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Bauliche Misere & Einfallslosigkeit haben Schnittmenge mit Entfremdung von #Demokratie in Mitte der Gesellschaft. Ein kurzer #Thread am Beispiel #SchönhofViertel in #Frankfurt/M wo 2.000 Wohnungen für "alle Bevölkerungsschichten" @MikeJosef_FFM entstehen.
schö Image
Die Optik und Architektur im neuen Viertel ist so bekannt wie langweilig. Das Gelände war bis vor wenigen Jahren Gewerbefläche und Brache. Baulich interessant ist lediglich das Gebäude eines Logistik-Unternehmens (L Förmiger Bau im rechten Bild) - dieses wird gerade abgerissen. ImageImage
Damit verschwindet nicht nur Erinnerung an die Nutzung des alten Ortes und die Chance vertan etwas Abwechslung rein zu bringen; nein der Bau hätte sich auch hervorragend für kulturelle Einrichtung und als Nachbarschaftszentrum geeignet. Es hätte ein integrativer Ort sein können.
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#Schweiz, Spontandemonstration ohne Anmeldung:
Hier noch ein paar Bewegtbilder der zuerst „wenigen hundert, später dann „1000“ und sogar „weit über 2000“ Demonstranten in #Bern.

Leichte Schwierigkeiten bei der „Wahrheitsfindung“…

Also sehr selbst:
Hm. Zu spät um neu zu schreiben 🙈
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7 March 2021 #internationalsolidarity thread.
#koufodinas_hungerstrike #antireport

International solidarity actions with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.

At the residence of the #Greece ambassador in #Bern, #Switzerland

#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas. On hunger strike since 8 Jan 2021.

For dimitris: attack against HSBC in #Zurich!
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#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.
The #Hague, #Netherlands
Anarchist hang-out: Solidarity with D. #Koufontinas!
Α graffiti was made in solidarity with D. Koufontinas

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#Switzerland #Bern #Coronavirus #VACCINE

In Switzerland, a person died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. "We are aware of the case," said a spokeswoman for the health department of the canton of Lucerne to the Reuters news agency.
The authorities reported to the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, which is responsible for the approval of vaccines. The spokeswoman gives no further details.
She also does not provide any information on the question of whether the death was related to the vaccination. So far only the vaccination from Biontech and Pfizer has been approved in the country.
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#Switzerland #Bern #Coronavirus

Despite the high number of infections, Switzerland is still reluctant to immediately impose a nationwide lockdown. "We're trying another way," said Health Minister Alain Berset.
However, the measures taken so far could only take effect if all Swiss took part. As a precaution, the government is currently discussing an "escalation mechanism" with the cantons during the festive period. Decisions can be expected next Friday.
The corona situation has worsened especially in central and eastern Switzerland as well as in the Zurich area. In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) received 10,726 new infections within 72 hours.
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#Switzerland #Bern #Coronavirus

A clinical study by the pharmaceutical company for the drug canakinumab in hospitalized coronavirus patients failed to meet both of its main objectives.
The drug did not increase the chances of survival of patients with pneumonia caused by Covid-19 and cytokine release syndrome, the Swiss company said.
The drug, which is known under the brand name Ilaris, remains an option in the approved fields for the treatment of autoinflammatory diseases.
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#Switzerland #Bern #Coronavirus

The number of new infections in Switzerland has doubled within a week. Converted to the number of inhabitants, Switzerland counts twice as many new infections as Italy, said Stefan Kuster,
Head of Communicable Diseases at the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). 3008 new corona cases in 24 hours were reported in Switzerland and Liechtenstein on Tuesday. In addition, the BAG registered eight new deaths.
The increase will not slow down until the new measures take effect, said Kuster. In Switzerland, there has been a ban on gathering more than 15 people in public spaces since Monday,
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#Switzerland #EU #Bern #Referendum

The Swiss have refused to limit the influx of EU and other foreigners in a referendum.

According to the first trends, 63 percent voted against the submission of the right-wing conservative SVP,
as the broadcaster SRF reported on Sunday. The margin of error was still three percent, but an assumption was no longer possible. The SVP had argued that too many people reduced the prosperity of everyone and was too expensive for social welfare.
Since 1990 the population in Switzerland has increased by around a quarter to 8.6 million.
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#Switzerland #EU #Bern #Referendum

The right-wing populist Swiss People's Party is again launching an initiative to limit immigration. With a referendum she wants to get out of an agreement concluded in 1999.
According to this, EU citizens can live and work freely in Switzerland. The Swiss are speaking in a referendum this Sunday on a whole range of issues ranging from a reform of the hunting law to paid paternity leave.
An initiative by the right-wing populist Swiss People's Party (@SVPch) could have serious effects on the relationship with the EU: It provides for the country to withdraw from the principle of free movement for EU citizens.
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#Switzerland #Bern @Roche #Coronavirus

The drug Actemra from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche achieved the main goal in a late-clinical study with coronavirus patients. The drug, which is actually approved for the treatment of arthritis,
has led to fewer patients with pneumonia having to be connected to ventilators, as Roche announced. Actemra did not reduce the number of deaths. 85 percent of the study participants belonged to ethnic minorities.
This group is often underrepresented in studies, although it is affected more than average by Covid. Roche plans to share the study results with health authorities, including the American FDA.
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#Switzerland #Bern #Party/ #Riot

It is not entirely clear whether they just wanted to party or riot. But the situation escalated quickly: Initially, more than 800 young people in Bern moved through the city with moving trucks and music. Since the move was not approved,
the police intervened. This then led to riots: The partially masked participants then threw stones and bottles at the police, the police said. They also built and set street barricades and fired fireworks. In doing so, they caused major property damage to a building,
among other things. In order to protect the emergency services and to prevent further property damage, the police had used water cannons, rubber shot and irritants after "repeated warnings", the police said. Dozens of people were reportedly checked.
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Wie gestalten wir ein gutes Leben für alle in der Stadt? In unserem neuen Buch @oekomverlag versuchen wir, Transformationsansätze für eine solidarische und klimagerechte Stadtpolitik zu konturieren.

Wir nennen es #postwachstumsstadt.

Open Access: Image
Ermöglicht wurde das Buch durch wichtige Förderungen von @rosaluxstiftung @RLS_Thueringen @RENN_mitte @UB_Weimar und @bauhaus_uni.

In diesem #Thread werde ich Tag für Tag einen der spannenden 20 Beiträge unserer Publikation kurz und knapp präsentieren.

Das Buch beginnt mit dem #Manifest der #Postwachstumsstadt: Wie können wir Städte neu #denken, #fühlen, #machen? Geschrieben von @f_lhigh & mir, gestaltet von - die Ergebnisse der Konferenz, veranschaulicht im Wimmel-Text-Plakat ImageImage
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1/ The troubling& ugly mass we call #Bernie protestors (violent #socialist rioters) is really a sign of the lack of self-love being taught to our young adults. The reason they join this hate cult is simply for the human need for Significance.
2/They are participation award children who've been protected from everything they could have faced to earn their own sense of self respect.They've no real skill or sense of purpose, but, together, they've found acceptance &purpose in spreading Hate&dysfunction as far as they can
3/They can't see they are cogs in a very dominant wheel that does not see them as individuals with value. They can't see themselves at all. They have no sense of self-worth so, as in all cults, they come together to find their sense of purpose& significance as a unit.
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Bad news

#Switzerland #Bern #UNRWA

#Switzerland is paying again to the (#UNRWA United Nations #Palestinian Relief Fund.
Because the @UN #Palestinian aid agency was criticized for #mismanagement,and #Antisemitism #Switzerland stopped paying in #July. Now it has lifted the payment freeze, but #Switzerland has resumed #payments to #UNRWA at around CHF 25 million (€ 23 million).
the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (#Deza) decided on December 12 to end the payment freeze. In view of the measures initiated and the confirmation by the Secretary General of the United Nations that no #donor #money has been misappropriated,
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22. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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#Hillary will forever be the woman scorned. She stuck it out for money, but there is no amount of money in the world that kills the pain of a serial philanderer. She knows all about THEM. Worse, they know all about her: including her failed attempts at the Presidency (at Bill’s
2/ behest), & jokes behind her back. #Hillary is one frustrated, angry, dismal failure at the one thing Bill makes look so simple. Politics. She is doomed to be the “forever angry woman, pointing that reproving finger,” at us as if we’re badly behaved children. She’s POINTIN’
3/ And there’s another angry pointin’ person: #BernieSanders He gives the impression we’re a bunch of dummies: when it was HIS wife who bankrupted a New England College, & he has never had a REAL JOB. But if you want shared blame & no successes ever again: feel the #Bern
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Un petit fil pour rebondir sur la fin de l'émission de #FranckFerrand . Nous l'avons étudié dans #leshistoriensdegarde chez @LibertaliaLivre 1.
Je connais pas les audiences de l'émission supprimée, mais j'avoue être un peu surpris. Cette émission était certes moins caricaturale que "A l'ombre d'un doute", supprimée de @France3tv en juin 2015, mais on y retrouvait les marottes de #FranckFerrand 2.
#FranckFerrand s'est fait une spécialité de la défense de "thèses" historiques allant à contre-courant des travaux des historiens. En effet, pour lui les universitaires (qu'il abhorre pour la plupart) ne sont là que pour dispenser une histoire officielle 3.
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