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3days underway #ICEM22, thought i would bring this back to delegates.“Be successful, hire, mentor, and sponsor those people of color that come behind you.”~ Ken Coleman (chair EIS Group & Silicon Valley veteran). #socialequity 4 #PeopleOfColor @IFEM2 @afemafrica @acemonline (1/3)
What do we mean by (the #ABCDs of) sponsorship of your protégés?
1. Amplify their accomplishments.
2. Boost them using your reputation.
3. Connect them to people that they wouldn’t have otherwise met.
4. Defend them from others’ negative perceptions of them. #ICEM22 (2/3) Image
When we speak about sponsorship here, we don’t necessarily mean financially support your protégés. #DontJustMentor 👉Sponsor them.… (3/3)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2022…
Sudden collapse of Antarctic ice shelf could be sign of things to come | Live Science…
#ClimateChange, #EastAntarctica, #SatelliteData, #CongerIceShelf, #GlobalWarming
How greed and politics are slowing the switch to renewable energy - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists…
#ClimateChange, #RenewableEnergy, #FossilFuels, #ProfitMotive
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Thread. 1. Biden’s #BloodySunday Order an Important Step in Promoting Voter Access… via @civilrightsorg
2. I think most of us could use a refresher on #BloodySunday. That includes me. I found a good detailed description at the Encyclopedia of ""Bloody Sunday" refers to the March 7, 1965, civil rights march"
3. The march was supposed to go 'from Selma to the capitol in Montgomery to protest the shooting death of activist Jimmie Lee Jackson. The roughly 600 marchers were violently driven back by Alabama State Troopers, Dallas County Sheriff's deputies, and a horse-mounted posse"
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What corporate diversity stats don’t tell you 🤔
[2/10] Let’s assume Company X releases its #diversityandInclusion stats. These will often be in the form of two pie charts: one for race and one for gender. You can clearly see the racial and gender breakdown of the entire company. But here’s what’s missing:
[3/10] #Intersectional Diversity: Identities don’t exist in silos - for these statistics to make sense, we have to see gender and race together, not on two separate diagrams. There is no information on the percentage of women of color at Company X
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The perpetual, persistent, pinning of #racism on #Republicans, #conservatives, and #Trumpsupporters comes from an insufferably #racist #Left.


Old or new?
How about @BernieSanders? Aborting the third world to address #climatechange.

How about @barackobama? Telling the third world they can't have air conditioning, can't have single family homes?
How about @PPFA setting up shop for the #abortionmills in and adjacent to #communitiesofcolor?

How about #RBG justifying Roe because of "concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."
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My first presidential address to the @MineralAreaCC faculty and staff went very well! Such great people to work with, I can't wait to meet them all. I was able to present my vision for the future of MAC today and some of my key points are in this thread, enjoy! #POMAC
@MineralAreaCC Salary Equity

Making a basic cost-of-living increase each year a priority goes a long way in valuing people. Money doesn't equal happiness in employment, but feeling valued does. Knowing your place of employment cares enough to make this a priority is priceless. #POMAC
@MineralAreaCC Accessibility and Tuition

Currently, @MineralAreaCC has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. This is important for accessibility of our low income region and helping students leave without debt.

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1/3: My parents’ story is the story of #WorkingFamilies in #CA34 and across America.

They worked night and day to provide for their kids — w/ no guarantee of a dignified retirement.

Joined my @WaysMeansCmte colleagues today for hearings on how we’ll improve #RetirementSecurity.
2/3: I wanted to know what kind of impact raising the #MinimumWage would have on the savings ability of women, #PeopleOfColor, and low-income Americans.

Nancy Altman, President of @SSWorks said:

Raising the wage is a “winning strategy, one where EVERYONE would be better off.”
3/3: Women have made gains in the workplace, but there’s still an #IncomeGap we need to bridge — especially for women of color.

According to Nancy Altman of @SSWorks, we can achieve this if we:

🔹 #RaiseTheWage

🔹 Strengthen #CollectiveBargaining

🔹 Expand #SocialSecurity
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Our country benefits when every individual has a fair shot to climb up the ladder to opportunity. Prior experiments have demonstrated that race-neutral admissions alone are insufficient to achieve meaningful diversity and opportunity on college campuses.…
California banned the consideration of race in college admissions, the percentage of African-American admitted freshmen dropped by about half at California’s flagship schools, UCLA and UC Berkeley.…
After Michigan’s ban, the University of Michigan saw the percentage of enrolled African-American undergraduate students declined by about a third from 2006 with the number hovering around 4.5% for the past five years.
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I've talked before about Russian #disinformation, and how the goal is to exploit existing divisive issues to weaken the enemy. 1 #InformationWarfare #WednesdayWisdom #CambridgeAnalytica #Russie #Putin #deza
Bernie v. Hillary, Benghazi & the "email scandal" were perfect targets. There was already tension & division on those topics, so they were easy to exploit. 2
Russia also targeted #peopleofcolor (specifically black voters) to sow distrust of Hillary & the political process, which helped Trump's campaign. 3…
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1} My Dear Friend Geri,

With all due respect to current #NonProfits serving Refugees & Immigrants - their Branding & Messaging are #Tragically #Weak.

#OurAmericanKids🇺🇸 are BEING #SCAPEGOATED & #WE, the Liberals of #OurCountry we call the United States of America...
2} ...get OUR #Truthful-#Propaganda #LUNCH handed to us - #EVERY #DAMNED #TIME there's a watershed political issue.

My opinion as a 25-year #Duke MBA-trained-#Strategist, is that "Dreamers" is a well-intentioned, but desperately INEFFECTIVE MONIKER for #OurAmericanKids. Scapegoats for American Fascists
3} My dog #Sadie is a very #Active #Dreamer. Hitler #Dreamed about ruling an #AryanPlanet.

Un-@realDonaldTrump dreams of building a wall "SO fucking HIGH," that planes can't #LAND in #Texas without traveling 100-miles North of our Southern Border - just to pull a #giant U-ey✈️ Hitler Dreamed of an Aryan Planet-Earth.U-Turn in the sky
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