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I'm working through a thought experiment concerning #BTC and #ETH. It is totally theoretical and speculative but definitely has a > 1% of becoming a reality. So if you have exposure to either or both, GET IN HERE!

Would love others' input....
2) #Bitcoin and #Ethereum undoubtedly have some ideological differences. If you disagree with that statement, then the thought experiment will be lost on you and you may return to your alternate reality!
3) #BTC is far more #cypherpunk, rebellious, anti-state, defensive-minded, underground, and "bring down the banks/government/state"

#ETH is more speculative, less hostile, less "religious", more enterprise-friendly, and probably less inclined to subvert nation-wide regulations
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#Bitcoin ve #kriptopara fikrinin arkasında sadece #teknoloji yok. Sosyoloji ve iktisat gibi farklı disiplinlerden beslenen bir yapı var. #Cypherpunk bu yapının belkide omurgası. O yüzden bu flood cypherpunk hakkında! 👨‍💻🕵️‍♂️ #blockchain #crypto #community
#Cypherpunk’ı Şifrepunk olarak çevrilebiliriz, zaten yaygın olarak da bu çeviri kullanımda. Cypher = Şifre, Punk ise 70’lerin ortasında ifade özgürlüğü haraketi olarak ortaya çıkmış bir akım türüdür. Bundan dolayı Punk’ı özgün ismi ile kullanmak daha doğru olacaktır.
Cypherpunk, 1993'de Eric Hughes'in yazdığı "A Cypherpunk's Manifesto" ile ortaya çıkan, güçlü şifreleme ve gizlilik artırıcı teknolojilerin sosyal ve politik değişime giden bir yol olarak yaygın şekilde kullanılması fikrini savunan aktivistlere verilen lakaptır.
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Programs can still be directly implanted into the #Bitcoin blockchain using the last 8 digits in it's decimal system (X.00000000) for as cheap as 0.1 $BTC minus transaction fees.

Approx. $350 USD + a lot of TX fees.

Each transaction will store 1 byte of Binary code.

There are two possible states in a "bit", usually expressed as 0 and 1

A series of eight bits strung together makes a byte (X.00000000 : TX amount)

With 8 bits (8 binary digits) there exist 2^8=256 possible combinations. I assume this is the basis for SHA-256 encryption 🎓

This can only be done efficiently while $BTC is still affordable.

To store each byte of program will cost 1 transaction (TX)

1kb = 1,000 TX's
1mb = 1,000,000 TX's
1gb = 1,000,000,000 TX's
1tb = 1 trillion transactions

Whoever built #Bitcoin did it for #Binary immutability
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Mes commentaires sur cet intéressant rapport parlementaire sur les #blockchains
1) S'agissant des aspects descriptifs, remarquable effort de documentation, de compréhension et de pédagogie technique sur les origines et le fonctionnement de #Bitcoin, des #blockchains et des #cryptomonnaies. Résultat assez impressionnant de précision et d'objectivité
2) Présentation honnête de l'importance du courant #cypherpunk
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