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Lots of articles about ICUs reaching capacity, but what does this actually mean?

Buckle up for a #tweetorial about ICU capacity and what it means in the context of #COVID19.
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First, statewide measures of ICU capacity can be misleading. Critically ill patients generally go to the nearest hospital. Having "10% of ICU beds free statewide" isn’t reassuring if most ICUs are completely full and a few ICUs hundreds of miles away are mostly empty.
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Instead of statewide numbers, let's focus on ICU capacity within individual hospitals. Unlike airlines that want to fly full, ICUs are not intended to be full, particularly for prolonged periods.

There is evidence that higher ICU census is associated with worse outcomes:
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Long #MedEd #publichealth 🧵 might be applicable to where you live but is directed at my home town #Melbourne 🇦🇺

Melbourne’s R0 is now up 2.5 as per @JennyMikakos

That means every person with #COVID19 #COVID19Vic is infecting another 2.5 people. 1/…
Back in March Dr Angela Merkel used her communication skills & #STEM background to eloquently explain what R0 is and why even just a rise above 1 to 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 is significant.

Worth watching interview 👇🏼which has subtitles for nonGerman speakers. 2/
Recapping: the current R0 of 2.5 in #Melbourne is very alarming.

Every person with #covid19 (test proven or not) will infect 2.5 people.

Fabulous gif by @siouxsiew @xtotl of @TheSpinoffTV shows the exponential increase well & what happens if we #StayAtHome 👇🏼H/T @simonahac 3/
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40,819 individuals have been infected with #Covid19 in Punjab till 10pm June 8, 2020. 1,916 new #coronavirus cases have been detected, 9,023 tests performed while 58 more lives have been lost in last 24 hours. 773 lives in total have been lost while 8,294 people have recovered.
20,173 individuals have been infected with #covid19 in Lahore including 967 in last 24 hrs, while 283 lives have been lost in the city till date including 15 in 24hrs

3,226 people have been infected in Rawalpindi & 157 lives have been lost in the district including 15 in 24hrs
299,097 #coronavirus tests have been conducted in Punjab till date. The current testing capacity in the province now stands at 9,500.
If possible #StayHome #StaySafeStayHealthy
Maintain at least 6 feet distance with others
#WashYourHands every 2 hours
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We're starting the movie! Both I and Lark will be signing our respective tweets with our initials. You can join our thread or start your own, just remember to use the hashtag #ruthlessrewatch!
Free Hedwig -jb #ruthlessrewatch
Well this is extremely tragic 😭 -L
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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1/6 Did you know that #handwashing with soap & water destroys
the novel #coronavirus that causes #COVID19? Soap molecules are attracted to fat so they get into the virus’ shell (made of fat & protein), then break it apart.
2/6 This causes the virus to dissolve in water, disintegrating so it flushes down the drain. Any kind of soap will do! You don’t need antibacterial or other specialsoaps. #SaveLivesCleanYourHands
3/6 What you do need, is the right amount of time and care to rub the soap all over every part of your hands – that’s why you should #WashYourHands
for at least 20 seconds.
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Let's talk about the UK government's #coronavirus #contacttracing app, which is being trialled on the Isle of Wight as of tomorrow. @MattHancock, the UK govt's Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, was promoting the app on #R4Today this morning.
Matt Hancock urged everyone on the Isle of Wight to download the app, saying it would be an "incredibly important part" of ensuring #CoronavirusLockdownUK restrictions could be eased. /2…
The idea behind these apps - which are in use in other countries already, though the take-up is nowhere higher than 20% - is that it works on your smartphone via your Bluetooth connection & uses your smartphone's ability to measure distance between it & another smartphone. /3
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OK I would like to make couple points on remdesivir treatment for #COVID19


First For context please read this piece summarizing the remdesivir trials…
1/ The US trial shows Remdesivir improves time to recovery from 14 days to 11 day & may reduce mortality whereas the Chinese trial (underpowered) shows no benefit. In my view Remdesivir may improve patients outcomes but clearly not the silver bullet or knockout effect as expected
2/ While we need more drugs to combat the infection, I really can't see a silver bullet drug coming through for #COVID19. It will be series of drugs with more or less effects on #SARS_CoV2 but expecting the miracle drug as AZT was for HIV is way overstated in my view.
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I see people posting things like "Kids are normalizing a police state. This is VERY problematic", and "You can see how we're being groomed for tyranny". #cdnpoli #COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives #WashYourHands 1/10
No, we are fucking NOT being groomed for tyranny. This is NOT tyranny. This is not oppression. This is not even fucking hardship. Not if you have somewhere to live and access to food. 2/10
We are being told to stay home, sit on our couches and watch tv, or read, or sew, or start a garden, or make bread... 3/10
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A short update on #COVID19 in Australia. Well we well and truly #FlattenedTheCuve with today only 17 detected cases in Australia (6623), 4268 recovered and 71 death, & 555 community cases. This is a great news #SocialDistancing works ! However we still need to be vigilant.
States all #FlattenedtheCurve with no detected case today in QLD, SA, WA & NT. TAS is a worry due to the outbreak in the NW (+5 today & + 20 cases in 4 days) Hope this will slow down. Community cases stable and no real increase. Most cases are from known contacts -> traceable
Testing capability seriously increased last few days with > 10 K a day with a daily positive rate of 0.2% following recent relaxation testing criteria => no widespread community cases in australia, all in cluster => traceable & controllable

total >431,000 => pos rate 1.5%
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Let's talk about #COVID19 publications & #covardisation of the research. I have been following the literature last ~ 2 months & reviewed papers. I have a bit to say about it

Let's start first with 2 papers that came out today on #COVID19 and scholarly communication
---> Thread
First paper examines citations record, altmetric, social media... on early #COVID19 papers.
Out of 442 papers, only 26% primary studies => 21% -> basic science (too few) , rest clinical (case reports 42%)
Larger social media impact => high citations…
The 2nd paper examines wether #COVID19 has speed up #peerreview process
Answer is yes & peer review length has decreased by 1/2 due to reduce time for review
However trade off is publication quality is lower (e.g NEJM or CELL..)
This brings me to my point…
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A question I often get. Why Lupus patients that have taken Hydroxychloroquine for years have no side effects whereas severe adverse cardiac side effects are described #COVID19 patients under hydroxychloroquine treatment? Let's have a closer look
Let's start with #COVID19. Does #COVID19 causes cardiac effects? The answer is yes from 2 published surveys from Wuhan hospitals. First one reports on 416 hospitalized patients -> 19.7% with myocardial injury + ⬆️cardiac troponin & high mortality rate 51%…
The second paper shows similar observation on 187 hospitalized patients -> 27% had cardiac injury with again elevation of cardiac troponin and increase mortality rate at 59%. In short #COVID19 leads to significant cardiac injury but these are severe cases…
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#Potterheads, vous avez lu/vu l’intégrale de la saga #HarryPotter 18 fois en 4 semaines.

Saviez-vous qu’elle est largement inspirée de mythes et philosophies antiques ?

Le @MSR_Tlse étant fermé, nous vous proposons de suivre ici la visite #HarryPotterRevelio de @loussiadt 👇
Notre visite commence au 1er étage du musée. Il est réservé à l’exposition d’une partie des décors exceptionnels provenant de la villa de Chiragan et ressemble à ça👇…
Pour retrouver les photos non légendées de ce thread, rdv ici 👇
Approchez-vous et prenez place devant les grands reliefs des travaux d’Hercule.

Si vous comptez il y en a ... 9 !
Rassurez-vous, il y en avait bien 12 à l’origine.
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I was going to tweet this later in the week but the photos of traffic around the country made me worried.....a thread on #COVID19ireland so far 1/n
About two weeks ago, I started writing to my son. He's one, despite being #soadvanced, he can't read yet, but I wanted him to have some record of what it was like to live through a global pandemic & an event that was likely to mold the world he lived in. That was one reason 2/n
The second reason I started writing to him was that I was worried and afraid. I had spoken to colleagues in Italy and Spain, and they spoke of terrible events. I saw the death toll of healthcare workers & despite a vanishingly small risk to me, I wanted to make sure that if 3/n
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1/9 To stay healthy & prevent spread of #COVID19 we MUST use multiple prevention measures TOGETHER like keeping 2 metres away from others, frequent #handwashing, covering coughs… – we need layers of protection. #Olderadults #LayerUpCOVID
2/9 As #COVID19 research emerges, #Publichealth experts & researchers across 🇨🇦 critically evaluate the strength of new evidence before recommending safe ways to change practices. Prevention MUST be layered. #LayerUpCOVID
3/9 🇨🇦’s Special Advisory Committee on #COVID19 reached consensus on NON-MEDICAL masks/FACIAL COVERINGS’ use in public as an added layer of protection to help YOU PROTECT OTHERS by reducing spread of droplets, even before you have symptoms. #LayerUpCOVID
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Mixed messages on personal masks, simplified (a #COVID19 thread):

Personal masks level up #socialdistancing.

When we absolutely can't #StayHome, my mask protects you a bit, and your mask protects me a bit.

As @Surgeon_General says, it's not a substitution. It's a boost.
A personal mask is not the same as a medical mask, and they have different purposes.

True, a bandana or cloth mask won't filter out airborne particles. Unless you are a healthcare professional taking care of someone with #COVID19, you probably don't need that.
A regular medical/surgical mask is designed to protect the environment from the person wearing it.

It's to protect your wounds and surgical incisions from the nurses and doctors caring for you. It helps them keep their droplets to themselves.

If you're sick, same idea.
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: ongoing community spread, cases/outbreaks linked to high-risk settings and deep concern and sadness at increasing numbers of deaths reported.
2/7 The majority of #COVID19 deaths in Canada have been among those aged 80 years or older. Keeping seniors safe is a critical part of what 🇨🇦 needs to do. #ProtecttheVulnerable
3/7 Each day we are adding to our knowledge of #COVID19, keeping pace with the rapid growth of new scientific evidence as it emerges. This has been and continues to be critical to our decision-making. #Innovation
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#Covid19 advice—though most of you probably don’t need it:

Assume everyone is infected, and every surface is contaminated.

Only buy food in sealed packages that can be sprayed w/ disinfectant —but be careful, since some food is handled by humans when it’s sealed. (Thread)
#COVID2019 advice cont.:

Eggs are an item that you may think safe, but right up until they’re put in a carton, they’re handled by humans.

Buy eggs in a plastic container and wash them before they go in your refrigerator.

#StaySafe #WashToCare
#CoronaVirus advice cont.:

Produce that won’t be cooked or boiled is a hazard.

An orange or banana has a natural casing, but it’s porous and can’t be fully cleaned. So when you peal it, you run the risk of contamination.

#WashYourHands #StayHome
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What is a #virus? How #small or #big are they? Take a look at this colourful #infographic aimed at #kids here -…
The image can be downloaded nd printed from -… #SciComm #LockdownLessons #COVID19 #ScienceFightsFiction
What exactly is a #coronavirus? How do these viruses affect the #RespiratorySystem? Here is an explainer #FunToLearn #ScienceFromHome
How does #soap exactly work against the #coronavirus? Lean about all the #lipids that fight the #virus to keep us healthy. So don't forget to #WashYourHands and #StaySafeStayHealthy
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I have seen few headlines on the repurposing of Ivermectin, a old FDA approved anti-parasitic drug, against #COVID19 infection. The claim is low dose of ivermectin kills #SARSCoV2 in cells. I can see the exaggeration => the new miracle drug. So I decided to have a look in details
First what is Ivermectin? It is a FDA approved drug discovered ~ 30 years ago listed as essential from WHO. It is cheap and effective against parasitic diseases and relatively safe. It is a good drug to repurpose against #COVID19
So the paper was published yesterday and the paper is actually quite good and doesn't make unreasonable claims…
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1/7 There is a lot of discussion on use of face masks. It can help to break the discussion into two main considerations regarding the TYPE of mask & the conditions for safe USE of masks in different circumstances/settings. #COVID19
2/7 MEDICAL MASKS for #healthcare workers in patient care settings is PRIORITY #1 – we MUST conserve these masks for use by & ONLY by #healthcare workers or others providing direct care to #COVID19 patients.
3/7 NON-MEDICAL MASKS (e.g. homemade face masks) may stop you from touching your nose and mouth. A non-medical mask could help maintain #coughetiquette by covering your cough if you are ill or have early symptoms of #COVID19. BUT BEWARE:
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Cola everyone, a few in Lautoka are unemployed because of the lockdown & seeking odd jobs to feed their households. It may take a while for them to get back on their feet so IF you are capable & wish to help by Friday 3/4/2020, please read this thread & RT #Veilomani
The idea is to provide a carton of basic groceries to help, whilst we are not limiting this list , we do hope to get:
- 4kg each rice/flour/sugar/dhal
- Tea bags/powdered milk
- Tinned foods/non-perishables
- Root crops
- Greens/vegetables
If you want & will be able to help, below are the ways you can:
Cash donations: There’s a BSP, ANZ & Westpac Account available. A minimum of $FJD2 - $FJD5 suffices. Please, we want you to be mindful of your own budget & family as well.
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Who's Sickest From COVID-19? These Conditions Tied To Increased Risk…
Among COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU, 32% had diabetes, 29% had heart disease and 21% had chronic lung disease, which includes asthma, COPD and emphysema. In addition, 37% had other chronic conditions including hypertension or a history of cancer.
It's important to note that about 60% of cases evaluated in this analysis were among people who did not have documented chronic conditions. Healthy, younger people can be vulnerable, too.
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While I understand #coronavirus is deadly serious, and #SocialDistancingNow is very important, there are a total of 165,000 cases of #ChineseVirus in the entire country.
In 2017 alone, there were 47,000 plus suicides. I remain very concerned the #CureIsWorseThanDisease
Start giving low doses of #Hydroxychloroquine as prophylatic for health care professionals and immediate doses of that and #Zpak to those who test positive. They are both long-tested safe drugs.
Open all doctors & dentists offices now to keep people out of emergency rooms
Compare, for example, numbers from leading causes of death in US-published by the @CDCgov for 2017--not to mention hundreds of thousands of abortions.
Meanwhile, #DomesticViolence is escalating. Job losses will trigger suicides from despair. People can't meet basic needs.
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