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The idea that French theory is revolutionary “68 thought” is a myth whose purpose is to promote anticommunist theory as radical while invisibilizing the actual theorists and actors of revolutionary politics.🧵1/9
My latest in @monthly_review:… Image
#Foucault didn't publicly support the 68 movement & for good reason: he had participated in the Gaullist academic counter-reform that triggered the student uprising. He was thus clearly on the opposite side of the barricades in #May68. 2/9 Image
#Bourdieu was absent from the streets in #1968. Following the tradition of his mentor, the anticommunist CIA asset Raymond Aron, he preferred so-called “empirical evidence” to what he dismissed as the “revolutionary posturing” of leftism. 3/9 Image
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Deux conceptions de la liberté et deux façons de délimiter le pouvoir du gouvernement chez #Foucault.
La voie révolutionnaire : des lois et des droits comme l'expression d'une volonté commune.
La voie utilitariste : l'utilité de la pratique gouvernementale comme point de départ⬇️
La voie révolutionnaire :
La voie utilitariste, celle du radicalisme anglais :
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My critique of #Zizek is an analysis of his--pro-imperialist/anticommunist--position in the social relations of intel production. It’s part of a book on theory industry’s war on #Marxism. Chapters on #FrankfurtSchool #Foucault #FrenchTheory & more. 🧵1/7…
This article on the #FrankfurtSchool explains how #Adorno & #Horkheimer were funded & supported by the capitalist ruling class & imperialist states, including the CIA, as global spokesmen for an anti-communist politics of capitalist accommodation. 2/7…
This deep dive into the anti-communism of the #FrankfurtSchool, which critically evaluates #Adorno #Horkheimer #Habermas #Honneth #Fraser, clearly outlines FS's opposition to #Marxism & esp actually existing #socialism. 3/7…
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1/11 This @CTW_ATC discussion outlines my book on how the Western intelligentsia of the global theory industry has helped consolidate the "compatible" Left (i.e. compatible w capitalism & imperialism). 🧵
#FrenchTheory #Postmodernism #FrankfurtSchool
2/ I explain the work of #Derrida w "anti-totalitarian" dissidents funded by the NED (a CIA cutout), while rehabilitating an unrepentant Nazi (Heidegger), collaborating w a Nazi collaborator (De Man) & foreclosing any analysis of "context."
#PostStructuralism #Postmodernism Image
3/ I've provided detailed scholarly accounts of #Derrida's idealist misreadings of philosophic history in these two books, which demonstrate that even his 'internal analyses' leave much to be desired:……
@EditionsHermann @EdinburghUP ImageImage
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#FoucaultFragments 46: "To discover the permanent weakness of desire as the secret root of oneself; to constitute oneself as a subject of knowledge by coming to see oneself as a subject of desire. This is an altogether different game of truth, a different technique of confession"
« Découvrir comme un secret au fond de soi même, la faiblesse permanente du désir ; se constituer comme sujet de connaissance en se révélant à soi même comme sujet de désir,--cela relève d’un tout autre jeu de vérité. D’une tout autre technique d’aveu. » #Foucault @laBNF 62.4.67
Contrasting Stoic from Christian technologies, this fragment is from a French manuscript in preparation for his 1980 Howison lectures at Berkeley (delivered in English). #Foucault @laBNF 62.4.67
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Honored to have this wide-ranging conversation w @eshaLegal on @historic_ly about my current research on #ClassStruggle in theory & the intellectual world war on the idea of #communism.🧵
#AntiCommunism #CIA #Marxism #socialism…
We discuss this article on the #FrankfurtSchool #Adorno #Horkheimer #CriticalTheory, which analyzes how it is ABS Theory (Anything But Socialism):…
Here is a deeper dive into the history of the #FrankfurtSchool and its brand of anti-communist #CulturalMarxism:…
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Definition på 'WOKE':
At forpligte sig til en kontinuerlig kritisk agtpågivenhed om ens implicitte meddelagtighed såvel som modstand overfor social uretfærdige praksisser og strukturer.
👉 En lille tråd 🧵
1/? #dkpol ImageImage
Lad os tage udgangspunkt i 'the wokes' egne ord:
Her er det fra @D_p_T_ om Social Justice i børneinstitutioner
2/? ImageImage
Kort opsummeret, så er der tale om STRUKTURER, i hvilke man 'altid allerede implicit' (se 👆 screenshot) enten reproducerer eller modarbejder.
Der er som Paulo Freire, og @cecilienorgaard siger her, ingen neutralitet i wokeness. #køn #ligestilling #normkritik 3/? ImageImage
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1/ “One of the roles of philosophy is to play the fool, or idiot. [...] Every philosopher who has brought forth a new idiom – a new language, a new way of thinking – has necessarily been an idiot. Only the idiot has access to the wholly Other.”
2/ “In light of compulsive and coercive communication and conformism, idiotism represents a practice of freedom. By nature, the idiot is unallied, un-networked, and uninformed. The idiot inhabits the immemorial outside, which escapes communication and networking altogether...”
3/ “The idiot is a modern-day heretic. Etymologically, heresy means ‘choice’. Thus, the heretic is one who commands free choice: the courage to deviate from orthodoxy.” —Byung-Chul Han, Psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power ( Image
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Noam Chomsky is and always has been A SPOOK

The first red flag we find in Chomsky's Wikipedia bio is that he was appointed to Harvard's Society of Fellows in 1951, at age 22.
This is a strange society; in that you don't have to be going to Harvard or even planning to go to Harvard to be nominated or appointed. Chomsky never went to Harvard, getting all his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.
You will tell me Chomsky was physically on Harvard campus for three years during his fellowship, but he had absolutely no requirements while there. That should look highly suspicious to you.
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Since we're getting another round of the pointless #marx v. #Foucault debate, once more for those in the back,
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In a year when a lot of confusion is floating about #foucault, this will help.
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Seeing as #Foucault is trending, I have some quotes:
"If you are not like everybody else, then you are abnormal, if you are abnormal, then you are sick. These three categories, not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but have been reduced to the same thing."
"One has to distinguish between different things in the analysis of an institution. First, there is what can be called its rationality, or its aim, that is, the ends it has in view and the means it possesses for attaining those ends... Second, there is the question of results...
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1/12 Monique vient dire les regrets de sa présence dans le documentaire #HoldUp.
2/12 J’ai accepté le principe d’un entretien sur la base d’une invitation qui s’engageait à ne «pas aborder que l’aspect médical ou sanitaire… Le point de vue philosophique, #Foucault et le Bio Pouvoir, La Boétie et la servitude volontaire», #Platon et Orwell étaient cités.
3/12 J’ai été interviewée pendant 1 heure sur une crise sanitaire que j’ai analysée comme une aubaine dans le cadre de la «Stratégie du choc» que les #capitalistes ont mis en œuvre pour faire passer des lois #liberticides ou détruire un peu plus les droits des travailleurs.
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Alongside the #ExeterTehranConvos I’m been thinking about the nature of philosophy and research in #Iran within the context of the reception of #European philosophy - thread on #philosophy in #Iran 1/ Image
And the ways in which continental philosophy dominated in an earlier period due to the influence of the #Heideggerians and the circle of #AhmadFardid (1909-1994) many of whom became prominent in the committee for the cultural revolution after 1979 2/ Image
But since then - and it seems perhaps a bit of a surprise that #Soroush was a major figure in the support of #analytic_philosophy then - #Anglophone philosophy is gaining an upper hand 3/ Image
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I picked up this book at the Sophia Bookstore (مكتبة صوفية) in #Kuwait a few months ago - an excellent bookshop btw with knowledgable staff especially on #philosophy - short thread on #Foucault and #contemporary_philosophy 1/ Image
The author Zouaoui Beghoura (الزواوي بغوره) is an Algerian Professor of philosophy at Kuwait University where he has taught since 2002 and is a leading specialist on Michel #Foucault (1926-1984) having translated a number of his works 2/ ImageImageImageImage
Most of these works were published by #DaralTalia in #Beirut and this one was also first published there in 2005 3/
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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"Sokrates muhatabının cehaletiyle oynarken, <Kinik> Diogenes <muhatabı olan> İskender'in gururunu incitme çabasındadır."
[#Foucault, Doğruyu Söylemek, 107'den] Image
Khrysostomos'tan (Orationes 4.61-64) özetle, Diogenes'in İskender'e söylediği: Arıların liderinin iğnesi olmadığı halde, diğer arılar onun egemenliğini tehdit etmez, ona saygı duyar ama sen silahlarınla dolaşıyor ve muhtemelen onlarla birlikte uyuyorsun. Korkaklar silah taşır.
Metnin öncesinde Aristoteles'te de karşımıza çıkan işlevden ötürü erdem ve haz düşüncesinin bir benzeriyle karşılaşırız. Diogenes'e göre ideal kral kendinde iyi bir insandır ve bir insana "kral" denmesi için onun "kral" gibi davranması, ideal işlevi yerine getirmesi gerekir.
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Graeber/W pitching Fukuyama all embrac. style ag Fukuyama: what's the point?

Both wanna descr THE World Hist as 1 devel 🤪; G/W go on as if we're to forget #sociology & its #capitalism insights incl. Capit means A+SOME! qual diff ways of org society #Marx #Durkheim #Foucault
G/W explain inequality is dealth with regularly throughout hist: "Rather than idling in some primordial innocence, until the genie of inequality was somehow uncorked, our prehistoric ancestors seem to have successfully opened and shut the bottle on a regular basis..." Ok, fine
G/W conclude on the above : "If so, then the real question is not “what are the origins of social inequality?” but, having lived so much of our history moving back and forth between different political systems, “how did we get so stuck?”

Focus Q: "how did we get so stuck?"
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