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Everyone asks "What state's abortion ban is THE MOST EXTREME?!?!" But this question fails to recognize that abortion is an individual thing. When a patient is blocked from accessing abortion, the restriction that blocked them was the "most extreme" for them.
Is there's a 24 hour waiting period, and she can't get a second day off of work, then that's the "most extreme" restriction for her.
If there's a ban on paying for abortion with insurance, as John Kasich enacted, and that's the only way she has to pay for abortion care, then that's the "most extreme" restriction for her.
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Last night an educated, progressive friend of mine expressed concerns abt "Sharia law" in the U.S.

This fear of Islamic law/ utter ignorance abt it on the part of Americans (who talk abt it ad nauseam, but somehow still know virtually nothing 🤦‍♀️) is shocking to me.

A thread:
First, Shari'ah is a set of ethical values in Islam's sacred texts, not law.

"Islamic law" & Shari'ah are often erroneously used interchangeably. They are not the same thing. There is no single, universal application of "Islamic law." It varies from country to country, widely.
Fiqh is the interpretation (by humans) of the Qur'an & Sunnah... or "Islamic jurisprudence."

Fiqh refers to these legal rulings, & also juristic scholarship & jurisprudential texts produced by Muslim jurists. - @musawah

But, again, there is no single, universal "Islamic law."
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A Must-Thread: My apologies to @MRSRedVoteR & all 603 Twitterers who have to deal with out-of-state voter ignorance.
cc: @GovChrisSununu
@MRSRedVoteR As a former elected town official, & deputized vote-counter many years over, I know you all are not alone in your frustration.
@MRSRedVoteR Our election officials are just as frustrated. Esp. the Seacoast, we have many dual-resident people. Most are ethical & commit
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1/x Today a CFTC official suggested that devs may be liable for crimes committed using their code (suggested & predicted by @angela_walch.) Now comes the collision of (1) First Amendment rights -code is free speech (2) contract (disclaimers in licenses) & (3) imposed tort duties.
2/x the language used "reasonably foresee" is suggestive of tort liability. This puts it in @angela_walch's wheelhouse. How does this shake out? Who wins? Think about this as a fire and a doctor. What's that mean? You can't yell fire in a crowded theater because it's reasonably
3/x foreseeable that people will be hurt in the ensuing rush. So we know if there's an inherent risk of harming others, 1st amendment speech rights may be curtailed. But what about the contract- i.e. the license agreement? Most #crypto software dev is done under #OpenSource
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1) Regarding the Kav allegations. I have a wife if 31 years and two grown daughters, and also a grown son. So believe me I have been looking at this from all angles. Had anything stuck along the way or verified with physical evidence or witness corroboration
2) I would have felt a whole lot different. It bothers me that so many intelligent people I talk to are so quick to dismiss the burden of proof. Ford’s story has been poked full of holes easily found on-line. Avenatti’s clients flat out walked back sworn statements.
3) other accusers may face charges for flat out lying. The FBI has performed seven investigations and the best people can do is try to paint the 7th as limited. Limited by who? Trump? The guy who the FBI helped spy on? The guy who rails on the FBI in tweets?
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"Kendrick makes more impact talking about God than CHH does"

Kendrick: **drops Hebrew Israelite heresies on DAMN**

"Chance makes more impact talking about God than CHH does"

Chance: **consistently pairs God bars with unrighteousness**

A trend, perhaps? (Thread)
Maybe some of us have the wrong ideas about what "impact" really is.

I have been an Uber driver for college kids who told me Chance was a Christian rapper to them. It was tough to burst that bubble. But it had to be done. Not to drag Chance (he's a flawed human like us all) but
to preserve the integrity of what God created through CHH.

This is so much more than fighting for a genre or label. "Rapping about God" and CHH are simply not the same.

Anybody can reference God or the Bible. CHH is intentionally built around the Gospel and saving souls.
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Since @theJagmeetSingh was verbally attacked, this type of messaging has been spread far & wide. This thread will denounce this myth #ndpldr
We haven't been "fighting Islam for centuries." Sikhs have had a very rich history with Muslims that islamophobes love to gloss over #ndpldr
The first Guru, Guru Nanak's, best friend was Bhai Mardana Ji, a Muslim. He accompanied Guru Sahib on his travels across the world. #ndpldr
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