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Chapter 7, titled,

“Cellular Experience & Creation of the World:

“Beginning with Sperm & Ovum Arising Out of No-Formness, Our Experiences & Biology Constitute Our Human Reality”

of “Dance of the 7 Veils I”

by M. Adzema


D7V1 7/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

THREAD… #psychology #prenatal #anthro

D7V1 7/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We can’t know what we can’t know, but we cannot unknow what we are.” []

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...… #psychology #consciousness #conception #primal #anthro #womb #worldview #duality #cellular #experience

D7V1 7/3
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Queuing up for tonight's sold out (but streaming) Community Lecture by Fractal Faculty Professor @seanmcarroll!
🧵 Follow this thread as we look into Schröedinger's Box with @seanmcarroll (newly appointed to Chair of #NaturalPhilosphy at @johnshopkins) and learn about the #ManyWorlds hypothesis of #QuantumMechanics:

"Even if we're wrong, it's not magic, it's #physics, it's #science, and it can be understood."

"When we look at the world, we don't see the entirety of reality. What reality is, is the #superposition of the many different ways..."

"#Space is one of the many things in #reality."
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Qu’est-ce que le temps ? Pour vous donner envie de lire le livre :… je vous propose un tweet (ou deux) tous les jours décrivant le contenu du livre et la philosophie du temps pendant l'été. @Vrin_Librairie @UNIGEnews #philosophie #temps #métaphysique 1/n
@Vrin_Librairie @UNIGEnews Dans une « guerre du temps », deux approches du temps radicalement opposées se livrent un combat sans merci. La première met l’accent sur l’aspect dynamique du temps et soutient que la réalité naturelle est en constant renouvellement. #philosophie #temps 2/n Image
C’est l’approche du « devenir ». Celle-ci prend au sérieux les métaphores de l’écoulement et du passage : le monde (et son contenu) est comme une scène de théâtre sur laquelle entrent et sortent de nouveaux personnages, en y séjournant plus ou moins longuement. #temps 3/n
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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Sayyid Jalalodin Ashtiyani (1925-2005) is probably one of the best exponents of the philosophy of #MullaSadra in recent history and the #Mashhad daily #Shahrara has a current special weekly supplement on him… 1/
Ashtiyani collaborated with Henry Corbin on an influential four volumes of philosophical texts from 1600-1800 in #Iran ashtiyani.irهمکاری-استاد-اشتیانی-وکربن
He not only edited texts but published an important volume in #existence in #MullaSadra as well as the #Avicennian and #mystical traditions and an intellectual biography of #MullaSadra #IslamicPhilosophy 3/ ashtiyani.irشرح-حال-و-آراي-فلسفي-ملاصدرا/
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Life is just action and reaction at it's simplest.
So is there no life as we know it?
Is nothing really alive?
If so, the dead are not really dead.
How about love and fear?
People die from virus like COVID 19.
Respiratory system collapses and oxygen supply reduces resulting in complications that lead to death.
Death occurs to all beings large and small.
Insects die, so does bacteria.
Bacteria being the smallest form of life that I know of
How is bacteria different from a virus.
Bacteria has the ability to reproduce on its own while the virus can not do so.
How is reproduction of a bacteria really different from a viruses?
One is self sufficient and the other not.
#Bacteria #Virus
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Not entirely sure when I got hold of this book published by @maarefhekmeya but pretty decent work by #AliFazili on the semantics of being and how one applies existence to God, to humans and to the secondary intelligible of ‘existence’ in the mind #MullaSadra #IslamicPhilosophy 1/ ImageImageImage
Part of the question goes back to the problem of the subject of philosophy in Aristotle and what is meant by #being_qua_being and how we understood and delimit what we intend by the term #MullaSadra #IslamicPhilosophy 2/
It is also a useful way to making sense of the different ways in which we understand #existence in #IslamicPhilosophy #ShiiTheology and #mysticism 3/
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#Surrender doesn’t depend on the object, it is a quality that you bring into your #being. To whom you surrender is irrelevant.

Any object will do. You can surrender to a tree, you can surrender to a river, you can surrender to anything, your wife, your husband, your guru.
Even through stones, people have attained because it is not a question at all to what you #surrender.

You surrender, and that brings the whole thing, that opens the door. Surrendering, the effort to surrender brings an opening to you.
If you are open to stone, you become open to the whole existence, because it is only a question of opening. How can you be open to a stone, and not open to a tree?
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#Love can never be #satisfied. If it is satisfied, it is not much of a love. The #greater and #deeper it is, the more #dissatisfaction there will be. It simply shows the vastness, that it will never be satisfied. The moment it is satisfied, it is dead.
#Satisfaction is not a great #quality. It belongs to the little #minds, to the little #hearts.

There are people who are satisfied with a little #money, with a #house, with a little #name, a little #fame, these are #pygmies.
#Giants are never #satisfied. On every new step, they find the #journey is becoming #deeper, more #miraculous, more #mysterious. The #longing is #growing and the heart is full of a sweet #ache.
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Thread: The slippery slope of undercover atheists
I begin with the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
“Were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators (of themselves)?” Qur’an 52:35
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