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.@BSYBJP namaskara. I would like to highlight grave concerns through this #thread our #COVIDWarriors in hospital are facing. Doctors in the emergency rooms are not given #PPEs. On asking they are told, they don't really need it. #COVID #PPEshortage 1/n
The doctors in the #COVID screening OPDs are also not given #PPEs. They are the 1st contacts of potential #Corona positives. @BBMPCOMM Anil Kumar avare, is there anything you can do to help the #COVIDWarriors in this hospital? #PPEshortage 2/n
A lab technician who turned out to be positive at this hospital was shifted to the doctor's hostel for 'apparent isolation.' Isn't the hospital management risking the spread of infection to other doctors? #COVID #PPEshortage #Isolation @iamgouthamkumar @BBMP_MAYOR 3/n
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My very first #ExerciseIsMedicine #Tweetorial is here: Breaking “it makes me feel good” into pieces🧠😀🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴#Thread ⬇️⬇️
#TwitterPoll at the END
1/ Are you exercising🏃‍♀️to boost your mental well-being during the pandemic🦠? People exercise because it makes them feel good🙃, but what exactly happens in our body? Keep reading to satisfy your curiosity & learn about the #mechanisms behind aerobic exercise & #mentalhealth
2/ Anxiety and depression are common mental health conditions. The prevalence in cardiac patients is ~20-30% & 2x higher in ♀️ vs ♂️. Social roles (e.g. caregiver role), cultural norms (e.g. societal sexism) and more pronounced hormonal shifts in ♀️ influence this sex-difference
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This is the lovely Ian Golightly. He is one of the most committed members of the #ToonArmy I’ve ever known.

He has #Huntingtonsdisease and recently spent 2 weeks in hospital fighting #covid19

Ian was discharged to his nursing home after fighting back against this dreadful virus.

However, Ian is still fighting a chest infection and the combination of being so poorly and #Isolation means he is currently in a very very low place.

Due to his condition, Ian has few pleasures in life: namely, going to @NeuroDropIn, watching @NUFC (though sadly he can no longer make the trip to #StJamesPark) and playing scrabble/spend time with his friends.
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1/ How will our patients with #cognitiveimpairment keep #masks on and/or abide by #socialdistancing rules as stay at home orders are relaxed in the coming year.

#COVID has had me concerned for #socialisolation of my #geriatric patients, but I hadn't had time to think about
2/ the #consequences of the #pandemic on them in regards to the further #isolation that will occur

Today I had a visit w/ an incredible #dementia caregiver, truly a #superwoman. She was tearful sharing her concern about
3/how #socialisolation will continue for her and her husband much longer given he is unable to tolerate a mask on and/or abide by #socialdistancing rules.

I felt ashamed that I hadn't thought about this until now. I didn't have a solution for her and felt horrible.
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Wie geht #Deutschland und die #EU weiter mit dem #Coronavirus um? Kanzlerin #Merkel hält dazu eine #Regierungserklärung im @Bundestag. Jetzt in einem #BR24Live.…
@Bundestag "Wer erleben ganz außergewöhnliche, ernste Zeiten", beginnt #Kanzlerin #Merkel ihre #Regierungserklärung in #Berlin
Das Land werde auf eine #Bewährungsprobe gestellt, wie es sie seit dem 2. #Weltkrieg, der Gründungszeit der #Bundesrepublik nicht mehr gegeben habe, so #Merkel.
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Dermatologist are seeing more and more #skin symptoms related to #COVID19 . Acral lesions (i.e. hands and feet) are particularly frequent, specially in #children and #youngadult with no or few COVID symptoms. After seeing many cases, here is my vision: #Thread 👇
I think that these kind of lesions can be classified in four types. 1. Chilblain-like lesions, which are the most described, usually affecting many fingers / toes, either symmetrically or not. Pruritic and/or painful.
2. Insect-bite like lesions, that may also appear in the palm and the soles. Very #itchy and persistent (more than 2 weeks in some cases)
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Nobody knows how old the chapel in the woods is.

Nestled among ferns and mosses, behind oaks and maples, it has a numinous presence.

In 1994, some render fell off the south wall exposing herringbone masonry.

At last, the chapel at Milland began to reveal its secrets.

More work uncovered a round-headed window... These discoveries enabled us to place the origins of part of the chapel in the 11-12th century.

The earliest documentary evidence for the chapel is a will of 1532, when Isabel Colpece left “ii shepe to the Church of Tyklyth”.

Clearly, Isabel’s sheep didn’t go that far and a survey by the Chichester Archdeaconry in 1602 tells us that “the chauncel two windows unglassed and not paved”, it had “an insufficient seate for the minister” and “the desk is but mean for the bible”.

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The Paradox of Elected Representation in Times of #COVID19

- This is a thread (1/11)
What does the future hold for all Malaysians post #MCO? What if this new “NORM” is extended beyond 12-18 months pending release of #COVID19 vaccine? Will there be more unity and solidarity among MPs to support Supplementary Budgets and New Legislations initiatives? (2/11)
#COVID19 is crippling Global politics, economy & social structures leading to government mandated lockdowns & #MCOs. These decisions, in addition to compulsory quarantine & travel bans can be challenged as unconstitutional, which seems unimportant in the face of #COVID19. (3/11)
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Hi friends, I’ve had a few tweets recently asking for advice about how to manage #SkinPicking during these unprecedented times so I’m putting this thread together with some useful resources & organisations.
#mentalhealth #coronavirus
#Skinpicking & #hairpulling disorders are in a family of conditions known as Body Focused Repetitive behaviours or #BFRBs. They affect 1 in 25. Key organisations worldwide include @tlcBFRB @CanadianBFRB @PickingMeFdn @HabitAware

Here’s @tlcBFRB booklet…
This gives a quick and useful overview of #BFRBs - there are 5 key triggers to identify - so it might be worth looking at those first and seeing if you can find something to intervene in those times, places and sensations when #skinpicking energy spikes.…
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Testing is a bedrock strategy in outbreak management for various reasons:
1 It determines the burden of #COVID19 disease in the community
2 It directs healthcare providers towards targeted contact tracing and boost the apps with data for mapping the movements of the infected ...
contact tracing & enforcement of individual quarantines
3 It identifies clusters of infection and hotspots for more specific intervention eg intensive tracking and Enhanced MCO (ECMO)
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Flatten the #EpidemicCurve and #RecessionCurve concurrently!
The irony, #Isolation is good for infection control but bad for economy
Flattening policies will buy time to raise the capacity of the healthcare sector.
But inevitably it deepens the #RecessionCurve @DrDzul @guanenglim
In the short term, solving the health crisis will worsen the economic crisis
Recession is inevitable- just when and how steep?
We need to ramp our public health response to #COVID19 - decrease morbidity & mortality, protect the B40, old and in-firmed.
Once past the tipping point, relax quarantine policies to spur economic growth.
In the interim, bold economic governance is required to buttress the economy, lost output on a scale of about 10-15% GDP. Financed by national borrowings @MOFmalaysia
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While our country grapples with the concept of lockdown we at Migdal Emunah are in the process of transferring our individual therapy 1/14
and support groups to online platforms and phone sessions. We will continue to provide quality support services from our trained 2/14
ISVAs and therapists to those that need, so please do reach out, we are still here for you. A plea from us to our fellow community 3/14
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For the #OBGYN community please watch the free AAGL #COVIDー19 webinar w/ global gyn surgeons from Seattle to Italy & S.Korea. Sobering glimpse for what’s to come nationwide. I have summarized international takeaways below:
S.Korea has implemented many strategies that’s helping to effectively #FlattenTheCurve:

1. National coordinated/organized response:
-“United we stand, divided we fall”
2. Testing:
-Relatively cheap (<$200)
-Results available in 4-6 hours, -Convenience-drive thru testing launched quickly
-Fast Isolation and Treatment

3. Tracking (controversial)
-All confirmed cases using surveillance cameras, car license plates & credit cards
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During the #Covid_19, While we are all #SelfIsolating, finding ways to connect with others & make a difference is still important.

This thread includes ways to volunteer some of which you can do without ever leaving your home (or writing a check).

Share your ideas, please.
Hospitals across the nation are actively reaching out to people asking them to make fabric face masks for their staff. If you sew you can make masks and send them to your area hospitals.

Links to patterns here:……
During the #COVID_19 pandemic, when we are all in #Isolation & #Quarantine it’s important than ever to fight loneliness. You can help by writing a letter(s) to those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices & senior centers.
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#FAQ: What is the difference between #SelfMonitoring, #SelfIsolation and #isolation during the #COVID19 outbreak?

You should #SELFMONITOR for 14 days if you have no symptoms but have a history of possible exposure to #COVID19.
▪️ avoid crowded places
▪️ increase your personal space to at least 2m per person where possible.

You should #SELFISOLATE for 14 days if you have no symptoms but:
▪️ have been possibly exposed to #COVID19 through travel outside of Canada
▪️ close contact with a person who has been diagnosed.

#StayHome and avoid contact with others.

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1/ For those of you who, like my family, are in #isolation this article by Dr Nathan Smith and Professor Emma Barrett is really insightful. I hope my summary bullet points do justice to the evidence base the article draws on:…
1) it takes a few days to feel OK, that’s normal, that’s OK
2) as soon as you can create a routine and structure to your day, it helps feel more in control
3) find the positives in your situation (my husband is excited we will at long last have time to do the filing, me less so!)
4) try to detach emotionally, limit your consumption of news, and focus on thinking rationally - what are the risks and what can you do to reduce them
5) try to stay in the present, what can you do over the next hour, day, week - don’t focus on the end point (which is uncertain)
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If you’re taking the opportunity of #writing during this period of #Isolation, here’s a short thread on how to prepare your novel for submission:
- stories must propel us towards an ending, but the end must feel like a new beginning
- novels work best when they linger
It requires great effort and skill to write simply. Writing can feel like painting at times, it is layered and builds from strong foundations. If the foundation is full of obstructions, distractions and mess, it will be impossible to layer.
Know what you want to say before putting pen to paper. You don’t have to know all details of plot and all the arguments, but if you know WHY you are writing this story at this time, the reader will follow you.
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I’ve started a MEGA thread of great games and digital resources for families stuck in #isolation 👇 #homescool learning apps, games to play together or tech to help you connect remotely. Ongoing thread, prices/freebies correct at time of tweet. Be kind to each other. Pls RT
Feeling full of anxiety and pretty helpless, I've made two of my own games free to try and help struggling families...
This is a great early reading app that is constantly at the top of the US/UK App Store chart that has just gone free #homeeducation #homeschool
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10 tips for caring for #immigrant & limited Eng prof pts during #COVID19. Created w physician experts in #languagebarriers. Full recs:…. 1- No shortcuts with interpreters. This is not time to “get by” w limited lang skills. Reinforce confidentiality. 1/7
2- Interpreted conversations often less #patientcentered. Ask about pt concerns & feasibility of recs. Dispel rumors. Inquire abt medicines/herbs or high-risk contacts (e.g. elderly parents at home, etc). If #COVID19 #isolation advised, explore open-ended❓about concerns 2/7
3- Highlight #publiccharge suspended for #COVID19 testing & treatment. Spread the word. #Greencard eligibility not jeopardized by seeking #COVID19 testing & treatment… 3/7
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After a week of working in the #ICU here in #Seattle caring for patients with #COVID19 (and other illnesses), here are some thoughts. #medtwitter (1/10)
We try to have a high index of suspicion for #SARSCoV2 and test critically-ill patients broadly. However, this means that many patients we test are actually negative. This presents a challenge for clinical reasoning. (2/10)
It takes more energy than usual to avoid anchoring too early and to keep a broad differential.

This is complicated further by the limits of rigorous #Isolation and attempts to preserve #PPE. (3/10)
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With the #COVID19 outbreak, it is important to use language responsibly. Here is the first entry of our new #ContagiousWords series, defining the buzzwords and terminology dominating today's conversation. #Pandemic #PandemicsCost
@ilariacapua Language is powerful, so we must be sure and accurate in the ways we communicate science. #Epidemic #ContagiousWords #COVID19
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What's in a name?
Why @WHO's formal name for the new #coronavirus #disease matters:…

#COVID19 #Covid_19
1. Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer more frequently.

2. Try not to touch your face... 🙈

3. Cough into your shirt or arm.

4. Stay home when you are sick.


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1/ Before I start getting bombarded by feminist groups for promoting Title IX Attorney’s wouldn’t you like to know my views or opinion before you rush to judgment about what I believe? For the conspiracy feminist’s the answer is NO I have never been accused of anything
2/ resembling a Title IX or rape charge. However, through my personal experiences I can identify and understand the pain caused for families and students have surrounding #falseallegations, inherent problems and frustrations working with uncooperative #Education & #HigherEd
3/ officials, the ludicrous Kangaroo disciplinary hearings our youth are put thru, the frustration of trying to explain to someone without lived experience what you or child needs help with or support with that does not exactly match up with what is in the four corners of the
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An #outbreak of 27 cases of unidentified viral #pneumonia in #China, including potential exposures at a local market, has drawn comparisons to the emergence of #SARS. But does the evidence support those concerns? #OutbreakThursday…
#Wuhan Update- Jan 3: 44 cases of viral #pneumonia, incl 11 "critically ill." Monitoring 121 contacts. Still no evidence of person-to-person transmission or HCW infections & no identified cause. Conducting genetic and culture tests. #SARS #Flu #China…
#Singapore has identified a #pneumonia patient with recent travel to #Wuhan. Preliminary tests are positive for #RespiratorySyncytialVirus (#RSV) & the patient is in isolation as a precaution. #China #SARS #Outbreak…
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