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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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Ending #WEF2020 @wef on a strong note! @KGeorgieva MD @IMFNews assured us during the global economic outlook session that “We are in a better place in January 2020 than we were in October 2019 during our annual meetings. We are projecting growth this year at 3.3% & 3.4% next year Image
...This clearly is an improvement viz a viz the record low of last year of 2.9% and what is driving this positive momentum are three things. One, trade tensions are receding. Secondly, central banks; synchronised tax cuts has given a boost to growth...
#OandoAtWEF #DAVOS2020
the third optimism source is from trade & industrial production bottoming out. 3.3% is a slow progress, we want to see beyond monetary reforms that boost growth but fiscal policy being aggressive,structure reforms that boosts competition & dynamism being priority for governments”
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#Blackrock, l'un des plus importants investisseurs dans les énergies fossiles,, se paie une belle opération de #Greenwashing depuis #Davos

Grâce à @Elysee @AFD_France & #Berlin

Avec @ameliecanonne dans cet article publié par @Bastamag

@Elysee @AFD_France @ameliecanonne @Bastamag D'un montant de 100 à 500 millions d'euros, ce fonds est d'un montant ridiculement faible au regard
➡️des participations de #BlackRock dans le secteur des énergies fossiles
➡️des besoins pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique…
Rappelons que #BlackRock, en plus de continuer à massivement se positionner sur les énergies fossiles :
➡️vote contre les résolutions "climat" dans les assemblées générales d'actionnaires
➡️un tiers de ses dirigeants sont liés à des entreprises des énergies fossiles
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The diversity of thoughts on economies, gender parity & the global energy landscape made Day 3 of #OandoAtWEF remarkable.

On ways to save the planet, @EU_Commission First Vice-President @TimmermansEU for the #EUGreenDeal sat on the “Striking a Green New Deal” panel stating... Image
...“This is one of the issues where nobody doubts that we have to act on a continental scale if we really want to make a difference. So we took a holistic approach & we said that if we want to be climate neutral by 2050, what does that mean for 2030, 2040 & 5 years after that?
It’s not only about energy or oil & gas but the whole economy, this is because we are also in the middle of an industrial revolution that coincides with the climate crisis. One thing is clear, every industrial revolution has the potential to be extremely disruptive & unfair...
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1/ last week, i enjoyed the beauty of the alps and the conversations at @CFCstmoritz, where I spoke about investing in the digitization and financialization of, well.... everything!

the future of money and finance is very hot 🔥 alps, very cold ❄️

short thread (w charts) 📈
@CFCstmoritz 2/ the last ten years of bitcoin have taken us from consumer products and services to more institutional products and services

as this week's #Davos2020 headlines reveal, we are about to enter a new era of digital money where we bank with bitcoin (and other digital currencies)
@CFCstmoritz 3/ the largest and most powerful companies in the world have gone from producing and owning physical assets to being the gatekeepers to our digital and financial lives

the big battle is no longer for physical assets, but for control over our digital lives (data!)
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Here is a quick recap of the most exciting conversations we experienced on the second day of #OandoAtWEF yesterday!
During a session on engaging ‘Tech for Good’, CEO Alphabet Inc. & Google LLC, @sundarpichai shared insights on being a technology optimist. He stated that... Image
“In the last month we have seen how AI can help doctors detect breast cancer with more accuracy. We recently launched a better rainfall prediction. At all times, #AI can play a role in climate change. The biggest risk would be failing to work on #AI & make progress with it."
Speaking on “The Power of Youth”, Gun Violence activist, @NaomiWadler said “living everyday in this skin as a black woman, being told that I am less than... I really like raising and lifting the voices of girls of colour because I believe we don’t get as much recognition.”
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THREAD: Trump at #Davos2020

A. On #ElonMusk & Rockets: "He's also doing the rockets. He likes rockets, and he does good at rockets, by the way."

"He's also doing the rockets" (See Spot run)
"He likes rockets" (Spot likes to run)
"he does good at rockets" (Spot is a good runner)
B. Donald Trump thinks that Thomas Edison needs protection (who died in 1931) — while he separates children from their parents and imprisons them in cages.
C. Donald Trump thinks America invented the Wheel. The wheel was invented in the Late Neolithic Age ("New Stone Age") — at least 6,500 years ago.
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À propos de l'attractivité de la France et de l'invitation de 200 grands patrons à Versailles pour valoriser le label "choose France".
Au-delà du fait qu'une politique industrielle ne peut se limiter à attirer n'importe quelle activité en promettant des baisses d'impôts indistinctement à tout investisseurs étrangers, on peut aussi s'interroger sur le sens même de ces politiques d'attractivité.
Aujourd'hui, tout le monde se veut attractif. C'est la concurrence à tous les étages. Les communes (Cf. les programmes des municipales!), les régions, les pays... tous les politiques pensent qu'il faut attirer sur son sol les investissements de son voisin pour créer de l'emploi.
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A l'occasion #Davos2020, @attac_fr & @transnationales publient une note qui met en lumière les responsabilités historiques des multinationales dans l’aggravation du réchauffement climatique, la montée des inégalités ou l’évasion fiscale généralisée…
@attac_fr @transnationales Le saviez-vous ?

En 1971, lors de la première rencontre à #Davos, les inégalités de revenus dans les pays riches allaient de 1 à 20.
Aujourd’hui, cinquante ans plus tard, elles sont de l’ordre de 1 à 400.

#Davos2020 @Davos…
Le saviez-vous ?

16% des filiales de groupes du #CAC40 sont localisées dans des paradis fiscaux

Un commentaire @medef @GeoffroyRDB @Economie_Gouv ?

#Davos2020 #ChooseFrance… Image
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This morning (11h45 CET) at #wef20 in #Davos: important press briefing with @KenRoth & others about #SaveDotOrg.

The heads of major NGOs are calling on @InternetSociety & @ICANN to stop the sale of the .ORG top-level domain to a private equity firm.…
The risks that civil society organizations face around the world today - surveillance, censorship, legal restrictions & even physical attacks - are bad enough. The proposed sale of .ORG would add an additional danger for non-governmental organizations. #SaveDotOrg
Journalists at #wef20 in #Davos are invited to join the press briefing on the Promenade, under the flags, at the entrance at 11h45.
#wef2020 #Davos2020 #SaveDotOrg
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥 Kushner facilitated MBS acquiring PEGASUS to spy on Khashoggi and many others-AND then, MBS used it on Jared😱 cc @iyad_elbaghdadi
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Service for my US-followers and @RichardGrenell and @realDonaldTrump #Davos #2020 #Davos2020. Robert Habeck said, in essence, the following sentences about the speech of Donald Trump:
@RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump "Not even politely off, just completely off. Basically it was a disaster and I'm stunned, really, how you can do something like that. He (Trump) is the only one, I think, who didn't get it here. I would at least have thought that one approaches the motto politely in spirit,
@RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump even if one has a completely different opinion. But only self-praise, ignorance and contempt from all other people. No sense, no perception of global problems. It was the worst speech I have heard in my life." #Davos #Davos2020
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(1/4)From being addressed by presidents of various countries, to conversations on averting a climate apocalypse, it indeed has been a very busy day at #WEF2020.
Here are our top highlights from our favourite sessions:

#OandoAtWEF Image
(2/4)“The older generation has a lot of experience but we have ideas, we have the energy&we have solutions for the now problems & the ones coming up so we need to learn to collaborate"-@TashaWangMwansa on“Forging a Sustainable Path towards a Common Future”
(3/4) “Business leaders here in the room have recognised that corporations are not just economic entities but also social organisms ” - Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of @wef during his welcoming Remarks at #Davos2020
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1) La grande trasformazione del lavoro impatta anche sui sistemi formativi, chiamati a innovare i propri metodi e strumenti.

Ecco come, secondo il World Economic Forum

Qui il report:
#wec #Davos2020
2) Come introdurre metodi formativi capaci di favorire l'occupabilità degli studenti e la loro cittadinanza attiva e globale? L'obiettivo è unico, perchè la quarta rivoluzione industriale è una trasformazione dell'intera società e non solo del modello economico-produttivo
3) Il report individua 8 caratteristiche utili alla costruzione di sistemi formativi capaci di rispondere alle sfide dell'innovazione.
Sono 4 competenze e 4 metodi e strumenti:
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Missing one president. #Trump now six minutes late for his #Davos speech Image
While we’re waiting for Trump, a group of Swiss tenors are entertaining the crowd. Not sure if this was scheduled or is plugging a gap because Trump is late... Image
He’s here Image
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Os bilionários do mundo têm mais riqueza do que 60% da humanidade >>

Tamanha concentração emperra o desenvolvimento e condena milhões de pessoas à pobreza - principalmente mulheres e meninas.

Conheça alguns destaques de nosso relatório #TempodeMudar Image
O mundo tem hoje 2.153 bilionários - duas vezes mais do que há 10 anos - com mais riqueza que 4,6 bilhões de pessoas (ou 60% da população mundial).

Do total de bilionários do mundo, 58 são brasileiros, com fortuna total de quase US$ 180 bilhões.

#Davos2020 #TempodeCuidar Image
Os 22 homens mais ricos do mundo - Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, entre outros - têm mais riqueza do que todas as mulheres da África (cerca de 600 milhões). Image
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162 bilionários detêm a mesma riqueza que metade da humanidade,
diz @oxfamgb, via @anacernov #Davos2020…
Grandes fortunas acumuladas principalmente às custas de mulheres e meninas pobres, que passam boa parte de suas vidas em trabalhos domésticos e de cuidados, sem remuneração ou serviços públicos de qualidade para ajudá-las, via @OxfamBrasil #TempoDeCuidar…
Do #TempoDeCuidar, da @OxfamBrasil:
• 2.153 bilionários têm + riqueza q 4,6 bi de pessoas
• Os 22 homens + ricos têm a mesma riqueza q todas as 326 mi mulheres africanas >=20 anos
• O trabalho de cuidado ñ-pago a mulheres e meninas acima de 15 anos soma US$10,8 tri anuais
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#ITER #Kernfusion #Nuclearfusion
Michael Claessens
ITER: The Giant Fusion Reactor
Bringing a Sun to e
Fast einen Monat nach der Bestellung endlich erhalten. Gut Ding braucht Weile :-) Image
Wow-1g of deuterium-tritium produces, through #nuclearfusion, as much energy as the combustion of 8000 tonnes of oil!
Hear that, #Fridays4Future #Davos2020 !!
#nuclearfusion #tokamak #ITER
In 2003 the Tore Supra maintained a plasma pulse for 6min 30sec that produced 1billion Joules of energy-a world record among tokamaks that still stands today.
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