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Let’s get into this sex manifestation aka sex magick!

When I say sex I don’t mean you and a partner.

I’m talking about you with you!

What if I told you, you can manifest everything you want through your climax?

Y’all ready?

Let’s rub! I mean roll
First write down everything you want to manifest.

Next, prepare the scene. Make it intimate.

Do your hair, nails, take a bath, put on your favorite smell good, etc.

Look at yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself and smile

Light some candles (preferably white)
If it’s after the sun goes down and you can, open the curtains so the moon/stars shine into your room.

If it’s daylight, that’s fine too, let the sun in.

Get comfortable, this should be about you.

Remember these rules aren’t written in stone, you do what you’re called to.
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I was so excited to see the movie “Harriet” until I learned that they kept her slave master alive (Her real slave master’s, Edwards, death prompted her to run) and actually showed as saving Harriet from a black male bounty hunter...
and she thanks and forgives- essentially absolving him from his wrongs.

Talk about a rewrite of history. While they got a lot right about this movie- this one thing was very wrong and completely destroys the point of this great woman’s story.
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Oui bonjour. Oui c’est moi. Mais dites, mais on est dimanche. Et comme le disait pas du tout ma grand-mère “Ho mais oui mais le dimanche c’est le jour de l’ail dans le vagin”. Hahaha non pas du tout.

Je suis déjà fatiguée. #AThread
Mais donc alors dans ce thread on va parler de pourquoi qu’il faut pas se mettre dans l’ail dans le vaginou et surtout de pourquoi que des femmes elles le font quand même. Olalala que de suspens, c’est la tension absolue.
Avant toute chose : je parle ici de "femme" par abus de langage, ce thread concerne toutes personnes ayant un vagin. Je m'excuse de ce manque d'inclusion provenant majoritairement d'un manque de caractères pour mes messages.
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Those of you who say "Jack, what happened to @YeleSowore will happen to you..." This is for you.

2016 I "illegally" brought drones and accessories worth about N10 million into the country...They were confiscated by customs at the Airport.


A month before, the National Security Adviser Babagana Monguno issued an order to all corresponding agencies to seize UAV's brought into Nigeria by "unauthorised persons" at ports of entries and borders.
Reason given is that Boko Haram insurgents were using drones to facilitate their ambush on our Armed Forces.
This was not published anywhere, I argued this matter up to his office. There was nothing I didn't do. I even took it up to Aso Rock.
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A team of 35 interviewers from @Bluedotinsights are now in field conducting an independent, self-funded, multidimensional, nationally representative poll around the much discussed PNP Presidential Elections.

Photo: Jamaica Observer
The poll will incorporate several methodologies such as traditional polling, online polling, sentiment analyses, neuroscience and data science.
We decided to do this based on the conflicting polls previously conducted which has led to public mistrust of the validity of political polling.
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Feminism Is Not Here To Help Men.
As a feminist one of the question I get frequently from men whenever I'm talking about feminism is "does it also speak up for men"?...

first I'm going to say, why do you have to be so fucking selfish, like you don't need to directly benefit from Justice to speak up against injustice, do you? And patriarchy on its own is injustice against women...
so why do you want this to be about you before you identify with it?

And now to answer your question, NO.

Feminism is not here to help you.

I know you've heard that feminism is about equality of both sex, which undoubtedly is true...
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Opposition alerts of Plot to Issue arrest warrant against CJN on Tuesday by Danladi Umar Chairman,Code of Conduct Tribunal
Presidency orders Danladi Umar to disregard Federal High Court Retraining order on CJN suit
Amaechi,Elrufai,AGF Others sponsor new petition to NJC to force CJN out of office to make way for Pro Buhari Judge Tanko Mohammed
Buhari led APC intimidating NJC members to move against
CJN &pave way for Tanko Mohammed

Opposition vows to fight till d end &frustrate APC plot to annex the Supreme Court

CJN can only b removed in line with section 292 of d constitution

Opposition declares that they will resist any move to force CJN to step down over arraignment
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LMAO...I'm bored, who wants to hear the story of how this peng ting almost ruined me emotionally, it's been about a year and half already, we kinda cool now sorta and she's not even on Twitter so I'm safe, but remember what goes on Twitter stays on Twitter tho. #aThread
So it was time to return back to School(University), my parents dropped me at the garage and saw me get into a car, this peng ting now came and wanted to enter car going to OAU too, her dad came to drop her. When I saw her, I stylishly came down from the one I was in already
The car I came down from got full quickly and left so it remained two of us, they said no car was available and we had to wait, of course I wanted to talk to her but I didn't say nothing to her, i didn't want to look cheap so we just kept giving each other glances at intervals
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🌊☠️Bonjour c'est moi Jean-Michel la mort du fun et aujourd'hui on va parler de cette photo que vous connaissez surement pour la plupart : celle de l'eau de la rivière Mississippi rencontrant le golfe du Mexique et de pourquoi c'est une fake news. #AThread
Lorsqu'on présente cette photo c'est en général pour dire "Regardez comme c'est beau, les eaux ne se mélangent pas car de l'eau douce rencontre de l'eau salée. La différence de couleur étant du à l'eau boueuse de la rivière Mississippi."

Alors. Comment dire.
La vérité est bien plus sordide. Ce que montre ces images c'est un phénomène hypoxique (déficitaire en oxygène dissous) créé par l'homme et qui en plus de ça détruit l'environnement 🎊🎉 *insérer ici MP3 d'enfants qui font yeeeeah"
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Hey bonjour à tous, c’est moi, Jean-Michel destruction du fun ! Et aujourd’hui je vais t’expliquer pourquoi si t’es un gros fêtard, tu devrais peut-être pas prendre un animal chez toi. #AThread
L’année prochaine vous allez peut-être vivre seul, avoir votre premier apart, ou que sais-je et vous vous dites “J’vais ptetre me prendre un chat pour me faire de la compagnie”. Mais la véritable question est : est-ce que vous tiendrez compagnie à votre chat ?
Je fais ce thread après avoir vu plusieurs témoignages de "maîtres" expliquant avoir renvoyé à la SPA leurs animaux pour "trouble" (pisser partout, être agressifs). En creusant on pouvait bien souvent se rendre compte que l'animal restait enfermé seul la majeure partie du temps.
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