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How to Have a Magical Life

"I see us as vibrating conscious beings. The vibration defines how we feel and how we feel defines the vibration. A high vibration means that we feel good."
"And if we feel good, we think positive thoughts and have creative ideas. We have access to more possibilities. Our circumstances are a reflection of our feelings. That's because feelings distort our maps of reality and our maps of reality create our experience."
"That's no surprise since the feelings and experience are both generated by the same brain. And both are cosmic energy.

It's a feedback loop. If you feel good, you don't get distracted by those energy-draining spirals of negative thoughts and emotions."
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"Our senses detect only atoms and light. If we are smelling, we detect different kinds of molecules. If we are hearing, we detect vibrations of atoms. If we are touching, we are detecting the presence of atoms. And if we are seeing, we are detecting light."

"All the information collected by our senses is converted into electricity. And from that pattern of electricity, our brains simulate our experience. We never perceive reality."

"Your whole experience is just a simulation according to a map you have in your brain. How can that even be close to reality?"

[excerpt from Quantum Physics for Hippies]

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You cannot ignore.....
Our inability to understand and grasp something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

#mystery #cognitiveload
West has yet to understand paranormal phenomenon.

Ancient civilizations has achieved so much that still today we are unable to understand and comprehend.

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1/ Here is a proposal of how to distinguish between different, supposedly "equivalent," #orthogonal mixtures of photons. In this case, it is R + L mix of circular, to be distinguished from mixtures of linear #polarization.
#Physics #QuantumMechanics #ThoughtExperiment
I am leaving aside right here whether it could lead to #FTL communication (#SuperluminalSignalling), and focusing on the bare being able to make the distinction. Impractical - but of major theoretical importance.
#ProperMixtures #MeasurementProblem
We use a compound detector D for this purpose. Its first element is a quarter-wave plate with horizontal fast axis, that is rotationally free within a small angle (to allow measurement of changes in #angularmomentum of roughly a few hundred ħ, which is still very tiny.)
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New Executive Order: National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

► Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry
► Chief Science & Technology Officer, Michael Kratsios.

#WellHellzBellz #EO #QuantumComputing #QuantumMechanics #QuantumPhysics…
Secretary of Energy.🤔Is Trump preparing to release the energy technologies?

2¶ blurb:…
EO goes along w/ National Quantum Initiative Act, signed into law December 21, 2018.……
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This year: 200th #anniversary of the #publication of #Goethe's great work of #art "#WestöstlicherDivan".#Heisenberg memorized #love-#poems from the book while working on #QuantumMechanics in #Heligoland.
#Schubert it to #music:
The #poem sung by #ElisabethSchwarzkopf is on p. 166 of the 1819 edition and reproduced below, side-by-side with the 1914 translation by #Irish critic and #poet Edward Dowden (1843-1913).The translation is close, but NOT accurate (as Dowden tries to recreate rhyme and rhythm).
Remark. The unclear phrase 'zu jemandes Herzen sprechen' was
allegedly utilized by #Heidegger in at least one letter sent to
#HannahArendt in 1925: cf.….
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Thought you all might like to know, say, the probability of a human passing through a wall. Yes? Yes, because #QuantumMechanics is fun! Let's begin!
The set up: a barrier with a higher energy than an electron. Think a tall wall, and a ball that didn't get thrown high enough to go over. Classically, the electron scatters back, like the ball bounces back. But in quantum, that electron has a probability of passing through!
With the above case for the electron, we can find something called the transmission coefficient, which is literally the probability of a particle to pass through a barrier. It looks like this: (Sakurai P. 526)
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