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1/ A good decision by the Speaker and @ParliamentZim As legislators, we must be in the forefront of compliance to lockdown measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Image
2/ As directed, MPs can use this opportunity to go to the ground in their constituencies, especially those who’ve never and galvanise Govt’s efforts to encourage and create awareness on the need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as well as on the enhanced lockdown measures
3/ However this initiative must be implemented in a controlled and safe environment to prevent virus transmission. It is said that the Delta variant is more virulent and possibly remains airborne for a period, therefore gatherings as directed by @edmnangagwa must not be convened
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🆕 WHO-@UNICEF joint report warns billions of people around the 🌏🌍🌎 will not be able to access water, sanitation and hygiene services (#WASH) in 2030 unless we quadruple our progress.

More info 👉
In 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣ alone,

2 billion people lacked access to safe water 🚰
3.6 billion people lacked access to a basic toilet 🚽
2.3 billion people lacked access to basic hygiene facilities

Find out what these stats mean to us 👉
#WashYourHands is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from #COVID19.

But 3⃣ in 🔟 people could not do so because they do not have soap 🧼 & water 💧 at home.

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Stay healthy and celebrate Eid more safely during #COVID19:

✅ Avoid large gatherings
✅ Opt for virtual gatherings
✅ Use outdoor venues or ensure good ventilation when indoors
✅ Keep physical distancing

Protect yourself & others from #COVID19 during prayers:
✅ Use your own prayer rug & keep physical distancing
✅ Pray at home with close family members only
✅ Remember the sick in your prayers🤲
To celebrate Eid more safely during #COVID19,

✅ Limit social gatherings
✅ Keep physical distance 🧍🏻‍--🧍🏻‍
✅ Get vaccinated 💉


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Hoy celebramos el Día Mundial de la Higiene de Manos, la medida más sencilla, efectiva, económica y potente para prevenir todo tipo de infecciones

#HigieneDeManos 🤲 #HandHygiene👌 #WashYourHands🤜🤛 Image
El lema no es exagerado, lavar las manos adecuadamente durante unos pocos segundos puede salvar tu vida y la de las personas que tienes a tu alrededor, aún más si eres sanitario, o hay personas vulnerables en tu entorno

#HigieneDeManos 🤲 #HandHygiene👌 #WashYourHands🤜🤛 Image
Eso sí, para que funcione esta "magia", es importante hacer una higiene correcta, con frecuencia olvidamos buena parte de las superficies más críticas de la piel de nuestras manos, que pueden seguir contaminadas

#HigieneDeManos 🤲 #HandHygiene👌 #WashYourHands🤜🤛 Image
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got my hands on the covid19 management protocol developed by the Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine team of Eastern Virginia Medical School

will share a few pertinent screen shots

those who want protocol can download from here

others can see the screen shots below which i chose…
general approach
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18 of my distant relatives/family friends, residing in different parts of Ranchi have been exposed to #Covid
2 are hospitalised as they are facing difficultly in breathing.
Things are getting pretty serious in #Jharkhand
#MaskUp #StayHome #WashYourHands #SocialDistancing
1. Use N95 mask with ties (please don't use masks with earloops)
2. Ensure that your mask has a nose pin
3. Wear your mask tightly
4. Sanitize your hands after counting money, most of the banks cashiers got covid due to this ^
5. If possible, make payments via digital wallets
This might be useful
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Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect yourself from #COVID19.

See what to expect when getting the 💉 COVID-19 vaccines 👇 #VaccinesWork Image
You should still get the #COVID19 💉 even if you’ve had a previous infection. The vaccine acts as a booster that strengthens the immune response. #VaccinesWork!

Learn more about getting vaccinated 👉 Image
For some #COVID19 vaccines, 2⃣ doses are required.

It’s important to get the second dose if the vaccine requires 2⃣ doses.

Here is why 👉 #VaccinesWork
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This 👇 is so true in the current scenario. I felt it to be #TooGoodNotToShare

#Vaccinations and the #PeltzmanEffect - explains why many people have become infected with the Corona virus after being vaccinated.

Let’s quickly understand as to What is this #PeltzmanEffect ?
Sam Peltzman taught microeconomics at Chicago in 1988.

The Peltzman Effect is a theory which states that people are more likely to engage in risky behavior when security measures have been mandated.
The Peltzman Effect is named for Sam Peltzman's postulation about mandating the use of seatbelts in automobiles - it would led to more accidents.

Safety perception increases risk appetite.

I received the following message this morning.
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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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Large inequalities in access to water, sanitation & hygiene continue to persist:

❗️ At least 2 billion people rely on 💧 supplies that are unsafe
❗️ 673 million people still 💩 in the open
❗️ An estimated 3 billion people have no access to basic 🖐️🏽🧼 facilities

#WorldWaterDay Image
DYK: Clean water & soap can help prevent & manage debilitating neglected tropical diseases:
👁️ face-washing for trachoma
🦵🏽 limb-washing for lymphatic filariasis
🩹 wound-washing for rabies
🪱 hand-washing for intestinal worms


#WorldWaterDay #EndNTDs Image
Good hygiene and access to water & sanitation are important in the prevention, care and management of all 20 diseases of poverty - the neglected tropical diseases - that massively impact the health of over one billion people

#WorldWaterDay #EndNTDs Image
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COVID-19 cases are rising exponentially in #Islamabad and Pakistan. All Federal Government departments are doing their best to contain the spread. It is our duty as citizens to follow SOPs. We urge you to:
Maintain #SocialDistancing
Please #WearAMask to protect yourselves and your loved ones. This is the first line of defence against the coronavirus pandemic. Image
Please #WashYourHands properly, and inculcate good hygiene habits especially in children. Before and after meals, while touching unclean objects or objects touched by others such as doors, handles, windows and aisles. Stay safe. Image
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.@VP @KamalaHarris notes trip to #Georgia was supposed to be about #AmericanRescuePlan. But then, Asian-Americans were attacked/8 people killed.

"And we were reminded yet again that the crises we face are many that the photos we face are many."

"#Racism is real in America."
.@VP @KamalaHarris: For the last year we've had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian-Americans. People with the biggest pulpits spreading this kind of hate.

#Georgia #racism
.@VP @KamalaHarris: A harm against any one of us is a harm against all of us.

The president and I will not be silent. We will not stand by. We will always speak out against violence, hate crimes & discrimination, wherever and whenever it occurs.

#Georgia #racism
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A summary of the phase 3 trial results released by Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech Announces Phase 3 Results of COVAXIN®:

India’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Demonstrates Interim Clinical
Efficacy of 81% ImageImage
 Data from 25,800 participants, received vaccine or placebo in a 1:1 ratio showed that
the vaccine candidate was well tolerated.
 COVAXIN® demonstrated 81% interim efficacy in preventing COVID-19 in those without
prior infection after the second dose.
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Happy #LunarNewYear 2021 🎉

👇 Follow this thread to get off to a healthy #YearOfTheOx
Planning to go grocery shopping for #LunarNewYear ?

✅ Avoid crowded markets
✅ Keep at least 1 metre distance with others

to protect yourself & others from #COVID19. #YearOfTheOx
Celebrate #LunarNewYear virtually 📱💻 if #COVID19 is spreading in your community

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#SouthAfrica on Sunday suspended the use of the #OxfordAstraZeneca vaccine after a small clinical trial suggested that the drug is not effective in preventing mild to moderate illness from the variant dominant in the country.
I spoke to @mosmasika to understand if the new data posed any risk for Kenya which is heavily relying on the #OxfordAstraZeneca vaccine.
He told me: "We should not stop our plans for vaccination just because South Africa has paused #AZ.
We should appreciate that the two countries are experiencing a somewhat different trajectory in terms of numbers and most likely circulating variants."
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I am having a very tough time with heart and lung problems from the virus. 40% or more of people who get #COVID will have long-term damage to heart, lungs, kidneys, more. You really MUST protect yourselves and others. Please--#WearAMask, stay home🏡 #WashYourHands and stay safe.
Here are some data on common long-term impacts of having had the coronavirus, notably the heart. These issues are not to be confused with #longhauler syndrome, which is different and acutely disabling.…
The German study was even more concerning than the WHO study. 78% of covid patients had heart complications (like I have had). But even at 40% with some complication that is 10.4M Americans currently. Hardly a small number of people impacted.
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Governments make me laugh!!!

Most Governments, across the world, have implemented severe, strict 'covid restrictions' on their jurisdictions.

Covid 'cases' and 'deaths' still increase by the thousands.

Governments double down.

As this occurs, the Governments place harsher restrictions on their citizens.


All these 'covid restrictions and regulations' don't work
Did it ever occur to these Governments that their 'covid strategies' are not the solution?



1⃣ Economies crumble
2⃣ Unemployment increases
3⃣ Bankruptcies galore
4⃣ LTC Homes become death traps
5⃣ Mental illness increase
6⃣ $Billion for covid relief
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Guys, you don't want this virus. I'm now on day 8 and I had to leave the breakfast table this morning because I don't have the strength to sit up.
It's not fun to be this sick, it's also not fun for your kids to have to deal with it. Especially over Christmas.
My entire body including my hair and my eyeballs HURTS. I can't stop coughing. Can't smell or taste anything. Have no appetite.
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#COVID-19 in #Tennessee: TN leads the U.S. in cases reported per population this week. This is very serious but raises an important question: How should we interpret the latest numbers? A thread … 1/…
Let’s be clear on 1 thing: @TNDeptofHealth is correct that hospitals are beyond their “bend” point and quickly heading to their breaking point. We’re at 2,900 hospitalized and rising. A continued surge following the holidays will create a truly dire situation. 2/
But what about those case numbers? We’ve had several days of 11k+ reported in a single day…

Q: Are we really seeing daily case numbers that high?
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”I got tested for #COVID19 10 days ago and I don’t have a result! What’s taking so long????” This is a question I have heard many, many, times over the last 9 months. It is not everyone’s reality, but it does happen sometimes (Long thread alert) 1/14
Let’s talk about #COVID19 testing from the pathologist’s perspective (physicians like me who review and sign off on the validation studies in our labs so you can get tested amongst many other jobs; I need to do a what a pathologist does thread, but I digress) 2/14
In order for you to get PCR testing, it requires a swab and viral transport media (or VTM; it helps preserve the virus so the mRNA can be extracted later for testing, if it is present in the patient). Both of these items have been in short supply throughout the pandemic 3/14
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Terrible, yet likely common, #COVID19 take from my wife's extended family, in FL.

Long story short, they're Trumpers, anti-mask, etc. And, of course, their whole household got COVID. But, gets worse.

First, the fam says they only have mild symptoms, what's the big deal? Then, their uncle got it and went to the hospital. Their reaction? Well, he is old, so that isn't a surprise. No big deal, he'll be fine.

Then, they say they have flu like symptoms, but still think it isn't a big deal. What's all the fear about?

Flash forward to the other day. They now say it is horrible and they were wrong. They can barely breathe, but FL hospitals are trying to not take them in.

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Did you know that you are required by law to have motor vehicle insurance before you put your vehicle on the road? This coming week we will be posting about this type of cover. Keep it here!
#IRA #Motorvehicleinsurance #understandinginsurance #besafe #washyourhands #WearAMask Image
There are 4 levels of cover for motor vehicle insurance in the market. The first is “The Act Only”. This is the bare minimum motor insurance cover that you can purchase for your vehicle and it only covers liability for death and bodily injuries to third parties. Image
Before purchasing “The Act Only” cover, it’s important to note that it does not cover damage to third party property arising from an accident. Image
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I want to share my story with you; I think given my last post it is important. I am a participant in a Phase 3 clinical trial for a #COVIDVaccine. I did not make the decision lightly; I am a wife and a mom to two young kids. Admittedly, my husband was not happy! #COVID19 1/18
I know that communities of color, and in particular, my community, the black community, has a myriad of reasons to not trust medicine, and to not trust this vaccine. My ancestors have been experimented on and have been hurt by doctors in the name of science. 2/18
For me, this was the most profound reason to join a trial; I wanted to be able to show my community that the vaccine is safe, and that this is a step we can all take to help curb the spread of #COVID19. I reached out to someone who was able to connect me with a study PI 3/18
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