stand…
One in particular is Dr. Bill Jenkins who transitioned in February. His work exposing the atrocities of the U.S. Public Health Service’s Tuskegee Syphilis Study is an example of how we should all speak truth to power.
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