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As @POTUS gives his #StateOfTheUnion address tonight, we'd like to share our own #SOTU.  

Here are five ways we'd like to see the promise of democracy become real for us all in 2023:  

[thread incoming🧵] A CLC-branded graphic that ...
1/ Protect & expand the freedom to vote ahead of #Election2024.

This is one of our most fundamental rights, and our democracy is strongest when every voter can participate in it. We're very much still fighting anti-voter laws in court & taking on barriers to #VoterRegistration.
1b/ Meanwhile, in the absence of federal voting legislation, we're very encouraged by the passage of State Voting Rights Acts (aka State VRAs). We hope to see more of them introduced this year.…
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#TonisArmy will not let this be buried.

If this case is not addressed, we will not and #DoNotComply with whatever @ukhomeoffice or @WHO has to tell.

#endofchurchage #UnitedNations as it all a system set up by @RoyalFamily #TheQueen as was @BBCOne
and until @Ofcom @CPSUK @MaxHillQC @UKHomeSecretary @UKHouseofLords deals with this #crimenews, there really isn't anything @PoliceChiefs @MHewittNPCC or any member of @MetTaskforce who feels what has been made known is acceptable then as Toni rightly states, we have no
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My clever dog invites you 2 share your #WomensMarch2021 signs 4 tomorrow. I'll make a donation 2 the Democratic candidate of your choice 4the best sign shared tonight. 2find the march near you. There are virtual 1s too. #dogsoftwitter #AbortionIsHealthcare
You can also share slogans, if you're still not done with your signs. But I will pick a person today for the donation because the point is for everyone to get ideas for their signs & to promote the #WomensMarch2021
#WomensMarchOct2 &
#AbortionRights Image
If you can swing it, bring #VoterRegistration cards tomorrow or a tablet/iPad so we can help #RegisterVoters & tall to people about how Democrats fight for their rights & Republicans are destroying the country.
#WomensMarch2021 to find an event near you.
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.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams

Critics Warn Democrats’ HR1 Is ‘Attack on American Liberties’…

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams couldn’t believe what he was reading as he poured over the text of #HR1, the “For the People Act” -- the first piece of proposed legislation introduced by congressional Democrats in the 117th Congress.

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams
“We have been collecting over the years non-citizen maintenance data [for state #VoterRegistration rolls], and here’s how it works.”

#ElectionIntegrity #HR1
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:
Protecting and Enforcing Voting Rights
Only one party recognizes the right for every American to cast a vote as a fundamental, sacred, constitutional right. 1/13
Our government and our elections are supposed to reflect the interests of the American people, not only the wealthiest few and the biggest corporations.2/13 #DemPartyPlatform #Election2020 #ForThePeople
Dems will fight to restore & protect Americans’ fundamental right to vote, including by aggressively pushing back against Republican governors, legislatures & state officials who have disenfranchised people of color, young people, low-income people & people w/disabilities. 3/13
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#MAINE is 1 of 9 states without online voter registration. Download, print & mail your voter registration form. Deadline for mail registration is 10/12. Register in person at the polls or before at town hall. Town clerks will also mail you a form. #vote…
#MAINE Download, print, & mail a voter registration form. Deadline for mail registration is 10/12 but you can register in person on Election Day or before.

Don't have a printer? Town clerks will mail you the form. See contact info next tweet. #vote…
#MAINE town clerks will mail you a voter registration form if you don't have a printer & can't download a form (see links above). Deadline for registering by mail is 10/12. You can register in person at the polls or earlier at town hall. #mepolitics #vote…
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1. NY just passed #AVR Automatic Voter Registration. @StandUpAmerica estimates this will add over 1Mill voters to the #NY rolls. Wouldn't it be great to know that those votes were going to be counted correctly? But w/new #VotingMachines being certified we will not know.
2. #Security experts like @rad_atl & @kskoglund & auditing expert @philipbstark say that the hybrid #VotingMachines are not secure and "No form of audit can confirm they functioned correctly." (Quote from Dr. Stark). Read a paper he co-authored.…
3. One #Hybrid #VotingMachine is already certified in #NY. It's the Dominion ICE & is in at least 15 counties including #Westchester County where they're trying to buy 100s more. In the Westchester #primary the ICE hybrid voting machines created 4 hour lines. via @IndivisWstchr
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Court Brief: Thousands of Dead, Duplicated CA Voter Registrants Could Get #MailBallots

New Amicus Briefs Outline Widespread Flaws in ‘Active’ California #VoterRoll

#DeadVoter #DuplicateVoter #VoterFraud

. @PILFoundation’s amicus briefs filed in two federal lawsuits regarding CA’s expanded use of #MailBallots in #2020Election were accepted by their respective courts this week. The briefs outline flaws in the CA #VoterRegistration roll.
. @GovNewsom signed into law a requirement that #MailBallots be transmitted to all “active” registrants for use in the #2020GeneralElection in November. @PILFoundation briefs describe audit findings.
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“When you start digging deep into #ElectionIntegrity issues, whether it’s fraud or incompetence, you keep landing in the same places — [in urban centers], where the Democratic Party is generally in control,” said @LCChurchwell @PILFoundation
. @WisconsinWatch

@PILFoundation says it is dedicated to #ElectionIntegrity and fights against what it calls “lawlessness in American elections.” @LCChurchwell, the group’s spokesman and research director.
. @WisconsinWatch

[A significant player] is the @PILFoundation, which has filed voter purge lawsuits in #Michigan, #Florida and #Pennsylvania.
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Thread (1/5)

I don't want to bury the lede:

@FlaDems have outregistered the @FloridaGOP in cycle to date.

The @FLSecofState released book closing numbers for the 2020 cycle to date. And for the first time we have an accurate read of registered voters in the state. #FlaPol
Thread (2/5)

All year, news outlets ran stories @FloridaGOP was out-registering @FlaDems. But they were using incomplete data.

Now, for first time, we have full picture w/ all data. Dems have a 280,000 registration edge over @FloridaGOP. It was 263,000 in 2018. #FlaPol
Thread (3/5)

This is the 1st time in nearly a decade @FlaDems have GROWN our margin over the @FloridaGOP

And we aren't stopping. With 100+ field staff and thousands of active volunteers, we are building the electorate we need to win, not accepting the one we have. #HowWeWin
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We've just completed all 6,700+ voter registration forms from the #IowaCaucuses, and you know what that means: LET'S GET READY FOR SOME DATA! Here is an update on our #JohnsonCounty #VoterRegistration numbers, including how many forms were received for each political affiliation: Image
Fun facts on the numbers:

-This is the highest number of registered voters in County history

-This is the first time the Democratic (or any) Party has made up over 50% of registered voters (51%)
If you changed your party affiliation for the Caucuses and have changed yourself back, you will be getting a card recognizing your change at the Caucuses first, then a card reflecting the second status change. We have to process forms in order received.
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Here's your first reminder to get your #voterregistration updated with the party whose caucus you'd like to participate in by JANUARY 1ST! Any updates made after that date will be reflected at the caucus, and you will need to re-register there. Image
If you have a state-issued Driver's License or Non-Operator ID, you can update your registration online here:
Whoops, we made a typo in our first tweet: We meant to say any changes made after January 1st will NOT be reflected at your caucus. So, just make sure everything is up-to-date by the end of the year, ok?
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.@HeadCountOrg Partner Summer at the @DAngelicoNY studio.

Helping America #RegisterToVote: ➡️
Charts and presentations about #VoterRegistration laws, civic engagement, and organizational metrics are my jam!

I've been @HeadCountOrg strong since 2011 and this is confernce is everything I've every wanted. I'm geeking out.
.@HeadCountOrg Panel Discussion "Engaging Young People, Engaging Voters"

@MattxRed (@AMarch4OurLives) Manushka Magloire (@afropunk)
@debracleaver (@votedotorg)
@AdamMeldrum (Policial consultant)
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There is still time to donate to this @HeadCountOrg fundraiser! HC is a nonpartisan #VoterRegistration org that pushes voter engagement & helps Americans #RegisterToVote at concerts and community events across the USA. Questions abt HC? #AskMeAnything

Cc @brooklynbowl @RelixMag
Dear @HeadCountOrg, since moving to the other side of the Hudson you are literally the only thing that can get me to go to Brooklyn at 9 on a Tuesday night. So good work. #SpellingBee #TheFutureIsVoting @brooklynbowl
Charity spelling bees are weird.

@HeadCountOrg #SpellingBee at @brooklynbowl. #TheFutureIsVoting
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.@HeadCountOrg annual retreat is in full swing and I've already spent hours talking shop with so many other #VoterRegistration nerds. I'm in voter engagement advocacy heaven.

If you want to register voters near you check out #TheFutureIsVoting
Packed schedule today at the @HeadCountOrg retreat. #HeadCountRetreat
HeadCount board member @andygadiel of @JamBase addressing volunteer Team Leaders from all over the country. #HeadCountRetreat
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(1/4) The @texasdemocrats revealed today in the @monitornews why they felt justified in pre-checking “YES” on #VoterRegistration mailers targeting the #RGV. The simple explanation: they are unaware of federal law & just don’t know any better.… @Berenice__G
@texasdemocrats @monitornews @Berenice__G (2/4) @texasdemocrats chair @HinojosaTX excuses his party’s actions by blaming @TexasGOP lawmakers for “hyper-technical laws to prevent people from registering to vote and to prevent people from voting,” adding that “There shouldn’t even be a [citizenship] box…”
@texasdemocrats @monitornews @Berenice__G @HinojosaTX @TexasGOP (3/4) @texasdemocrats chair @HinojosaTX is apparently unaware that Texas is only following federal law on the subject, the National Voter Registration Act in particular.
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Don’t assume you’re registered (even if you've been voting in the same place for years). I looked up my own registration — just to show people how you do it — and I wasn’t on the rolls.… #VoterRegistration #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
If your registration is missing, don’t fill out a stupid piece of paper (which may not get entered into the system for months, or worse, completely disappear). Do it online — that’s vitally important.… #VoterRegistration #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
And make sure you have ID with you when you go to vote — even in states that say you don’t need it. That means your driver’s license — and it better have your correct address on it. If you’ve moved, bring lots of documentation with you so you can prove where you live.
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It's Friday night! I can't wait for the @HeadCountOrg benefit at the @ApolloTheater w #PhilLesh @harlemgospel, @grahamelesh @nickibluhm @TalibKweli & more! 💀🎩🐻(🐢🚉)(🇨🇳🐱🌻)🌷⚡ #GratefulDead #TheFutureIsVoting #RegisterToVote #FridayFeeling
@Marc_Brownstein will I be seeing you in Harlem tonight?
Heading to the Apollo Theater for some pre Phil & Friends chillage with some HeadCounters.
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Here’s a THREAD all your Democratic Candidates #Midterms2018! with photos, Twitter & Websites. & VOTER INFO links to Registration, Absentee, ID, Poll Worker
Use wherever helpful.
#VoterRegistration in #Wyoming
Register to Vote by October 22
for the NOVEMBER 6 #MidtermElection2018
Application here:…
Send to your County Clerk, addresses here:…
Find your Polling Place here:…
Democratic Candidate for Congress in #WYOMING

Greg Hunter
Consultant, Ex-Oil Geologist

vs GOP incumbent Liz Cheney (R)

#VoteBlueWY #Midterms2018
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Well done, #IOWA
Here are your #PrimaryElection Winners
Democratic #Midterms2018 Candidates
Also Info & links for Voter Registration, Absentee, #VoterID, Poll Worker
#IA01 #IA02 #IA03 #IA04
Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State & State Senate
#Iowa District 1 Democratic Candidate #IA01 #IA1
Abby Finkenauer

vs GOP Incumbent Rod Blum
#Iowa District 2 Democratic Candidate #IA02 #IA2

Dem Incumbent Dave Loebsack

vs GOP Christopher Peters
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The American voting system is busted. Shattered. They’re trying to take away your vote by saying you’re not a citizen, by saying you voted in another state, by giving you provisional ballots for some cockamamie reason, by purging you from the voter rolls
These obstacles are put in the way of mostly voters of color — that’s the real issue. We have an apartheid election system in the US. And I’m very concerned that some groups and politicians talk about #VoteSuppression but avoid the issue of race.…
Q: Do you think that's out of fear, obliviousness, or something more sinister?

A: The Democratic Party was the party of #JimCrow. It’s in its DNA. If everyone got to vote, the party’s elite would be out on its ass — right, Bernie?…

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I've talked before about Russian #disinformation, and how the goal is to exploit existing divisive issues to weaken the enemy. 1 #InformationWarfare #WednesdayWisdom #CambridgeAnalytica #Russie #Putin #deza
Bernie v. Hillary, Benghazi & the "email scandal" were perfect targets. There was already tension & division on those topics, so they were easy to exploit. 2
Russia also targeted #peopleofcolor (specifically black voters) to sow distrust of Hillary & the political process, which helped Trump's campaign. 3…
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If you're in High School and will turn 18 by the #Primaries2018 or #Midterms2018 in many states you can #RegisterToVote. Let @HeadCountOrg help you find out and #Register. **Please RT** Questions? (#AMA #VoterRegistration) #GunReformNow #GunControlNow
The more you know🌠 ▪ Let @HeadCountOrg help you #RegisterToVote.▪#PresidentsDay2018 #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain #GunReformNow
Dont delay, Get registered today. 🗳 #RegisterToVote #ParklandStudents #GunReformNow
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I've been part of the Twitter resistance for a year now. I'm going to share some thoughts about why & how I resist.

Some people may not like some things I say here. I’m sorry for that, but they need to be said. 1 #WhyIResist #HowIResist #RebelScum #TheResistance
Some things in the first year were fun: meeting like-minded people, the #scifi characters, learning how to take effective action. Celebrating #victories like beating the #ACA repeal bills.

A lot of it wasn't fun - the threats of nuclear war, the daily stress of bad news. 2
Follow parties were fun, and a good way to promote a message and raise awareness, connect with other resistors and grow our followings. They had themes and served a purpose and there was about about one a month.  3 #PartyWithAPurpose #trending #amplify #effective
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